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  1. I'm done! I'm so glad they included some of my favorite scenes from the book - spilling the water on the business card and the one with the former classmate who liked Qiao Yi (though I would have preferred it exactly like how it was in the book - Yan Mo was so petty lol). The only lingering question I have is about Qiao Yi's job after they got married. Was she still working at the startup? It just seemed like she was a housewife.
  2. So as we're approaching the end, my overall thoughts on the adaptation: - I love 2018 Qiao Yi - she's exactly what I envisioned from reading the novel. I'm not keen on the post-high school up to ep. 24 Qiao Yi. There are hints of the spunkiness but dear lord, the timidness is way too much for me. She's way too soft spoken in some scenes - it was hard to hear her. And what happened to the courage she mentioned when she got to university? It's like all of that disappeared. - I'm happy they kept some of the scenes exactly like how they were in the novel. - While Wu Yi and Guan Chao are super cute together, I wished they hadn't created a love story for them. I'd rather have the stories about Qiao Yi's college friends. - Not a fan of the working together set-up. I really liked how independent they were in the book. - Love, love, love Yan Mo (and Yan Mo + Qiao Yi together) and Guan Chao. - Yay for adding Da Chuan into the story. - And I guess no young master, since she didn't have a boyfriend in college? - I'm so glad that the whole Alicia/ fiancee - arc wasn't played out for long. That would have been so annoying. - Guan Chao and Qiao Yi's relationship is so sweet. I'm glad they decided to add/ expand on it.
  3. What?!!?? They should have stuck to the book. Of all the people to stay alive, LQW. That has got to be the most disappointing thing ever. I can't tell if BQ & CY are living in seclusion or if being LYK is a hobby, but given the blood bath, there's like literally no reason for them to live in seclusion. This is a crappy ending to what started as an engaging drama with lots of promises. I guess you win some and you lose some.
  4. Totally agree! At this point, half of the characters annoy me. I'm just continuing because I've invested too much time. If BQ knew and was just playing along, then the director and whomever are doing a horrible job of delivering that message. I hate, hate, hate when they do flashbacks - it's so disruptive to the story. Plus, given the type of show, do we really need to make our own assumptions or come up with our own answers to rationalize the story? I would hope not.
  5. I'm totally with you. Every time I see her on my screen I want to puke. Her voice bothers me. Her hair bothers. I cannot wait for her to die. I really like our OTP, but there are times when I simply cannot understand them (and they contradict their personalities). For example, how are CY and BQ so clueless that they think the emperor wouldn't know if they don't tell him? There are spies everywhere and they know it! And, seriously, BQ rescuing CY and grandfather with no martial art skills whatsoever (she has only been able to survive because there's always someone to save her)? I was so annoyed by episodes 46 and 47. Also, I agree that there were a lot of unnecessary deaths. With all these people gone, who will the OTP interact with? BTW, I always hate endings where they go off and live away from the world. Like seriously?
  6. I wish they would just kill off LQW. She's so unnecessary to the plot and her pitiful voice is so annoying. Like BQ, I'm not buying her pitifulness - she's an assassin. Anyways, now that subs are out of 36 & 37 (and I finally understand their conversations) + recent recaps from @themarchioness (thanks!), let's just say our OTP really needs to work on resolving the LQW issue. Every time BQ gets mad at CY, he placates her and they just move on, then repeat. I'm crossing my fingers that we're finally done with the LQW issue.
  7. Yes to everything you said!! I watched ep 28 & 29 with subs yesterday. I'm even more annoyed with LQW (and CY for allowing her to be so clingy/touchy) now that I understand the conversations. At this point, I'm pretty much on the DFS bandwagon until CY can redeem himself. I much prefer guys like DFS (when he gets better (based on previews)) and Xu Feng from Ashes of Love - they can see through the wiles and are steadfast in their love. At the moment, CY's actions don't quite reflect these characteristics. Perhaps there hasn't been an opportunity for him to display them. Regardless, I hope BQ makes him suffer a little bit.
  8. I'm with you on DFS. I need to prepare for the frustrations I will have on BQ's behalf due to CY's treatment of LQW. He's currently a jerk, probably because he has always gotten what he wanted, but seems like he will develop genuine feelings for BQ.
  9. Same! Just watched ep. 30 & 31 raw. CY is way too caring towards her. I don't like it one bit. He better be putting up a front or he needs to redeem himself later on; otherwise, I'm jumping ship.
  10. I think that's episode 28, or at least will occur in the episodes this week.
  11. This drama is helping me move on from Ashes of Love, but the wait for subs is a torture. I've watched up to episode 27 raw and now looking forward to finally understanding the conversations when the rest of this week's episodes are subbed. BTW, how did the seventh prince know that BQ's mom was the divine maiden? I'm still confused on that part. Did A'Fu know?
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