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  1. Cause she's sweet and you know that! Park Ha Sun Credits to wiki.d-addicts for that. All right, to anyone who would pass this topic, from a thousand, well, consider your day as a lucky day. I'm a writer (an amateur but, to be honest, a nice one.) and I'm here to promote, together with my might, thick face, self-indulgence, wits, exaltation, elation and above all, (in) sanity, Park Ha Sun, my obsession and my favorite Korean Actress. In addition, she's the reason why I'd joined this nice forum. You see, I’ve been through many forums but for me, this is the biggest and the coolest of all! *goad then applause* She's is, for me, the cutest and the would-be Han Chae Young and Kim Yoo Jin within the next five years. Why? Honestly, I was impressed of her acting skills. For others, she's just one of the sleepy-looking and boring actors. For me, she was doing her role justice (*stroke my chin*). The first movie of her that I saw was Babo a.k.a. Miracle of Giving Fool (to tell you the truth, I think Babo is the preferable title than the second one. Giving fool? What does that mean?)Her role is Cha Tae Hyun's sister. Throughout the movie (in which she appeared occasionally), you could see the coldness on her expression and it was not sluggishness. The disgrace of having a stupid brother reflects on her angelic face that could make the heavenly cherubs move upon their – ahem, enough of the metaphorical speech this is not a movie review. Few actors could do that and she was born with such talent skill. All I could say is that she needs attention to hone her acting knack, but her beauty, tsk! It's already beyond idealism. As I move on to the topic, her sporadic appearance on her second movie Mother (that I saw) on the other hand, didn't caught my attention (except the last part. At first, I'm just watching the movie 'cause of her but eventually, the atmosphere and the calmness of the movie, took me. I suddenly became concern with my parents.). The message of the movie was clear but I don’t get the purpose of her appearance. Homily? However, I didn't give up on her. Still persistent and full of loyalty, I still raise my hands and bow for her *signature of a true fan*. The next movie I saw casting her, was the APT or Apartment: a horror, deep and useless movie. Again, she'd shown her drowsy acting skills and I just love it! However, I resented the show. Okay... to be honest again, i'd never had the opportunity (and the pluck) watching her drama series (Powerful Opponents) so i'd nothing more to say about it. I fancy movies better than drama. Although I had some personal favorites, like Money's Warfare (a highly recommended show for everyone who's taking their first step in the world of business) Full House, Autumn Tale, Summer Scent and a few crowds picks. I know I’m driving you off the topic. Back to Park Ha Sun. If you like her, the way I like her, and then don't forget to share your stories. Poof! HERE'S SOME OF HER PICS UPLOADED BY YOURS TRULY...
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