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  1. 42 minutes ago, flutterby06 said:


    The extension was in talk for a long time. Surely they're aware of CJH's schedule..If it conflicts with his schedule they could film his scenes earlier..why didn't they do that!His agency mentioned in their statement that the production of TLE knew about this schedule..that means the PDs didn't make arrangement to resolve this situation. From the pictures of Jang Nara in Lunar new year, it can be easily understood that part of episode 22 and 23 were filmed before Lunar New Year. They'd plenty of time to hurry filming CJH scenes.. They can film that damn Kim Su Mi cameo with ED to show us nothing important but they can't film more CJH scenes in advance! Do I have to beleive it!?


    Couldn't agree anymore for the bold ones. The fan meeting will be on feb 28 and as I remembered He also did one fan meeting on the beginning of this drama. Let's say CJH needs to prepare the meeting content, if they want, they can do some combinations of shot his scenes in advanced and decrease his appearance. In the worst case, they can just film He suddenly gets headache attack, fainted and rushed to hospital to get surgery. Later they can add a scene where He is laying on the bed..in the progress of recovery. That would not be just 5 minutes and They will just need to film not more than half a day..even less. 


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  2. Wow...I was so shocked when I saw CJH's post on instagram in the morning. The reason is too suspicious. My feeling is there is dispute but SBS can't do anything since the original contract signed by CJH is up to 50 episodes. Do u all remember with Goo Hyun Jung's scandal on Return Drama? It's the same director. Bu then so far from the PD's note..it seems the PD is on CWB's character side. Of course, the note is probably written by the staff..

    The difference is CJH seems wants to end it on the good term so fulfilled his job until ep 50 meanwhile GHJ stop in the middle so SBS badmouth her so much.

    Anyway I personally will not continue anymore this drama. I just finished up until 40. The story is so depressing & make me tired. Conclusion A can become B or C later. Maybe this is what they called makjang .Plus with this shocking news..I'm done


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  3. 5 hours ago, sw33tm3lody said:


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    "After you knew all that… you two deceived me? How could you do that to me?"


    Me me me... he's so self-centered. Why shouldn't they? He ruined their lives! All they want is to put him in jail and that's the least he deserves. LH can't understand that he isn't a victim because he is just plain stupid I guess. :huh:



    I knew he was horrible to women and all, but it's become apparent that he's a hardcore chauvinist. What exactly is his problem? He has 0 respect for women in general. A mere woman? Ew. He's rotten. :mask:


    "You used people like Ma Pil Joo and left incurable wounds on these people. Just like the bullet in my head."


    Standing ovation. OMG, YES! They finally brought it up! I'm so glad the writer did not try to clear Hyuk from this.  :thumbsup: 


    So it was implied that LH has murdered other people before? No wonder he's always been so cold-hearted and unempathetic. As SN said, they (LH & ED) kill people like they are flies, or in WS's words, "he's not even human"  


    Anyways, Lee Hyuk is awful but that's old news. You can tell he's not willing to change because how many times has SN tried to help him see his wrongs and he's unwilling to listen? :rolleyes: This only proves what I said all along: Sunny is not Lee Hyuk's cure. Her love cannot change him at all. He had no problem with watching how his mother threatened little DS with that needle. This is why I loved when WS beat him up (sorry, I did, it was cathartic and he had it coming :P). I knew Bin wasn't gonna kill him because he's the bigger man and doesn't want to be a murderer, but I loved that the Emperor finally received some punishment.



    We only got one interaction between SN and WS but it was good. SN standing in front of Wang Sik trying to protect him from Lee Hyuk. LH was pointing a gun at her and she just stayed there without flinching to shield Bin. Then WS protected SN from LH. And how great was that moment when WS said "Empress" and Lee Hyuk had to stop Sunny from following our bodyguard because she was super worried? "Where are you taking him?!" The humiliation! Everyone could witness how the Emperor's wife had been helping his enemy and was willing to give her life for the man the Emperor hated. LOL. 


    No amount of forced kisses can help LH, really. Sunny is pretty dead set on putting all of them in jail and leaving that place asap. Love can't be forced.  


    On another note, there's nothing wrong with loving villains. They are usually more entertaining and interesting than the hero. I love myself a good villain (Sherlock's J.Moriarty is my particular fave), the problem is when people go out of their way to justify the villain's evil actions. No amount of sob stories can make an evil guy less evil and that's why (ideally) villains should go to jail and good people should be free. That's the only issue I have with all this LH worshipping.

    I saw on instagram comments that some LE international fans expect the last scene of yesterday episode will be continued with bed scene. How ridiculous it is...:crazy:

    Pretty sure it will not happen since Koreans public are sensitive about this

  4. 33 minutes ago, hahanzyy said:

    @confusedheart7997, the recap is at the top of this page, by Katakwasabi. You have to click the "reveal hidden contents"


    Seems like at the end of this episode, both LH & WB are back to square one -- LH back to the suspicious jealous pychopath & WB back to the rash NWS.

    i like WB a lot but his actions at the end put to waste all the months of planning & strategising by team Byun, Yoon, Sunny & WB himself. The hardship Sunny and WB endure to pretend to like LH etc etc.. now all their true identities are known by the Team Evil and their lives put in danger...

    but i know it is not my Bin's fault. it is the scriptwriter's fault :grimace:



    I am frustrated with the last action from WB. It's really unnecessary. Sunny already warned him that If He goes it means die. Even Yura also tried to calm him down. Like usual if it's about Dongshik, He seems to be always irrational, impatient & short of thoughts. Last time He already lost his chance to get surgery, I just hope this time He will not die. Anyway..is next week will be really  the last episodes? is the extension just a rumor?

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  5. 5 hours ago, laivla said:

    Maybe at that time SKH still in that room. Know if LH use hair pin and ED use poison. If she know who's that kill GED, and she keep on silent about this case not push to make her wish come true, maybe she's the only person that can killed GED. She also shock when catch by Sunny when she in the palace when GED death case happen and ask to Sunny to keep it as a secret.

     Do you all remember that Ari asked SKH where was her scarf that had been borrowed by SKH on the day GED died? I might be missed it but I don't remember SKH gave the scarf back to Ari. I think the scarf will be a clue...probably it's used to kill GED or it's bloody so She needed to throw it.

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  6. 2 hours ago, 0timelost said:

    Also...going back to disguise, I was annoyed with the high healed boot that Sunny was wearing when she was sneaking around the garden. Who sneaks around in boot? :sweatingbullets: "Clomp...Clomp...Clomp.."...lol...it's almost like she is announcing to the whole world that she's there. :ph34r: That was a slight oversight with the production or wardrobe coordinator.


    The problem is CJH is too tall and JNR is petite so to disguise the height difference, the girl needs high healed shoes. It's usually like that on any drama haha. Maybe they should have edited the sound instead

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  7. Hi all...I want to share my 2 cents for fun

    1. Since the regulation that woman can rule the country has been approved, I find it will be more hilarious if Princess Sojin is the one who acends the throne in the end. Yoon will be likely not interested for the position. As for Ari, the writer can make excuse that the princess is under age so before Ari reaches certain age, SoJin will be the one replaces her. If not, the writer can also make a twist that LH is not Ari's biological father by revealing that the DNA test has been manipulated by the Nanny. 

    However, the title is last empress. Like all of u said, it gives strong conclusion that the monarchy system will be over after this. Except the meaning is a twist, it's actually "the last Empress for LH" :P

    Does "empress" and "queen" have the same meaning? It seems they usually use "Queen" term for the woman who rules the country and empress is used for indicating the Emperor's wife. What I mean is..If they are different, it also makes sense that the last empress is SN since the next throne is a Queen, therefore there's no Empress.

    2. Just for joke, maybe the island is used to bury all the men that has given "service" to ED. She will not want these men to open their mouth someday or give her threat for money :lol:

    3. I enjoy the love triangle plot but only to that extend. it's good that the writer made the LH character is more loveable but hopefully it's just for purpose that later LH deserves lighter punishment, not to the extend that LH deserves the female lead :rolleyes:. Probably.. the special episode next week to remind netizen what crime LH has done so far :sweatingbullets:

    4. I worry about WB statement that He would protect SN even if it needed to sacrifice his life.

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  8. 49 minutes ago, booha said:


    Jin Hyuk IG

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    Jin Hyuk:

    The start of 2019 in the best acting award ceremony with #TLE team. #adorable team people.
    Give a lot of love TLE.  
    I didn’t fully convey my feeling because I was so flustered.
    Perhaps it got worse because I tried not to cry as I felt so emotional. I even left out about my mom’s story…
    I didn’t even mention many good people who always have given to me generously.  
    I will visit and greet them individually.
    I believe every one of them will know my heart without mentioning your name.
    They deserve all the credit.
    And to the fans, always thank you and thank you   I will boost my energy and show you a fun drama and a cool WS.  

    Thank you






    So He was flustered. No wonder he wasn't smile (well..only half smile) throughout the ceremony. I thought he was having a bad mood or too tired because of the filming.

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  9. Lee elijah just attended the ceremony. I guess she was also late because of the filming schedule. Maybe It means her character is not dead yet :rolleyes:


    Anyway too bad  Princess Ari doesn't win the award for the child category. It seems the winner (which already a teenager) doesn't prepare the speech or she was too nervous. Shin Dong Yup said that Ari must have prepared the speech if she won and asked her to reveal a little bit. Ari talked so well. Shin Dong Yup asked whether she is disappointed but she answered smartly talking about how she would work harder in the next year and so on  that every one clapped their hands. Seems that even in reality, this little girl is so smart

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  10. The part I like the most from tonight episode is :wub: :wub::wub: :


    After LH alongside ED ordered WB to seduce the Empress, these two got out from ED's room. WB suddenly  asked LH seriously: "Peha..even if I become really like Empress then, It will not be a matter, right?

    WB laughed hard hearing what WB said because for LH,  WB was talking non sense...


    Let's see LH..you will regret it :tounge_xd:


    About Yura:


    Yura eyeing the diamond necklace that has been taken from sunny. Could it be that the corpse on the first episode will be her?? I hope so :joy:


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  11. Did Anyone realize that there 's a mistake Dujun made on the parking lot? He tried to put back his mobile phone in his pocket but He thought the pocket was outside the suit lol. The editing team must have missed it.


    18 hours ago, darr said:

    About the romance budding between him and GR, I would have preferred a much matured actress ( our actress is doing very well). A person who haven't dated before like him is naturally possessive every angle but because of age barrier, he can't just display some certain possessive behaviour cos of her age.  He is trying to ahow such attitudes but would have done more had she been a little bit older.I expected his kiss to be a little bit aggressive and he should have been all over her by now. GR romance is also restricted that's why she is all innocent and pure as well as showing some lackadaisical attitudes as against what she is feeling inside.  Unless they will develop it further but it's good to stop casting 18 yrs old girls as leads in this type of romcom.  


    Actually  She is 20 years old in Korean age so it's actually legal if they decide to make her do passionate kiss hehe. There's an interview with RR casts to promote this drama long time ago in Youtube and the narration when they introduced KSH was something about how RR is a first drama after KSH becomes an adult. Hopefully the next kiss will be hotter :tongue: or even better if there's a continuation in the beginning of ep 11 after the last ending  :lol:


    1 hour ago, darr said:


    Writer pls shake up GR character. Her character contradicts itself a lot. And it's making the romance very dull and one sided.


    Agree with this.  Each times SJH confessed his feeling to her, she only gave flat face expression.

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