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  1. 3 hours ago, deeand said:

    welcome @refo akbar and @rhienz

    this is a gift for both of you :


    source : http://www.starseoultv.com/news/articleView.html?idxno=385151


    I wish I were the one who holding the umbrella LOL


    I love his Rean CFs. It just encapsulates PBG perfection. Especially of him lying in bed. LOL.

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  2. 2 hours ago, haneul1992 said:

    @deota If you don't mind I will borrow those pictures :):P 


    On the second one Hyeri is like "Choi Taek are you cheating on me?" :P :blush:

     I love those two just date each other :heart::wub:


    PBG: You didn't let me tell our parents in the drama so I'm letting everyone here know that we're married. 

    HYERI: I'll deal with you in the car. 

    LOL!  I love these two. 

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  3. 13 minutes ago, 13infamyss said:


    I'd like to read what you guys' thoughts on this! Did Duk Seon and Taek hardly ever have any contact with each other in the 6-yr time jump?


    I had the same mind frame as you, I don't believe they lost touch over the 6 years. I can't remember exactly but I thought that in Deoksun's voice over she mentions that they kepted in touched. I'll have to double check that later.

    But back to the 6 years, their friendship means too much for both that it doesn't seem plausible that they lost touch. I know that because of their careers they both didn't have much time but it would be extremely out of character for Taek who cherishes his friends and family to not keep in contact.  Same goes to Deoksun, although she was afraid of her feelings,  I highly doubt she would stop all contacts with Taek since he feels the most comfortable her. 

    Also, she seems to have built a close relationship with the Baduk chief and manager. That could only happen if she had spent more time with them, so she and her friends were probably at the same hotels as Taek and the club over the years.

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  4. 24 minutes ago, 13infamyss said:


    I wonder how it was for everyone else? When have you decided on your OTP? And when did you feel like Taek could be the end game?


    I like many others thought at first it was Junghwan because of the alley scene. I went into this drama not caring about the husband because I felt that there was always a strong case for each candidate.  So after that scene and the bus scene I for sure thought it could be him but then Taek won a game and bit his lips and invaded Deoksun's space so unlike himself. I was lost for a few episodes and was torn between the two but when she wanted gloves and he was willing to buy her the world, I was a goner. I also realized that I didn't appreciate Junghwan's name calling and put down of Deoksun's character.  By episode 8 I was firmly won over by Taek. :)


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  5. 4 minutes ago, aleen1412 said:

    Just finished watching episode 3. That Sobangcha dance was really good :D In the teaser for Youth Over Flowers GKP did the same cartwheel I think.

    TK was really quiet this episode, almost expressionless. Even his appearance looked totally different in these early episodes. The scene when he looked at the trip notice alone, he really looked like a lonely 18 year old boy. But even so he did it without saying anything, or even showing much on his face.


    I find it remarkable how he started to change from episode 6. Even in his appearance, he became so much attractive. This drama was my first time watching PBG act so I when it suddenly sank to me that Choi Taek is good looking it was like I was blindsided. So even just making a decision to confess to DS made his life that much brighter. Did he think he wasn't allowed to, before?

    DS misplaced/forgot things twice today. From other episodes we know this is not normal occurrence. I wonder if this is meant to signify something too.


    This is what I find so fascinating about Taek. You can literally see his growth as the drama went on. He especially blossomed when he was able to express his love for Deoksun.

    I knew PBG was amazing as an actor since I've seen his previous dramas but the way he acted as Taek is on another level. I'm not sure many actors his age can switch from lonely boy to mature baduk genius with as much subtleties and range of emotions as PBG.

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  6. 6 minutes ago, pixiemoondust said:

    Correct me if I'm wrong but did Sung Appa get scammed again? The prenatal music that Sung Omma played (after talking to DS on the phone about the lost camera) didn't sound anything like prenatal music to me, more like temple music. Or is temple music considered prenatal music in Korea?



    Sung appa was tricked. LOL. I still find that scene funny even though I feel bad for Sung omma.

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  7. There are so many foreshadowing in this episode. Sunwoo Omma telling the other two that she will only remarry if she can live a comfortable life. How awesome that she ended up with Taek' appa, the master of comfort. 

    I've also been thinking about appa Sung, I feel like his excessive spending was triggered by stress. I don't think he had that problem before they became in debt. This was probably his outlet because of his wife and kid's demand. He probably felt that by helping all these people with a few spending dollars, it made him feel good as a father figure, which he doesn't get at home.

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  8. It's awhile since I've written a post here, you ladies are too fast. :)

    Please continue sharing those articles, they give such great insights into the characters. 

    And I love this tan PBG. LOL. He's super adorable. Too bad he's a bit shy and doesn't like to show too much skin. Can you imagine those tan abs?? Does he even have abs?  :P

    Oh, and has anyone been reading reviews for the drama? I've read a few and found them to be so discouraging. Everything is about Junghwan, and how heartbreaking his story is. Did we all watch the same drama because I feel like we didn't. This whole hung up on Junghwan is such a disservice to the drama as a whole, it's almost like he was the only person in the drama. I know for some the ending is a bad ending because not everyone was given a conclusion scene and basically has decided to skip the last two episodes. I wasn't frustrated before but every review I read so far makes me want to pull my hair.

    My main gripe is that everyone discounts Taek as someone that Deoksun can genuinely have feelings for. They always question Taek's feelings for Deoksun as the weaker one or will state that they are fine with them being a couple but cannot accept him as the husband. Urgh! That narrative! 

    After rewatching this series several times, I feel that what Junghwan felt for her was just a physical and sexual attraction, which is probably why he was never on the same page as Deoksun. I know they showed in his flashback that he liked her before the alley scene, rewatching it now, it reiterates how shallow his feelings were. He again is seeing just her physical attractiveness ala Hanbok dress, there were no signs of a deeper emotional connection.

    As for the last episode, I thought it was a fitting ending even though it was bittersweet. The writer was wised enough to drop hints throughout the drama on each character, that I was able to see what she wanted for each of their. We didn't see future Dongryong because it was stated again and again how business savvy he was with his restaurant,  from that I can conclude that he became rich and probably got a girl who will always be there for him unlike his mother. Junghwan, he's cool, smart, handsome, and looks hot as a uniformed jet pilot. HE'S FINE! HIS HEART IS STILL ATTACHED TO HIS BODY. His brokenheart was healed and he found a smoking hot chick. Jungbong marry Mi Ok, became a famous chef. Neol became a singer as he stated. The parents, they're probably visting one another, joking around and drinking to their hearts content because their kids are happy. THE END!

    There I said my piece now I'm to to sleep it off. I'll try to do the rewatch with you gals tomorrow. No guarantee but will definitely join  the discussion. :P


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  9. So I rewatched the first 3 episodes again and it dawned on me why Taek uses his left hand! It hit me that he broke his right hand. Ah, the little details. :)

    Also, during the scene when the boys got drunk, when they had the floor camera angle, and Dongryong mentioned that Deoksun was cute, you can see the slightest smile on Taek's face before they zoomed out and he nodded in agreement with Sunwoo. ;)

    One more, I know you guys have a chocolate theory but after rewatching the scene, I still think the chocolate was for Sunwoo. She knows the boys well enough to know what bags they carry and she still put the chocolate in Sunwoo's. 

    @Hafunohane - What is the chatline?

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  10. 1 hour ago, packmule3 said:

    To @melissala, as promised.


    Question and Answer

    Question 13: What do you think of THE proposal, packmule3? 
    Answer: I'm going to be honest here. I’ll grade it C for effort and D for content. 

    Why C for effort? 

    What I dislike about JH’s proposal is that he needed wingmen to do his job. In the Air Force a wingman is a pilot of the plane behind the lead aircraft. A wingman provides support to the lead pilot to accomplish his mission. In context of JH, his proposal had a back-up plan that in case he needed to bail out of an imminent crash, his wingmen DR and SW would come and rescue. He could pretend that it was all a joke and he rely on his friends to save his pride. And that was what he did. 

    The other thing I dislike about JH’s proposal is it placed DS in a lose-lose situation. Whether or not she liked JH, she was going to be the subject of wisecracks in the next future. She deplored the lack of privacy living with the guys for most of her life, and JH should have protected her from more unwanted attention. 

    Why D for content? 

    I'll show you and explain later...

    This is the proposal of JH. 

     “I wanted to give this to you when I graduated. But I’m going to give it to you now. I like you. I’m saying, I like you. Hey… do you know what I’ve done because of you? I waited at the front door for an hour every day to go to school with you. I waited every night until you came home from studying. I couldn’t sleep at all because I was worried about you. “Why is she so late? Is she falling asleep there again?” Hey. I thought of nothing but you. Just you. When I encountered you by chance on the bus. When we went to the concert together. Also when I received the shirt from you on my birthday. I was really so happy… I thought I’d go crazy. I wanted to see you more than a dozen times a day. I was just happy to see you. I wanted to tell you this for a long while. I really like you. I love you.”

    Here’s the rewrite. I'm putting it under spoiler because it's too cheesy even for my taste. But it has a point.  

      Reveal hidden contents

    Deoksonah, this ring is yours. I’ve been waiting two years to give this you and I’d be honored if you accept this ring.  
    Do you know what you’ve done to me? You always came out that front gate an hour late. But your smile always made my wait worthwhile. You studied so hard; and I wish I could’ve been at your side. Do you know that before you, I’ve never lost sleep over anybody? But with you I worried, “Why is she so late? Is she falling asleep again? Should I go and get her? Will she be safe coming home?” You were always on my mind. Just you. When we met each other by chance on the bus or when we went to the concert you so begged me to attend with you… I always remembered how you looked back then, and how happy you made me feel. And that shirt you gave me on my birthday? You always thought I gave it to Hyung. I didn’t, Deosonah. It was your gift to me, so I kept it. Until now, it’s with me as a reminder of you. I really want you by my side now. Just you and you alone. I love you. Please accept my ring. 


    [eyebleach, please]

    Do you see the difference? JH’s proposal was ME-centric. It was missing the girl, DK. 

    I don't believe that kind of omission was accidental. It was scripted. Any writer, any creative writer, would have spotted the flaw because the guiding principle of a love letter or proposal is always the name after “DEAR….” as in Dear Deoksonah.  

    JH’s proposal was about HIM and HIS memories of her. There was hardly ever a “WE” in it and barely enough “YOU”.

    And we know all why. It's because his love for her was one-sided. It wasn't reciprocated. 

    And that’s a sad fact. 

    You can also compare the montages of both JH and TK, @melissala. Watch JH’s montage at the end of Episode 18 then watch TK’s montage midway of Ep 20. The visual difference is striking. 


    I disagree with your take on Junghwan's confession scene. I think we all saw through out the drama how difficult it was for Junghwan to express his feelings and the way you put it kind of belittles his character. Of course when you confess to someone you love, you will mention all the thinks that you did for them. There isn't a we in the confession because it was his side of the story. 

    I also want to say that it takes a lot of courage to open up about your feelings to someone you love and its nice to have people who care about you there to support you. Like everyone, I had wondered why he didn't tell her in the car, but I think base on his characteristics,  he didnt want it to be awkward for Deoksun. It was easier with the guys there so that there wouldn't be much pressure on Deoksun. That's my take away from it. ;)


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  11. Love all the analysis! I'm rewatching a few episodes here and there and just want to point out a few things.

    The one thing I absolutely love about this series compare to the previous two is the women companionship.  The previous series, the mother role was such a lonely character since she hardly had friends to constantly talk with. Same with thing with Shiwon and Najung, they only had one girlfriend but were mostly surrounded with boys/men. I appreciate that the writer finally gave the mothers such a wonderful friendship and balance out Deoksun with more than one girl her age. I think this is one reason why she was much more grounded compare to the previous girls. She wasn't a bat crazy and over the top fan like Shi won or lonely like Najung. Deoksun was just your average normal high school girl, who lacked confidence in her self but was still a very happy person. I just appreciate this so much!

    Back to Deoksun's love life, I rewatched all the Junghwan scenes and Taek scenes to see where and when Deoksun's feeljngs change. I think episode 15 was when Deoksun finally saw Taek as something other than a friend. There were hints previous but episode 15 finally showed her thinking it. If you think about, in episode 14, Taek ask her to stay with him during the pizza scene. When they were in his room,  she ask if he ever liked any one, told him she knew everything there was about him. When he stated that he had some one he likes, you can clearly see her mind thinking. In episode 15 , when Taek saw her crying on on the steps, after he fell on her shoulder,  the look on her face changed. It reminded me of the earlier scene, when he did the same thing, her voice showed her awkwardness. This time I think she sense that she probably feels something for Taek. Mind you this is also after her conversation with Dongryong, when he reminded her that it was okay for to like someone without waiting for others to love her back. In the previous episode, you can clearly see that she wanted Junghwan to confirm his feelings for her but he didn't.  She spoke with her friends about it and Dongryong.  She was mad with Junghwan at the beginning of episode 15 but by the end of it she didn't seem to care about Junghwan anymore. She was over with her feelings which again were there because of her friends but Taek made her feel something in that one moment with his nearness. In episode 16, there wasn't much interactions between Taek and Deoksun but the most signifcant scene to me was when she bought a whole bag of the fish cake and left them with Taek. I love her subtleties, lol. I saw this as a parallel to his father and Sunwoo's mother with their fish cake scenes. I truly think she had feelings for Taek before but pushed them aside because of her feelings for both Sunwoo and Junghwan. Knowing how she is, she probably thought she stood no chances with him since he was famous and she wasn't pretty enough, hehe.


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  12. 7 hours ago, nuckertuck said:

    Seeing as I got such lovely responses from everyone with regards to the first fic I published, I decided to go ahead and write another. 


    Please keep in mind that my fic's aren't beta-d, so they're a bit rough around the edges. I hope you'll enjoy them nonetheless and if you'd like to leave me any constructive criticism, I'd absolutely adore that too. I'd love to have anyone also help edit :)

    Let me know if you like it! I'ts a bit different, but somewhat the same. I'll try to write something more humorous as the next one!


    Catching On


    Please write more. Your fanfics are lovely. Maybe something from Taek's point of view?  and more kisses and such? LOL.


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  13. 1 hour ago, gilaswan said:

    Watching Ep 19. The sleeping pills moved from the living room to Taek's bedside? Must've brought them into his room thinking he'll need them, but fell into a deep sleep anyway... Ah... why didn't she spend the night in his room? 


    I feel like she did stay with him, otherwise why would he be sound asleep without the pills? 

    I'm sure that they slept together, and then she left and brought the pills to his room for the following day. She couldn't stay the whole night because her crew just had the one day layover. ;)


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  14. 47 minutes ago, libra83 said:

    Just miss one of my favorite conversation.

    "Taek: it's pretty.

    Duk Seon: Is it really okay? This is the lipstick Lee Young Ae uses.

    Taek: You look better than Lee Young Ae

    Duk Seon: but do you know who Lee Young Ae is?

    Taek:...but you really are pretty..."


    Don't say to me that Taek only knows baduk ha...he can speak very sweet things...

    So, What is your favorite conversation?


    One of my favorite scenes! It just says so mmuch about their love.

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  15. On 1/18/2016 at 6:49 PM, mangachickava said:

    are any of you going to be slightly active on PBG soompi thread??

    also NJ and Trash supporters can speak to this but they got a lot of hate at the end as well so its kinda to be expected?

    @kepogee can you link the video with 2 m views??


    As a Nareki fan, I can tell you that there were tons of angry mobs after the show ended. LOL. I never understood why because the show was about Najung's unwavering love for Trash oppa. He was always there for her when she needed him most. The reason why I love Trash oppa so much is that, he made the decision at such a young tender age to become her sole supporter and her parents strength. That just says so much about his character as a person, his only downside was that he was dirty. Hahaha. 

    This is why I also love Taek so much. There was so much depth to his character(PBG is soooo amazing!) He didn't get much screen time at the beginning but when he was shown, he was so good. Unlike the others, he is never around yet because of how mature he is mentally, he always knew what to say and do in different situations with his friends, his father,  the other parents, etc.

    I love Junghwan but like Chilbong, he just wasn't the one. Najung had her heart set on oppa long before Chilbong came into the picture. Junghwan had all the chances in the world to win Deoksun but he frustratingly squandered all of them. I think what makes Junghwan great was his relationship with his family and not necessarily his budding crush on Deoksun. The feels that I have when he's trying to cheer his mother or his brother, tear jerker! His feelings for Deoksun, yeah it was cute at first, heart tugging,  but I think its because all of us remembers our first love like that or expect it to be like that. There just wasn't enough between the two to build on, Deoksun doesn't want his gruff like responses, and he wasn't ready to change his way publicly for her hence the stand still for romance.

    This is why I sort of felt that Taek was the one for Deoksun. He was the only one that she responded to with so much heart, she never once had to change herself for him. When she needed someone to cheer her up, Taek was the one. When Taek needed a shoulder to lean on, she was there. ;) And was I the only one to notice how much, Deoksun amd Taek held hands? I felt that was a sign, he was either holding, or she was leading the way for him. I could go on and on but the end speaks for itself.  Taek has always love her, as a friend, a girlfriend and his wife. :)

    Anyway, thank you to everyone for allowing me to join in the fun talk! The end was soooooo bittersweet but the journey definitely was worth it.

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  16. Yeah more kisses! That  innocent looking puppy sure knows how to work those lips. LOL.

    Anyways, I love the writer of the reply series and how she thinks. In 1997, everyone was so angry that Taewoong oppa didn't get the girl so in 1994 she decides Trash oppa it is, chilbong fans became angry, so in this series, less husband hunting I'll give the fans what they want, here Deoksun have uri Taekie! The internet explodes with angry mobs because Junghwan didn't get the girl. The irony of life anyone???? ;)

    I bet you, for the next series, she will draw everyone along and in the end everyone goes their separate ways. Ha!



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