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  1. I'm trying to access the site for bluray but im stuck at this quiz page I'm guessing its something about trumpet creeper's filming location? Can anyone help out?
  2. I just saw the news & i cant believe it lol idk if its coincidental but i had actually emailed them asking if they will open another order & they actually did. I have a question though, did they only have pre orders for directors cut in bluray or was there one for dvd before? Bluray is kinda expensive
  3. oh i know about that but sadly its not available in my country yet lol but i have other ways of watching so its all good. Just wanted to get the goodies & bts stuff from dir. cut dvd :( hopefully there will be 3rd batch? althought i doubt they'll do that
  4. Hi, i know im probably later to join the pre-order for director's cut dvd but does anyone know whether they still have any opening for 2nd batch ordering or did i miss out on the deadline for that too?
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