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  1. Welcome back hy205! I'm Ange. ^_^ It must be overwhelming trying to catch up with two weeks of Minwoo news, haha, our boy's been so busy lately! But I agree with everyone...Minwoo is such a workaholic! I'm constantly worried that he's driving himself too hard (Summer Story concert is a great example) and not getting enough rest - it breaks my heart when I see him so tired on programs sometimes.

    But, sigh, I'm such a hypocrite - part of the reason why I love Minwoo so much is because he's such a perfectionist. You must admit, a man with a strong work ethic is hot! haha <3

    mommie Alice! Thank you soo much for the two translations! You don't know how much I love you right now! You're such a sweetheart :D

    I thought I was going to go crazy waiting for the Chinese subs, but now I don't even have to watch that anymore <3

    It's decided. Woodong are meant for each other, they're just too adorable together!!

    I love when Shinhwa members go on variety shows together, they always reveal so much about their lives behind the cameras, which is always a treat because underneath their mega popstar image, Shinhwa is really just a group of goofy guys who have so much fun hanging out together. :wub:

  2. Hey everyone!

    Sorry I haven't posted in a while - this weekend has been pretty busy for me. But I've still been keeping up with my Minwoo shows! :D

    Minwoo had an appearance in Dongwan's Manwon Happiness!

    They were practicing "I Pray 4 U" together for Love Letter, and Dongwan had to complete a mission where he has to dance for someone a well-known dance and get them to copy it. Of course, Minwoo, being the troublemaker he is, knew that it was a mission and did every possible dance, including Hyesung's crab dance, but not Dongwan's.


    Come to Play was also absolutely adorable. Even though I couldn't make out any of what they were saying (besides random English words like steak and Shinhwa and Eric haha) so I'm praying for chinese subs! Sooo many woodong moments, woodong fans rejoice!

    btw, fatcat, good job with your first photoshop project! I almost died when I saw Minwoo wink like that. He really knows how to pull off cute and sexy at the same time

    Thanks for all the picture and video shares, I just downloaded the chinese subbed Jihwaza. Heard that Minwoo doesn't appear too much in this episode, but anything's good enough for me, can't wait to watch it. lol, hope he gets more airtime next time though...

    I was streaming MBC Dongnan Club earlier this morning (the episode Minwoo appeared on) and although he looked hot as always, he barely made any appearances. :(

    My poor hard drive's going to crash soon though...I still have to download Music Bank special stage and so many other HQ files!

  3. Thanks to angelix and Serena for the pics! Japanese fans are so lucky...how I wish I could see minwoo live in concert one day.

    Minsyung <33333 lol Minwoo's so scandalous. First it was woodong, then minjin, and now he's holding hands with hyesung.

    I don't know which couple I like more :tears:

    Haha and that picture of him up against the wall...he's such a cute dork. Did Minwoo get a lot tanner, or is it just the white suit that throws it in contrast?

    Top 15 for what?

    I think shinhwa_n_choua was talking about this thread:


    which periodically updates the top 20 weekly album sales in korea, based on the rankings from the site hanteo.com

    Although I've read somewhere that it's not an entirely accurate ranking, since hanteo only accounts for about 15% of the total album sales in korea *shrugs*




    Thanks for sharing the Vitamin spoilers fatcat! (would you rather be called Han?) I keep on hoping for chinese subs to come out for the show, but if I have to wait any longer, I think I'm just going to watch the raw version and pretend I know what they're talking about :lol:

    Some Minwoo news again!

    8/8 Lee Minwoo "Rejected by an Actress"



    "I've once been rejected by an actress I was interested in."

    Singer Lee Minwoo reveals the fact that he was once rejected by a female entertainer he was pursuing.

    During the recent filming of Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Won Hee's MBC Come to Play, Kim Jong Min asked the question "Have you ever been rejected by a female entertainer you were pursuing?" to which Lee Minwoo reluctantly answered "Yes."

    Under Yoo Jae Suk's questioning, "Has Kim Jong Min ever shown interest in a female entertainer to only then be rejected?" Kim Jong Min replied, "Yes, many times." His answer drew much laughter from the audience.

    Kim Dong Wan who was watching Lee Minwoo from the sides consoled him by revealing, "To my knowledge, I don't think Lee Minwoo has ever experienced rejection from pursuing a member of the opposite sex." Usually Lee Minwoo is very cautious, indirectly revealing his popularity with members of the opposite sex.

    Lee Minwoo confides that he once really liked an entertainer - she was an actress. After getting her phone number, they got to know each other through a period of time. One day, he decided to call to confess his feelings, when to his surprise her phone was picked up by a male. Turns out she had a boyfriend already, and he happened to be a singer, actually one of Minwoo's hoobae (juniors).

    At the time Minwoo was at a loss for words,so he calmly explained the situation and then hung up the phone. It's a shame that it didn't work out, but it's all in the past now, and she and Minwoo are now like brother and sister, still keeping in frequent contact with each other.

    In the program Lee Minwoo showed off his solid six pack abs, creating a stir. This show will be shown on August 10th at 10:50 PM (Korean time).

    Credit:newsen + Ocean's Six

    Chinese Translations:打糕@shinhwachina神话中国

    Chinese to English Translations: angeldreams






    I forgot there was a Minwoo thread here! Thanks Serena for keeping it alive all this time :)

    hi guys, its my first post here in the minwoo thread. i've always been a fan, but not like a die hard one lol. i subscribed to the thread a while ago but i never posted X__x





    ANYWAY! thanks for those latest pictures.



    I LOVED SEEING HIS BDAY PICTURES! he looked so handsome and happyyy!






    and thanks for the link to the MV. going to download now <3



    hey ayadaokin! welcome to minwoo's thread. :)


    This one's not updated as often as the M one in the music section, so if you want to catch up on his latest news, feel free to visit it there!





    hey everyone, im back. can u guys help me??

    which show was it where MinWoo perfromed Stomp but wore white instead of black. ive downloaded most of his performances except that one, but dont know which perf it is.





    Sorry! I'm answering the question really late, but Minwoo wore white I think on his 070728 (his birthday!) MBC Show! Music Core performance. And he just recently wore a white outfit again for the M.net Japan M! Countdown, yesterday :)


    Eric is drop dead gorgeous in this picture :wub: Thanks for sharing~


    I forgot how much I missed this man


    Sorry to hear that Jinnie turned down the drama, I was looking forward to seeing his acting again. But then again, single coming out in October! That means that four out of the six members are coming back as solo singers this year.


    Just waiting for Eric and Andy's collab now... ;)

    hi,can someone tell me when will vicky zhao music and mv that she made with JUNJIN is coming out i really want to know


    I read in the news that it'll probably start showing around the end of August, but I'm not 100% sure.


    Looking forward to the MV though! Never thought in my Huan Zhu Ge Ge days that I'd be watching Vicky so many years in the future, working with one of my six favorite guys now :)


    Speaking of MVs...how can Hyesung tease us with pictures like that? I'll forgive him though because his voice makes me weak at the knees lol.


    Can't wait to hear the new song! I hear that it's upbeat and Hyesung dances!!! Wonder if it'll be a sequel to the crab dance and the "mommy i want that" dance? ;)


    Hope the three Shinhwa vocalists will start performing in music programs together soon! *crosses fingers*


    Woodong's "I Pray 4 U" performance almost made me cry. But it sounds so different without the other members <3


    When Minwoo turned around with his opening lines...it made me realize how much I missed Shinhwa as a group. I love each member's solo activities, but when the six of them appear together, it's almost magical.



  6. woodong performance? The ending is the cutest thing ever. I am guessing the idea is from the "Naughty. fan teasing, breath taking" Minwoo (LOL)

    LOL i loved the end of woodong's "I Pray 4 U" performance! I agree, I bet it was Minwoo's idea, he's so great at giving fanservice. ;)

    I watched the Chinese subs version of Love Letter, and Minwoo actually says, "Let's see who's most into the performance" and that's why they were searching someone out, so that they can sing the last part just for her. Aww...jealous, hehe.

    haha, were you talking about http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XMinELHEcw? right around the 26 minute mark. i think they're still playin around and laughin about it tho. i was randomly watchin clips today and saw this part and thought about how the thread was just talkin bout how minwoo can get angry. lol.

    I remember this clip too! Minwoo seemed seriously angry at Dongwan for a second, although I think Dongwan was partially at fault for hitting Minwoo for no reason in the first place. Hyesung and Eric both went to Minwoo's defense lol and yelled at Dongwan. :sweatingbullets:

    So Minwoo will be appearing in some variety shows in the upcoming future! :D

    I know of:

    KBS Vitamin (shown last night)

    MBC Come to Play (070810)

    SBS Jihwaza (070811)

    My poor CB is going to be working overtime.

    I remember some people were talking about puppybong.com a few pages back and wondering why the puppy part.

    I don't know why, but a lot of Korean fans think of Minwoo as a puppy, while they describe Hyesung as a kitten (thus minsyung is a cat and dog pairing, haha how cute).

    The below picture is a gift from the Korean fans lol:


    pics credit: minwoopalace

    It's funny though - in China, it's the exact opposite - Minwoo has always been affectionately called a cat, while Hyesung is a fox (?)

    I can see Minwoo being more of a cat...I guess it's in his smile.

    Anways, I love puppybong's towels! You might've seen pictures of fans holding them during Shinhwa and M concerts. There's been three editions so far:


    The standard towel of Minwoo as a puppy.


    For Wontak's Angel, notice the little wings ^_^


    STOMP edition! minwoo is now a little wolf! omg, so cute!

    pics credit: puppybong.com

    ahh, i want one of those towels so bad! too bad they're only selling to the korean and japanese fans...

  7. Welcome explicit_softcore_laydee (can i call you sam as well?), lovegoodfood (can i call you prissy too?) and ponponpurin to the M thread!

    I'm Ange :)

    love that minwoo's winning so many people over with his sexiness ;) Haha, Prissy, you're right - M is definitely the sexiest letter of the alphabet. :wub:



    Was skimming through Minwoo on MC mong's radio show and Minwoo brought up Sexyback and pointed out Timbaland's trademark compared to the m style :) And the hopes for his music and the 3rd album. Also about how he feels when when he read comments and fans say that what he is doing is less than they expected?

    Thank you so much again for subbing the showcase. <3 You = amazing!

    And did Minwoo really say that about how he feels he's doing less than what the fans expected?

    Minwoo, you're too hard on yourself! In all the forums I've been to, fans are always worried that Minwoo's pushing himself too much. The man doesn't know how to take a break :tears:

    umm... what's M.A.R.S.? i think this is the first time i'm hearing about that?

    M.A.R.S. is the group that Minwoo and Eric formed together with a few other of their friends for the purpose of producing music together.

    They've been listed in the credits for several songs that I know of, including Intro from M's Untouchable album, Shingiru from Winds, U from Shinhwa's Brand New album, and the song Candle Night by Tae Wan (good song!).

    Haven't heard much from them in a while, but I really liked the songs they've participated in, so I hope for a comeback soon! *crosses fingers*

    *Spazzes along with Amy*

    Just watched Minwoo and Son Ho Young's Special Stage as well on Ocean's Six - it was great to see Minwoo performing someone else's song and totally rocking it.

    I'm not too familiar with G.O.D. members, but Son Ho Young has a cute smile, and his song and its performance is very upbeat and cute. (or maybe it's because minwoo was performing it? lolol)

    But watching SHY performing M's STOMP (haha, all caps!) made me realize that few people can quite match minwoo in his ability to do STOMP's choreography, sing live, look hot and make it all seem effortless at the same time.

    And did anyone else watch Come to Play's preview posted up at Ocean's Six? WOODONG to the max! You have to watch it to know what I'm talking about, so much hotness from both guys. (it's also posted up on ShinhwaChangjo) Can't wait to watch this episode.

    Finally, here's some news about our lovely minwoo:

    8/3 Lee Minwoo, "Stomp" Tops the Rankings at No. 1



    Lee Minwoo recently came back with his third album - on August 2nd, his title track and another track from the album both entered the Top 10 of the popularity rankings simultaneously, becoming the topic of conversation.

    Recently, Lee Minwoo's title track "Stomp" climbed up the rankings to first place on the site soribada, while his other track "The M Style" also entered the Top 10. (note: soribada, according to wikipedia, is the "most widely-used P2P system in Korea") The two songs from the same album are both receiving widespread popularity at the same time.

    Most notable is the fact that "The M Style", which has already been selected as Stomp's follow-up song, also entered the top ten, despite no special promotions for the song yet.

    Concerning this, Lee Minwoo's management company Open World expressed, "From what we have learned from soribada, this is the first time that two tracks from the same album have entered the top ten at the same time. Especially since "The M Style" has never been illegally shared through soribada, the fact that it entered the top ten was a surprise."

    Lee Minwoo will be holding a solo concert in Seoul's melon AX hall on August 25th and 26th.


    Ranking taken from soribada, picture credit to 打糕@shinhwachina神话中国

    Credit:mtstarnews + Ocean's Six + soribada

    Chinese Translations:打糕@shinhwachina神话中国

    Chinese to English Translations: angeldreams

  8. ^wow! So we have two soompiers who are definitely going to M's concert! chabori and Serena? I'm expecting some pictures and behind-the-scenes reports (pretty please? *puppy eyes*) when you guys get back! :D

    I hope you two will also get to meet up. It'd be so awesome to meet all of you guys in real life, who I've only been talking to online so far. Wish I could be there also - have fun!

    I'm loving minwoo's latest news pics. I've always been a sucker for Minwoo with his bangs down - yet unlike his Winds or Girlfriend days, his hair's straight this time. It looks more like his hair from Shinhwa 6th jib days. :wub: He really does look good in anything though, even just a plain T-shirt and jeans.

    mommie Alice, I've read on Ocean's Six that Minwoo will definitely be on Vitamin on 8/5 :) But I'm not sure about Jihwaza, sorry.

    Edit: Was going through Minu's showcase yesterday, and a thought came to me. Separating Minwoo and shinhwa now would be like taking the heart from the body, of course. ^^ But just speculating, I wonder how people would view Minwoo's music if he came out as a solo from the beginning and the direction it would head. I think his friends speak volumes...Tablo, Tiger JK are artists associated with the Movement, and then there's Teddy, Baek-kyoung, Phryme (YG artists), Ji-seok etc... And then there's M.A.R.S. that Ricmin brought up.... I guess the same speculations goes for Eric ^^

    You know we hear, wanjinsyundy's best friends (celeb-wise) are so and so...but not much about Ricmin or did I miss sumthing? Or is Minwoo and Eric each others' best friends? lolz

    I wonder about that sometimes as well.

    Minwoo stressed the point in some of his more recent interviews that when he's doing his solo promotions, he'd like to shed his Shinhwa image, and be thought of only as M, the solo artist. He says it's because his style of music is so different from the type associated with Shinhwa. (which I agree with)

    He also says that he used to have a passion for dancing, but now, he's fallen in love with music in general - especially the composition of his own music.

    In addition, in his "Thanks to..." section from "Explore", he had shout outs to Yang Hyun Seok, the CEO of YG Family, and also Park Jin Young, (who as some may know) the CEO of JYP Entertainment, thanking them for taking care of him, their "donseng". I think Minwoo's latest direction is going to ultimately lead him down their path, of being a producer and bringing up future Korean stars.

    Out of all the Shinhwa members, I feel Eric is most like Minwoo in the fact that they both have a passion for the creation of music, as seen by their formation of M.A.R.S...but Eric has become too busy with his acting lately. :( I really hope that RicMin will come out with even just a single this fall, as Eric promised a while back.

    RicMin may not be as popular a couple in Korea as MinSyung or RicSyung (haha, they both involve Hyesung) but I am the biggest fan of their friendship out of all the members of Shinhwa (yes, even woodong). I think in real life, they may be the closest of friends, just like two regular guys hanging out together, just because they share so many common interests.

    But! To not neglect my woodong, here's some fan-taken pics of woodong's upcoming appearance on Yoon Do Hyun's Love Letter (this Friday!):





    credit: On pic + LLM

    cuteness :wub:

    P.S. I love love love (can't stress enough) AM 7:05. It's such a chill, kick-back-your-shoes-and-just-drown-in-Minwoo's-voice kind of song.






    So excited to see Hyesung's flirtatious side in the new MV! I'm sure he'll rock the kissing scene (hears millions of fans screaming in protest :D)


    I've heard that in real life, Hyesung is very popular with the ladies, since he has such a great personality.


    And it'll be such a treat if we get to see all three Shinhwa members appearing on variety shows together soon, once Hyesung also makes his comeback. 1/2 of Shinhwa is almost too good to be true!


    Thanks to everyone who shared pictures from Minwoo's birthday party! If you loved the minjin goodness, but was wondering where the other Shinhwa members were, I'm sure you'll be happy to read this article:



    7/30 Lee Minwoo Holds Birthday Party with Shinhwa Members






    M, Lee Minwoo, who recently returned with his 3rd Album “Explore M”, celebrated his birthday with the other members of Shinhwa.


    Lee Minwoo held a birthday party with his celebrity friends, including Shinhwa members, for his 29th birthday on July 28. Earlier, he also joined more than 1500 fans for a birthday party in Sejong University in Seoul.


    Lee Minwoo says, “After my birthday party with the fans, I spent the rest of my time happily with the Shinhwa members.” “With the exception of Dongwan - Hyesung, Eric, Andy, and Junjin were all there.” Dongwan was in Busan due to his schedule and was unable to attend.


    “Because Hyesung had to shoot his MV, he left before the other members. But since it’s been so long since everyone’s seen each other, we still had a few drinks together and a nice chat. I had a great time.”


    Laughing, Lee Minwoo had to add, “Because the road outside was very slippery that day, many people fell. It was especially funny when Eric slipped, a bump formed on his head.”


    In other news, Lee Minwoo will be holding a solo concert in Melon AX Hall on August 25th and 26th.


    Credit:mtstarnews + Ocean's Six



    Chinese Translations:东升西落@BestShinhwa



    Chinese to English Translations: angeldreams


    And apparently, Junjin's birthday party (8/19) will be attended by all the Shinhwa members (it's even listed in Dongwan's schedule! ^_^) so we can look forward to seeing all the members on one stage very soon!



  10. kassuma, those gifs are so cute <3 i'm definitely saving them for my collection, thanks! the minjin moments at the birthday party were definitely the highlight of the party for me. i just wish that someone captured a fancam of minjin giving each other kisses on the cheek. it reminds me of their MCing days for Showking, way back when :wub:


    this is my first time posting on this thread and i just listened to his new album :) does anyone have english translations of "boyfriend" it's my favorite song..thanks :D

    Welcome x_laughter! :DSerena (serawong) translated the lyrics for every track off Explore, and she's posted them up on shinhwajj. You can go find them there!



    Ok, so here's the birthday gift that I promised, it's a translation of a diary entry from a Korean fan who went to Minwoo's birthday party. It's pretty detailed and long, so be ready to sit and read for a while! ;) It's not as good as being at the actual party, but at least we know a little bit more about it now...The whole account just goes to show Minwoo's adorkable side (especially in Tablo's story) and how cute the Shinhwa Changjo fans are too, judging by the reactions and thoughts of the diary writer.


    07/29 [Translation] Korean Fan Diary: Minwoo Oppa's Birthday Party




    It took me a while to organize my pictures, so this is a little late (It’s already 3:50 AM)

    My cell phone’s camera is 5.00 Megapixel, and it usually takes very good pictures.

    So trusting my phone, I didn’t bring my camera…but the quality of the pictures turned out poorly.

    This recount is a little long ;;;

    Because they started handing out tickets at 4:00 PM, I arrived around 4:20 PM.

    Some people were selling light sticks up front, the light sticks had the letter M with little wings.

    After spending $5 for them, I entered Sejong University. The line was already very long.

    I had to stand in line for half an hour to get my ticket, and after eating dinner, I entered the auditorium again.

    I was in the 11th row…at the very end by the walls, but that’s ok.

    Because Minwoo oppa also had a fanmeeting with the Japanese fans, he arrived at 7:41 PM. And after changing, it was already 8:00, and that’s when the birthday party started.

    He started first by singing “The M Style”, along with Juni sshi. Tablo sshi also appeared in the middle of the song, and after performing together, they went back in.

    VJ Seo Ji Young was the MC… (angeldreams: She’s a VJ for M.net)

    I was upset for the first half of the party. It seemed as if she was conducting a M.net Wide News interview.

    She even said, “Please say a few words for our M.net Wide audience”. Everyone sitting in the audience couldn’t believe it… ;;;

    Minwoo oppa said a few words.

    The fans today were a little rowdy, Oppa kept on saying “So noisy!” Ah, it looks like some people couldn’t stop chattering once they saw oppa.

    Oppa got upset, so he said it again really loudly, haha.

    Like the pictures from the news articles, oppa was really hot. He said, “I’m sweating from my back all the way down to my butt”, while putting on a cute pose.

    After pushing in the cake, we started singing the birthday song. (angeldreams: They sang to the tune of “Lovable” by Kim Jong Kook ^_^)

    Suddenly, oppa spotted something. He shouted out, “Ah??!!” and then started running towards his gift pile.

    He then picked out a chikufujin (bamboo wife).


    Explanation: In the summer heat, the open bamboo structure is cooler to the touch than fabric pillows or sheets. It is embraced by the user, as one would a sleeping companion. (credit: wikipedia)

    In this kind of hot weather, Oppa’s still sleeping under a down blanket. He must be dying from the heat, so it’s a good thing that he has this now. Oppa really liked it (Who thought to give him this, really~)

    The Chinese fans also gave him a very expensive music synthesizer that oppa really liked.

    Some videos were also shown during the party, but I don’t remember them well. While the videos were playing, the cake was pushed in.

    After the videos were done playing, they dimmed the lights. Suddenly, the music for “Love Won’t Come” started playing, and Junjin oppa appeared on stage. We haven’t seen Junjin oppa in such a long time, he looked so handsome. He took off his sunglasses while singing. After he finished singing, the two hugged each other, and my heart immediately started racing ^-^

    Besides Jin oppa, Tablo, Goo Hye Sun, and Ping Pong player Ryu Seung Min also came to celebrate.

    They played the O, X game together.

    For the first question, “Lee Minwoo gets angry easily”, all the guests raised up O, so oppa got mad.

    Tablo's story:

    During the recording of “The M Style”, oppa asked Tablo to help out by featuring his rap.

    Because Tablo was really busy, he never made it to recording. One day Tablo received a text message from oppa.

    “Recently I’ve been very happy…you better not show yourself in front of me ever again.”

    Cute, right? ^-^

    For the question, “I dance better than Lee Minwoo”, only Tablo raised up the O.

    So oppa and Tablo danced together. Jin oppa also danced a little for fun…

    After the guests went backstage, because oppa was very hot, he went in for a change of clothes.

    But he kept on insisting that it was the fans who wanted him to strip, and then he started laughing.

    There was also a game where he had to pop balloons with a dart, and then complete whatever mission was in the balloon.

    Like making oppa do the Stomp dance after spinning around 10 times, performing Ivy’s dance, Roh Hong Cheol’s ZiGil dance (The news reports didn’t talk about this…) Hahaha…

    Later on he got a mission to propose to a fan, and one where he had to do 10 pushups with a fan sitting on his back. Oppa also requested to complete the mission with an additional fan.

    I don’t know what good deeds those two performed in their past lives, to get such good fortunes today.

    Also to thank us, oppa took out 3 autographed copies of his CD, to give to the fans sitting in seats 1, 29, and 77.

    During his speech, oppa said, “Fans I love you, thank you, I won’t let you guys regret being M’s fans.” He kept on saying similar touching comments like that.

    The news reported this too, recently there’s been a lot more mature women fans, and oppa said that he wants to hold an adult-content concert sometime. Looking forward to it :)

    Finally, he sang “My Child” and “Last First Kiss”. After singing the songs, the fans refused the leave, chanting oppa’s name over and over again, so he appeared again to sing an encore, “Bump”.

    During “Bump”, my light stick started wobbling.

    The M from the light stick I just spent $5 on fell off. I was completely bewildered, and I couldn’t see where it dropped to, so I never got it back.

    When I went to complain at the place I got it from, they said that I couldn’t return the stick anymore without the M letter T_T

    I wanted to write some more, but I can’t remember anymore ;;;

    So this is the end of my story, thanks to everyone for reading such a long account.

    Ah, I just remembered.

    Minwoo oppa said that after watching Dongwan oppa’s music program rehearsal, he changed the lyrics of "Handkerchief" to “My friend is crying, and I take out my handkerchief to wipe away his snot.”

    Credit: On Pics + Dacapo

    Chinese Translations:东升西落@BestShinhwa

    Chinese to English Translations: angeldreams

  11. Wow! After not being back for a day, this thread really exploded! Everyone's wishing Minwoo a happy birthday ^_^

    ultaeja, I love your graphic! I think that the color red suits Minwoo the best...it's hot, passionate, and sexy

    Thank you so much Serena for translating the lyrics, I'll definitely go on ShinhwaJJ to read all the rest. The song "Only You" makes me want to cry. :tears:

    And thanks to everyone for sharing the pictures and videos from Minwoo's birthday party! <3

    I'll have something to keep me busy now! Minwoo looked so happy, smiling like a little kid, especially with that silly birthday hat on. That minjin hug was the best surprise ever.

    And I finally made something on PS for his birthday gift. It took me a while to make, but I'm posting it before Minwoo's birthday's over in my time zone, so it's not belated yet, right?



  12. ^jewny, i love that picture of him. he looked so dreamy during his girl friend days :)

    Thanks for starting the thread Amy! I was going to start the thread if no one else bothered to lol (thankfully you did!), but wow, your collage is amazing!

    That must've taken you so long to collect all the pictures and piece them together like that.

    Serena! Those cartoons are adorable. :) Do you go to LLM too? Haha, isn't it the cutest forum? Chinese fans are so dedicated.

    thanks to _untouchable*M and chabori for the graphics...I might attempt to PS something tomorrow as well. my PS skills are so limited sigh.

    As for a gift in honor of Minwoo's birthday, I think I'll translate one of his lengthy recent news articles, so look for it soon!

    I'll post these gifs up in the mean time. Put them up in the Minwoo birthday thread in the K-Celeb Photo section already, so I'll just share with anyone who didn't see it there:
















    credit: various minwoo fansites

    That last gif...*nosebleeds*

    It feels like a party in here! :lol:

  13. On July 28, 1979, a STAR was born.

    That star was Minwoo :wub:

    Happy birthday Minwoo oppa~

    It's already 2:00 AM on 7/28 in Korea, so I'm late with my birthday wishes

    Sorry, I just got a lunch break from work :tears:

    Anyways, will be back later today with Minwoo pictures and gifs to celebrate!

    Waves to all Minwoo fans here! Let's make Minwoo's birthday a fun one for all! <3

  14. ^Ah, you beat me to putting up those pictures. If looks could kill... :wub:

    Thanks dreamweaver for the clubbox link! And I would love you forever if you posted up a HQ of the Stomp MV. I think a lot of us here are anxious for one

    To ease the anticipation...here's a little woodong moment from the fanmeet after M's Comeback last week :D

    Dongwan imitates STOMP lolz Remember how sungie used to imitate M's Bump? Except, wannie is even dorkier ^^ I'm a total sucker for woodong.

    LINK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TolPIt2bis

    Thanks for the video link Amy! Haven't seen this fancam version before.

    It's not only you - woodong is definitely real!

    I find it cute how Minwoo loves to imitate Dongwan's voice - he did it again during his interview on Music Space haha. "Anyohaseyo, Kim Dongwan imida~"

    And if that's not proof enough, Dongwan's written about Minwoo twice already in his november21 diary, out of his total of 9 entries. :P

    And in Dongwan's "Thanks to" section of his album (where artists typically thank everyone who's helped out with the album) he writes this about Shinhwa:

    Minwoo, Hyesung, Jinnie, Andy, Eric, I love you guys~ This is in order of popularity, ok? Ha ha ha

    But of course he's joking here (He said in his Telzone Star Interview [i might translate and put it on the Dongwan board later] that he put Eric last because compared to Eric, he likes the other members better. Since Eric always plays tricks on him :lol:)

    Sorry, I'll stop listing all woodong evidences now. I can go on and on about woodong...:wub:

    And where did they find such a scary looking man for the jailer? He does look awfully familiar though.

    ^ It's funny you ask that question, because I just saw this on a Chinese forum and it really amused me. Some fans (they have such sharp eyes!) have a theory that one of M's backup dancers played the jailer in the MV. Here's their evidence:

    Pay attention to the dancer to Minwoo's right:


    credit: baidu



    What do you guys think? lol

    Awwww... He's so cute^^;; Napoleon, LOL :D So funny, but I don't think that M's THAT short O_O.

    I agree. The only thing that Minwoo might have in common with Napoleon is the fact that he's also capable of conquering the entire world, if given the chance ;)

    Minus the part where Napoleon ultimately gets defeated of course, haha.



    Oh, btw, 'Orange Princess..' does that name have any big significance? Or was it just a random name that popped up during the show when HoDong was jokingly threatening Minwoo?


    "Orange Princesses" is the name that Shinhwa members use to fondly address their Shinhwa Changjo (best fanclub ever :wub:)


    Minwoo uses the nickname the most, being the sweet talker that he is, often calling the fans orange princesses during the concerts. :sweatingbullets:


    Kang Ho Dong is really close to all the Shinhwa members though, since they've been on so many variety shows together through all these years.


    I've heard several stories of his crazy nights out drinking with Junjin...and how no matter how drunk Junjin may be, when a fan spots him stumbling home, he immediately sobers up and starts walking straight again. Haha, what a professional.


    I miss Love Letter Season 1 (hosted by Kang Ho Dong) so much. It's what made me fall in love with Shinhwa.


    Shinhwa + Kang Ho Dong MCing = pure genius and so much fun!

    Anyway, I have to re-watch M in Music Space but when host asked he's talented in everyway but did he have any situation where he was embarrased (complex) and M answered "if I was taller...in truth I'm not tall and there are others who are my height such as Tablo, Lee Jong, Tony, and many others...but everyone especially pays attention to me...do I act more stand out?" Then he said "I think myself as Napoleon!"


    Thanks for the translation mommie Alice! ^_^ I was wondering what Minwoo said during the interview...I could only pick out him saying the names Tablo, Lee Jung, and Tony haha. So Minwoo was talking about his height - awww. It's true though, I hardly ever notice Minwoo's height compared to other celebrities, because he has such a giant stage presence.

    i think it's around...5'6 or so... :)


    That's taller than me! (By a few inches!) Minwoo, see, we're perfect for each other! :D


    Thanks loving_D for the translation (Brian's a cutie as well!) and angelix for the latest picture of Andy and Hyesung's tracklist. I miss seeing Andy on the variety shows :(


    And just reading the track titles is getting me excited! I'm sure that First Person will be as big (if not bigger) a hit as Same Thoughts :) No one can beat Hyesung's vocals.


    And of course, who can forget...



    Minwoo's Birthday in just 2 Days!!!


    Expect a pic spam on that day :)




    Haven't owned a Shinhwa page in a while 0_0


    To celebrate, I'll share some old school Shinhwa pictures! Hope that some of them haven't been seen before :)








    And favorite Shinhwa pic of all time:




    credit: on pics + various shinhwa forums



  16. Serena, congratulations on getting the concert tickets for the 25th! I'm so happy for you! :)

    I hope that you hear some good news for the concert on the 26th as well~

    Korean fans sound so friendly - I don't know if it's because they're Shinhwa Changjo, but they all sound like such total sweethearts, willing to help out us foreign fans.

    Btw, is what you said about most of tickets selling out true? If so, then good! Because I read somewhere on a chinese site that said that Minwoo's concert wasn't able to sell out some 1000 tickets... :unsure:

    Amy, dear, thanks always for the videos. Just watched that performance he did on SBS Music Space (which you're currently uploading) - did anyone else notice how he turned the entire stage into his own personal concert?

    I absolutely loved his encore performance of 흐린 기억속의 그대 ...Minwoo really loves that song - he performed it at a few Shinhwa concerts, his own Live Works concert, and it's featured on a track of his Live Works album.

    lol I almost died laughing when the camera panned over the audience and I spotted an elderly man jumping along to Minwoo's "Say la la la~" :lol: M really has fans of all ages and genders haha

    The only thing that I don't like is the fur vest, I prefer him half naked instead :rolleyes: !!!

    lmao my thoughts exactly! Us Minwoo fans have such dirty minds :sweatingbullets:

    Welcome back to the M forum Charlie! (Is this the name you go by?) I was surprised to see so many posts in this thread when I checked back today! I think we have your return to thank for that - Serena sounds so happy that you're back lol.

    My name is Ange, btw, hope to see more of you around here! So many Minwoo fans are coming back, along with M's comeback :wub:

    i notice one thing that makes me "LOL" from the "Stomp" MV.

    the part when the polloce is taking picture of M and he is holding the M sign thingy. Behind him say 5'6 and 6'. M is standing at 6' line LOL. I know he is not 6' but still funny don't know why

    Are you serious? Hahaha, Minwoo has the funniest sense of humor. I think it's common knowledge that Minwoo's not the tallest (that cutie) and he's definitely not 6' (which I have no problem with) lol but for Minwoo himself to joke around with that.

    Haha, everyone has to stop talking about the MV before I watch it! All I hear around the forums is how hot the MV is and what a hot prisoner M makes. Can't wait to see him take Prison Break to a whole new level~

    I think M purposely sang Sexy Back so that people could compare it. LOL!

    lol I thought so too! And when he sang the two songs back to back...I must say, I didn't hear many similarities!

    mommie Alice, I know you were asking before, and I checked the schedule - Love Letter will be broadcasting on KBS on 7/28 (Minwoo's birthday!!!), which is this Saturday, at 12:15 AM Korean time. I did a little calculation, and that would be 7/27 Friday 11:15 AM EST for me (I live in New Jersey). I'm not sure where you live, but hopefully you'll be able to catch it live as well on tvants! :)

    this is kinda off topic, but is m's new album as good as or better than his last one?

    i'm kinda short on money, and i'm trying to decide if i should buy minwoo's or dongwan's

    haha, I think you'd know what the answer is if you posted this question on the M thread. ;)

    For me, M's new album is just as good as his last one, and it's quickly gaining favor over Winds as the days go on and I listen to it more. I don't think I've said it enough, but every single track off of "Explore" just oozes with Minwoo's personality - they all sound like they were made for him to sing. Maybe because he composed about half of the tracks in this album?

    But Dongwan's debut album is awesome as well...personally, I would buy both, because I want to support the Shinhwa members in their solo activities as much as possible. But when it all comes down to it and you can only pick one, which is completely understandable, you should decide based on what style of music appeals to you more.

    Dongwan's album has many lovely ballads, while Minwoo's has more fast-tempo tracks with more of a R&B/Hip-Hop vibe. Hope that helped! :)






    Hey everyone! *waves* I've posted a few times here before, but I've never properly introduced myself. Feel free to call me Ange. :D


    You can usually find me lurking around this thread or the M thread haha.


    I love our Shinhwa thread - everyone here's so friendly, and the posts here have content; everyone puts a lot of thought into what they write and share :)



    Yeah, Eric & Kim Hee Sun dated before... they broke up, & apparently, Eric was quite saddened over it. (Well duh, he wrote the song... LOL... but i'm not complaining, I LOOVE IT SO MUCH!<3) Yup, they almost got enganged, but they broke up when they started seeing less of each other... KHS became so involved with her work, & naturally, Eric did too. But yeah, it really shook Eric. =X sighh. i say... FORGET HER, & MARRY ME INSTEAD. PUAHAHAHAHA. :D






    AJ was Dongwan's girlfriend. I think the story behind her was that they were going out, but then Dongwan (being a celebrity) felt like he was being a bad boyfriend, because he couldn't spend enough time with her, was not concentrating enough on her, etc. So... I guess he had no choice but to let her go, hence the title of the song "Set Free." Not 100% sure about this, but this is what I remember from past discussion in this thread. :P



    Exactly what I was going to say, except you wrote it so much better haha :)


    Eric and Dongwan both take their relationships really seriously. I remember when Dongwan was on Ya Shim Man Man recently, he said that both him and Eric liked long term relationships, while Junjin and Andy's relationships tended to last for shorter terms. :P


    And I agree with the saying that sorrow is inspiration for the best art - "Liar" is one of my favorite tracks from the Brand New album. Dongwan and Eric sound awesome together, their voices really complement each other well. Imagine my excitement when they collaborated together again on "My Love" (this track is also love) :wub:


    P.S. Has everyone seen their live performance of "Liar"? It's from their 2004 Winter Story Concert. Sooo good.


    Here's the link:




    credits to the uploader!


    Thanks to aindy, strawberry16, angelix, Amy and everyone else for the latest articles/news/pictures of our Shinhwa members.


    So happy to see that all the Shinhwa members are slowly making their comebacks, whether it be through acting or a new album. Ahem...but where's Eric? lol, lazy bum, make an appearance soon!


    Now here's a treat for all the woodong fans! (Myself being a hardcore supporter :lol:)



    Busy With Solo Activities, Lee Minwoo and Kim Dongwan Sing Shinhwa Hit Song Together On One Stage




    In the midst of each of their solo activities, Kim Dongwan and Lee Minwoo find themselves together on one stage.


    On the 24th, the two will be performing one of Shinhwa's hit songs on the stage of KBS "Yoon Do Hyun's Love Letter", presenting a magical harmony.


    This will be the first time the two will perform together on one stage. During the SBS Inki Gayo performance on July 22nd, the two performed one after the other, never appearing together on stage at the same time.


    After Kim Dongwan and Lee Minwoo's performances of the first album's "Handkerchief" and "Stomp" from "Explore M", respectively, they will together sing the popular Shinhwa song "I Pray 4 U".



    Credit: Newsen + Ocean's Six + 东升西落@BestShinhwa + angeldreams (chinese to english translation)


    *squeals* I Pray 4 U! Such a cute and fun Shinhwa song :D AND a woodong performance! Together! Definitely will be catching this performance!



  18. Amy, dear, that last picture is love <3 And of course you can call me Ange! :wub:

    Thanks for sharing it, Minwoo's smile makes me swoon haha.

    And jerrybabie26, if the Chinese fans ever get to sub either of the Global Beauties episodes (with Dongwan or Minwoo) I'll see if I can translate/sub them :D

    Serena! (Do you mind if I call you that?) I remember (mostly because I was so jealous lol) reading your experience at Minwoo's Live Works Concert earlier this year/last year.

    I really hope that you do get one of the tickets for his Seoul concert! I know that there are only 100 available for each...but it'd be wonderful to hear a first-person account. :) I'll live vicariously through you haha

    Minwoo will also be holding concerts in Shanghai, China August 10th and 11th. I'm beating myself now for not going back to China this summer...and my hometown is Shanghai too. :tears: But I'm sure that the Chinese fans will be posting a lot of pictures and tales from the concert on their forums (which I frequent regularly) so I'll be sure to translate those and share them here as well! ^_^

    fatcat and lingling22, I know what you mean about "M Style". It is addicting, to say the least, and I can have it on repeat for hours on end - lol is this what they mean by trance style music?

    Oh, if you like "M Style" performances, I'm sure you'll be excited to hear this news:

    Minwoo Appearance in SBS Music Space

    Broadcast Date: 07/24/2007 12:35 AM (Korean Time)

    Coming back with his third album, Shinhwa's Sexy Guy Lee Minwoo!

    Performances of Justin Timberlake's [sexy Back] and a track off of his latest album [The "M" Style]

    His passionate stage will heat up "Music Space", watch out for M!

    Please watch~ in M Style~

    (Also appearances by Fly to the Sky and Veil)

    Credit: SBS + Ocean's Six + 东升西落@BestShinhwa

    Performing Sexy Back AND M Style...haha I wonder if Minwoo is doing this deliberately, knowing everyone's drawing comparisons between the two songs. Either that, or he just really loves Justin Timberlake :sweatingbullets:

  19. hey guys im new here :)

    anywhoo watching min woos new performances for STOMP isnt it like stomp the yard?

    ahahaha but yeah its HOT. iono, like from the movie the guys would do that sign with the arms and like at the last match, the opposing team did like a wolf thing with like fur stuff. but yeah. ahahaha.

    wells, hes getting hotter then ever. hes under his own company rite?

    Welcome krazyxdreamer! I'm Ange. Always great to meet new members here ^_^

    I've been hearing a lot of comparisons between Minwoo's Stomp and Stomp the Yard. I haven't seen the movie yet, so I can't say - but like you said, Minwoo's hot either way :D

    I see that Minwoo's winning a lot of people over with his comeback performance, haha

    one more question, as i saw the pic last page, i saw him in red "bump" top and white shirt but i can not find any performance with that outfit. Except the "bump" top in "Stomp". Someone know?

    Now that you mention it, I'm not really sure where that picture's from. Since it's from M.net, I'm guessing it has to be either during m! Countdown or his showcase performance? The set behind him looks like the m! Countdown set for M Style, but the m! Countdown rehearsal video has him wearing something completely different (crystalis uploaded it on the previous page). dunno

    and regarding his album... i don't think i've said it enough.. but i seriously love it... more than the fact that it does have that western feel to it... but moreso because it does showcase his talent... out of shinhwa ... or wannie and hyesung, i really never thought that minu had the greatest voice but because he knows how to work a crowd and he knows how to work a song and knows how to be a total perfomer he just overcame that for me and eventually he did just evolved to something greater... and its also amazing to me how he can totally take himself out of shinhwa, in terms of the music they play, and then just be his own without totall mixing the two together... i honestly love this album more than the 2nd and even more than the 1st... there isn't one song that i dont like and there isn't one song that i put on repeat hahahahah

    amen. :)

    As much as I love minwoo, I know that his vocals aren't the strongest (still love you anyways!)

    But his stage presence and charisma on stage is unbeatable. No one can perform a song like M can!

    And I also love that his style of music is so completely different from Shinhwa's. I'm glad that he's willing to take new risks and experiment with different genres outside of the typical k-pop

    where do you guys get to watch the perfs? i mean, apart from downloading? could you point me to site or something?

    i asked this question before, but no one answered me :tears:

    lol but i found out through the chinese forums that they use tvants - it's a chinese site, but it should be pretty self-explanatory and you can catch all the shows live

    the quality's not the best though, i'm afraid

    And like everyone's been saying, I'm really going to miss him performing M Style :(

    It's such a fun song

    btw! I saw a commercial for M's Showcase to be shown on TV and I think I saw some snippets of him filming his MV!

    It looked like he was taking mug shots...lol! Can't wait to see what the MV is about!


    Wanted to upload the 24 hour mnet watch on showcase rehearsal and press con, but I though I'd wait until I sub it ^^

    !!! omo! are you serious? i would love you forever and ever~ lol



    does anyone know about the news that people decided to named a star after "Shinhwa"?

    sorry if it is mention before


    this is the site to look for Shinhwa's star




    this is the code to view it :9150887-7


    i did not see it yet but i am searching now LOL



    haha thanks for the info! i just went to check it out on the site, and after some random clicking around (i wish i knew korean) it was relatively easy to find


    aww, shinhwa changjo dedicated the star to shinhwa, and they left so many messages also!


    shinhwa changjo is the best :wub:



  21. M is sexy. Today he was performing at the Music Bank Show (I think that's what it is called) and I was COMPLETELY blown away at his two performances. He had special staging for his second song, where the stage crew put up a giant gate as if making M look primal and dangerous (which is lethal sexy if you ask me). Anyways, he was a tease with the audience making them chant his name more and louder. He's such a fantastic performer to see live.

    It was funny because I saw his female dancers in the mall before heading out to the concert and thought they were ... very scantily clad. One had a super cool blond mohawk and wore tight black clothing (skimpy shorts and a small top). NEVER DID I IMAGINE that they were M's DANCERS!! Seriously, they looked smokin' hot and M was on fire. The audience went nuts during his performances and overall, his songs were catchy and I think I fell in love.

    wow, nousasamechie, so you actually saw minwoo live (was it on show! music tank?) are you in korea currently? *so jealous*

    please let us know if you have any more minwoo sightings! :wub:


    *hugs all minwoo fans*

    you guys are all too sweet. it was so nice reading everyone's comments defending minwoo's latest album. nice to know that M has such dedicated and loyal fans. now i don't feel quite so foolish with my own obsession, knowing that there are others out there who are like me ^_^

    i must agree with what everyone's said above me, concerning M's explore album

    yes, "M style" sounds like sexy back (at first), but it doesn't take away from how great of a song it is on its own, and how fun the song's performance is - i found that if i didn't concern myself with trying to find similarities that might/might not exist between the two songs, i was able to enjoy "M style" much more, and for me, i like "M style" so much more than sexy back

    M's 2nd winds will always hold a special place in my heart, because it was the album that first introduced me to him and made me fall in love with him

    but it doesn't mean that i'm liking explore any less

    granted, i felt it was a great shift in style from his second album to the third, and at first it was difficult to adjust to. i was waiting to hear songs like "girl friend" and "sweet sound" (my favorites from winds, and in that respect i was disappointed)

    but then again, if he stuck to the same style of songs time after time, i'm sure that he'd soon tire of singing them, and us listeners will tire of hearing them as well

    and would minwoo be minwoo if he wasn't constantly evolving and coming back with a bigger and better comeback each time?

    i mean, come on, who else would've attempted this wolf concept and pulled it off in such a sexy way like minwoo did? ;)

    now, the more i listen to this album, the more i grow to like the tracks. am 7:05 and untouchable part II are fast becoming my top favorites, but that may change again in a few days time :) there's just so much more to the album than the initial first listen.

    i prefer it this way - it's an album that becomes better and better with each listen, which i'm sure is what all artists hope to achieve with their works

    i haven't been on soompi in a while because i've been preoccupied with reading harry potter and the deathly hallows (!) lol, but i just had to come and give minwoo a little bit of my support as well

    his m.net comeback performance was such a high to watch, and i'm anxious to watch his comebacks on the other major tv stations as well.

    on that note, i know that his comeback stage on sbs inki gayo is tomorrow (sunday). i was hoping to stream it live, but i'm not really sure when it's on. i know that a few shinhwa fans do watch the performances live, and i was wondering if someone could let me know when it starts and what program you use to watch it? thank you! <3

    and some more NEWS!

    M's Explore Showcase will be broadcasting on M.net on Monday, July 23, at 8 PM (Korean time)

    ahh, finally, looking forward to the HQ of the showcase, and not just fancams :D

  22. ^sorry i can't help answer your question crystalis, i'm not too sure about the standby dancers because i never pay attention to them...my eyes are glued on minwoo the whole time lolol

    can i just say how excited i was watching m's comeback on mnet! i was grinning like an idiot and screaming at the video to load faster, haha

    and at the beginning of m style, when he appears on stage in that white suit... *swoons*

    this man can't get any hotter

    i can't believe that he did both performances live though! he sounds incredible - it must be all those years of performing on stage that makes his lives sound just like the actual cd :wub:



    Can't really point out how I feel about the Shinhwa album postponement. It is almost a feeling of dissapointment but yet, I wasn't really surprised by the news. Not happy, not sad...but just "ah...it finally happened" kind of feeling. From the looks of things, they are so busy branching out in their solo activities, I think Shinhwa as a group will be a precious gem that you only get to see once in a blue moon. =) Remember the Sneaker Party? It was delayed from April (I think) to May to nothingness.....I am curious what happened there. I wish for all Shinhwa members to be successful in all that they do. which reminds me...I wish Eric will just get his butt working on a fantabulous job like QSS again! ah...LOL. Honestly I am just jealous that he gets vacation when the rest of us are slaving away:P


    wow! you're so right...i forgot completely about the sneaker party :sweatingbullets:


    but like everyone said, i have complete faith in our shinhwa :)


    if they say that they'll come out with an album, then there will be an album


    and with the postponement, it'll have the chance to be even bigger and better than before <3





    oh, thank God we're done with all that "last album" nonsense! :D





    anyway, i saw another clip (which most of you have probably seen already) and the only thing i wanna know is why wasn't minwoo messing around with the others (i realize i'm a little scared of minwoo...for some reason, i think he's the most serious shinhwa member, and he's quite the perfectionist - i mean, i think he's someone who'd get pissed easily when somebody screws up...minbong fans, minwoo's hot and talented and all, but i think i need that extra push to fall in love with him...a little help, please?)? :lol:






    here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWytTlOqS7s






    edit: i watched the clip again and realized that maybe minwoo just came late to the shoot? either way, i think i need to watch more clips of him messing around...haha!






    edit again: nope, i did see minwoo playing pool with the others, but i guess he just wasn't in the mood to play around (maybe he was really tired :()...






    haha, yes minwoo is quite the perfectionist :wub: lol, sometimes i wish he wouldn't work so hard


    i watched that youtube clip also and wondered why minwoo was hardly in it.


    however, i then watched another news clips of the same photoshoot (i think it was km news?) and it showed minwoo kidding around a lot in there :) i guess mnet just didn't like minwoo that day and didn't show him much haha


    here's a link to the other version if you'd like to watch it:




    sorry, it's from a chinese website though, because i couldn't find it on youtube


    and here's another news clip, where minwoo's being pretty silly




    it's eng subbed too! i just found it lol, so thanks to the uploader! <3


    but seriously, all shinhwa boys are total dorks :) you'll see. i hope you like minwoo a little bit more after this! :)



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