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  1. thanks to everyone for sharing the pictures. minbong changed his hair AGAIN! i agree with amy, the hair color and cut he has now definitely reminds me of his "perfect man" days - he's definitely looking younger with this new hair. i wonder if it's for the upcoming shinhwa winter story photoshoot? (which btw, i can't wait for!)

    ah i don't know how he can dye his hair so often without damaging his hair - i know that if i dye my hair twice within one year, it immediately starts getting frizzy and unmanageable...i guess it's the wonder of celebrity hair products lol

    and thanks to Nakuru for the article!

    one of the reasons why i love minwoo so much is the fact that he has such great ambitions, and how he's not afraid to go after them.

    i'm so glad that one by one, he's achieving all of his goals. i wish him all the best in breaking into the US music industry - can't wait for the day when i'll see minwoo's name listed on the cd of some american artist :D

    oh and to amy and serena, i miss his dancing too <3

    Have you guys seen this thread? Neverminddd.. The mod closed the thread already.

    haha i read through the thread before it was closed, and was really tempted to post a reply, but then i thought, "why bother?"

    lol there will always be people who like to start fights, and no matter how much you argue with them, they'll never see your point. besides, the topic is getting kind of old...it was brought up a few months ago already :sweatingbullets:

    i haven't posted any pictures recently, and i just came across some never-before-seen pictures (i hope), so thought i'll share them here!




    credit: phonetattoo.co.kr

    they look like outtakes from his "explore m" photoshoot - the last shot reminds me of his IInd winds photoshoot for some reason

    i got the pictures off the korean phone tattoo website, they also have pictures of minwoo posing with a teddy bear which i think someone has posted before on this thread.

    i want a phone tattoo of minwoo! :(



    watching 1/2 of shinhwa singing "i pray 4 u" today was the highlight of my day :)

    sigh, i miss these boys. it's been far too long - can't wait until they come back with their new single and promote together again like the old times

    no one knows how to have fun quite like shinhwa <3


  3. i just watched "the m style" with epik high - ahh my most favorite performance yet!

    i love juny (minwoo's friend who usually raps the part) but hearing tablo rap it just sounds so awesome

    not to mention that it's the remix version of "m style" from his repackaged album - gives the performance a whole new aspect <3

    haha and minwoo's performance in "fan" was so cute - i've always loved epik high's running dance :)

  4. i'm so glad to see more people posting on the board! :D

    thanks to everyone who's been sharing news and pictures, i've been so busy with school that i couldn't keep up to date myself.

    the latest pictures that may/may not be for minwoo's 3rd album repackage are really getting me excited to get my copy!!

    i guess it's true that the album has been labeled for explicit content and not suitable for listeners under 19, which is the most ridiculous decision i've ever heard. the fact that they passed this decision nearly three months after the release of the original album, which also had the song in question (la noche bonita), have me wondering what they were doing with all their time before this. :shakes head:

    it's really unfair for minwoo, but i hope it won't make such an impact - his fans will still buy his music regardless, and those under 19 can just ask their older friends to purchase the cds for them.

    minwoo fighting!
























    Just wanted to share...








    latest pictures taken from dongwan's journal (november21.co.kr)
















    woodong (dongwan himself named this picture file "mindong" lol) :wub:








    so cute









  6. ^thanks for sharing the caps Serena!

    I saw a video clip of this on minwoo.com, and it was so cute how as soon as minwoo pulled on the girl's scarf, she practically flew to him! haha

    and she was so happy about touching minwoo's face, but was a lot more hesitant with haha lmao

    but who can blame her? it's minwoo :wub:

    anyways, did anyone else order the Live Works DVD? i'm so impatient for mine to be delivered - although it's probably going to take a while since i ordered through shinhwachangjo (praying i'll get the posters though!)

    i read online somewhere that the DVD set is coming with a warning that the content is not suitable for young audience members!

    i wonder what's so provocative about the DVD that gave it a rating... :rolleyes:

  7. What is this about? Is this something new?

    My CB downloaded up to 65% and then it stopped and now it's back to 0%. I took me almost all day to get to 65% and now it's gone. I don't want to try again if it's something I already saw.

    I think it's a HQ version of M's showcase that he held on 070714. The video was originally shown on m.net, so if you've seen that, it's the same one ^_^

    Amy (who is awesome) subbed it and put it on youtube also! Here's Part 1 of it if you want to check to see if it's the same thing:


    About M's latest MV... no comment :ph34r:

    It's too sexy for me, lol, I don't know if I can watch it a second time...my heart might stop beating. He always insists on pushing his limit on how provocative he can be, grinding on stage with the girls and now in this MV...I think he enjoys making us fans crazy.

    I agree with what someone said above though, he seems to be shooting his MVs in secret this time for the third album, there's never any mention of its shooting in the news until bam, it's there right in our faces.

    And here's some (kind of) recent news about Minwoo, regarding his Wolf M caps. (I finally caved in and ordered a khaki one, haha This guy's trying to suck my money dry this year, what with his 3rd album, Live Works DVD, caps, and a soon to be released third album repackaging. :tears:)

    9/19 The Popular Hat Brand "Wolf M" Now On the Market



    “MC Yoo, Park Myung Soo Both Want One”

    ■ Interview Artist Lee Minwoo

    Pop group Shinhwa’s sexy style singer Lee Minwoo has come out with his personally designed brand ‘Wolf M’ caps. To insure its quality, the caps took a year to make; they are being distributed in limited numbers with insured low prices.

    On the day of Minwoo’s concert in August, all 3000 caps were sold out 3 hours before the start of the concert, at the low price of 10,000 won (11 dollars). Beginning the middle of this month, the caps have also been distributed to some of the country’s retail stores for sale in limited numbers.

    Minwoo says, “Since my debut, I’ve always had a strong interest in hats. When I travel overseas, I would look for unique hats to add to my collection. Due to my special interest in hats, I wanted to design my own brand. It is my dream for Wolf M to become the hat brand that represents Korea.” He, along with his stylist, professional hat designers, and marketing personnel, carefully researched the market for a year, and through the process of data analysis and planning, came up with ‘Wolf M”.

    In order to improve its quality, about 80 various samples were tested. The cap’s traditional shape coupled with its vibrant colors even attracted the attention of fellow entertainers.

    “It was crucial for the design to fit on the head shape of Koreans. There is also a variety of colors to choose from, so it can complement whatever clothes you wear. Yoo Jae Suk and Park Myung Soo from “Infinity Challenge” both want one. I’m also considering designing a custom hat to fit Kang Ho Dong.” (laughs)


    He plans on designing a collection, with the caps as the starting point, everything from clothes to shoes, all in his own style, in order to enjoy the “limited costume” that does not exist anywhere else in the world.

    “There is a limited supply, which will increase the value of the caps. In the future, if Wolf M becomes a brand, these caps will become collector’s items for consumers.”

    Korea produces 70% of the world’s hats. However, there has yet to be a hat brand that’s truly Korean. Lee Minwoo aims to target this void in the market, and so far the response has been tremendous. He plans on introducing a wool hat line at the end of October, after which he has further plans of coming out with other lines of unique hats.

    “The majority of entertainer brands are only sold in designated shopping malls or through home shopping, but I want my selling point to be that my products will be open to the public, able to be bought anywhere. I have confidence that I’ll succeed. I want to move forward slowly step by step, to become a successful entrepreneur.

    Credit: fnn + ocean’s six + minwooforum.com

    Chinese Translations: jojoyu7@shinhwachina + 米饭小团子@bestshinhwa

    Chinese to English Translations: angeldreams

    And I wanted to share this, because I thought it was really cute. Minwoo went to visit Kangin from Super Junior during his radio show with Jo Jung Rin (haha his love from Nonstop 5!) The two of them seem to have a really close sunbae/donseng relationship. And Minwoo is sporting a wine colored cap! (i want that color too...)


    credit: bestiz + mrising.net

  8. Welcome Jennifer to the Minwoo forum! Yay for another minwoo fan! I'm Ange. :D

    sigh. i really really want a Wolf M Cap. apparently they're only manufacturing 1000 caps per color, so i'm sure that those will sell out really fast

    what color would everyone like for the caps? i think i'm leaning towards the black/beige, although i can see myself wearing any of those colors ^_^

    here's a dorky picture of minwoo modeling his own hat. judging by the clothes, this was on the set of his recent happy together appearance:


    what a cutie <3

    and here's some celebrities modeling minwoo's caps as well, including dongwan, park myung soo, kim jong min, haha's girlfriend, and yoo jae suk!








    finally, here's a bonus picture of minwoo, the cap, and his sister (on the right - isn't she pretty?)


    credit: daum + ocean's six + lastlovemin

  9. Thanks for sharing the Jipijigi pictures samshiku! <3

    Minwoo looks so good in red. Can't wait for the show to air!

    Minsyung and Woodong, woohoo!

    Just listened to "Move" from Wonder Girls' first album, featuring Minwoo. It has a definite Minwoo feel to it, so of course, I'm totally loving the song.

    I'm so happy for him, he's said several times in interviews that he wanted to create his own style of music, and I think that he's really achieved it.

    Now, whenever someone listens to a track composed by minwoo, they all say, "Ah, that's such a Minwoo song" :D

    Here to share some pictures of Minwoo in his recent radio appearances:






    credit: on pics + ocean's six

    what a cutie :wub:

  10. sorry i haven't been posting recently, i'm back at college now and i've been swamped with school work :(

    i've been trying to keep up-to-date with all of minwoo's variety shows though, and i just want to say - after watching the "itta! eopta!" show, i've concluded...he must be SUCH a hot kisser.

    omg, that clip of him twirling his tongue around... *refrains from x-rated thoughts*

    anyways, i think the big news of the day is the long-awaited release of M's Live Works DVD!! (thanks angelix for the news!)

    i've been itching to get this dvd ever since his live works cd came out, words can't even express how excited i am for this dvd!

    mommie Alice, i checked annyoung as well, and i don't think they have the dvd up for sale yet.

    yesasia never includes the posters along with the dvd, and since the posters look so delicious, i think i'm going to order through shinhwachangjo. :)

    miss everyone at the M board!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing Serena <3

    It took me a while to read the whole thing, so I can imagine how long it must've taken you to type that all up!

    You met skying from leeminwoo.cn? I'm a big fan of her site!

    Thanks once again for being our eyes and ears - I promise that I must make it to at least one Minwoo concert, even if it means going especially to Korea!

    He really has that special ability to bring the entire audience into a natural high, I'm not surprised that some fans had to receive emergency treatment. :P

    I'm so jealous that you got to hear "Play My Song" for the first time live at the concert! It's one of my favorite tracks off of his third album, and I've always wanted to hear it live.

    I'm really loving the outfits he had on for this concert series - everything looks good on him.

    And I want the baseball cap and the lightstick from his concert!

    btw, about the dance that he taught you guys for the song "One in a Million", I found this cute graphic by a Japanese fan that has a simple tutorial. Is this it?


    credit: menkuitei.punyu.jp

    Another interesting tidbit! Minwoo apparently wrote and will feature in a song for Wonder Girls, which will feature on their first album coming out in September. I got this from the Wonder Girls thread:

    Wonder Girls Vol.1 - The Wonder Years

    01. I wanna

    02. 이바보

    03. Tell me (Sampling from "Two Of Hearts")

    04. Friend

    05. Headache

    06. 뭐 어때(Feat. David Kim)

    07. Wishing on a star

    08. Move(Feat. 이민우 for MRISING Entertainment)

    09. 가져가

    10. Good bye

    11. Bad boy

    12. 미안한 마음

    13. Irony

    Can't wait to hear the song, sounds like it'll be a fast upbeat one!









    ^yeah.i heard of it. i love the song.& its so touching.

    'mahal kita' means we're expensive.















    yeah, i thought mahal kita meant "i love you" in filipino...unless it has a dual meaning?








    hebe's my favorite. she's so pretty, yet dorky at the same time. although i do miss her with long hair.








    ella's getting prettier recently. i love her tomboyish style - she has a very unique look about her, and her personality's hilarious.









  13. has anyone seen this clip... 070824 ment interview with minwoo ?? dont understand what they are saying but so funny when minu takes the board and sticks it on the wall.. the interviewer looked so confused lol

    Yeah, I watched that clip the other day :)

    I love that silky shirt he wears. Minwoo in silk shirts = love. I'd be so tempted to feel his shirt if I was interviewing him haha.

    Thanks to `the_LEGEND for the Old TV caps! I loved watching the show. For once, it didn't matter if I couldn't understand the language, the game portion of it still had me laughing. I don't know how he still looks so cute when he's absolutely drenched.

    chabori and Serena! I'm so glad to hear that you guys got back from Korea safely and had a great time at the "M-Land Concert". Can't wait to hear your accounts, but definitely rest up first, because I'm sure that Minwoo took a lot of energy out of you guys at the concert. ;)

    I'm so so jealous that you two were there in person - the pictures and everything I've heard so far made it sound like it was an absolute blast.

    I'll be leaving for vacation tomorrow so I won't be around soompi for a few days, but I look forward to everything you guys have to share once I come back! <3

  14. ^i so wish i was there... sounds like everyone had so much fun at the concerts though! wow! look at all those flower baskets inside the building

    thanks for sharing the pictures everyone!

    can't wait to hear about serena's experience once she gets back :)

    until then, here's a brief news article to tide us over

    8/26 [News] 2000 Plus Asian Fans in a Fever over Minwoo's Concert



    M Lee Minwoo captured the hearts of Asia's fans

    On the afternoon of the 26th, Lee Minwoo kicked off the first stop of his Asia Tour at Seoul's Melon-Ax Hall. Together with more than 2000 fans from Japan, Taiwan, China and other countries, he brought the concert atmosphere to a high.

    This time around, Minwoo personally directed the stage to reflect his M Style, proceeding with four main themes including "sweet" and "sexy".

    Opening with "Showdown" from his third album, Minwoo continued with songs including "Boy Friend" and "Pretty Woman" amidst the wild cheers of fans.

    From the start, Minwoo's expression was full of confidence and anticipation. Before the concert, Lee Minwoo promised, "Those fans who watch my concert will still be at a high a week after."

    After the opening song, he shouted out "What's up Korea", followed by greetings, in order, to China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. His greeting was responded in kind with earnest replies from the fans of Asia's separate countries.

    It should be noted that the stage setup of "Just One Night" is reminiscent of a scene from the movie "Moulin Rogue". The extravagance of the set threw the fans into further excitement.


    In addition, with the help of his male backup dancers, Minwoo completed his "crowd surfing dance", a performance that attracted much attention. Of course, behind the manly charisma is also a gentler side, which Minwoo presented in his song "Pretty Woman", where he delivered roses to the females sitting in the audience, showing his attentiveness.

    Minwoo also prepared a segment in which he personally taught the audience a portion of his own choreography, drawing a great response from the fans.

    Shinhwa member Junjin made a surprise appearance to today's concert, where he sang a song, providing further happiness to the fans present. Eric, another member from Shinhwa, did not appear on stage, but was also present at the concert to give his support to Minwoo.

    As a conclusion, Minwoo sang "You Inside My Dim Memory", and "The M Style". In close to three hours, he effortlessly brought forth various styles of music and performance to share with the fans.

    With this day's Seoul performance as the starting point, Minwoo plans on holding concerts in other areas.

    Some of the female fans, mostly in their early 20s, who were at the concert today became overheated due to Minwoo's sizzling stage presence, and needed to receive emergency treatment from the nurses who were waiting on site.


    Credit: ocean’s six + minwooforum.com

    Chinese Translations:jojoyu7@shinhwachina

    Chinese to English Translations: angeldreams

  15. Serena! You may be on the plane to Korea already, but I just wanted to wish you a safe journey! And I hope you have the time of your life! (I'm sure you will) I want to go to M Land as well :(

    Thank you for thinking of us poor fans who won't be able to attend, I'll wait patiently for your account :D

    Meanwhile, to keep this thread going, here are some promo pics from the variety show that Minwoo will be appearing on, on the 26th (also Minwoo's 2nd Seoul concert!)

    070819 Minwoo on SBS Old TV


























    credit: SBS + minwoo.com









    P.S. I forgot as I was watching the show that my husband was in the next room. Luckily he didn't pass by the computer room to go to the bathroom or I would have never heard end of it since they showed quite a few pages of it! :blush:








    LOL mommie Alice, you're too cute! You must have a very understanding husband, I'm sure he won't mind you looking at pictures of almost nude men :rolleyes:








    Thanks for sharing that bit of news, I'll be sure to catch the show. Haha, using cartoon underwear as the censor!

    who do you think are singing the harmonized "nananana~" part at around 3:32 of the song

    and minbong fans, tell me, tell me why on earth would minwoo save hyesung last if they were drowning?!? *knocks on wood* :angry: hehe, kidding! :lol: i'm sure he was just playing and he probably said that coz sungie is a great swimmer anyway... :D too bad he wasn't at jinnie's birthday party/fanmeeting. i hope they all got together after...















    I took a listen to the song after reading your question, and to my (inexperienced) ears, it sounds like Dongwan and Hyesung harmonizing together. It's just a gut instinct though, I'm probably completely off. For all my opinion's worth, it may be Andy and Dongwan harmonizing together, haha.








    And about the Minwoo saving Eric topic, I tried to explain it a little on M's thread:

    It's interesting reading Minwoo's response, because I've read that when he was a guest on a radio program (I believe it was Park Joon Hyung's Happy FM) earlier this month, he was asked the same question, but his answer was completely different.

    There, he said that he'd save Junjin first, because Junjin's afraid of the water, then Andy since he's the baby <3, then the lovable Dongwan, then Hyesung, and then Eric because Eric is a great swimmer and probably won't drown...








    haha, he also mentioned that if Hyesung was unconscious, he'd perform mouth to mouth on him :D Minsyung much?








    haha, does that answer your question why Hyesung was last, nurkeyandie? Maybe Minwoo just wanted to perform CPR ;) lol!








    I think I like the radio program's response better, since it makes more sense for Minwoo to save Eric last, if Eric's such a great swimmer. Some fans speculated that maybe Minwoo was thinking since Eric is such a great swimmer, that if he saves Eric, then the both of them will be able to save the rest of the members faster and more efficiently. :lol:








    It was so great seeing 5/6 of Shinhwa on one stage again! <3 Too bad Minwoo couldn't be there, but I'm sure that he'll be meeting up with everyone for a private party later on. Junjin looks so happy with all his gifts (Gucci suit!) I bet the rest of the members were jealous

















    thanks for the subbed videos!! am going crazy here!! but can anyone tell me which episode tablo was trying to act like minwoo to gain hyojoo's attention? please? ^^








    Episode #217 "Even If I Eat and Eat, I Don't Get Full"








    Tablo's so cute :)

    does anyone know on what episode taebin/danny of 1tym guested?

    im not even sure if it is in nonstop5 or 4...i think a girl changed into taebin or something..








    sorry if i seem lost here bcoz i am! i haven't seen any episode of nonstop and haven't read much about it either.








    hope someone might help...















    Sorry, I don't remember anyone from 1tym guest starring on Nonstop 5, at least not from episode 194 on, which is where I started watching.








    Sorry I can't be of much help there :sweatingbullets:








    edit: I just did a little searching, and it appears taebin was on a Nonstop episode on 2004.10.14...which is probably in the very beginning of the series. Hope that helps a bit!

    hi there, does anyone know what episode that minwoo sang last first kiss and the one where he got attacked with the rubber shot by the deliver boy because he was doing dance practice with su ah.








    Last First Kiss: Episode #232 "She, Who I Loved" :wub:








    Rubber shot: Episode #226 "Can Love Be Interpreted"









  18. [07.08.17] Minwoo "i would save Eric first if the members fall into the sea"

    Thanks for sharing the news! :)

    i was KIND of hoping he'd say dongwannie... just because i am a true woodong fan but its alright with me!


    that's such a funny question though, I'm surprised he answered it. I wonder if Hyesung is hurt by that LMAO!

    LOL. woodong <3

    It's interesting reading Minwoo's response, because I've read that when he was a guest on a radio program (I believe it was Park Joon Hyung's Happy FM) earlier this month, he was asked the same question, but his answer was completely different.

    There, he said that he'd save Junjin first, because Junjin's afraid of the water, then Andy since he's the baby <3, then the lovable Dongwan, then Hyesung, and then Eric because Eric is a great swimmer and probably won't drown...

    haha, he also mentioned that if Hyesung was unconscious, he'd perform mouth to mouth on him :D Minsyung much?

    I think I like that response better, since it makes more sense than Minwoo saving Eric first, if he's such a great swimmer. Some fans speculate though it's because Eric is such a great swimmer, that the both of them will be able to save the rest of the members faster and more efficiently. :lol:

    And omg, Serena and chabori, I hope you have soo much fun at Minwoo's upcoming concert! I'll be here, waiting to hear about your wonderful experience. And chabori, you got to meet Minwoo backstage? How was that? Please give more details when you get the time! <3
























    Wow, this thread's discussions have been pretty heavy lately. :vicx: Thanks to all the regulars who have been tirelessly reposting the rules and keeping an eye out for any double posts. And for defending kassuma (will see you back soon!) especially nutzie. haha, like mommie Alice said, you're a great debater, ever think of going into politics?








    I was so proud to read edward's comment that he thinks our Shinhwa thread is one of the more organized threads on Soompi. Wouldn't expect anything less from Shinhwa fans, you're all just as awesome as Shinhwa is ! <3








    btw, I noticed this a while back - did our thread title's capitalization change? :o...and i secretly think edward likes talking to us as well lol








    I say this over, and over again, but I love our Shinhwa thread. Everyone here is awesome.

    Man, those two years will be so weird. O__O For those two years, we'll be reminiscing & watching old Shinhwa vids like crazy. XD; Haha, as long as everyone is still here, i'm good with it. (: Yes, I hope that their 9th album will be a success just like their 7th! I hope they spend A LOT of time on their 9th... I'm really hoping that they stop their activities by the end of this year so they can focus on their 9th album by the beginning of next year.








    haha, two years of reminiscing over old Shinhwa vids? Sounds good to me! :D I know that even if Shinhwa goes off to the army, things won't change for me - I'd still be camped out here in front of the Shinhwa thread, day in and day out, waiting for their return lol. Hope others will be here to join me! Besides, Hyesung will still be around to keep the Shinhwa love alive. <3








    And I would love it if Shinhwa spent the amount of time producing and promoting their 9th album like they did for Brand New.








    I must admit, I fell in love with Shinhwa first not through their music, but through watching them on Love Letter. So if Shinhwa could appear as a group on variety shows more often to promote their 9th album (they were only on a few for State of the Art :tears:) , I'd be such a happy camper.








    And I agree with a lot of what was said above me, regarding Shinhwa members' individual activities. Shinhwa is so unique in the fact that the group is made up of members who were able to branch out into all areas of entertainment - singing, acting, MCing, musicals! therefore gaining exposure for not only themselves, but for Shinhwa as a group as well.








    It's so heartwarming whenever a Shinhwa member appears solo in a show or interview, and they bring up Shinhwa. The one I remember the most was an on-site interview with Eric, during the filming of Phoenix or Super Rookie, and although Mun Jung Hyuk was an up and rising hot actor, he insisted on introducing himself as Shinhwa's Eric. :wub:








    And what might be seen as rivalry to the media, couldn't be farther from the truth. Shinhwa members always support each other in their solo activities, from all the members making an appearance to Hyesung's first solo concert (screaming out cheers like Dongwan's "Show us your butt!" lmao), to all taking part in Dongwan's first solo album (whether it be through lending vocals, composing, or choreographing) , to WanMinJin showing up to Eric's movie premiere, to Hyesung staying behind after his Inki Gayo performance just to cheer on Andy's first day as the MC. The members always promote for each other heavily whenever they make appearances on TV. The list goes on and on...if you still need convincing and would like more evidence, PM me and we can continue the discussion lol.








    If anything, the members have friendly competition with each other, constantly pushing, challenging, but always encouraging each other to become even better than they already were. And for me, that's the true spirit of Shinhwa, for it doesn't matter who's the most "popular" member, for no one will be happier for one of the member's success than the other members.








    I'm ecstatic that Dongwan, Minwoo and Hyesung are coming out around the same time with their solo albums. They seem to be so happy to be able to do their promotions together, because solo activity promotions can get lonely, without the five other members by your side to joke around with.








    For proof, just check out the recent diary entry that Dongwan posted on his website:















    8/17 [Diary] Dongwan: The Eating Minwoo and the Playful Dongwan
































    Minu, back from Tokyo today, is currently enjoying his meal.








    nam nam nam..








    Dongwannie, who already had three servings of food back home, couldn't play with Minu.








    So he took self-pics of himself.








    P.S. (translator's note): In Dongwan's diary, M's name is written as 미누 (Minu) instead of 민우 (Minwoo). Cute :biggrin2:















    Credit: November21 + minwooforum.com















    Chinese Translations: 小E@LASTLOVEMIN















    Chinese to English Translations: angeldreams








    Dongwan's so cute. I appears as if WooDong are using the same practice room to practice their performances. Now imagine Hyesung joining in the fun soon as well! (He and Minwoo already share the same backup dancers)








    And then, with Junjin's album coming out in October, Eric's rumored album, and Andy maybe using the practice room as well for his musical (and a possible album too?), I bet they'll be fighting for use of the room! :rolleyes:









  20. Hi wkr...

    hmmm... for now i can find it from asiandb.com.... but the price is abit expensive though... since its a almost ouf of stock album.... unless when i go korea.... if i manage to see any... i may just get spare ones...ekkeke =P

    Would you really consider doing that, Serena? Because if you could happen to find copies of Minwoo's IInd Winds Girl Friend Edition or Untouchable (either edition is fine) I would definitely shell out money for a copy of each! :wub: Maybe some posters also? <3 (Have I mentioned how absolutely jealous I am that you're going to his concert? How excited are you? lol)

    Like wkr, I can't seem to find any of Minwoo's previous CDs in stock at any time at yesasia or annyoung, and asiandb prices are WAY too ridiculous...

    Just dropping by to post some recent pictures of Minwoo! It came along with an article as well, but I have no idea what it says. I think it talks about M's style of music once again :)



    credits: on pics + minwoo.com

    The first picture reminds me so much of his Perfect Man days. How is it possible that this man does not seem to age? :sweatingbullets:

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