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  1. amy.... that show is cute... heard that the chinese subbed version for the full show will be out too... ^_^

    Minwoo just looked so cute in pink...

    yes... abt the dance... the announcer really try to steal the camera too hard!!! he has his chance and time to show his "skill".. when its time for minwoo to show his real skill... even MC Yoo cue for it.... but he still jump in front n block it off!! urrggghh!!

    the show seems to be abit like Xman... remind me of it slightly.... am praying that all shinhwa will attend the show too... that much be lots of fun...kekeke =P

    oooh, a chinese subbed version? haha, how'd you get the inside info serena? is it from skying? ;)

    those girls sure are working hard~

    anyways, the show reminded me so much of x-man as well, which i'm glad for, because minwoo really got a lot of airtime this show compared to some of the other variety shows he's been on recently...

    he used to be the center of attention on shows like x-man and loveletter, haha, because it requires a lot of action and moving around, and we all know that minwoo's good at that

  2. thanks for sharing all the latest pics girls! <3

    i've been slacking on posting them here :vicx:

    LOL so who else laughed so hard at the pictures of minwoo with beyonce?

    he looks like such an ultimate fanboy, getting his shirt signed by one of his favorite artists. i guess celebrities have celebrities they admire as well.

    but being minwoo, he just took fan signing to a whole new level...*is tempted to just wear a white shirt for him to sign on if i ever get the chance to go to a fan signing with him*

    btw, has anyone seen these...

    Minwoo Modeling for Lee Junki's T.D Style Jewelry











    credit: shinhwa13@bestshinhwa + minwooforum.com


    so that's where he got that oh so talked about earring from...apparently all the jewelry (bling lol) he's been donning is from the line T.D Style, a brand invested in by lee junki (the king and the clown, my girl, etc)

    i know many people said it before me, but i really think anyone with just a little bit of sense should see that it'd be so wise to hire minwoo to be a model. no one can strike a pose quite like he can lol

    haha in several of those pictures up there, i was so tempted to go and buy the jewelry just because he made it look so good...

  3. hey lovely minwoo fans! <3

    i agree, it's too bad that some fans feel like they've lost respect for minwoo for his actions regarding MKMF, although there's nothing anyone can do to change an individual's opinions - everyone sees the same issue differently

    i myself understand and can relate to where minwoo is coming from - he didn't "back out" of the awards because he was being petty about not winning an award. for minwoo, it no longer was the issue of whether or not he won that award...shinhwa is past needing awards to gain credibility for their music and their achievements - i think ten years together speaks enough about that.

    dissatisfaction about the logistics behind the judging of MKMF have been quietly brewing for quite a few years now, and someone needed to come out and express their feelings through action, or else nothing would ever change. minwoo, hyesung, and ftts's absence from the awards resulted in the writing of a great number of articles that would've never surfaced had they just attended the awards this year. then once again, nothing would've been done, the awards wouldn't be put under any scrutiny like it is now, and although fans and the stars themselves may grumble about it for a while, the whole issue would very soon be forgotten.

    i'm not saying that the recipients of the awards this year were undeserving at all, the entertainment world is a harsh place to work in, and all artists deserve the greatest amount of respect. like minwoo, i would just like to see mnet provide us with their judging rubric, so that there would be no question of any shady business that may/may not have transpired under the table.

    as for the comments that minwoo shouldn't have left jyp hanging by not appearing in his comeback performance as planned, articles have said that minwoo asked jyp about it before making his decision, and minwoo expressed that he would've been willing to sit through the awards just to dance with jyp if he had wished it. however, jyp himself told minwoo that he understood, and only then did minwoo cancel his appearance. the fact that jyp, the one who was most directly affected by minwoo's absence from MKMF, and the one who probably has the most right to complain about minwoo's decision as being irresponsible, supported minwoo in his decision to not go to the awards, should mean something.

    anyways, i think that we should all just wait for minwoo and hyesung to make their statements at the conference on monday, as they've reported in the news.

    on to happier subjects! since the threads around soompi have been downright depressing lately, given the circumstances, i wanted to post a little pick-me-up for those who might need it

    i've finished subbing the first 10 minutes of minwoo's wonderful outing episode!

    just wanted to post this part first, since i probably won't get to finish and release the entire subbed episode until i have more time to work on it over winter break :D

    we all know that minwoo has a crazy amount of friends, and there's always articles cropping up by even reporters who write about how respectful he is to the press and how he's fiercely loyal to his friends. i think this show definitely solidified that point - all the friends that he called on the show showed up without fail within two hours, despite the late hour of the filming.

    definitely look forward to the whole episode - it's basically a good hour of tv focused just on minwoo. not to mention all his celebrity friends spill a lot of his secrets (such as the fact that he seduces japanese girls when he visits japan... :rolleyes: )


    i've uploaded the first part onto youtube:

    071026 MBC Park Kyung Lim Wonderful Outing (eng subs) (1/5)

    if you want to dl the hq subbed video file, please look for it at minwooforum.com, i've uploaded it exclusively there :wub:

    edit: yippee, and i owned a page! *runs away*

  4. do bother to read the posts in front and the pages before ... i think you would get your answer there.. rather than just conveniently post a question here??

    as wat Crystal had said... i wont response anymore to the songs similarity to another... if i want bother to do research and chk... i think i can find more similarities of other singers' songs to another western music.. >_<

    nevermind... im just as grumpy as Crystal >_<

    i shd just keep my mouth shut for now >_<

    ahh... crystal mentioned min in manwon?? is the epi out already?? i tot i saw its like wat gather of best stars?? is that the epi for Min??? i better go quick download it if it is... =P

    you have to dl the episode this week, minwoo has like a good 6 minutes on this weeks show :o

    i was surprised too, but you can watch the cuts on minwoo.com and ocean's six :)

    haha, they tricked us, since they didn't show him in the previews, but apparently for the 200th manwon happiness, they're doing something special with a manwon relay tag team (?)

    i'm not exactly sure how it works yet lol, but judging by the previews for next week, he'll be on again! :D

    anyone know where i can download this performance (071114 Mnet Super Concert)?

    ive already watched it on oceans six but would like a copy for myself to keep

    (both AM07:05 and The "M" Style)

    sorry, unfortunately i don't think it's been shown on tv yet (and from my experience, they'll prob. never broadcast am 7:05 <_<)

    usually, i get my fix by just dling the fancams off sites like ocean's six. sorry i can't help much there, but i do know that m-holic.com and myminwoo.com usually has pretty good fancams too :)

  5. ^haha Amy, I read that on minwoo.com too

    I don't know what's cuter, Minwoo wearing the shirt or the fans that made him the shirt in the first place ^_^

    Oh, and M&M's, is he really on Manwon Happiness already? I have to dl the episode then

    I saw a preview on minwoo.com where he plays the hand pushing game with Hyesung and ends up just falling into his arms heehee. a major minsyung moment there <3

    But it looked like a preview for next week's episode, so I'm not sure. I did read a while back that fans saw him with the Manwon Happiness camera following him around, so I'm expecting them to be showing his episode soon

    I posted my thoughts about the MKMF awards show on the Shinhwa thread already, so I won't write the same thing here again, but I'm just going to be selfish for a little moment and say that I'm just a teenie bit disappointed I didn't get to see Minwoo's dance stage with JYP. From his interviews, it's apparent that minwoo looks up to JYP as a producer and I'm sure that he's disappointed about missing out on the chance as well :(

    Minwoo's 2005 dance special stage with Jang Woohyuk and Clon was so hot, lol
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Wow, so much has happened since I was last online. The MKMF thread literally blew up overnight lol, mostly with the Shinhwa vs. DBSK vs. SJ debate.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I'm really happy that shinhwa changjo fans on soompi are keeping their cool and not going crazy on the MKMF thread...although some of the people's comments that were posted there really tempted me to respond with a remark of my own. :mellow:
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Honestly, there's nothing I want to say that hasn't been said by someone else already, just that I'm proud of our boys for standing up for themselves, and that I support their decisions 100%. In the ten years since they've debuted, they've been passed over for way too many awards, the unfairness of which has always been quietly endured by them and the fans. I'm glad they're now standing up for themselves - perhaps this will finally draw enough attention to the absurd way these awards shows have been running in recent years.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    It was sad watching when no one was there to accept the overseas popularity award, an award that we overseas fans all worked our butts off voting for, but reading how both Hyesung and Minwoo posted long, sincere notes on their respective websites profusely apologizing to the fans regarding the matter, and how much they appreciated the fans' support, I'm okay with the fact that they weren't there - I'd rather them not have to sit through all the other awards, awards which the fans also voted hard for them to get #1 in, to ultimately not win or in one case, not even be nominated for in the category. It reminds me of how painful it was to watch Minwoo appear in last year's MKMF awards (remembering a similar controversy last year), and although I loved him for going to accept the overseas award, I really have no wish to watch the same situation again this year.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    It is a little upsetting that this was one less chance to see them on a show, especially with most of them leaving for the army next year. I usually look forward to the MKMF special stage performances, but oh well.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    In happier news! Here are pictures of Minwoo and Dongwan attending Jung Sun Hee's wedding, also yesterday, the day of the MKMF awards. I remember her from watching Shinhwa's Heroine 6 and Golden Fishery clips haha. The boys look good <3
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    also, if you watch the news cut in the multi section from ocean's six, you'll also find eric with minwoo and dongwan standing with the whole ensemble of celebrities at the wedding. Eric finally decided to come out of hiding, lol. FTTS was there as well...haha it almost seems like most of the stars went to Jung Seong Hee's wedding instead of to the awards show.

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































  7. Tablo's cyworld entry [board] 11/15/07



    At the "The Car that Runs on Two Wheels" in Hongdae

    [*T/N: Hongdae is a city and I'm pretty sure "The Car that Runs on Two Wheels" is a club]

    while listening to countless requested songs by LP

    standing shoulder to shoulder with strangers

    I sang along to the songs until I lost my voice

    But then, I started to cry

    Ah, music is really great

    compared to a someone useless like me

    music is so much greater

    So maybe that's why I wanted to do music so badly

    a person insufficient like me

    even if it was for a moment

    or even for one second

    I must have wanted to feel what it is like to be great

    I really love you, music.

    For letting me shed refreshing tears, thank you

    For connecting me

    with this many people, thank you

    I won't betray you

    Don't leave me

    I love you

    Credits to melodygreenleaf. Credit if taking!

    Wow. You can really feel his love and passion for music in this entry.

    aw, was this written in english?

    i can see how he was a literature major in stanford

    and this is why i love tablo :wub:

  8. Minwoo replied - there's a place named "the peak"... as you continue to walk up... 1 will be able to see very beautiful night scenery... at the restaurant located at the peak, eating delicious food, drinking some wine...

    comparing to taking a car down, i heard there's a more interesting way to travel down at a very fast speed... tomorrow... will go have a try to travel down in that... very happy to be able to see the night scenery of HK....

    places that i wish to go.... honestly... HK is well-known as a shopping paradise...so i would wish to go shop around but quite a pity.... at the moment i still do not have the time yet...

    Reporter's qtn...how do you feel working together with HK artist for the 1st time?

    Minwoo replied - you mean work together?? if only i can speak cantonese then it would be good... but as i could not... we are not able to conversate... but there is no language barrier when it comes to music... music is the world's common language....

    rather say its working together, i wish to take this chance to get to know HK singers better... and to produce songs that are suitable for them.... songs that i produce to be sung by HK singers... just having this thought makes me feel good... i feel working together in this way will be better and more natural

    (my note... he is so into producing now >_< ... producer freak...kakak =P)

    Last qtn by reporter - lastly... does minwoo has anything to say or tell your HK fans?

    thanks serena for the translations <3

    i haven't watched the video yet, but ahhhhh are you kidding? i was just at the peak earlier this year!

    why couldn't you have come to hong kong last january minwoo? why? :tears:


    oh and he is so into his producing gig, it's all he talks about lol. i'm proud of him though, he's one of those go-get-it types. once he starts something, he sees it through til the end

    sorry, i don't understand cantonese at all, so we'll have to wait for amy to sub the video maybe? :wub: (you're my hero!)

    p.s! i just received my M live works concert dvd and two m wolf caps in the mail! *does a dance*

  9. omg... im fuming after seeing this clip...
    the security guy at 1:00min says "why didnt he (minwoo) bring his own security?? and says 'f' you!" and if you listen throughout the security sound really unhappy and swear a few more times!!! all i can say is... GET A DIFFERENT JOB IF YR SO UNHAPPY! its yr job 2 do this so do yr job and shut up! ARRRGHHH... im so mad!!

    *shakes head*

    luckily i don't understand cantonese, i'm just going to ignore that bodyguard lol

    It just occurred to me watching that clip that the reason why Minwoo was refusing to do any interviews may be because... iunno.. they were asking him questions in chinese?? and last I checked, Minwoo speaks Korean. lol.

    but from watching, Minwoo seemed plenty smiley to me. At one point, it seemed like he was even telling the chick recording him to be careful of her step (when he was pointing down at the ground and she replied "OK, araso"). Minwoo, ftw.

    lmao, agreed. yeah, minwoo was so cute in the clip, especially when he told the girl filming to watch her step, pointing down at her shoes to make sure she got his point

    i don't understand why the media had such negative reports - minwoo was definitely smiling through the entire video...

    btw, here's some more pictures of minwoo at hyesung's encore concert!









  10. ^Serena, that's a really good idea! i'd love to watch some of the older shows ^_^

    although it pains me to think that the boys will be leaving for the army soon...*cries*

    i was also thinking that after they leave for the army, i could use that time i usually spend following their latest news to sub some videos for people who can't understand korean/chinese subs.

    as much as people love their music, i know many fans fell in love with their personalities first. so if more people can watch their past shows, i'm sure that when they come back from the army, they'll have an even bigger fanbase than before! :D

    mommie Alice, if you can translate some videos, i'd be happy to time and hardsub them, with your permission. i'm sure others would be more than happy too. from experience, translation is one of the most tedious parts of subbing :sweatingbullets:

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I think my husband just gave up! LOL! Either he leaves me alone or he'll have a VERY GRUMPY wife!

    Just saw clip of Minwoo and Hyesung duet performance at Hyesung's last night concert.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    The song translates to "Feeling You Only 너만을 느끼며"?....I heard members singing this before,,,where did I hear this before? I really like it.































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Hyesung and Junjin also performed this song together as their group "The Birds" during hyesung's concert in august :)
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    haha, both performances were so cute!

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    ^^you're welcome hun! i just got done with school too so i still remember how it was! you can do it! :D im so excited for the epis! and hopefully there would be a kind-hearted individual who would be willing to translate the rest of the epis ;) if only i know korean....
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    which episodes are missing?
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    i may be able to translate them during winter break, since i have about a month before college starts again
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    i don't understand korean, but i can translate from the chinese subtitles, if anyone would like them :)

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    hey NN5 fans! I was re-watching all the episodes of NN5 and I really want this song. It's in episode 246. Last Confession, the episode where Ivy appeared in. When Minwoo saw Ivy again at the cafe or something, the song playing in the background. I'm guessing Ivy sang it? :S Anyone know what it's called?
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    hey virus! do you mean the song that ivy sang for minwoo at the cafe?
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    i looked it up, and i think it's ivy's song "a-ha" :)

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































  14. Xena, thanks so much for offering to revamp the first post.

    I've complained about it several times as well, but never got around to fixing it up myself. :sweatingbullets:

    lol, I'm such a bad fan

    I think Amy and Serena have done great jobs with providing you with enough info already, so I'm just going to add some little tweaks (you have mostly everything! btw, I like the headers that you made for each section :wub:)


    • M Showcase for 3rd album July 14, 2007 (Melon-Ax Hall)

    • M "Hey, Go Crazy! Dance! and Shout !!!" Concert December 23 and 24, 2007 (upcoming)


    Guest role in "Emergency Measures No. 19" (with Shinhwa)

    Songs composed and arranged

    • For Shinhwa's Album:

    8th album : Paradise (lyrics)

    Music Videos

    2007 Making of SAT's Eraser http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Gsim7hy3H0

    2007 Play My Song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUOhOpfLSmQ

    And here's the translation you requested for from the Live Works tracks:

    DISC 1

    • 신기루 (Shingiru)

    • 처럼 (Just Like)

    DISC 2

    • 아름다운 이별 + Girl Friend (Beautiful Goodbye + Girl Friend)

    • 흐린 기억속의 그대 (You in My Vague Memories)


    ahh, i just watched hidden camera with minsyungdong

    minwoo was so cute in it - he kept on trying to comfort dongwan and got all shy when he was alone in the room with dongwan's "girlfriend" haha

    i also noticed on the show that minwoo was talking about how after their meetup, he was going to go back and compose some music - ah, he's so hardworking. i wonder who he was going to go write for? Park Jin Young? junjin? shinhwa?

    it was a really interesting insight into what types of people the shinhwa members are behind the cameras - i'm glad to know that they don't put up an act and act the same way in real life

    you can tell that they genuinely care for each other <3

    i hope that someone subs the video soon so that people who don't understand korean or chinese can watch it!

    (psst amy, you feel up for a subbing collab? ;) lol)

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    help help help. can some one pls pls pls tell me wat show is this clip from

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    i m trying to find the whole show. pls pls pls
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    hey samtly! i remembered this clip from an old video, so i looked through my files and found it!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    it's from a SBS Drama news segment on Shinhwa's 5th album cover shooting, there was no specified date though, sorry, although it should be sometime in 2003
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    i couldn't find the full show on youtube, so i hope the chinese site tudou works for you :sweatingbullets:
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    here's the link to watch the whole show (with chinese subs!) online:
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Part I: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/3AB2E3bhcgg/
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Part II: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/jxqnGrCONKk/
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    the boys were so cute in this one. i miss them fooling around together, so thanks for giving me a chance to review some of their old materials! ^_^
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    good job shinhwa fans with the voting! shinhwa changjo's unity is amazing, i can't believe we've caught up again!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    and like someone said above, not a lot of replies doesn't mean that there's no shinhwa fans around. sometimes many members (i'm guilty of this too) are just silent readers, even though i come check on this thread obsessively everyday. i'm sure that when shinhwa starts doing activities as a group again, this thread will liven up a lot more.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    and it's hard to forget a group like shinhwa - once a shinhwa fan, always a shinhwa fan. reading many people's posts, shinhwa seems to be the group that got a lot of people into kpop, so our six boys definitely hold a special place in a lot of people's hearts.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    of course, many people may move on to other groups and interests, but for some of us, we're in for life <3

































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































  16. wahhhhahaha just discovered that yesasia is selling M brand wolf cap, definitely going to order one.

    did anyone else here buy one?

    i did! i ordered two... :sweatingbullets: just waiting for it to come now lol

    at the pace minwoo's pushing out these caps, i feel like i'll have to wear a different one everyday just to keep up with him lol

    thanks to Serena for always uploading Minwoo's performance clips so promptly <3

    i can't access shinhwajj's clubbox though... :( so i just watch it online haha

    it's so exciting watching his m style remix performances - i gotta admit, as much as i loved seeing minwoo in hot suits all the time, the dance routine doesn't draw me in as much as his hip hop one now

    also, serena, i don't think you have to worry about the public concert date changing to november...the advertisement reported it wrong. it'd be crazy for fans to prepare for a concert in less than a month, minwoo wouldn't be so inconsiderate :wub:

    so it's still going to be december 23, 24, so you'll get to hear minwoo sing to you through christmas eve (you lucky girl lol)

    unfortunately, i think it's still the pub style, so seats will probably still be very limited. i can't even go if i wanted to though, i'm not yet 20...not fair! i want to go to an adult minwoo concert!

    ah, i've just read news that minwoo's doing manwon happiness again, sigh. gah, as much as i love the show because it gives minwoo a lot of airtime, i hate watching him starve himself - he's so skinny already

    but look out for his episode, it'll probably air in two or three weeks

    i'm also in the process of subbing park kyung lim's wonderful outing! i'm about 1/5 done with the translations, but i'll definitely post here after i've completed it

    it was such an enjoyable episode to watch~

  17. ^serena, thanks for sharing the caps!

    i'm going to have to go over to shinhwajj to download soon, my poor hard drive :(

    thanks so much for being so fast with your uploads <3

    haha, i'm so excited about his new m style performances.

    i know that minwoo said he's trying to get away from being known as just a dance singer...but i really love it when he dances :wub:

    i watched his mnet performance on youtube yesterday, and the hat dance is so cute!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    good job everyone on voting!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    i'm voting everyday as well :wub:
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    shinhwa changjo power amazes me to this day
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    no way! the MV collection has english subs
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    i'm definitely going to get it now <3



































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    @ f.E.M

    1 .Love Action Contract

    2. Hong Lu Ki and Park Jye Lan (might not be right, i sounded it out)

    3. Starting today Forced Lovers

    4. The forced lovers must spend 24 hours handcuffed together

    5. But, if there's scheduled a public appearance

    6. One can participate in the activity after handcuffing the partner somewhere else

    7. Oppa might not handcuff you somewhere else in order to do my schedule

    8. Signed~

    Let's look at our own

    Translations might be a little off because I don't know the context of the subtitles

    p.s. is this from chae yeon's love action? lol!


    things have been really busy because of school =.=

    我最近因为学校非常忙 =.=

    ive been gettin tooooo much homework and havent had time to go out with friends

    我被布置了太多的作业所以没时间和朋友出去玩 :(

    but i did have a week off school hehe




    Ok, I feel really weirded out.

    I'm on my laptop and it can read Chinese characters.

    I turned on my aim, and I read my profile.. and there was Chinese characters in my info! I can't even read nor write Chinese.

    Can someone explain to me if any of this means anything or translate?! I think it has something to do with the AIM update. My profile got screwy =_= And... where did these Chinese characters come from?! I mean, I was listening to Jay Chou before I turned my aim on. but still, wth? How did it end up in my info? I feel like I'm going crazy.














    ^it doesn't mean anything, it's just gibberish lol

    sometimes my computer gets like that too...you might want to check your encoding and make sure that it's not in chinese, although i'm not sure if that's how you solve the problem


  20. thanks for sharing the pics angel2nyt <3

    that picture with his tongue sticking out is so cute haha

    and his jacket's so shiny...oooh *resists temptation to touch*


    I would like yo ask you guys, did anyone have minwoo m explore third album repackage? if you have could I ask you, in that album they have vcd bonus but when i try to play it at my player it didn't work.

    so anyone have the album please inform me thanks

    hi! i haven't received my repackage album yet (still waiting...) but i think the reason why the videos aren't playing is because it's in vcd format (which is almost antiquated by now) so you must check to see if your player supports vcd format first :)

    hope that helps! btw, if you really can't get the vcd bonus to work, i would recommend going over to minwooforum.com and checking the video section - you could find what you're looking for there ;)

    this thread's been pretty quiet lately! *throws a party*

    lmao no, but thought i could share a bit of recent minwoo news with y'all

    10/24 Lee Minwoo, When Faced With “Gossiping”, is a True “Star”



    Lee Minwoo is a member of the popular group Shinhwa, and is also active as a successful soloist with the name M. Out of all the peer entertainers I’ve encountered, he stands out as the bravest star when dealing with the issue of gossiping behind people’s backs, leaving a deep impression on my mind.

    I occasionally attend his concerts upon his invitation. Having not yet turned 30, Minwoo’s attitude towards those who are slightly larger in age is notable. From the dancers, to the band members who are with him during every public performance, to those colleagues who come to watch the shows, to his parents, he always makes sure he greets everyone thoroughly. He looks very content while paying his respects—it’s a beautiful sight, and through this he undoubtedly forges new relationships.

    One of his strengths is the fact that he’s not easily given to gossiping; he doesn’t take pleasure from such acts.

    When there’s a gathering for someone’s birthday, one will surely sit with a group of close friends, and naturally, someone will eventually bring up and start passing judgments on the private lives of entertainers who they don’t know personally. Since the content of the topic is very interesting and the person in question is not present, I would listen in with interest, but I know that Minwoo, witnessing this situation, would make one of two choices.

    In the case that he is unfamiliar with the person being talked about, to avoid embarrassment for the individual, he will quickly try to change the topic. If the person being discussed is someone he is actually close with or has had associations with, he will immediately put an end to the conversation, displaying forth a manner that naturally halts all talk.

    “I’m very close with that person, don’t talk behind his back!” To be able to say something like that is really a skill to learn.

    But in this way he would often become mad, sometimes putting an end to the gossip with much anger. This is when the subject of gossip is a Shinhwa member.

    As shown on a show not long ago, similar to the contents of the text messages (note: Eric’s texts in Jipijigi), normally the members would joke around with each other saying “Eric, go away, Hyesung, I’m not playing with you, Andy pabo (fool)” and other mean phrases. However, if it’s not said by one of the members, but someone outside the group talking about one of the members behind that member’s back, Minwoo’s entire face would darken, even to the extent that he would rise from his seat in anger.

    Singer Lee Minwoo has grown up and matured, and it’s not by chance or luck that he became a popular singer/entertainer.

    Credit: star@mtstarnews.com + ocean’s six + minwooforum.com

    Chinese Translations: julias@bestshinhwa

    Chinese to English Translations: angeldreams


    you always hear that minwoo has a lot of friends, now i can see why

    minwoo was also on the most recent episode of hi 5. (the show that replaced heroine 6 - i loved that show! minwoo made several appearances on that as well :wub:) they were filming late at night, and the five girls on the show were all supposed to call up a friend, pretending to ask them to come out for a drink, tricking them onto the filming site haha

    minwoo was kim min sun's friend! i recommend watching this episode, it was hilarious lol


    DBSK: 252621 (49.66%)

    SHINHWA: 246765 (48.51%)



    SHINHWA: 237902 (50.32%)

    DBSK: 227602 (48.14%)


    lol i don't know if they have a separate category for that

    although the asian shinhwa fans are really working hard on voting! their message boards are all filled with posts about voting

    we've gotta step it up too! :D

    everyone fighting!

    all biasness aside: i really do love the "pretty" song, it'd be great if shinhwa could do a live performance of it sometime - maybe during their concerts in japan and china this coming december? *is hopeful*


  22. hey co_ra78, do you mean that you were there to watch him live at the KBS Special? if so, you're so lucky!

    sorry, we're not allowed to share direct links in the music thread, but i'd be happy to pm it to you ;)

    jerrybabie26, LOL, you're so cute! take some pictures of your cap, i want to see! (jealous)

    i'm still waiting for mine to come in...i wish i didn't order two of the first style, because i really like the khaki second one...but knowing me, i'd prob. buy it sooner or later anyways. an early christmas present maybe? haha

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