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  1. thanks for sharing the news heygingersnap! i can't think of anyone more suitable than minwoo to be an ambassador for a dance movie like step up 2 :)

    i loved the first step up movie (channing tatum, swoon lol), and i guess i'm going to watch the second one now, if only bc minwoo's repping it in korea haha

    oh and serena, now that mommie Alice brought it up, the sound does slightly lag behind the video a bit, but it's only noticeable at certain points during the song. the quality of yours is the best i've seen so far yet, so thank you <3

  2. LOL you guys are so funny

    i admit, i find everything about minwoo cute and/or sexy

    but that's only because it's true~

    speaking of downright adorable, here's a link to minwoo's comeback performance for the title track off of his mini album

    080302 SBS Inki Gayo Love is a Beautiful Word Performance


    credit: monmonsnow2@youtube

    this quality of this channel's videos are insane

    and how cute is minwoo in this performance? it suits the song a lot better than that wounded concept he had for the album photoshoot, although minwoo can pull off the sad depressed look well too :wub:

    i don't know how many more performance he'll be doing of this, so i'm definitely dling this video file once it comes out <3


    i still haven't decided whether i can go or not :(

    i have to convince my parents over spring break i guess

    but i know that some people on minwooforum.com are going, and you can go check out the soompi thread for the peace concert. i'm sure a few shinhwa fans will be going!

    about minwoo's scar...there's several different stories revolving around how he got it. minwoo said himself that he got it from falling when he was playing on the roof (?) but some fans are convinced that it was from other reasons...

    i guess we'll never know, although i personally find the scar kind of sexy ;)

  4. thanks to everyone who shared pictures! i've been lazy and haven't gotten around to posting any, haha :sweatingbullets:

    here's a few more pictures from the fansigning - minwoo looks really spiffy with the new glasses! they remind me of the ones he wore during his wild eyes days

    080227 Sentimental Reason Fansigning Event


    credit: on pics


    his fans are too cute


    amy! i've missed you so - i was wondering where you've been :(

    are you seriously considering going to the peace concert? you don't know how conflicted i feel about it - it might be the only chance for me to see minwoo live ever, but it's a lot of money flying to LA all the way from the east coast...

    but if we both do find some way to go, we might actually see each other in person finally!!

    haha, and you're right about junjin's chinese drama - a lot of shinhwa fans went to visit junjin on set while he was filming, and many of them got to be extras on the show. M hats were all over the audience, lmao

    speaking of which, the wolf m brand is really all over the place now. it's so funny when you see them randomly on stars on other shows and in pictures

    for example, park myung soo:



    wolf m hats even expanded overseas to china. there's pictures of ma tian yu (who was also in jin's drama), a pretty popular chinese idol, wearing it:



    haha, and this might be the most random association ever. korean actor jang hyuk :blink:



    minwoo's hats have really become a brand name now i guess :D

  5. "사랑이란 예쁜 두 글자" ---- This is the name of the 3rd song on Minwoo mini albumn.... Can someone tell me what it mean??? Thank you ^.^

    quite literally, it means "love is a beautiful two characters"

    since love in korean is sarang, or 사랑


    i'm in denial right now about minwoo's enlistment

    is anyone going to the peace concert for sure?

    i've been debating whether to ask my mom or not if i can fly over there, although i live on the east coast so plane tickets will be at least $300

    it's probably going to be the only time i'll get to see him live for the next two years :tears:

    sigh, what to do...

  6. he certainly did that during the 2nd show...hahahah... he was rather playful during the 2nd show... and he did many others silly things when he brought the camera to the backstage when he changed....

    will have to find some time to do up the diary and get it posted... =P

    serena <333333

    i love you! haha can't wait for your diary! :D

    btw, i've already listened to the title track 사랑이란 예쁜 두 글자 (Love is a Beautiful Word)

    it's been playing on loop for the past hour~

    i rather like this new style of his - it's once again different from his past music, a fact that i love about him

    if i had to compare, it'd probably be closest to his song "if you"

    very light-hearted and romantic, perfect for valentine's day. can't wait for the 14th! :wub:

  7. ^ I can't find a video link, but this is the track listing for Live Works:

    (number 17)



    ahhh you're so right~

    i can't believe i forgot about this song

    "just one more night" is "just one night", rewritten into a jazz style

    he did sing this at his live works concert - ahh i love love love this version

    i've uploaded the mp3 ripped from the dvd in minwooforum.com, under the video's section

    feel free to grab it there if you want a sneak preview :lol:

  8. i translated some of bong's latest news, thought that i'd share them here too :)

    News 2/11 Jewelry, Another Successful Collaboration with Park Geun Tae & Lee Minwoo


    The four membered girl group Jewelry makes a comeback with their fifth album, once again working with popular composer Park Geun Tae and Shinhwa's Lee Minwoo.

    Jewelry, with the addition of new members Kim Eun Jung and Ha Joo Yun, once again called upon the composer Park Geun Tae and lyricist Lee Minwoo of their fourth album title track <Superstar> to produce the title track for their fifth album, titled <One More Time>

    <One More Time>, composed by Park Geun Tae and with lyrics by Lee Minwoo, takes sampling from a song by Italian artist In-grid. Containing strong beats and synthesized sounds , it is a song infused with Euro dance style.

    Credit: ocean's six + Leeminwoo.cn + minwooforum.com

    Chinese Translations: 文@谁宇争锋

    Chinese to English Translations: angeldreams@minwooforum.com

    News 2/11 Lee Minwoo, Receives a Shower of Chocolates in Japan



    "Happy Valentine's Day!"

    Shinhwa's M Lee Minwoo (28) received a shower of chocolates in Tokyo, Japan. On the 10th and 11th, Minwoo's concert tour headlined <M Live in Tokyo 2008> is being held in the Tokyo International Forum Hall A. Due to Valentine's Day approaching on the 14th, fans who attended the concert especially prepared many chocolates as gifts for Minwoo. A representative from Lee Minwoo's managing company Open World noted, "The concert hall was piled with countless boxes of chocolates. It got to such a level that it was difficult to move all of it out of the hall. Only by splitting the chocolates among all the company and concert related workers to bring away, was the situation resolved." The representative expressed happily the predicament.

    (A few more passages on M's single to be released on the 14th, and his series of Valentine's concerts starting on the 16th)

    Credit: ocean's six + bestshinhwa + minwooforum.com

    Chinese Translations: 繁星满天@bestshinhwa

    Chinese to English Translations: angeldreams@minwooforum.com


    minwoo's holding the second day of his tokyo concert today

    i know that serena's there right now, hope she's having fun!

    with minwoo's mini album coming out soon, i feel like there'll be more news coming out as well

    haha, i guess i have to go back to translating diligently :)

    a jazz style, can't wait~ his jazz cafe performance has always been one of my favorites

    smooth jazz style really suits his voice in my opinion <3

    shinhwa_n_choua, i don't ever remember hearing "just one more night" during his live works concert - i thought these should all be new never-before-heard songs. is the performance on the live works dvd?

  9. There is this Peace Concert in LA on April 5, 2008

    And Minwoo going to be there....

    Anyone know about it?


    Credit: bigbangkorean

    is this definite?

    if it is...ah i'm going to curse myself that i'm going to school on the east coast :(

    and my birthday is april 6 too, that would've been a perfect birthday present!

    but there sure is a lot of artists on that poster, are all of them definitely going to the concert? that seems almost too good to be true lol

    i guess we'll wait to hear more news!

  10. wow serena! <3

    you posted all of it, in one huge entry!

    thanks for sharing your experiences, i can only live vicariously through you

    and please, please do come back with details about the japan trip as well! i'm sure minwoo will come up with something new yet again for that concert, and it'd be great to hear first-hand from someone who was there! :D

  11. he's soo hot.. omgosh.

    i'm gonna marry him :)


    not if i get to him first ;)


    anyways, thanks to chabori for the concert info! i was going to post it but i saw that you got to it first

    you're such a better fan! <3

    just wanted to add that along with the concert notice, he also said that he was coming out with a single (!) on valentine's day


    i think i'm going to have to shell out more money again...can't wait to hear his new song

    i wonder if he wrote this one himself, and what style it's going to be

    you never know with minwoo, hehe

  12. Can someone say "hottie"? LMAO as always, i can tell that it was an awesome performance. anyone know what song he is singing?? The M Style? So nice seeing him perform. though it hasn't been that long since he last performed on stage, it seems as if it's been forever ><

    i agree...it feels like he hasn't been on stage in a long time. although when he is active, we complain that he's overworking and should take a rest lol

    based on the fancams, i think that minwoo performed the m style, am 7:05 (i love this song!) and bump at the all in concert :)

    i could send you the fancams if you'd like :)

  13. this thread's been a little quiet lately :mellow: (hears crickets)

    lol anyways, welcome love!melody, my name is ange. i agree with you completely: minwoo is the sexiest man alive (sometimes too much for his own good haha)

    don't even get me started with the japanese version of his album. even though i love that album cover, i seriously have no money left to buy anything for a good while. although i really want to hear m style in japanese...*grumbles* hope that his japanese fans will support the album! <3

    so after those amazing sbs and kbs shinhwa performances, he kind of went into hiding for a bit. but here's some of his latest news!

    Minwoo's Cellphone Diary - 080102 Subject: Gift



    img credit: pray4minwoo

    The gifts have already been sent over to the office...

    A cute cake and sugar cookies ^^

    It'd be such a shame to eat something so pretty...

    In the end I still ate it all!

    Thanks to all the fans who have always shown me care

    Aishiteru~ (Japanese for I love you) ^^

    Credit:谁宇争锋(Leeminwoo.cn) + minwooforum.com

    Source + original translation: ilkwang@leeminwoo.cn

    Chinese to English Translations: angeldreams


    that's right, minwoo's beginning to keep a diary too. lol dongwan, you have some competition! let's see who writes more~

    anyways, of course minwoo goes all high tech, because yes these are cellphone diary entries, meaning that they are only sent through cell phones, through a promotional event with m.net japan. lucky japanese fans...and in other words, this means that we can't see the entries unless someone kindly posts them up online.

    haha but anyways, minwoo fans really are awesome. the cookies that they sent minwoo really look too good to eat:


    credit: minwoo.com

    minwoo also had a fansigning event a few days ago. but unlike usual fansignings that involve album promotion, this fansign event was for those who purchased (a good amount of his) hats. haha only minwoo...

    Real Pics - 080111 Minwoo at Hat Signing Event





    credit: on pics + minwooforum.com


    minwoo's side profile is so pretty in that last pic <3

    looks like he dyed his hair yet again, and it's going back to the permed girlfriend days hairstyle :wub:

    anyways, who's ever heard of a hat signing event? (not me)

    also, only the first 30 people who bought $53 worth of m style hats from 1/7-1/11 were eligible to get signatures! wow, imagine how many hats must be bought to value $53... although i'd probably be guilty of overshopping if i was in korea lol

  14. He's probably the kind who doesn't really bother lining up for change rooms when he shops and just pulls whatever on in public haha~

    LOL i'd love to see that :phew:

    yeah i agree - minwoo's leg/foot seems to be bothering him lately. i watched the brand new fancam of the shanghai concert, and it was obvious that he was limping on it :(

    grr but of course he's having a concert on the 23rd and two back to back ones christmas eve...sigh what can you do

    I really need a site to download his MV?? I really need it for my friend B-day.. help me if u can..

    hey! you can try the shcj clubbox, i think it has all of his mvs in HQ

    here's the link to it:


    anyways, i'll be gone from soompi for a week because i'm going on vacation! (woohoo, cancun here i come!)

    hope to see you guys all back in 2008!

    here's an early merry christmas and happy new year girls! <3

  15. ^haha yeah i think he's back in korea now - he needs to start preparing for his concert on the 23rd :)

    LOL so they reported about him shopping on tv too? what is it with HK paparazzi and their obsessions with celebrities shopping? lol

    anyways, i'm glad that he went on his little spree. it was time he restocked his wardrobe. although i'm really liking all the outfits he's been wearing recently.

    that black ensemble he wore for the chivas performance was really nice!

    speaking of which, has everyone seen this fancam? (i know amy did lol)

    it's of his bump performance in the chivas concert, including the part where his microphone stopped working.

    minwoo's such a trooper - he didn't let it phase him at all and played it off cool, letting the audience sing the rest of the song for him.

    and the hk fans are so cute. they sang almost the entire song, and not just the bump bump bump part. you could see one part where minwoo did the thumbs up to the audience, i think even he was impressed by them lol.

    sorry for that mini spazz there...with the christmas club concert coming up, i'm reminded of how i really really want to see him live at least once :tears:






    hey everyone! i haven't posted in the shinhwa thread in a while, although i'm always a silent lurker :)


    i found these super HQ pics of the shinhwa forever concert in shanghai, and decided to upload them here for everyone's viewing pleasure


    andy's fans will be super pleased because there's tons of upclose shots of him! lol (he's so cute)


    the inside scoop: apparently, the photographer isn't a shinhwa fan himself, he went to the concert to take pictures for his girlfriend, who's a big junjin fan. so he took lots of pictures of junjin, only to go home to find out that he took 100 closeup shots of andy :D haha


    Pics - 071215 Shinhwa Forever Shanghai Concert
































































































    credit: 大大然@神话吧



  17. devylann, thanks for the news :)

    he's finally out with his beanies - although i'm still reeling from all the money i had to put out for his first batch of caps :sweatingbullets:

    a lot of fans are complaining that the style this time around is a bit too masculine though lol

    anyways, i'm going to have to see how my budget's doing at the end of this year before making any decisions - although i don't know if i can afford to hesitate

    according to wolf-m.co.kr, his third designs are all sold out already (the ones that he personally added flare to for his hat dance). poo.


    Amy!!!! i've missed you so <3

    btw, that picture above is one of my favorites of him :wub:

    i agree with you completely. minwoo is a perfectionist through and through

    although that degree of perfectionism drives him into a workaholic, and although i get mad at him for pushing himself so hard, i must admit - his incredible work ethic is what i admire about him, and one of the reasons why i love him so much.

    i can't say that i'm exactly like him though - i think i'm too lazy to be a perfectionist, lol, but it really is a trait that i'd like to emulate (just not to his intensity haha)

    but truly, from his impeccable fashion sense, to the way he has to walk through every single step of his performance, to how he oversees every aspect of his concerts, to him self-producing his own music, it's all because he doesn't feel safe letting anyone else handle it.

    is that a good thing? i don't know

    but i remember reading an account from a chinese fan who had the pleasure of serving as one of the work personnel during shinhwa's most recent concert:

    she said that during the dress rehearsal on the 14th (before hyesung and andy arrived), after a while, dongwan and junjin started playing around backstage, eric was sitting quietly to one side, while minwoo was still practicing the dance routines with the dancers

    i think that her account really accurately portrayed each of the shinhwa boys' personalities, including our minwoo's :)

    anyways! i'm here to share some HQ pictures! the guy who took these pictures is my hero. and i have no words to describe the last two shots lol. enjoy!

    Pics - 071215 Minwoo in Shinhwa Forever Shanghai Concert








    credit: 大大然@神话吧

  18. can i just ask, is minwoo supposed to be doing some dance showcase in hong kong on the 19th? something about hong kong vs south korea vs taiwan in dance?

    anyone have details about it + maybe where to get tickets? i'd love to see minwoo live!

    yeah, minwoo's going to have a showcase concert with grasshopper (hk band) and elva hsiao on the 19th. are you in hong kong right now?

    you're so lucky! i hope you can go see him!

    i'm not too sure about how you can get tickets, but i would check these sites:




    they're the forums for shinhwa fans in hk, and i think they're trying to get shinhwa fans either cheap or free tickets :)

    good luck!

  19. thanks for the scans!!!!!

    how come theres no december?? like, all the other months have the calendar with a big pic, then the one where u can write something in the dates, but december is missing the one where u can write something in the dates. hmm, did min woo decide to not include it?? haha

    haha i actually haven't noticed that before...i was too busy drooling over the pics :sweatingbullets:

    ^^ Hey *waves*,

    Is that for both events? I had kind of assumed that the 2nd event was for designing caps or something of that nature? Am I way off? :blush:

    no hun, you're completely right - the second event is for designing caps, the cash prize for that is also more than the one for finding a model - i think 300,000 won? (which is $300!)

    if you have any artistic talent (which i sadly don't), you should really think about joining! i think there's only been one entry so far...

  20. sorry i've been MIA guys!

    it's just that now that minwoo's done with his solo activities and active now as part of shinhwa - i've been lurking around more in the shinhwa thread :sweatingbullets:

    anyways, to share some recent news:

    minwoo said in a press conference held in japan that he'll most likely be releasing a single early next year, and then working on his fourth solo album, due out in the summer of next year as well. there's also talks of having an asia tour once that happens

    i just have to say...this man's going to work himself to death lol

    but if he does have an asia tour next summer, i'd be soo excited since i'm going back to china next summer

    so let's pray for some good news <3

    finally, a gif that i found:


    credit: on gif + echo00001@LLM

    ^it's not really clear, but that's minwoo during the japan concert

    it's from a fancam that was posted on minwoo.com. we're not allowed to take the video out, so i thought i'd just share a gif of it

    haha i heard that thanks to minwoo, the atmosphere at the concert was at a high the entire time

    but seeing that gif, i can definitely see why

  21. anybody have that dance battle he did in china with the grasshopers?

    haha, i don't think he ever ended up doing a dance battle with grasshopper

    maybe they'll battle it out (with elva as well) later this month when he goes back to hong kong for the chivas showcase concert

    he did show off a little bit of stomp (i miss his stomp performances!) at the concert's press conference

    you can watch it here:


    thanks to amy! ^_^

  22. Yes, he was so cute! LOL! I couln't believe he was good in "gong-gi" (throwing "dice/pebble" in the air and get all other 3 on the table. He must have played with his sister since it's girl's game! LOL!

    Minwoo is showing interested in 2 female announcers because in the beginning, he invited Jung Mi-Sun announcer to his Christmas concert and then show interest on the other female announcer sitting down. LOL! The reason Minwoo pinched Solbi's cheek is she is showing jealousy when Minwoo asked JMS announcer to the concert. When MC Yoo asked JMS announcer if she goes to club often and she answered that "you know I don't know how to dance" and Solbi told her you'll be different once you have drinks and that's when Minwoo pinched Solbi's cheek.

    The reason he was trying to close BSG's mouth is because BSG spilled out that Minwoo told her that he was interested in the lady announcer in the middle (the ones who was sitting down, male and 2 female announcers). He told BSG that she's his type. LOL!

    P.S. That male announcer sitting down is a cutie! I had to throw that in! LOL!

    LOL thanks for the explanation mommie Alice! now i understand what happened a lot better :)

    haha, it seems like minwoo has a thing for announcers, he also said in the manner show and also on school of rock that the announcer from dongwan's hidden camera show was his type :vicx:

    i actually just think minwoo's getting lonely <3

    aww, poor guy, get married with a nice girl already!

    actually, i think that all of shinhwa should settle down soon. all of them such eligible bachelors, but all single (that we know of at least)

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