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  1. lol shinhwa_n_choua (btw, do you have another name you'd like to go by?) you're not talking to yourself on this thread - i often drop by and read the posts, it's just that since minwoo is active as part of shinhwa right now, i'm there more often


    thanks for sharing the tokimeki tour news 80slitenite, i went to the website but it was all sold out already - i heard that all 200 spots were taken in less than 5 minutes. darn. even if i could've gone, or could've afforded it, i don't think i would've been able to beat the japanese fans.

    but i'm happy for minwoo, yay!

  2. thanks for the pictures serena! ^_^

    i love his hair like that

    haha, if you read the news captions for these pictures, its titled quoting the gagmen going "minwoo, go away" because since they took the picture together, he's stealing all the attention away from them :lol:

  3. How do I view the "Beautiful In Love" clip?? It says private video..

    hi, sorry, i had uploaded the believe in love clip, but then i realized that the site i got it from asked it not to be moved, hence the setting to private :sweatingbullets:

    if you'd like it, send me a pm, and i'll send you a link for it!

    hi! first time posting here on m's thread but i always check out the shinhwa thread...sorry i don't visit the individual threads that often...thanks for all the news and updates, but can somebody clarify the news about hyesung and minwoo before? who got drunk and stuck to minwoo until minwoo got irritated? jinnie or hyesung? coz at the start of the sentence it says, "use to reprimand junjin." so did hyesung fight with minwoo coz jinnie got drunk and clung to him and minwoo gave him a 'slight punch' or is it hyesung who got drunk? sorry, i'm a little confused and i just wanted to know the exact details... :blush:

    plus all these revelations about their complete resolve of keeping the group together by turning down individual offers/contracts are really touching. they really gave up a lot to stay together (but like i said in the shinhwa thread, i'm sure it didn't even take them a second to decide to turn down those offers)...aww... :tears:

    thanks for the news and updates!

    hmm...reading the chinese translations, i think minwoo meant that he'd sometimes reprimand junjin, but the only person he ever got into a physical fight with was hyesung, because hyesung has the habit of clinging to others and talking nonstop once he reaches a certain stage of drunkenness. cute! :blush:

  4. thanks for sharing the news article here aindy!

    i haven't been by this thread in a while~

    but i'm not surprised that minwoo canceled his own individual activities for shinhwa's 9th album - he, like the rest of the members, would always put shinhwa above all else

    i remember in 2006, he gave up the role of rex for the kdrama "over the rainbow" because shinhwa was going on its state of the art tour

    but minwoo was on a radio show last night! boom's fun fun radio. plus, he performed believe in love AND back to the funk! i was wondering if he would ever perform those songs, and he did!

    it's so exciting because this is the first time he performed either songs off of his mini album live, besides his valentine's day concerts.

    ahh, and he sounded so good :D

    here's the links to the performances:

    Believe in Love (omg, his voice in here = so hot)


    Back to the Funk (such a fun performance!)






    thanks for the caps chubby^green^! haha, if the mv really is a comedy like the news report, i can totally picture that gun flying through the air and ending up hitting eric in the head :lol:



    i'm like everyone here - incredibly excited about the mv, and the spot only piques my curiosity even more :D



    reading that article about how minwoo's composing the title track, it makes more sense that the mv would be for that song instead of for "just one more time", since i really can't imagine such a beautiful slow song going along with an action comedy mv



    guess we can only wait! (we shinhwa fans are becoming so good at that, lol)














    hey everyone! i just subbed the 10th anniversary message, as a sort of anniversary present for shinhwa <3







    here's the youtube link:
























    the boys are really funny in here :lol: it's so nice to hear their laugh







    i love how they always egg hyesung on lol







    it's been ten years, but some things never change :wub:










    The rapping in the song was great :D Andy's rap parts sounded really good!












    *edit* I'm not crazy right? Did everyone else hear knocking twice during the song?














    Crud, the image I just tried to upload shows up tiiiny -_-





















    haha no, you're not crazy - you prob. have the version that someone recorded off of their computer. it's not supposed to be in the actual song lol







    there's a higher quality version floating around somewhere...i'll pm you the dl link for it, since i don't know if we can share dl links in the music threads














    Amy, thanks for catching my translation mistake!







    I didn't know that andy's last rap part was in english, and the chinese translators translated it to chinese...which I translated back into english :sweatingbullets:







    hence the discrepancy lol














    I've edited the lyrics, because i found that the chinese translations were changed since the last time i checked







    here's (hopefully) the correct version of the lyrics:














    Just One More Time














    One day, I woke up in the morning,







    thinking about this memories we had.







    The things between you and me, I know it's over.







    But you know, I just can't get over














    Really…I can’t…I can’t forget you







    Everyday…whether my eyes are open or shut…I can still feel my tears














    That day you fell asleep in my arms…your scent in my house







    All of it (I miss) Really (it's difficult) I need you














    The memory of our love flows like the rain







    Like a fool I cry...because I miss you







    If we can meet again…if we could love like our first time







    I will do it right…I will do everything...I won't let you leave














    Dream…in last night’s dream…you found me and said







    Saying that you’ll wait, words that only pained me more







    Stop lying...that you'll come back to me anytime







    But those long periods of waiting…do not regret at all














    When you came back to my side I should've made you stay







    But why regret now







    If a day like this comes by again…I’ll make it so you’ll never go elsewhere














    When you were by my side I was always uneasy







    Although I could see you I'd still miss you







    Can't look in the same direction, I'd see only you







    Can't look forward, I'd see only the shadow of your back














    No my tears drop to the floor







    24/7 I'll make you can't let you go







    Even though you’re not by my side, even though I can’t see you







    I just wanna let you know














    yo if you give me one more chance to be your better man







    I promise you that i do all i can







    and i want you to understand







    If you hold my hand I will never let go







    I love you…what else needs to be said







    Nothing can be expressed...but I want you to know







    If only you knew














    Chinese translations: 染@bestshinhwa







    Chinese to English translations: angeldreams@shinhwa.biz







    Proofreading: midnightgirl13@shinhwa.biz










    but quick question, as i only became their fan early last year (what was i doing all that time?!?! aaaccckkk!!! i also regret not knowing them earlier!), i'm not familiar with all their songs yet. what was the background song playing at ocean's six?












    gaadd...i love 'just one more time'...i guess i won't be listening to anything else for the next couple of months (or maybe years... :tears: )...but then i think about the mv and i'm like... O.o mexican concept with heart-wrenching song?!? but i trust them...maybe they want to balance the sadness of the song with a funny mv...but whatever, i trust them and they never fail to deliver so i'm sure the mv will be great!







    hey nurkeyandie!







    the song playing as BGM is "Thank You" from their first winter story album







    here's a link to the MV, it's really cute full of behind the scenes moments of shinhwa:

















    ahh i bet the korean fans are even more emotional than we are <3







    seeing how they're posting like crazy in ocean's six and other sites
















    hey everyone! i just translated the lyrics for the song along with the girls over at shinhwa.biz <3







    thanks to su (midnightgirl13) for proofreading







    enjoy! the song becomes even more poignant after knowing the lyrics














    Just One More Time














    One day, I woke up in the morning,







    thinking about this memories we had.







    The things between you and me, I know it's over.







    But you know, I just can't get over














    Really…I can’t…I can’t forget you







    Everyday…whether my eyes are open or shut…I can still feel my tears














    Those days in my heart…your scent in my house







    All of it (I miss) Really (difficult) need you














    The memory of our love flows like the light of water







    Because of you…like a fool…I cry and I smile







    If we can meet again…if we could love like our first time







    Everything I can do for you I will do right…I will never leave














    Dream…in last night’s dream…you found me and said







    Saying that you’ll wait, words that only pained me more







    Although it’s like a lie…it always makes you cry







    But those long periods of waiting…do not regret at all














    Even though you said that you would wait for me to come back







    But why do you regret it now







    If a day like this comes by again…I’ll make it so you’ll never go elsewhere














    By your side I was always uneasy







    When I can see you, I still want to see you







    When I can’t see you, I still see only you







    When I can’t see your face then I'll watch you from the back














    No my tears drop to the floor







    24/7 my wish, do you know? Can't let you go, I can't let you go







    Even though you’re not by my side, even though I can’t see you







    I just wanna let you know, I just wanna let you know














    Yo If I had another chance I'll be a better person







    I promise I will do everything I can







    I also want you to know







    If you hold my hand I will never let go







    I love you…what else needs to be said







    Not everything can be expressed







    If only you knew














    Chinese translations: 染@bestshinhwa







    Chinese to English translations: angeldreams@shinhwa.biz







    Proofreading: midnightgirl13@shinhwa.biz
















    ^thanks! it is the full song :)







    AHHH it's finally out!!!







    i've been listening to the song on repeat







    if my ears aren't failing me, i think eric starts off with the intro, then minwoo starts singing, then hyesung, the chorus, then junjin sings, followed by dongwan singing







    eric raps followed by andy towards the end of the song







    it's a really nice slow r&b ballad, like the news articles report - i'm sure once the lyric translations come out, it'll be even more of a tearjerker than it is now :tears:







    i still have to stay up and wait for the mv. i'm interested to see how they fit this song into the mv though lol























    HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY SHINHWA <333333333333333




    i regret that i wasn't a fan for the good part of your first 10 years together, but you can bet that i'll be there for your next ten, and many more years after that :wub:




    it's so cool to see so many silent readers popping up today!




    i love dongwan for posting an entry on march 24th. he must know that this is what the fans must've wanted the most on this day - to hear from the shinhwa members. and he put up some never-before-seen pictures of the members!




    ...but why does minwoo look so sketchy in that picture? lmao








    i agree with everyone - what i love most about shinhwa, more than their music or their good looks or their dancing, is their incredible bond.




    surviving in the korean entertainment business is extremely tough, especially with the debut of so many boy bands and other music artists each year; it eventually becomes hard to maintain the interest of fans, having to compete with the fresh young artists. hence why shinhwa changjo is amazing, for continuing to support the boys for the past ten years.




    for shinhwa to last a decade, with all of its members intact, is a great feat. it's even more amazing that this group of boys (or men, depending on their level of maturity that day lol) have remained the same goofy bunch of guys that they were during their debut. [for reference, see youtube videos of their debut that someone posted up a while back]




    you can tell that they've remained together for so many years not for money, but because of their brotherhood. and that is also why i love and fangirl over them. i admire their loyalty and love for each other, and in turn, i remain loyal to shinhwa.




    p.s. 80slitenite, i thoroughly enjoy your blinkies. especially your latest one - eric and andy are especially cute as teletubbies, in my opinion :lol:




    edit: AHHH i topped a page!! will be back with some picture to celebrate :D




    i've decided to go old school:












































    and one of my favorites:








    credit: on pics + soompi + various shinhwa forums
















    thanks so much for updating. it was a pleasure to read through everything again :)







    i remember posting here a year ago when you first started this thread.







    can't believe that it's been a year already







    then again, this is shinhwa we're talking about - and i know that there will be many more years to come, and many more memories and quotes for the future
















    i love coming back and finding that this thread has increased by 5 pages <3







    i can't believe there's less than a day until 3/24~







    i've been checking shinhwa10th.com obsessively for the past few days to see if they've uploaded any new producer notes or if maybe they released the mv snippet early (i wish)














    by the way, thanks to love!melody for translating and thanks to everyone who added the subs in for the section tv clip. i was planning on subbing it in the future, but thankfully there's many more hardworking people than me haha







    i'm so anxious to see the limited edition photobook - and in A4 size *screams and dies*







    hopefully my order goes through - 50,000 sounds like a really small number, considering the fact that the korean daum cafe has 200,000+ members in itself, not to mention shinhwa's huge japan and china fanbase :tears:














    but anyways, 10th anniversary! i should eat something orange tomorrow to celebrate too
















    wow this thread is moving like crazy! <3 i can see that everyone is as excited as i am about this comeback







    haha shinhwa really plan on making us broke for their tenth year anniversary







    i laughed the most about the underwear - if we really wanted to (and had the money) we can really dress ourselves from head to toe in shinhwa







    the hoodie and perfume's seriously tempting me right now...














    i preordered my limited edition over at shcj also...hope that i'll manage to get a copy, even though there'll only be 50,000! :tears:







    i hear that each copy comes with a special hologram card with its unique serial number...ah!














    ahh, i love the latest production note. M.A.R.S returns! i loved the songs that they produced in previous albums (including M's Shigiru and U from the 7th jib...can't wait to hear what RicMin come up with this time)




























    In one of the pics Andy had to walk back cuz he dropped his faux gun. XD














    LMAO i just noticed that :D




    that's just too great. andy's such a cutie. i can't imagine him with a gun at all :P
















    haha, you guys are so cute with the orange color <3







    this thread's going to be really hard on my eyes, but it's so worth it.







    i've found that i've become extremely fond of the color orange, a color that i never payed much attention to, after i became a fan of shinhwa







    it was so nice going to the photo forum and seeing so many threads dedicated to shinhwa on the front page!







    march 24 is getting closer and closer...i don't know how much longer i can bear the excitement :D





  16. I had forgotten about that. Since they mentioned summer, I didn't think April was considered as summer so I had hope he might be talking about full concert in US. Keeping my fingers crossed...

    ahhh are you kidding me...i'm going to cry if he holds a concert in america over the summer!!

    i'm going to be in shanghai all summer, and was hoping to catch a glimpse of him. but i recently found out that his concert in shanghai will most likely be may 1/2...before i go back to china. :crazy:

    sigh...maybe i was never meant to see minwoo in person

    p.s. ntlove16, i'll be in shanghai for the majority of the summer. it'd be great to get together and catch up about our love for all things shinhwa, haha <3
































































































    ^personally, i'd like a fast track too for their title song. just because dance songs have better stage performances and i really miss watching shinhwa's stage
































    although i love their ballads too, so i hope that they choose a slow song for their follow-up (granted that they'll promote one) haha, i'm so greedy
































    but i wonder if shinhwa will make comebacks on music programs and variety shows? i know that the album's currently slated for release on march 24th, and their concerts will be on march 29, 30 so that doesn't leave much time to film any shows. too bad for us overseas fans who won't get to see them personally in concert, sigh

    anyway...just a sidetrack....anyone have any RECENT photos or evidence of WOODONG?

    [ironically] these days i see alot more ricsyung, jinsyung and minDy and ricwan...where's the lovable woodong?! i miss their interaction so much :(
































    so yeah...anyone?
































    cos i REALLY couldn find recent [2008] stuff about them...































































    i miss woodong too :( <333
































    but since dongwan has been busy working on his album, he hasn't been doing any active promotions on tv programs or music shows, hence the lack of any woodong-ness or any dongwan screen time in general. (come back, dongwan, we miss you!) although i think dongwan appeared on sbs truth game just last night, so i'm sure we'll be seeing clips of that soon :D
































    dongwan mentioned minwoo in his journal several times this year though! i think about how he was sad that minwoo left to go snowboarding without him and then a separate entry about how he went to the snow field himself and minwoo wasn't there. :lol: cute!

    The first fan letter:

    We received fan letters even before our debut because we garnered much attention. But because at that time, we have yet to confirm the name of our group, the fans didn’t know our name. Our choreographer, Park Joon Ho played a joke and told our fans that we were called “B.S.T” The fans really took it for real and addressed the letters to “B.S.T oppa”. What’s B.S.T? It is Bo Shin Tang’s(tonic soup) initials.































































    thanks for sharing the article! ahh so eric talked about being called B.S.T before too
































    i recently subbed a short cut of andy's manwon happiness episode, and he talked about shinhwa considering the name B.S.T before they decided on shinhwa...i'm so glad that they went with shinhwa instead lol
































































    and here's a link to the video:
































































    enjoy! :)

































  18. thanks for all the latest updates everyone!

    and about the tbs performance...now i know why he filmed it twice haha

    so that tbs could show it twice! :D

    here's some latest news about our minbong:

    3/17 13,000 Copies of Mini Album All Sold Out, Lee Minwoo's Popularity Soars



    Singer Lee Minwoo's mini album, with the theme of "Night & Day" is quickly rising in popularity. Two songs on the mini album "The Sentimental Reason", released in time for Valentine's Day and White Day, are also quickly rising in popularity.

    Lee Minwoo is right now promoting the jazz-flavoured "Just One More Night" and "Love Is A Beautiful Word", each song suited for Night and Day respectively. With targetting the couples in mind, he specially came up with the theme to create an appropriate atmosphere.

    Lee Minwoo's management company said, "Although we only released 13,000 copies of the mini-album, but all the copies have been sold out. We're now releasing the last 1000 copies which were originally allocated for promotions. It's probably because this album is very appropriate for Valentine's Day and White Day.

    "Love Is A Beautiful Word" is currently being promoted together with the movie "Step Up 2", using scenes from the movie in its music video. Lee Minwoo, being the ambassador for the movie in Korea, created a video that blends both the song and the movie.

    Lee Minwoo is currently busy preparing for the Shinhwa concert to be held in Seoul on 29th and 30th March, as well as his solo concert in June and July this year.

    Credit: sports chosun + ocean's six + shinhwachina + shinhwa.biz + minwooforum.com

    Chinese Translations: jojoyu7@shinhwachina

    Chinese to English Translations: midnightgirl13@shinhwabiz


    glad to hear that minwoo's doing so well! <3

    and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i'm going to be in asia in june/july! i really hope that he has a solo concert then! maybe i'll finally get to see him! ahhh i won't have a regret left if i do! (especially since it kills me that i can't go to the peace concert *kicks at ground*)

    please please let me go to his solo concert! :D

































    oh and the pic reminds me of bsb...then again, shinhwa IS korea's bsb of some sort..
































    ahhh...you're right! i thought the picture reminded me of a photoshoot i've seen earlier of another group (

    bsb's concept for never gone, perhaps?
































































    except shinhwa's so much hotter, of course :wub:
































    you won't believe how much i had to keep from screaming when i first saw the picture
































    i've missed the six of them together so much more than i even realized <3333

































































    Thank you for letting us know. WOW, it's unbelievable how good Shinhwa fans are. Hope we get to see some photos of them when they received their trophies.

    Cute name for 6 fanclubs together: minam6 (handsome6). Do they have website or anything?
































    Do you know which Eric's fanclub participates in minam6? I have all others links but don't know which one is Eric's.































































































    mommie Alice, here's the website for minam6: http://minam6.lil.to
































    and here's the website for Eric's fanclub that participates in it: http://ericmun.net
































































    ^fyi, those support pictures were for shinhwa's 9th album jacket shooting! and you know what that means...9th album soon! ahh can't wait!
































    i love shinhwa changjo <3
































    if you visit minam6's website, you'll see that this alliance between the six individual fanclubs forms whenever shinhwa has promotional activities; they were also active during shinhwa's 7th and 8th albums
































    i love how whenever shinhwa makes a comeback, the fans will always work together to bring the guys the most amazing amounts of food and other showings of love :wub:

































  21. Serena, you've been such a total sweetheart recently uploading all these video clips. You make all us HQ lovers so happy <3

    I know that Happy Together will be getting subbed by a Chinese forum, so definitely looking forward to that.

    Thanks for the translations btw, Amy, I figured that he was talking about Jung Woon Taek. Haha, he keeps on revealing the poor guy's love life.

    Did anyone watch the clip where Jewelry got first place on Music Bank. He looked so proud and Park Jung Ah kinda went up to thank him towards the end and he gave suh young a pat on the back (the poor girl seriously needs some encouragement). Small Mindy moment where he makes Andy laugh with his fake crying, and cute, cute Mablo (what I'm calling M + tablo lately lolz...what's correct anyways? Minblo, woota, tawoo, minta, wooblo, blowoo??? ?)

    Minwoo really looked happy when Jewelry won first place. It's nice that their two songs he wrote the lyrics for all received such high popularity.

    Also, I remember Minwoo once stated that if given the chance, he'd like to do a side music project with Tablo, and he'd call the group "Mblo"

    I guess that's as close to an official name as you'll get ;)

    I'm a big fan of Mblo too...they're really cute together - I loved when they appeared on Love Letter together that one time (

    I miss Love Letter so much


    ) and Minwoo imitated Tablo's voice perfectly

    So the Step Up 2 Movie Concert (lol, never heard of such a thing...only Minwoo. He holds concerts for everything :P) is tonight. Wonder how it goes, looking forward to seeing if he shows off any flashy dance movies, hehe.

  22. thanks for all the recent uploads serena! you've been hard at work <3

    plus.. minwoo also was a guest of a female artist (forgot her name) in this mbc every1 something program.. >_<

    ahh so you heard that he was on that program too? i dled it off of minwoo.com, but they asked not to move it out of the site, or else i'd share it elsewhere

    i really hope that some parts of it can get subbed - minwoo's phone voice was so hot lol

    btw, where do you get all your hq clips from? i love the quality of them!

    oh, and the "three corner under-wear" you were talking about are called briefs haha

    so korean guys usually prefer briefs...while guys from america like boxers. so when eric, hyesung and andy joined shinhwa and introduced minwoo to boxers, he never went back :lol:

  23. new pictures are out from his latest performance of "love is a beautiful word"

    i really love his hairstyle right now - too cute

    080305 TBS Music Star



















    credit: on pics



    if you watch fancams of his performance (there's some on minwoo.com and chungchun0728.com)

    the fans' cheers are really sweet ^^

    also, some fans changed his song "sarang (love) is beautiful two words" to:


    ^ minwoo is beautiful two words


































    does any kind soul has the song sang by Jang Nara and Alec Su as well as the ending song sang by Alec Su? i have been looking everywhere for it I'm totally hooked onto it! my email is cara3el@gmail.com would appreciate it alot alot!

    Watching from this website called 56.com but i think its subbed cause everythings's spoken in chinese. Cant wait to download and watch from veoh next time so i can hear Jang Nara speaking in korean in the show! even my mom's glued to the tv everytime this show is shown! ^^
































    oh and the older brother's real name is Lu Xing. haha both male leads are so charming and suave yet cute and funny in this show! been hooked onto this show since i started it last night! LOL































































    i've sent it to your e-mail :)
































    and for anyone else who wants the theme song, i'll share the link here too:
































    张娜拉;苏有朋 - 烦着呢

































































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