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    starring jang na ra and alec su






    Bratty Princess (刁蛮公主)






    Starring: Jang Nara, Alec Su








    Number of episodes: 30








    Basic Summary:








    Si Tu Jing (Jang Nara) is the mischievous daughter of the country's leading general. Bored of her luxurious life, she assumes the identity of "Little Lobster", cross-dressing as a man to make a living for herself on the streets. Despite her mischievousness, Si Tu Jing is a good person at heart and steals money from the rich only to buy grain to feed the poor; her adorable and sassy personality is often the cause of many funny moments along the way. The emperor (Alec Su), who witnessed one of "Little Lobster’s” acts, was impressed by his kindness. The two become good friends, both unaware of each other's true identities (and genders). The series continues on, with many supporting characters, who all have their own plot lines and problems. Add in to the fact that Si Tu Jing is actually the surviving princess from the previous dynasty, and a group of rebels plan on dethroning the emperor in place of the princess- the series never has the time to drag. :)








    There's a lot more to the series, but I've never been good at summarizing. :blush:
























    Has anyone else watched this series? I looked through the entire board and couldn't find a thread on it, so I started my own. Hope no one minds. :sweatingbullets:








    Still in the process of watching this (I'm currently on episode 11). I'm usually a sucker for romantic comedies and I also really like historic dramas-a combination of both is always a plus.








    I think this is the first Chinese drama that Jang Nara has acted in, and for a series that mixes different languages, all the actors mesh well with each other. Alec Su and Jang Nara have chemistry together, and they also sing an awesome theme song together. :D








    Haha, so check out this drama: hope you won't be disappointed. If nothing else, take a listen to the theme song. It's one of the reasons why I like this series as much as I do: I love the main song. (I currently have it on loop in iTunes). :P








    If you want to check it out, search for "Bratty Princess" on youtube, there's some videos for it. And I don't know, if enough people are interested, maybe I'll start uploading my episodes as well. ;)














    just wanted to give my thanks to everyone who's been uploading, translating, and posting pics for those of us who haven't watched the episode yet. although i joined soompi a while ago, i've only been lurking around the threads, mostly this one lol. i loved reading everyone's comments, and i'm glad i finally decided to post here too.








    i'm going to restrain (and trust me, it'll be hard) :D myself from watching episode 23. i still have to go through 19-22 first. this doesn't mean that i didn't appreciate all the beautiful caps everyone's been posting of this episode! thanks for giving me something to look foward to (KISS!) as i go through the tortuous episodes of 19-22. :wub:



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