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  1. coming out of hibernation to say that i LOVE LOVE pinocchio already. i was silently obsessed with ICHYV, and really liked PSH back in her you're beautiful days, so had to check this out.
    did not disappoint - god i'm really invested in their relationship, and am rooting for them to take over the reporting world together.

    sharing some gifs i made:

    (cr: zangela)

  2. just wanted to say congratulations to shinhwa on their triple wins! the eternal legends :)
    haven't had time to really follow anything from kpop recently, but will always make time for my first kpop loves <3

    so happy to see so many new faces, shinhwa has definitely gained a new wave of fans thanks to shinbang and their awesome comebacks - they just keep getting better with time!

  3. ahh i haven't posted on this thread in forever...although i'm always a silent reader whenever i have the chance to come onto soompi

    it's so nice to see so many familiar faces (waves) and new ones as well :)

    i agree with everyone - inki gayo's comeback stage didn't do minbong's performance justice. his dance rehearsal video from his cyworld (thanks amy for uploading it onto youtube!) can attest to that.

    the dance looks so much better when you can see the entire formation of minwoo and standby, especially the parts where standby pops up. i love watching minwoo's foot movements. hopefully the next few comeback stages will be better able to showcase the awesomeness of this choreography. until then, i'm going to stick to his rehearsal video and fancams. ^^

    can i just say how happy i am that minwoo's back? hallelujah, i've missed this man so much <3












    it's so great to see some old faces on this thread as we're at shinhwa's 11th anniversary















    like everyone else, school has kept me away from shinhwa and kpop entertainment in general















    however, these six guys are the only ones who can bring me back, just to wish them a happy 11th year anniversary















    no other group in the world shares the bond that they do, and that's why they'll always be my favorite group



  5. ah, i've really been neglecting this thread lately (and soompi in general)

    but girls, know that i'm spazzing along with all of you the same!

    i didn't really know what to expect for minwoo's title track this time, except the fact that his music will be more mainstream this time.

    everyone originally thought that the title song was going to be I M U, but this certainly came as a surprise.

    personally, i think this song definitely will fit minwoo really well.

    seeing just a clip of that dance, i definitely can't wait to see the choreography for this :wub:

  6. I saw a thread in the k-celeb forum about guys with nice hands and it reminded me how Minwoo's hands are a big reason why I love him so much ^^ They're not particularly long or slender, but I just love them.

    Amy, you spoke my mind exactly - and that's why it absolutely killed me during the China fanmeeting when they had a guessing segment for the three blindfolded fans on stage, to guess who Minwoo was by feeling for his hands from a selection of five men.

    Yes, I went to the China fanmeeting! I'm still in aftershock from it, so I'll share my detailed account of it once I steady my nerves.

    But Minwoo really is as amazing in real life as in his performances, and more.


  7. hai..anyeong

    can i make a request here

    is there someone that have subbed happy share company when M compete with Jo Jung Rin

    if so..could you PM me for the link?


    yeah, no subs have come out for these episodes yet

    but i'm planning on subbing it, albeit at my own pace, which means very slowly haha

    i'm starting with his first time on vs. ayumi though, which i'm timing already

    i'll be uploading the episodes on my youtube channel once i finish

    my username is angellace :)

  8. I felt the same way, just because they put SO many of the older artists all towards the end of the first half :wacko: but M really got everyone hyped for the second half! : )

    Now, random question, but who's the person who does the english narration/speaking in his AM 7:05 song? Because if it's Minwoo, I didn't know his english was that good? O_O

    i believe it's by david kim, the same one who did the narration for his one last cry song and the one who helped rap in we can get it on from shinhwa's 9th album

    his english is pretty good, from what i've heard, so it's probably him :)

  9. thanks for everyone's fan encounters <3333

    i'm so jealous of everyone who got to see him! i can't believe he ripped off his shirt, i think he hasn't done that since the shinhwa concert in china last december

    ahhh now i can't wait to see him in korea at the end of this month! :)

  10. hi hi

    i'm a new minwoo fan. (he's absolutely lovable! i'm so excited for HB)

    and i was just wondering what of his songs would you recommend are good??

    i already like stomp & the m style

    welcome! i'm so jealous that you're going to HB (curses the fact that i live on the east coast)

    minwoo has a lot of other great songs from his third album - am 7:05, l.o.v.e, boy friend

    and you can try the song love is a beautiful word from his newest mini album :)

    hope you have lots of fun at HB!









    first of all happy mother's day



















    and second....



















    the next production note will be on monday







    it was written on the last production note that







    there will be no notre for thw weekend
























    the next production note will actually be out on tuesday, because apparently monday is a holiday in korea in which they get off, and so of course the people writing the production notes are giving themselves a break too :P



  12. ^thanks for sharing Amy!

    he says "nong si gang du" which means you're an idiot in shanghainese (haha my shanghainese came in handy for once)

    minwoo's so cute, not only did he learn a lot of chinese, he worked hard on his shanghainese as well

    i think he meant that phrase like one would say "pabo" in korean, except that phrase in shanghainese is kind of derogatory :sweatingbullets:

    i don't think he realizes that though, and the chinese fans think it's adorable either way haha

    i have to admit, i was extremely jealous watching that fancam. that fan looked like she was in heaven <3

  13. thanks for the fancams and pictures everyone! -hugs-

    i also come bearing gifts! ^_^

    so minwoo's first solo concert tour in china was a great success, and the chinese fans were extremely sweet. during his last first kiss performance, the big sing-a-long song, they all held up signs that had the korean words "promise" written on them, signaling to minwoo that they promise to wait for him and shinhwa to come back from the army :tears: minwoo was so touched, he grabbed one of the filming crew's video cameras and personally shot a 360 of the concert hall and the fans.

    anyways, one of my favorite parts about concerts in china is that they're a lot less strict with fancams, so expect to see a lot more hq pictures and fancams in the upcoming week from the chinese fans!

    here's one batch already. the quality of these pictures is seriously amazing. and she's posted a total of 314 (yes, i'm not kidding) pictures from the first night alone. she's conveniently zipped them into a rar file though, which i've uploaded onto sendspace. since i can't share dl links here, pm me if you want it! :)

    here are some of my favorites:

    080502 Wolf M Shanghai Concert









    credit: 语凝@Leeminwoo.cn + minwooforum.com

  14. Does anyone know if Minwoo is on the Ganda Tour today?

    I didn't see it listed in Ocean's Six nor Decapo schedule. I don't want to download if he is not on it.


    hey mommie Alice, minwoo's not on the episode today.

    he was only a guest MC for that one episode (still waiting for the chinese subs!)

    haha i'm the same way as you, i don't see a reason for dling a show if a shinhwa member isn't on it :P

  15. I admit, though I know it's good that he didn't go under the waterfall, I couldn't help but think selfishly that it's a missed chance to see wet and sexy Minbong :sweatingbullets: Why couldn't it be at a hotspring or something? *sighs*

    LOL i had the same exact thoughts amy <3

    i wanted to see minbong abs! -sigh-

    maybe next time? :rolleyes:








    ahh everyone's getting the limited editions!




    grr...i'm unfortunately going to have to wait until shcj gets my normal edition as well before shipping out both




    who knows how long that's going to take




    but thanks to everyone for posting up the latest news and sharing their stories




    i'm pretty sure i'll be ripping open the packaging and having a massive drool session like everyone else here <3



  17. love!melody, thanks for the pictures! i love love his hair like that <333

    yeah, i don't understand what the article's saying either, but hopefully one of the chinese forums will translate it soon :)

    hmm...i have all of the available english subbed nonstop 5 episodes on my external hard drive, but unfortunately that crashed a few weeks ago (all 200 GB, nooo)

    so hopefully i'll be able to restore all my information. by then, maybe i can upload some of the dead links for anyone who wants it.

    nonstop 5 was great - but maybe i'm just biased because minu's in it

    i would also check minwooforum.com, since the megaupload links for most of the episodes are uploaded in the video section, but then again, i'm not sure if they've become inactive since the last time i checked



    will be @ HOLLYWOOD BOWL 2008!!

    Check out www.khype.com or Hollywood Bowl 2008 [soompi thread] for more info!

    source: khype.com

    ahhh i can't believe it...that's just #%$@%@

    damn i wish i didn't live all the way on the east coast :(

    everyone who's going, please have a great time and scream a little extra loud for me <3

    hopefully i'll be able to go to his seoul concert, or else i'm really going to cry

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