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  1. Hello everyone - I see my old friends are still here - hanging on - just like me.  I may not be here often but I do read (browse).  I only shipped one other couple but I haven't turned my back from TeukSora - full of hope - since there's no news about either of them having relationships with others.

    I have yet to read @shymaldita28's post - quite interesting - and loved the one highlighted in red.

    I hope to be able to come back here more often - I probably would since I unconsciously started re-watching TeukSora episodes again.

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  2. Many thanks to @andreanaingand @starb82and @rameennoodles for sharing your thoughts in response to mine.  It is always nice to get such responses without sarcasm in it.  Looking forward to sharing more of my insights in the future.  I am a big fan of KRW (looked forward to another drama of his after Punch and glad he is doing this drama now) and a member of the Dooley community for a long time so I didn't want this drama to just pass me by and promised to stay on it until the end. 

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  3. Just now, starb82 said:


    Hmm.. I still think that it was not a romantic feeling between them at that point.

    In Ji Hong part I think he's feeling responsible in getting both of them into the rumour mess. Because he is supposed to be the mature one, the one who should know how the world works and that there are certain boundaries that can not be crossed as a teacher. Their relationship is not straight up teacher-student, but they are also neighbors that's practically like a family but he should have known how to separate each role. When they're in school, he should've create a distant and become a real teacher. So when things happen, he felt guilty towards Hye Jung for not being able the proper adult to her; and with his personality of taking everything into heart (Case in point: his patient's death bed), the guilty feeling is heightened compare to normal people.

    Now, there he was feeling responsible and guilty towards a girl, then he finds out that the girl got into trouble for defending him, went to jail without getting her wound treated (while the other lie luxuriously in Appa's hospital), suck up her injury and just take the blame; and on top of that her grandmother died. The one he also knows as her motivation, her only pillar in her life. I say feeling sympathetic is an understatement.

    So when he ran towards her, I don't think because he wants to confess or anything. He just wanted to take care of her in place of her grandmother. He knows that she has so much potential and he's worried that all the potential will be go down the drain. 

    But then she disappeared so the guilty feeling haunted him for thirteen years, the 'should've could've would've' keeps following him all those years. I'm sure all those time he's probably wondering how she's been and punch his face for not holding on to her. Thirteen years later he met her as a butt kicking doctor, drive masseratti and become undoubtfully mature and beautiful. The shock and admiration then turn as love. 

    I know he said "being crazy when in love means that you're alive'; but the whole three episodes were a flashback so it could be something that he said in the future after looking back at the past. It could be something that he realized many years after the incident.

    And as for HJ, I think she's just comfortable with the presence of reliable adult of grandmother and teacher. She's been alone and not trusting of adult figure for so long. Finally she found one but they were all taken away in an instant. And then there's In Joo who pointed out that she might like him, again I think the villain dig their own holes. If she never told HJ that, HJ would never conclude her feeling as love. She would just satisfied with a crush and nothing romantic will ever happen.

    But then again, I could be wrong though because I have only seen the raw. Hahaha... :tounge_xd:

    Seo Woo... I still think there's hope in that eyes. She has conscience, but it's covered with her greed. So a lot of room for character growth. Hoping to see womance in them. 

    Waah! the subs are out? Now I'm sure I'll be totally out of focus during work today. *sigh.

    Happy Doctors sub day everybody!!


    I still don't understand why an older person (in this drama it is the teacher) is not allowed to like or love his/her student (PSH in this drama).  What is so wrong about that.  Someone even mentioned or described it as pedophilictic - what?  In  real life, didn't singer Seo TaeJi married someone much, much younger that he is?  Here in the US, there was a teacher (female)/student (male) who had relations and even had a child between them.  Is it a big  sin in Korea or to some other countries to fall in love with someone not same age as yours?  Plus, the age gap between teacher and student is only 8-9 years. 

    BTW - I apologize for using your post to respond to a general question. 

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  4. Just now, thao_2512 said:


    Park Shin Hye started her 1st role in Stairway in heaven and won the child actress award that year, when she was 13

    1st leading role when she was 15. Aired when she was 16- Tree of Heaven

    Started her Hallyu fame in 2009 in You're beautiful. While the rating wasn't big in China but it's was huge sensation through Asia and created fame for the cast. They have several remakes of the drama

    In 2013 her movie Miracle in Cell 7 became one of the highest grossing films in Korea. The same year she started in Heirs, which you know

    2014 she was the lead in Pinocchio which hold the highest record selling to China  up until the last few months ago 280k/ep.

    She is one of the most popular young actresses in Korea and one of the most popular Korean actresses in China. An example of her popularity: The actress won the most popularity award in Paeksang ( 5 years straight)

    Even after a yr and half break most of her CFs got renewed unlike most stars.

    In general, she is popular, pretty, has good personality, and can sing, dance, act and pretty much do anything , like cooking, playing musical instrument ? LOL

    You can youtube, google or wiki her for more 



    In short she is the only YOUNG Korean ACTRESS that  could hold Hallyu power while being popular in Korea as well. Doctors has been trending in Weibo and is buzzing online mostly because of her.

    That's why SBS mainly used her to promote Doctors.

    I prob missed a lot but you get the idea



    I think you forgot to mention Heartstrings - with Jung YongHwa - another good romcom where she danced and sang.

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  5. Writer or director did a good job at the opening - showing Hye Jung's transition from a bad young girl to a successful doctor,  Also, a doctor in uniform fighting it out with gangster for a starter - makes you want to watch the upcoming episodes.

    BTW - glad to see familiar names here - hello to everyone!!!

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  6. I'm here again - because I'm back to normal.  Normal, being re-watching DOTS - again.  For the last few days, I tried to watch other dramas, i.e., Achiarra Village, Monster and D Day.  None of them pleased me - I ended up comparing them with DOTS-the drama's plot and the characters in it.  I actually didn't finish these dramas - gave me a headache.

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  7. During the olden days of soompi, a member is not allowed to post twice in one page - I guess that rule doesn't apply anymore - so here I am again.

    Just realized in SJK's and SHK's respective interviews, they both said the roles they play in DOTS are similar to their real selves.  SJK said the only thing he is not similar to YSJ is YSJ's fighting skills - he don't fight like him,  And in the BTS special, SHK said KMY is just like her real personality - she jokes a lot (outgoing, like some of her co-stars say).  So - I can now justify to myself - while re-watching DOTS over and over again, I am seeing the real SJK and real SHK.

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  8. Could that cellphone be YSJ's?  Why does it have a crack at the bottom right?

    Anyway, not to offend the great story-tellers in this forum, I honestly have not read any of your fanfics.  Why?  You all want me to get buried in DOTS and not able to move on with my life?   All I do now is watch and rewatch and rewatch DOTS - anything about DOTS!!   If I add reading fanfics about DOTS, I won't be able to concentrate on anything!!!  I go to the gym and while on the elliptical with my ipod playing my fave K-songs,, my head keeps on replaying some scenes in DOTS.  I knit while watching on my TV screen DOTS - end result - I mess up my knitting.  Even so - I haven't given up - I'm still here, right???

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  9. 3 hours ago, gilaswan said:

    I've started watching Sungkyunkwan Scandal actually, only because many have said it's quite a nice show. I'm very much taken by how SJK is able to look both mischievous and serious almost all at once. It's him. His look. I can't imagine any other actor pulling it off as well as he does. That's what made CPT Yoo such a successful character. Honestly, when I watched all those DOTS trailers before it aired, just his look alone caught my attention. Before that I had heard his name but never watched any of his shows. He always seemed too pretty to watch. But I must say he's matured very nicely through MS... very nicely indeed... ;) Nice enough for uri SHK, I'd say. They're such a good looking couple on and off screen. Can they date openly please? hahaha... Maaaaan...

    I also watched SS and I was surprised when he only got one award on his participation in this drama - most popular character award is what he got when his acting as a rookie was already outstanding that time.  He could have gotten at least a rookie award or most promising actor.  Those two characters he played in SS and DOTS, like what SHK said regarding DOTS, only SJK can fit into the character.

    I do wish they would date for real - who knows - the way the crew and co-stars respond to the question 'are they for real' seem a bit fishy to me.  Why would the director speak for the rest of the crew and say THEY DON'T BELIEVE THEY ARE DATING'.   Just because the director thinks so doesn't mean the others think the same way.  Even Jasper Cho, when asked in Happy Together, the way he denies it is unreal.  Yoo Jae Sook don't believe so.

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  10. Some say DOTS is overrated - very ordinary.  Oh well - different folks, different strokes - we all see them differently.  I've watched too many Korean and Chinese and Japanese dramas and DOTS story is different from the others - SJK himself said it - he has never encountered a script that involves a soldier.

    To me, what makes this story different from the others is - none of the characters are sick - that means, none of the usual diseases, i.e., cancer, tumor, do not exist - or no one is hiding he or she has a disease that needs to be sacrificed; none has a birth secret (we all know YSJ is an only child; we don't know  about KMY);  and most  of all, no  love triangle involved.  The only thing a bit similar to some dramas is the commander choosing a husband for his daughter.   

    Geez - I keep coming here - that only means one thing - I haven't turned my back from DOTS yet.  And no matter how many times I've watched the drama, I still laugh, cry, and most of all cringe at the special scenes (especially the romantic scenes).  I just now realized after watching so many times that after each kiss he plants on KMY's lips, YSJ would look at her for a few seconds before he speaks. 

    Right now, I am watching them in the drama not as YSJ and KMY - I am watching them as SJK and SHK - I can't help it - I think I am going over my imagination.  This ahjumma might lose it soon!!!!!

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  11. 17 hours ago, gilaswan said:

    I read the article on the rumours about SJK not appearing in DOTS2 if there were one, reason being he's upset with the fame he's gotten. I find that to be such an absurd reason. Which actor goes into acting rejecting the potential of fame? He's upset with the invasion of privacy to the extent that people related to him (and not just himself - he's clearly willing to subject himself to fame) including his ex-gf have been inconvenienced. I think it's fair to make such a statement of regret (by him). But I somehow never like how "english" articles of K-entertainment are written, whether originally in English or as a translation. Don't know if anyone feels this way, but very often the way they write make these reactions or responses by Korean actors/idols sound so negative. I cannot imagine them to actually think this way or present themselves as such to the public. "I don't like the attention I'm getting as a star so I won't take up another such project"? How is that even logical? :P 

    In other words, they put too much icing on the cake.  Some of them are not verbatim and yet they make it appear so.  That's why SHK has very little interview on most of her appearances because a simple sentence becomes a whole paragraph when published.  Just like what Jin Goo said, SHK is someone who is very careful with what she says - otherwise ..........    I'm sure what was published was not exactly how SJK said it - I read the same article somewhere with a different translation. 

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  12. 22 hours ago, dhia205 said:

    Ikr.. make me remember some comment in IG. they said god give extra attention when creating SJK. he have it all, looks, brain, personality except height.

    but his height just perfect for me tho... 

    I keep forgetting to mention this - aside from possessing all the above, I believe SJK is lucky enough to have been gifted with that deep voice.  If, with that good looks, he has a thin voice, I think it would be a let-down. 

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  13. Just because the drama was a blockbuster doesn't mean a season 2 of the same would achieve the same success.  Like I mentioned in my previous posts, doing a second season will destroy the beauty of the original drama - there won't be surprises like what happened in the original drama.  Same goes with those wanting to have a spin-off of the GooWon couple - I don't think they would be as successful as they have been in DOTS original. .

    Because I am still re-watching (I seem to have lost interest in dramas now showing, even if I want to see my fave actors in those dramas, i.e., Goodbye Mr. Black with Song JaeRim and Vampire Detective with Lee Joon), I, like the others here continue  to notice scenes I didn't pay much attention to before.  I can tell YSJ-KMY hugs are so different from what I watched from other dramas.  Their hugs seem so sincere.  Also, I believe the sweetest kiss scene was the Tower Clock kiss - the way YSJ let go of KMY hand so she can hug him too.  I guess that's the reason they put the close up of that scene at the end of the bonus episode.

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  14. 10 hours ago, gilaswan said:

    @themarchioness love it! Please do put it on asianfanfics so we can easily return to them for multiple re-reads. :D 

    about timeline issues: someone earlier asked about when YSJ met SDY and said that YMJ's story that answered KMY's question was an "error" in logic cos in the episode YSJ was running away from the soldiers mob, he said SDY was his army instructor which meant they met then, whereas YMJ said they met on that rainy day when SDY returned to the unit camp after the wedding. My take is that there is no error her because that's when YMJ knew they met, or at least that's the point from when the guys became friends; the guys however have a different perception of the starting point of their friendship, though strictly speaking they weren't yet friends when SDY was YSJ's trainer. 

    But here's a timeline error which I didn't post before but I always thought it could have been better handled:

    When Gen Yoon deployed Alpha Team to Urk, they were told it would be an 8mos posting, but when we next see them all in Urk, the caption said "8mos later". Yet we know thar

    1. When SDY was posted back, it was considered an early and unfair reposting back - he was not meant to return that soon. 

    2. This was the same for YSJ when he returned for his father's discharge from the army. 

    3. The rest of the alpha team also showed no signs of seeing the end of their posting yet. 

    I think it would've been more reasonable to put it as "7 mos later", though admittedly such "glitches" don't affect the overall enjoyment and appreciation of the show. Just that me being me, such things do but me some. Hahaha. 

    AND, Lt Col Park (is that his rank? Dunno) - don't like him! I don't get why people like that can climb to full colonel. Hahaha... I didn't like that he wanted to push the blame of the Arab president Mubarak's potential death (if untreated) on KMY. I actually found that scene a bit illogical, honestly - shouldn't the Korean army's priority be to protect its citizens than place blame on them in such a politically tense situation? I did t like it that YSJ was punished for making such a call. It didn't seem right that such an order came from the army. Can't imagine it being an order from the Blue House actually. 

    Many one with any thoughts? Clearly I just finished rewatching ep 3. ;) 

    That definitely didn't look good in the eyes of a lot of viewers - a big X concerning politics.  That's why Lt.  Rock Fish deserved the bashing from KMY in the hospital.  I was surprised when I heard that from Lt. Rock Fish - blame the doctor for not taking care of her patient.  The dying president was not even her patient.  I just wondered how would it have been had they waited for his own doctor.  Of the Alpha Team, only 1 member didn't agree with YSJ decision - Sgt. Choi.  While SDY feels and told YSJ everything that he said and done were right, Sgt. Choi thinks and told KMY that she insisted on operating on the dying president - which caused YSJ to get detained.  Funny how saving the dying president was an honorable deed and yet, both countries didn't want to get tangled up - politically. 

    Another bad thing within the military was, not allowing YSJ to make the rescue - because there is only ONE citizen involved - when KMY was kidnapped by Argus.  Some politicians really are very concerned on what the press would say about them.

    I hated and loved Gen. Yoon - hated him for interfering with the love life of his daughter (although he has good reasons behind it) but loved it when, after ordering YSJ to be relieved from his post, he told SDY that Alpha Team (especially YSJ) did a good job and that he is proud of him - making the head of the Department of Temperature (I was laughing at the title of this department) raise his eyebrow.  I also loved it when he called that guy out - 'hey you, dirty politician'.  It's good that politician sits where he is supposed to sit and not at Gen. Yoon's space.  Two different positions - definitely different minds.

    Because we kept on rewatching, we keep on finding things to discuss - good and  bad -but it still makes DOTS my favorite drama - to date.

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  15. 1 hour ago, themarchioness said:


    Technically true, but I also think he didn't need to say when because the implication was he was talking about, from that moment, YSJ had three hours.  I mean it doesn't make much sense to say, "I'll give you three hours but you get back to me as to when you'd like those three hours to begin and I'll start my clock then."  That's just . . . weird.  And, in fact, we did see YSJ begin making preparations immediately so I think it was understood the clock had already started running.

    It's not really a big deal, even if it is an inconsistency, it's just something I noticed -- and it did require multiple rewatches before I even reached that point.  It clearly does not hamper my viewing experience.  ;)

    I agree - there are lots of inconsistencies and flaws but it doesn't affect the flow of the events.  And it doesn't affect my viewing experience too.  Not everything has to be explained - taking for example the time they were 'allegedly killed' in episode 15.  They were supposed to be imprisoned for 150 days - and others were commenting about how come KMY was celebrating YSJ first year of his death when they were only gone for 150 days..  Just because it was mentioned they were imprisoned for 150 days doesn't mean they got out after 150 days - of course, there is the negotiation process, their recovery, etc.  In some dramas, you see something on the screen like 'after 2 years', etc.- that didn't happen in DOTS.   It all depends on how we understand the situation and then interpret them in our own way. 

    BTW - the funny doctor's name is Song Seung Hun, right?

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  16. 3 hours ago, gilaswan said:

    Ok. Random question. I know translators all have different ways of choosing words to represent an idea or phrase from one language to the other (I was a former professional interpreter and still volunteer as an interpreter regularly, so I understand the process), but I wonder why Dramabeans insists on using "Descended from the sun" when the industry's official English translated title is "Descendants of the Sun", which I honestly feel is a smoother and better (prettier, too) translation. 


    professional courtesy, y'know?

    Oh! And one more question (see what being back in good wifi land does to me? Catching up! Catching up!!)

    Was rewatching ep 1 and... Why or how is it that Lt Ahn was eating a choco pie then too? They don't have it in NK right? Wasn't that why later on YSJ treated him to one? 

    Funny how I noticed that choco pie also in episode 1; I don't understand the necessity of that scene then; but then I remember reading a somewhere that choco pie is more famous in NK than in SK.

    Descended and Descendants definitely have different meanings - Descendants of the Sun, to me, is the more appropriate title for the drama, considering the  roles played by the characters involved.

    Moving on? From where? From what?  What am I doing here again anyway?



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  17. On ‎4‎/‎27‎/‎2016 at 1:22 PM, winterbubbletea said:

    Thank you, dearie.


    I have to ask because I am a bit dim here...

    Song Myeong Man 1979 June 12 (36)  <-I assume that this is Doctor Song Sang Hyun
    Kim Dong Sik 1982 (33) June 05
    Cheong Sang Hun (34) 1981 March 18
    Lee Chi Hun 1989 June 23 (27) <-So this is Doctor Lee the rich baby. XD
    Lee Chan Jung 1985 August 09 (31)
    Kim Han Su 1986 Dec 30  (32)
    Ha Ja Ae 1979 July 28 (36) <-This is Nurse Ha

    I do want to ask...what about the other four people. I dunno who they are hahaha...

    Cheong Sang Hun, I believe, is the funny doctor who likes Ha Ja Ae - where is Nurse Choi (the cute nurse)?

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  18. KMY birthday is listed as 830914 - according to the above; so when YSJ mentioned he is a Pisces, that means YSJ is older than KMY.  But there is something confusing about how determine who is older and who is younger = even if 2 people were born on the same year, it will still depend on that certain time where certain months are covered.  Now I have to go back and read my books again so I can fully explain.  But we have real Koreans here who can verify this instead of me searching through my notes.

    @SkyKid - thanks for posting that evidence.

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  19. 32 minutes ago, winterbubbletea said:

    I admit I tried to look for Kang Mo-yeons birthday on that paper but...I couldn't see well. Also cannot read Korean haha...do you think you can show a image of it for us that fails...

    Sorry for this request. 

    Yes - if there's an image of where we can read KMY's age, I might be able to help because I can read some hanguel.   I don't think YSJ is older than KMY.  The only time YSJ mentioned the word 'oppa' was when they were at the theater - thinking he is 'oppa' to KMY.  Also, YMJ and KMY knew each other from school and when they met for the first time at the hospital, KMY addressed YMJ as YMJ-ssi - YMJ addressed KMY as Kang MoYeon sunbae.  The only reason YSJ asked YMJ to address KMY as sunbae was because YMJ was so blunt talking to KMY (scene where YMJ reported to Mowuro).  At the café, when they were arguing on who should say 'I love you' first, YSJ suggested they go by name - K comes before Y so he wants KMY to say it - then he changed it to 'by age' - and then KMY said 'why do you always want me to say it first'.  So I still believe KMY older than YSJ.

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  20. Because I'm nosy, I tried to look deeper into the 'tower kiss' scene.  Too bad I don't know how to do and post a gif -

    --- the first move was YSJ pulling KMY towards him with his right hand going through her neck for the kiss; KMY hands not moving; camera turns around, we see YSJ hand going towards KMY back and to me it seemed like he used his left hand to lead KMY - he kind of locked his arm into hers.  That move was so different from the other 'kiss while hugging' scenes they had.

    As long as I continue watching - I don't think I'll ever gonna stop coming here.

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  21. .... and the never-ending re=watching of DOTS continue on - which is great because I get to focus on what made this drama (and probably every drama) worth watching.  In the making of the wine kiss, SJK commented on his confusion on why the director was telling him 'to focus his gaze on Mo Yeon' before he execute the kiss.  He said he didn't understand the director's intention.  But when he did, he understood why.  He didn't actually say the reason but I am guessing the director wanted him 'to focus so he'll be able to feel and properly deliver the kiss'.  So the beauty of the first kiss (wine kiss) came not only from SJK's execution but also with the help from the director's good imagination.   Now I'm thinking - without the director's explanation,  would SJK just go for the kiss without any emotions?  I'm sure SJK appreciated all the help he got from the director on all the scenes he felt he needed to put more emotions in to.

    In the episode where KMY broadcasted her confession, during the 'making of' the phone grabbing scene, SHK was told by the director she has to turn her head towards YSJ with a surprised look - because KMY didn't know YSJ was there.  With this scenario, just like my question above, hadn't the director told SHK to turn sideways (to look at YSJ), would she just grab the phone (I think that's what she did on the first take) and run?

    Watching the BTS makes me appreciate the director more - true the story was nicely written - but how to give life to the story all depends on the director.  SJK and SHK are both good actors and it is always easy for them to act on what the story asks for.  But the proper emotions on each action makes every scene more beautiful.

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  22. We were all thumbs up to the writer and the entire cast - but no one has said anything about the director of DOTS.  While 'repeatedly ' watching DOTS Special #3, I realized how big the role is of the director in acting each scene.  The director is responsible for imagining how a scene should look and it is the respective actor's responsibility to act per the directoctr's imagination/instruction.    

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  23. DOTS Special #3 was excellent - gave us the chance to appreciate more the efforts put in the drama by everyone -  from the producers, writers, director, the main cast, supporting cast and the crews - all did an excellent job in presenting this short story and putting life in it.  We also got the chance to see how the actors real feelings were while filming and how they tried so  hard to study their characters well.

    Because of DOTS, I can no longer appreciate the previous and present dramas I've watched and need to watch.  DOTS has always been on my mind from the beginning to the end.  I used to like Secret Garden - and I was so taken with the actors' acting.  Twenty Again was also a favorite - but then DOTS came and I started comparing the actors involved.  I can only say, I loved SHK when I first watched here in AIMH - but I love her even more - like what SJK and JG said - she is perfect - and that is her flaw.  I've watched SJK in other dramas (even when he wasn't that popular) and so far, his role in DOTS is the best.  I don't like his role in Innocent Man - too serious - his role in SSS is also good but his role in DOTS which makes him portray someone cool and firm, is the best - especially when he flashes those teasing smiles.

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