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  1. Beautiful as ever my SHK I'm so happy to see her after the terrible treatment from her husband She is a strong woman Shame on her husband who publicly humiliates her You could divorce your wife, but man, never humiliate your wife no matter what reason P/S : I just realize I need to change my profile photo, urrrghhhh
  2. Can we just get Prosecutor Jung and Miss Oh together? I love their chemistry Everyone in this drama plays their characters well. Love how this drama always has a twist. Never once bored with it. An insurance fraud by a hospital? Who would have thought of that? Haeun Hospital is really disgusting and thanks Director Seon for digging his family's own graves.
  3. So far so good. But each time someone has the edge over the other, then the situation is reversed. Kinda funny. Especially when Director Seon got the information about where the list of investors was sent to after visiting the regular class prisoners for the first time, haha! He should have thanked Na Ije for sending him there. One thing about this drama, all main characters aren't intimidated by anyone or anything. Don't know where this drama will lead us. Can't wait to see more & Nam Goong Min is really suitable for this type of character.
  4. I am sure some, not all, of them know about JJY's activities. I remember one of them mentioned that he is suprised of how wild and free JJY is. No 1N2D today. They can't even air any rerun on tv. Season 1 has Mong which is such a pity cos he's my fav in Season 1. Season 2 has Uhm Tae Woong. I don't know if Koreans have gotten over his case or not, but with the recent controversy, I don't think they have. Season 3, well no need for explanation. This show is now kept in the dungeon, perhaps forever.
  5. Wow! Significant increase in the rating I love how they build the tension in Ep 1 & 2, good start for the drama it's funny how the female prisoner successfully damaged her own body, I don't think she will live long that arrogant chaebol, grrrr... but I'm sure the older brother is more cunning and cruel I miss Liver Or Die, so hoping this drama would be able to hook me too till it ends Hwaiting to the drama!
  6. This is what I have been afraid of after all hell breaks loose because of the sc*mb*g. He is totally a sc**m who betrays every members, everyone who has been working so hard for 1N2D. He damages, ruins and destroys the reputation of 1N2D I wish he could just go die. As a fan of this show since Season 1, I'm totally devastated! No words could explain my feelings currently, how mad and angry I am at that criminal! Yes, he is a criminal. A sex maniac, a rapist and I'm not suprised if he is also a pedo. I hate him so much! He fools everyone after the incident with his ex-girlfriend. Thinking he was an innocent person in that case makes me hate myself, so blind! To think that Taehyun's children have been on the show with a sex maniac makes me shiver. Luckily I'm not one of the investigators, I don't know what I will do to him. Please don't defend him. We know he is the smartest member, he knows what he is doing, not influenced by anyone and HE ENJOYS DOING IT!! He makes a fool of everyone, laughing behind the cast and fans of this show. He is only using 1N2D to gain more popularity and more girl fans, then use them for his immoral activities. Is he happy now that his crimes have affected everyone and this show greatly? If they cancel it totally, I know there'll no more Korean variety show for me. I'm done with them all. The episode where they went to Ewha Womans University must be like sitting on a gold mine for him. He told those students about his break up with his girlfriend, acting like someone who is broken hearted & loyal to one only, definitely to lure them to sympathize with him. This will be the member to be forgotten and erased from everyone's memories forever.
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