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  1. http://asianwiki.com/My_Sassy_Girl_2 Spring Andrew said: omo.. kim junho didnt.win?? still 1n2d Daebak.. is it wrong i would nominate.junho from 1n3d.than taehyun.for daaesang.. but taehyun is awesome.too.. also Yoo Pd Radio with JJY is daebak.. so mushy.. n he is most hardworkin.member.of.In2d.. also omg.. he had to.go to that program cuz he gets Salary.. so funny but sad. :-SS

  2. jayne1874 said: I'm curious about My Sassy Girl 2.
    I know the original one is like a movie "literature". Anyone who claims a korean movie fan, watching this is a MUST. My own experience though, I wasn't so crazy about it. Until the ending part. Oh the ending was beautiful.....
    I'm not really into idols. I bumped into Krystal in some episodes in some dramas, can't really remember which ones, so it means I can't get connected with her. Eunji though, is entirely different story :D Could be why I'm not so keen about the sequel. But hey, it's Taehyun! Whatever he's in, I'm in too :D Anyone cares to enlighten me about the story?

  3. YAY i had a feeling this latest episode 'll rank top! It had to, the episode was so much fun!! I laughed a lot jst watching the raw. And wow Tae-hyun really gives the out-of-this world reactions :P especially his reaction during picking the flag for going home and afterwards reacting to the sudden win haha. And jongnim lol. They all give off so much brotherhood chemistry. Daebak...cant wait for the sub!

  4. bacom said: There's a very sweet thing about CTH in ep 15. When KJH comments that CTH has an easy time this time, CTH asks, "what can I do?" And KJH says, "you can't look at your kids' pictures today."  So, KJH implies that CTH's addiction of looking at his kids' pics is just like the other members' addiction of nicotine. Awww... what a doting dad! ♥♥♥

  5. YAY!!!!!!!!!! sweet im so happyy with the ratings. Now i just hope PD keep bringing brilliant funny ideas for the show to keep its crown. I love CTH's buddy Kyung nim came, he's funny. And its so cool too they kept the members from smoking for 2 days. Go on PD hehe~ CTH kept laughing adorably the entire episode, must be so fun to watch his partners in despair lol :P  This was such a f-u-n-n-n-n-n episode. ^:)^ :-bd

  6. jayne1874

    said: Seeing Joonyoung this season, I can't help but comparing him to Joowon.

    Age aspect, they're almost similar when they joined the show. But that's the only similarity they have. Personality aspect, they're as opposite as north and south pole


    Joowon as the maknae of season 2 always dutifully shows his respects to his hyungs. Treat all the missions like the world saving mission. He's focus and always aims for victory.

    Joonyoung....oh....he just says and does whatever he wants. Not only once Joohyuk as the mathyung kept his boiling rage inside because of him. Often enough we saw Joonho was bewildered and Defconn got exasperated after his comments and antics. His mind is sharp, but often camouflaged by his blank expressions.

    Joowon the soft-hearted actor is the members' puppy. His love for UTW is off-charted but somehow developed a deep bonding with Sikyung (how I miss my grumpy giant...) It was cute how he was always the center in the dog pile after they finished the missions


    Joonyoung the rocker, instead of being cuddled by older hyungs, most likely he would get yelled at or a brotherly smack or two


    ) but I can see him clinging to Taehyun in coming episodes.

    I hope Tehyun as person with a big heart would embrace him. The 2 maknaes are never really my bias, but if I really have to choose, I must say Joonyoung is much more suitable for variety show. Joonyoungie, fighting! :Y

  7. I'm loving every episode....the best variety show ever. I used to like Taehyun in S2. Now i ♥ him!!!!  Taehyun's is soO witty but seemingly soo caring to his maknae and playful with others.CUTE, My bias♥♥ Well according to me S3 members seem more geniunely close and funny than previous ones. Fighting! you guys can win over the sunday ratings!!!! 
    My Fav- taehyun>jooyoung>junho>jongnim>joo hyuk> defconn.

  8. kjmcth said: Rating 1n2d episode 07 140112

    13.7% (2014.01.12 닐슨코리아 제공)

    last week (episode 06 )

    13.8% (2014.01.05 닐슨코리아 제공)

    Happy Sunday(SUPERMAN IS BACK + 1N2D) - also last place (3)-

    11.3% (2014.01.12 닐슨코리아 제공)

    real men mbc
    15.5% (2014.01.12 닐슨코리아 제공)

    15.1% (2014.01.12 닐슨코리아 제공)

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