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  1. I'm only on episode 17 but am thoroughly enjoying this drama! Everything about this story is so fresh and the lead couple's chemistry is off the charts! Love how their relationship is developing. I'm really envious about Qin Fang's endless supply of money...
  2. Omg, Youtube recommended me the trailer and I watched it and it looks sooo goood! I'm hyped up to watch but I'll wait a few more weeks so that there's more episodes. I'm confused why they want to kill her -- is she really a demon? Because she and her powers are so beautiful.
  3. I loved this week's episodes. So satisfying to see Queen and King working together -- and with his little secret group too! The one thing I'm continually disappointed with is Byeong In. Since he likes the queen, wouldn't it be so easy for the queen to explain to him and convince him about the king? I don't feel like he's a real villain. I feel he serves justice and he's not corrupt either. He could really be a big help for the king if only there were no misunderstandings. As for Hwa Jin, I'm surprised she decided to reveal the truth. I guess the queen's words had some impact. Does
  4. Did Hwa Jin seriously just come to say that 1 line to the Queen and leave? Jeez! But this episode was seriously hilarious. I can't believe I caught up and now have to wait one week for the next episode. I'm so excited to see King and Queen working together finally!
  5. New to the thread here because I finally caught up to the latest episode 13 and can finally join the discussion! I got chills watching ep. 13, Kim Jung-Hyun's acting is so good here. So excited to see this side of the King. The brunch scene was really cute. I really agree that food can bring unity and peace so that scene was hopeful for me. Wouldn't it be great if daughter, mother and grandmother all got along? But then I watched the preview and was disappointed. How can GQD think of getting rid of the Queen if it meant no more delicious food/beauty for her? She could
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