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  1. Yes! I'm eagerly awaiting Li Qin's next work. She looks really good in ancient costumes.
  2. I just finished the series. The ending was not as confusing as I had feared. Here's my take on the ending. I feel like the drama should've ended after Lu Yuan died and it would've been a good drama. Everything after that point was unnecessary and meant purely for extra drama. A lot of it didn't make sense such as: That's my rant LOL. It's really disappointing how this drama turned out. But kudos to all the actors for keeping me watching! Their acting is really awesome.
  3. I finished episode 45 and eagerly awaiting the end of the series just so that it can be over. The actors are the only ones carrying this show for me right now and Li Qin is the only reason I'm still watching... I feel they did really well with the casting in this show. Everybody are good actors (except for Lu Yuan's lackey) and they're so good looking!
  4. No need to be sad. The 3 girls can go enjoy and do what they want! Finally. I watched the trailer for "Love Yourself" but it doesn't seem like it's as deep as Nothing But Thirty. And I probably can't stand another drama of bad men.
  5. I just finished this drama! I really really enjoyed it and am super inspired. I'm so sad to see it end because I want more. But I believe it is a good way to end the story. I really like the overall message of the story because it motivates me to do something more with my life. While I've hated many characters while watching this drama, in the end I can't bring myself to really hate any of them. Sorry for the long rant! Thank you if you read through it. I'm so sad there isn't more people watching and replying to this thread because it's really a good drama. I heard it's performing really well in China.
  6. Yes! I love the girl power in this drama and it's the main reason I started watching this drama. I'm not as far as you, I'm only on episode 24 but when Gu Jia and Xiao Qin was there for Nini when she was heartbroken was very touching. Especially when Gu Jia went the extra mile and went to the salon with her, doing yoga, etc. to get Nini's mind off things. Makes me envious of having a friend like that. In my opinion it is worth watching simply because of the high quality production and acting. As for the story, I like it because it feels more mature and there is an overall message to the story. It's not all just for comedy or "girls gone wild" type of show.
  7. Does anyone else hate Gu Jia's husband? Actually, I hate all the men in this drama lol!
  8. Lol, I'm on episode 40 but it has no audio so I'm waiting for the official Youtube channel to catch up. I hate to agree but after the war story arc started I've been losing interest. The only thing keeping me going is Li Qin.
  9. I'm usually not a fan of this genre but the title got me because I'm in this age range too. This drama is surprisingly enjoyable and GOOD! From the acting to the story to the cinematography, everything is high quality. The pacing is really good, too, not too slow but not super fast. It feels like I'm watching a movie at times. I'm on episode 8:
  10. I'm on episode 34 and the plot is starting to take its toll. This story arc I feel is the most boring part imo. Did they change writers?
  11. Lol I've missed you guys and sharing spoilers while the forum was down lol! I just finished ep 31! Is anyone else also irked whenever people are "hiding" behind something but it's so obvious they're there but nobody notices? Examples... In an earlier episode, Li Ge was hiding at the orphan home after episode 1's assassination attempt. But she was hidden behind a door with a HUGE gap that anyone can see. On numerous occassions, Le Qing was hiding behind some blinds or drapes When San Bao and Jing Ling was looking for medicine for PPC, Le Qing was under the stairs but still standing sort of out in clear view
  12. I just watched ep 25 and 26 too. You guys were right! It's really bad waiting for episodes. I want to binge-watch it badly!
  13. She's actually very smart already compared to other palace drama girls. But yes I totally agree, she can scale down her impulsiveness a bit and not rush into dangerous situations by herself with no back-up. The Shen family is supposedly her friend, Ah Nu's family, or as we're led to believe.
  14. Wow that really makes sense! I feel really sorry for the orphans in that case. I'm also really curious who are Li Ge's parents.
  15. I just caught up to ep 24! Why is this so good?! I can't wait til the next episodes. I watched the previews to tide me over.
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