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  1. I just finished it too! This adaptation was pretty good albeit the draggy parts in the middle. I enjoyed the elements they added for green snake and Fa Hai. Fa Hai is so kind and understanding compared to the original. I also liked that each character's arcs were nicely tied up. The final battle scene with the original music gave me chills! My only gripe with this adaptation is the lead actors. This is only my opinion and I believe other people won't agree but I feel the lead actors' acting and chemistry is lacking. It could be the characters are sort of boring and mellow but their acting doesn't make me believe that they are a couple who love each other very much. I don't sense any longing for each other between them.
  2. I agree with the above interview. I'm only on episode 3 but it is refreshing to see Bai Suzhen so youthful and actually learning as she went along in the mortal world. From the photos in a few posts up, it definitely feels all characters will mature and become more serious later on in the series. So far it is kind of slow but I'm eager to get to the meat of the story.
  3. For me, it wasn't satisfying because there was absolutely no closure to any of the character arcs. Well, except for LBW. It's not a bittersweet ending either... It just felt incomplete. Reading the script ending given in this thread has helped me by allowing me to imagine how it could've ended.
  4. Thank you for sharing the original script ending! It does make more sense than the drama ending. But I don't blame the film crew for this because the original ending was apparently removed due to censorship. This drama felt dragged especially in the beginning in Zhao. It got mildly better when they were in Qin but by the last few episodes, I already lost interest in all the characters. Sad to say but I grew more and more annoyed at Hao Lan and she got less and less screen time. Her son also made me irritable because of his unstable personality. I am not alone when I read Youtube comments in thinking that the actor's exaggerated facial expressions was a bit overdone and made him seem psychotic. Same for Lao Ai. But the good part of this drama is it made me research about the real history of the characters. Reading about Qin Shi Huang made me think maybe his crazy personality was justified as he was noted for being cruel... I also like the creative liberty that the screenwriter took regarding the scandals and rumors in history. As regular commoners, rumors are circulated and we still don't know today as to what really happened behind close doors due to a lack of written records. So it was nice to see what really "could've" happened in regards to Hao Lan and Lao Ai.
  5. I saw snippets, it looks good! I'm trying hard to not let the CGI get to me. But I've got to say, I really enjoy the remixed OP and ED songs. It's handled really well using the classic theme songs but done with modern taste so it doesn't sound too old school. So perfect! I'm gonna wait for more episodes to air before I binge.
  6. Wow, this looks good and interesting! It reminds me of the J-drama Kaseifu no Mita except she really is a robot in this one.
  7. Omg, that MV. Everything's so pretty! I love the scene on the bridge. Also love this new remix of the song, totally doesn't feel "oldie" anymore. This gave me chills. Can't wait!!! Yay, green snake gets her own love storyline.
  8. I finished S1 and it's getting more and more exciting. I have just one question though...
  9. Anyone watching this? It's a web drama from Shaw Brothers. Considering how their previous work Flying Tiger was surprisingly good, I'm gonna put it on my watch list.
  10. Yes there was a green snake. I think that character is pretty much a given bound to accompany white snake.
  11. I saw the trailer for the animated film, it looks very well done and tasteful! I'm hoping it will come to select theaters in the U.S. since it is produced by Warner Bros. As far as this 2019 drama goes, does anyone think the male lead will gain powers? Or perhaps show scenes of their past lives together? So far I've only watched the 1993 version when I was little and was not aware they had a past life story which I noticed seem to be what the previous snake drama with Yang Zi was about.
  12. I just finished episode 1 and I like how the story just drops the audience in the middle of some family conflict. One thing I'm not used to is seeing the same cast as different characters. I keep expecting Wu Jing Yan to lay down the law much like Wei Ying Luo did in Yanxi but alas, there is none of that here... I do look forward to the continuous chemistry between Wu Jing Yan and Nie Yuan.
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