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  1. Mr Park Seo Joon has landed in London baby! I NEED to hunt this man down! urghhhhhhh too bad I have work! does anyone know how long will he be in London? Wish he did a photoshoot with Park Min Young then that would be a DAMN SEXY COUPLE!
  2. Hello guys! My name is Emily and I've been a silent reader since the beginning of this ParkPark Couple thread! (Sorry I haven't been on Soompi for ages so had to check if my account was working but it did! WOO HOO!) Just want to say I'm so happy Park Seo Joon & Park Min Young both confirmed to be the leads because I've read that some people who was a big fan of the webtoon said he wasn't 'good looking' enough to be the original Lee Young Joon! Also when Park Min Young confirmed to be Kim Miso, people said she was too old to be the lead! Gosh! Seriously like people need to give PSJ & PMY a chance! Their acting is so point and just feels so real like their chemistry is OFF THE CHARTS! <3 Also with their dating rumour, I just hope people will not give hate to them at all because it's their private life! (Although I want them to be dating for real!) Anyways does anyone know where I can pre-order the Blu-ray or DVD for Why Secretary Kim please? Ok peace out guys!
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