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  1. Seriously! Is this suppose to be time-travel drama or something with modern twist?
  2. I din watch S1 but I am not sure why the female lead look so mismatch with the male lead. It doesn't help that she looks like 1 of the beggar, she looks quite terrible in S2. I had to search the previous season to get some crash course on the show.The cast look so much better previously, all of the cast looks quite "extra" except the flower addict, book addict n the new demonic prince together with Dylan Wang. The "dao" addict looks like some random extra that prolly look best among other unknown actors. Is the show suppose to have modern twist? Y did the emperor hug him in such a modern day format, n the Shifu having some hotpot that sounds like the same instant hotpot that is selling at minimart nowadays. Tang imperial family seems to appear for the sake or appearing.
  3. I love their clothes and the cinematography too! I still like the show, prolly some evil politician wakes up n give up the whole idea of manipulating the king etc. Maybe Soo may marry 1 of the hopeful candidate n let GD go. All will end liddat , else it wld be GD leaving on her own n MH travelling ard to look for her. Possible endings LOL. As tho I m the scriptwriter….. I don seem to be able to find the trailer for next week's epi... Actually Joon look very handsome n tall among all the guys, I don't tink I have seen him b4, this show has definitely open his actor path wider for sure. Its from this show that I was reminded of his cameo at the MTV starring BTS Suga.
  4. its so heavy hearted to watch the epi this week.... show gonna end soon. Supposedly lighthearted show which is why I watched. But feel so sad now....
  5. He kissed her cos he "wanna stop her hiccups" like wat she said when trying to hide from the shorter matchmaker fren. I dunno y Joon lied abt him being "the person Ji hwa wanna meet".... seems like he is so in love with her.
  6. I finished my epi 11 , 3 hrs back, made my heart pump so fast! I cant wait for 12 and wonder what is to come, tink MH will confess. He misunderstood GT's reason for wanting to be a noble and this epi made him realise the reason.
  7. Yes yes tho I dun understand but I felt so happy watching the stills, so cute n sweet, flower petals falling down again
  8. I dun even wanna watch Nakdo, I dunno y the female lead is dressed like a modern lady appearing in some variety show wearing traditional costume. The male lead looked way too pretty/sissy watever, I dun understand wat it is trying to portray. At least with Flower Crew, its suppose to be like some romantic comedy and all the clothes n actions are supposed to be exaggerated. I think its light hearted and entertaining to watch. GSY supposed to look really plain jane n boring to show the contrast of a character of the show. Making Hoon wonder what's so gd abt her that Soo wants to marry her in the very 1st plc...if u remember he kept rejecting Soo. He himself was surprised that he too was attracted to her, such a manly woman, a total crude n boorish woman.
  9. This drama is definitely Fusion, looking at the costumes and props, like Flintstones...…"modernised period drama". I felt very light hearted when I watched this but at some pt, it makes me very sad. I think we should watch the show with an open mind. The good fren of the female lead just passed away due to depression, I feel very sad. I think its not fair to the actors to be blamed for the story plot. They are just acting out and doing their job. KMJ is a very funny and active person in real life, totally different fr his role. He did really well for his role I would say, he is a young ctor, 22 yrs old. So is GSY, being hyperactive in her role is also very different fr her character. This drama is trying to show that although the situation is very different in the ancient time, you cannot control your feelings like how it should when you met someone who made your hearts flutter. GT was never in love with Soo, its more of a big bro to her more than love. He is like the void missing in her life when her bro was lost n he happens to be there like her family and getting married to him is like a natural process. 1 thing she prolly did wrong for forgetting about her agreement to marrying Soo again, she was so into getting her bro out of the terrible mistress's warth that she overlooked the fact that she is engaged. OMG I must say MH n GT glances were so.....tink everyone can tell they have eyes only for each other. Love the bridge scene, made everyone look good looking. Poor Joon, I hope he n the mean girl can have happy ending.
  10. OMG, I cant wait to watch it during lunch time! Thanks for sharing, making me unable to control myself while working!
  11. Is it me or this shown is trying to portray some kind of girl power in the period drama? Like finding true love for woman in olden Korean is like so rare and women shouldn't just accept their fate at the hands of the elders etc. The cast look so gd in their costume, more so that Joon looks ok only when he is wearing modern clothes hahha! He n lady Kang looks really tall in real-life. Kim Minjae is so serious on-screen as compared to him being himself on variety show. Gong Seung Yeon looked like she lost so much weight compared to Are you Still Human. She look gorgeous as a bride minus the paper blushed cheeks and also as Lady Yun. All the matchmaker has their own sad story to tell..... I agree that Hoon was trying to protect GaeTong but due to the strong forces they are facing from his dad, only way to keep her fr harm is to be someone up there. Am a fan of both GSY n KMJ separately, will continue watching!
  12. I woke up really early to watch the raw version. Tho not understanding what they were talking about, I can see MH's heart fluttering....n him smiling unknowingly. The rich girl is so jealous of GT, thinking she is her love rival due to the stupid hair ribbon, doesn't wanna admit she is jealous. The tall playboy matchmaker is so handsome, he n the rich girl matches very well, they are both real tall in real life. My heart aches when GT finally saw Soo and hitting him, he is so suitable for this role, his eyes make ppl melt n so full of sorrow. Gong Seung Yeon look so thin n rugged in this role, she does it so well. GT din realise she has a thing for MH innately as well, inner self kept being concerned about him. This week's epi dun have flower petals falling on them. Their kisses are often not very romantic so far hahahahha! Gosh, I almost wanna faint when she was kidnap n MH went to bring her back, MH was fighting for his life to get hold of the kidnapper. I am loving this show!
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