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  1. I started with Goodbye my Princess this year, went to watch Fu Yao and that show by Zhao Liying and her husband. Cried buckets when I watch Goodbye my princess, sad ending but at least the main leads spent lots of time together in between, its jus so lack of communication, if they had been honest in 1st plc, prolly such things wont happen. The BLNJ is Xiaofeng's master (goodbye princess). His acting is really gd I must say. Almost forgot they are the same actor till I saw the actor's name
  2. When Asule finally give the feeling of him being grown & developed into a Hero...….He falls into the trap and becoming a small boy again.....No hope of having the 2 of them meeting anymore, argh!!!
  3. Angeline, u are super funny! Prolly the writer doesn't want this show to be typical romantic epic Chinese drama. In that turbulent time, there is no happy ending, the world is coming to an end, everyone is only interested in power......Mankind just grows negatively in numbers.....very sadistic.... The part where the BLJH was killed by general Tubo n later Tubo will enjoying his shortlived power was killed by blind BL...its eliminating unnecessary ppl for the sake of quickly ending the show.....Its like playing some online games, ok dead...out.....dead...out, NEXT! Whole show..... nothing happy at all except the few epi in the village, rest of the plots are all sad...….like the wedding between YR n Asule, its to save JY. When JY finally escape fr slavery, he found out abt the wedding, got upset and went on to offer services to YWY, have to face Asule and battle it out, broke the friendship......when we tot at least someone wld end up being happy, plot twisted n go downhill again! I would smile even there is any chance the show ending with Asule and XZ meeting and smile when they did, dun even need for them to hug I would feel happy enuff!
  4. I think Suma wants create havoc, she prolly was resurrected by LBC. When she followed Asule, she has this crafty look. And has this bewitching the eldest Prince kind of intention. Tink Asule loves her as a sister, like a security blanket when they were both kids. The eldest bro seems to be persuaded by this mysterious person to put pressure on the late king to make a decision to name him as the heir. He looks genuinely concern for Asule and dun seem to be a really evil person. The one who seems evil is the 3rd bro. I wonder if all of them have diff mums cos I heard 3rd prince said his mum is from wolf tribe oso or something. Saw the shots for epi 51 and 52, I forgot of which there is a scene where XZ has flashbacks of their conversation/confession on the top of the gate at Shangyang…. I think she is hoping Asule will cross mountains and seas to come back to look for her.
  5. plus she can speak n is the eldest prince lover or something......gosh
  6. I saw the shots of epi 49 n 50....I m so upset! the 4 of them just gonna have sad n lonely lives..... If they were so out to throw Asule n XZ together, they are now forcefully throwing XZ away. Poor JY oso gets thrown away out of the blue. Bad guy BLJH oso gonna jus die....gosh!Tat part abt ZBC coming alive again n chatting the wolf gang up n Suma reborn, omg....Just gonna watch till it ends tats it, very sickening end of the world kind of story... Who is Qin sorry?
  7. I dun understand Y so many ppl hated XZ, its becos she has too much screentime? I tot she acted really well n her character is such that she is in an special position. Seems like 4 of them will end up being alone for the rest of their lives...…...suddenly Asule is worthless overnight. I dunno if the writers wanna just end things conveniently for YR n JY, just touched and go for the Wing Tribe unnecessary ppl die and 1 save the land etc.....All settled in 4 episodes or shld I say 2 epi n bits of here n there.....
  8. Hi all, I like that XZ is with Asule cos YR only have eyes for JY. Actually all of them hold very impt political roles and all are brought up under exceptional circumstances. Maybe not so for JY. Tink the book fans are angry as the original story of XZ is actually a 12/13 yr old ger who used to like Asule but later fell in love with JY yet married to the prince of Xia Tang (whom in this show is the dimwit crown prince of Xia Tang). The females of this show have stronger character than the men , that's how I feel. I love XZ a lot as she really only cares for her brother previously and now only Asule, she always put others before herself and sacrifices herself for the others. I can understand Chinese and have watched till ep 44.....if its gonna end at ep 50, the whole show is going to be ending really sloppily!
  9. But the Hae tribe has some secrets that was not revealed yet...maybe more twist coming up. 6 more episodes only make me wonder if there are going to be lots of questions left to be unanswered after the end of the whole shows.....unless they end Eunseom quests really quickly. Am not sure if this has been asked before, Saya is rather weak in his reflex compared to his twin as he sort of can't even fight off Tanya when she attacked him previously.....So he is the one who is strong in mind while the other twin is strong in physique? I felt so emotional when the guy in wahan tribe killed himself over having no water n food etc n those idiots captors who kept demeaning all the slaves they capture. And Mubaek, didn't he try to help Tagon conquer the "world" and later regret his actions? I still dun understand, issit becos Tagon killed Sanung? I must say Tagon's masked minion is quite cute, y din he seem to grow old hahahha
  10. Tanya's description was as ES's 1st love.....meaning ES got other loves, #2, #3 I dunno….. She is the direct bloodline of Asa Sin (passed down from her Mother) so meaning can have family or have to have family but with Igutu means bloodline messed up? Think possible for high priest to have kids like the Asa clan. Nt the old Chinese Priest n Priestess must be virgin or chaste etc. ES n TY will be emotional pillars for each other to hang in there. They seem to be like family more than lovers in the beginning or love that yet to developed. Tanya was also described as the 1st politician n Taelha as 1st queen, so its gonna be a whole new world I guess new country with no tribes or something. Saya wasn't marketed in the beginning, prolly he is the surprise that the film marketeers are trying to create when the so call 2nd season is shown. Plus the kind of twist this shows have, prolly more surprises to come but I hope it dun disappoint fans who waited so long for this show to air and when it does we have to wait for 2 mths more...….. Looks like I have to create another email to get my 1st mth free Netflix cos current one gonna expire n 2 mths of wait wld waste my subs hahahha
  11. Reason for me saying the 2 twins getting to be more like 1 another is becos Eunseom was (telling Tanya in his heart ) enjoying the plotting against his slave master in order to escape n he felt its some sort of illness. Like Tanya saying she dun find the tactics in the art of war thru the game of chess like with stones to be fun, she said maybe she is sick for not liking. I also dun understand why Mubaek let Eunseom off, cos he is son of Asa Hon whom he sort of has some feelings for. The whole show seems to be due to human greed or the burning desire to stay alive. Tagon killing all the Neanthals for his father to stay alive, but in actual fact Neanthals din harm any Sarams rite? I forgot why is there war issit becos Neanthals are physically more powerful and they inhabit all the mountains/ covers a wide land? Maybe I shld start with episode 1 all over again. HAhahaha
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