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  1. Hey all, Began this drama and I'm a goner now. It's going so good. I have watched and loved the jdrama one. It's actually one of my top fave jdramas. But I'm still all the way hyped about this version. I'm really excited about how korean interpretation will turn out and so far I've not been disappointed. The plot, the actors...yup, all good. MY - He's such a manipulator and bad guy and a weary one at that. It seems that he is tired of life and out for himself. And you know he has been hurt by life a lot. But I also think, its his defense against the world. This way he always has the upper hand and never becomes too attached to anything. But every time JK appears, he smiles. He is definitely intrigued by her. Also in some weird way he helps the women he is with. He essentially saved YR and it appears that he accepts her for who she is, mental illness and all, and even with SA, he gives her an escape for a time. Has anyone noticed that even though he is a mystery, he never lies. He obsfucates, ignores or just tell the truth, like even with SA when he told her about his family. Also noticed how when JK told him to get lost, twice already, he immediately did abruptly. lol. Now whether he's the murderer or not, I'm going with not for now but it's way too early to tell. Sigh, MY needs a big long hug. JK - She's such a strong girl. And I'm very pleased that she stands up to MY bs, and tells him as it is and confronts him. It's such a nice thing to see in kdramas now. From how bright and cheerful she is, you can see that she received all the love from her brother and he tried to shield her from a lot of things. But then under the brightness, there is evidently a lot of darkness and she hold a lot of hurt as well and its evident with how much empathy she has for MY. She sometimes sees through his facade. SA - I see that the Knets don't really like SA actor but I think she is doing a good job so far. And although I do think she is being very irrational right now, I think I understand it. She has been living in a golden cage and is moving to a bigger cage with thicker bars and MY, the bad boy, appears right when she was vulnerable, helps her out of a situation and gives her a thrill and she's smitten. And now, he is a path to escape her current life. YR - Does anyone else think that she has some sort of dissociative condition? Anyways, onwards to episode 6. Eagerly waiting.
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