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  1. Noooo!! I need his smirkaliciousness! What if he's hiding a not-dead YW somewhere like he originally promised MW once before?! Squishy can't be evil! Besides, I want to see two badasses go at it! Gah, next week show... next week you better have some answers...
  2. I know CM's being presented as a dirty, dirty traitor (I have faith he isn't ) but I neeeeeed resolution to MW's revenge. Did the ep show anything???
  3. I'm pretty certain come the end, MW's time will be "unpaused" and rather than disappear she just starts to age again, getting a whole life with CS... Just like in Age of Adeline, which was a pretty average movie, but it makes more sense if she's stuck at a certain 'age' now, the logical conclusion is to just start ageing again...
  4. Does anyone know how the production is going, I mean are they live shooting at this point? I'm beginning to see eye bags...
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