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  1. Mini recap of today's episode

    - KJ is joining the dots and discovering his father is ill. Really shocked, seems like Mrs. Go didn't tell him about it.
    - The cook discovers the results of the contest and confronts EH, but don't understands their conversations. He is the one who gave the money to DB.
    - On the bright side, KS confess to TJ that she likes him and they kisssss two times; the second time is really funny.
    - The preview for tomorrow episode is heartbreaking, with KJ crying with Cha dad

  2. Sometimes I think aunt and cousin don't understand KJ and KS can't leave their work when they call them. I don't know in Korea, but in my country I only can be absent in my work if my parents have surgery, not if they are in the hospital for minor accident. And I can't be absent for celebrations. So, yes KJ is a totally jerk, but aunt and cousin, maybe because they don't work outside home, don't understand how they are slaves to their works, and KJ even more, being a doctor.

    Today's episode had two sides: sad and romantic. The sad, seriously, I had moments when I wanted to slap KJ and MIL, and even the good-for-nothing bride of KJ, I don't her name. They are soooooooooo selfish. They continue with their plan to no let father have a girlfriend and sell the shop. At the end we see how the lawyer enters the tofu shop and father says the name of KJ. Waiting for subs to know why.

    The romantic side: the kisses between DB and SW. So cute and innocent. In a break of the birthday party, they are outside the restaurant, and she strokes his hair. He gaves her a quick peck, and next a more intense and and mutual kiss *squeeeeeeeeeeeel* Finally !!!!!!!! Obviosly, EH saw them, but who cares? :))

    And EH advises TJ to give a real kiss to KS, and he can't stop thinking about this. I can't understand what he told at the end of the day, when he drove her to her house, but her heart was running a marathon kekekeke Maybe the ice-woman who can't fall in love again is slowly melting.

    And this is my mini-mini recap! see you next week

  3. Just watched ep.19 with subs and...

    the child isn't KJ's. Seems the mother was in a relationship with KJ's ¿friend?, but he married  another woman 8 years ago. She doesn't have family, so when she needed breast cancer surgery, she thought to leave his child with KJ. FIL doesn't understand it, and wants her to be tranferred to another hospital because she is KJ's first love. He's as despicable as MIL.

  4. I've been reading something about Geon's hair, and kisses between the OTP... but after watching today's raw, I can only think about:

    B-) B-) DANIELICIOUS B-) B-)

    This man is puuuuure smexiness! I've fallen for him, Oh my God.
    The rest of the episode is totally blurred for me :)) B-)

    How can he wear a pink suit and be so hot? he can wear any colour and any kind of clothes... or walk around naked

  5. semi-fly said: Quick question, I suppose, but what are you guys expecting if Min-hyuk truthfully confesses? He knows there is something going on between Jin-ah & Hye-sung albeit there may be some wiggle room as to what the two mean to each other. Given that would it really be appropriate for him to confess knowing how much the two care for each other and in reality wouldn't it be better for him to not hurt the friendship he has with Jin-ah by trying to get in between the two?
    There's nothing to say that he couldn't be a part-time white knight when she needs one (at work or at home dealing with his parents/sister/grandfather, etc.) at this point I don't really see the reason for the writers to push for a heavy love triangle when we've been given as much as we have between Jin-ah & Hye-sung (it's nothing new to say that I prefer them together than Jin-ah & Min-hyuk so saying so for clarification and/or those who in fact didn't know) so why not say introduce someone to Min-hyuk that more than meets his personality type and/or someone that would be equally smitten by his charms?

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