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  1. If the future husband had said he was Choi Taek, everybody in Instagram an even official account of FB would have posted it. I don't think he said that.

    But I think JH is convinced that DS likes Taek and maybe he has confessed at the concert, because at the end, at the gathering, everytime someone enters the bar, she turns to see if is Taek (or that is what JH thinks).

    JH thinks he's late, he has had always bad timing with DS because of being so slow. *cry*

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  2. I've been crying (like a waterfall) for more than an hour. My husband thinks I'm crazy for crying like this for a drama, but, seriously, I'm totally heartbroken!!! I don't dislike Taek, but JH today was sooooo pitiful, and the confession-with-a-ring/joke at the end just put the cherry on the top. And we don't have a preview!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please, make DS go back and grab that damn ring, please, please, please... If not, JH will be EVEN MORE pitiful than Chilbong!!! is that even possible? YES!!!

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  3. 36 minutes ago, katakwasabi said:
    40 minutes ago, ILYSM08 said:

    And now I'm annoyed with the one who spoil it -.-  The Flight stewardess and Pilot

    Yeah i'm quite annoyed too. Prefered if it was not leaked. 

    If you are refering to the live recap we have done, sorry, but we do this every episode. It's what we call a live recap for people who can't watch the episode live. We don't have time to put spoiler tags, and nobody has complained before. But sorry for the spoiler.

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  4. 44 minutes ago, NRGchick said:

    i got my wish!!! They played Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up' when the Kim and Sung appas were playing baduk. Yes, I was a huge Rick Astley fan....HAHAHA


    Me too! I had a big poster in my room wiht of Rick Astley, next to one of Bon Jovi and another of The Cure... My adolescence was very confusing hahaha

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  5. Text preview for tomorrow's episode:

    누구보다 엄마를 이해하는 아들 선우,
    하지만 엄마 옆자리의 무성만큼은 받아들이고 싶지 않다.

    미옥과의 꿈같은 첫 데이트를 앞둔 정봉은 떨리는 마음을 안고 데이트 장소로 향한다.
    한편, 정환의 미지근한 반응에도 덕선은 굴하지 않는데..

    Anyone who knows korean?

    Google translation is:

    Son than the mother whose understand Sunwoo, but I do not want to accept as much as a lush spot next to her.

    Ding Feng dreams ahead of the first date of such miok is directed to a date and place to hold a quivering heart.
    Meanwhile, the lukewarm reaction of jeonghwan is also deokseon does not give ...

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  6. 1 hour ago, haesungddolmi said:

    Anyone saw Michael again XD during the classroom scene? Trash oppa's colleague in 1994. He sports a shorter hair.Nice to see a crossover here! Indication that one of the boys would do medicine?

    Since the episode with JB's heart problems, I've always thought JH will study medicine. I may be wrong, but he cares a lot about his brother and was very scared during the surgery. And, they suffered a lot when they were poor and didn't have money to pay for his treatments.... So, I'm 99% sure he will study medicine.

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