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  1. I'm in total shock. Today I've watched episode 2 and I can't believe they used the plane crash of Germanwings Flight 9525. There were 150 deaths, including two of my best friends. I think it's a total lack of sensibility, it's been only two years, only!!! and it's very clear they use this case, because the pilot is German, it has mental problems and it's a suicide. I don't think they would ever use the Sewol Ferry as inspiration for any drama episode, because is their own tragedy, so I think they should show some respect to other countries too, knowing their dramas are watched internationally. I'm sorry for the rant, but it has been like living another time the loss of my friends. It sickens me.

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  2. Fighting Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo!!!

    I don't care about Legend of the blue sea: yes, their ratings should be better because of Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun, but I'm not a fan of any of them.

    But oh! Nam Joo Hyuk is so cute, and yesterday's episode was so funny.  Lee Sung Kyung was a little disappointing in CIAT, but maybe because they made her character so histrionic; I think she acts quite well considering she has acted only a couple of years. Well, I'll be served if I can laugh two hours every week with this drama.

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  3. 33 minutes ago, UnniSarah said:

    Chingu's Today's episode was beautiful but I have a serious problem. Major serious problem with this version. She keeps seeing the next King like a monster. Wae WAE WAE.... She has no idea why he killed them OR IF THEY DESEVED TO BE KILLED. She is maing assumptions and she looks so sad and terified at the same time. I am hoping she she has a little more faith in him and not do anything rash





    Well, first of all, she was a very bad student at school... The next king after Taejo was the Prince Crown (2 years), next Wang Yo (4 years) aaaaand finally Wang So with the official name of Gwangjong. Gwangjong reigned for 50 years and was terrible, he killed all his enemies. If I was HS I'll be as scared as her.  But, the writer isn't exactly following the history, and in the past there wasn't HS... maybe she can be the turning point in the life of WS, and make him a better person.

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  4. 2 hours ago, evie2016 said:

    All the boys in the drama are handsome, so of course they'll look good in suits. :D Love seeing a jealous XN when WW complimented KO. :lol::P

    So much spoilers today. :heart:


    For me, XN is not jealous at all, he knows KO is not his rival and who he really loves. I don't think they'll show the development in the relationship between KO and Hao Mei, it's a pity. They're so cute!

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  5. This is the writen preview:






    I've tried with google translator, but doesn't make any sense. Anyone here who can translate it?

  6. andy78 said: more otp scenes... Healer pretends to be stupid ...they walking they are watched by Hmh...Hmh remembers hospital again...he kissed that little girl hand...End of episode!From the preview :love triangle will also begin!!!2men+a girl...Hmh will have his brother fate...he will watch the girl loving another man...maybe his future  friend

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