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  1. While enduring this long wait for NQ and SS to be together again here is a sweet mini reunion between the the two from when NQ had a near death experience after one of his revenge killings and Chen Pipi had to save him: Chapter 117: Availing himself of the big black umbrella as a crutch, the seriously injured lad walked slowly out of the old library, like an old man with a stoop doing morning exercises. He strolled leisurely along the skirts of the wetland in the morning sun rays, and out of the front gate of the Academy.Outside of the plain-looking stone gate was a stretch of green meadow that was like a big felt blanket, in which dozens of slate-paved carriage lanes were partly visible, and farther along was a large collection of blossoms. When in mid-summer, the blooms would give way to exuberant leaves and small fruits.At the far end of the meadow, driving lanes, and trees stood a carriage, which had been waiting for a while, and even the horse lowered its head tiredly. Next to the horse squatted a little servant-dressed girl, who had not had a wink of sleep for a day and a night. Her swarthy little face appeared greyish-pale out of exhaustion and worry, as though it was applied by one of Chenjinji Cosmetics Store's powders.Yesterday morning, Ning Que did not return in the wake of killing, and some serious-looking local-government runners came and made some inquiries. The clatter of hoofs of the Yulin Royal Guards on the streets told Sangsang that something had gone amiss. She forced herself to suppress all of her uneasiness, and waited in silence in the Old Brush Pen Shop. The carriage which took Ning Que had not yet shown up and, eventually, she felt she could not wait any longer.Inquiring of a coachman, Sangsang was assured that Ning Que had left with a carriage to the Academy, and contemplating a while, she then produced 10 silvers and asked the coachman to take her to the Academy. From then on, she hunkered next to the carriage and meadow, silently waiting.She was not informed of Ning Que's condition, yet was quite sure that he was seriously wounded, and that he might have hidden away somewhere to cure himself. She did not dare to fish information from instructors or students, so waiting was all she could do.Sangsang squatted beside the trees, watching the gate go from being shrouded in darkness, to being shone on by the rising morning sun; watching lights go on and off in study rooms; watching an army of ants come and go in front her shoes; watching people walk in and out of the Academy; and hearing the loud chants of the students. Nonetheless, there was no sight of her young master.Some students came with carriages and saw the maidservant of Ning Que squatting beside the lane. They, mostly out of curiosity, had come to her for a chat. She gave no comments, only looked in the direction of the gate of the Academy.Sangsang saw the person she longed to see after watching the whole night, which she felt was almost as long as her entire life.She rubbed her sore eyes, and her little pale face was gradually suffused with color. She closed her eyes and held her hands in front of her chest, murmuring something, then propped herself up quickly. Her weak and delicate body almost fell over, as her legs were stiff from being in the squatting posture for such a long time.Ning Que, holding the big black umbrella, walked slowly next to her, and peered at this familiar swarthy face, which was evidently worried and exhausted. All of a sudden, pathos arose from Ning Que's heart. Though they had been through countless situations traversing life and death, it was still worthy of a celebration to meet each other in the wake of his near-death experience.Opening his arms subconsciously and trying to hug her, Ning Que just found that the little handmaiden had already grown a lot since they left the City of Wei, reaching the level of his chest. He paused for a moment, stretched out his hand, and rubbed her head instead.Lifting her little face, Sangsang beamed.Turning and walking toward the carriage, they supported one another, feeling connected, and said no more.
  2. Remember in the beginning of the novel when NQ talked about how love is for idiots? I think YHY looks at it the same way but unlike NQ she never found someone worth loving or sacrificing for like SS. She always mentions and almost takes pride in talking about how the only person in the world like her is NQ in terms of their ruthlessness and fearlessness. YHY and NQ also have this relationship where they always try to look for the other's weakness and YHY here just wants to belittle NQ's love to get him riled up. But what she does not really realize is that there is one thing NQ is most afraid of...SS and her leaving him. That's always been the case since they were young. Most people also don't really understand the dynamic between NQ and SS. They always just see it in terms of their title...whether they were the young master and handmaiden, when SS was either daughter of Yama or Haotian and NQ is human, or now as husband and wife. People either saw NQ as a thoughtless and selfish young master who takes advantage of his handmaiden, then they are confused why he would choose his plain handmaiden over a beautiful and accomplished cultivator, then they don't understand how he could defy the world to save daughter of Yama...and so on...now YHY looks at SS as a pampered wife making NQ look pitiful. Some people just don't see how they care for and can't live without each other. And NQ and SS never had a typical romantic relationship. Also, how funny is it that they left their children to be taken cared of by SS parents as if even they can't get in between their relationship. Remember when they didn't even want any servants because they both prefer that it's only SS serving NQ. It's always just the two of them in their world .
  3. Chapter 755: The Tang Empire was ready for a siege on Chang'an City. But no one began preparations for Chang'an City to be breached. They were not even mentally prepared for it. Looking at this scene, Ning Que's mood took a downward turn. Just then, a woman entered through the city gate. The woman had brows like ink and eyes like dots of paint. She looked like a painting. Her lips were slightly thin, and they were pursed calmly. They looked like wax plums on her pale complexion. Her long straight black hair cascaded over her shoulders, unlike the waterfall that it had been years ago. It was straight and beautiful. Ning Que looked at her quietly and then suddenly looked up at the sky. It was late autumn, the skies looked high and far away, calm and placid. He suddenly felt that Haotian... No, his teacher in heaven must have sensed his worry and uneasiness. That was why he had sent her to Chang'an, to him. * Was he thinking for a second that SS (Haotian) would send MSS to him ? He corrected it pretty quick though...he knows SS is not about do that * Then, he withdrew his gaze from the sky to look at the beautiful girl and smile. "Why have you come to Chang'an?" "I wanted to, so I did." Mo Shanshan answered with a smile, with her white cotton dress fluttering in the wind. Ning Que thought of a problem. He asked, "The Black Ink Garden..." Mo Shanshan knew what he wanted to ask. She answered calmly without waiting for him to complete his question, "I have already left them." Ning Que did not expect to hear this, but he knew that this was the only answer. Mo Shanshan did not wish to implicate the Black Ink Garden, her teachers or her fellow disciples, and even the Great River Kingdom. That was why she could only leave her sect and come to Chang'an to stand against the West-Hill Divine Palace. After a moment of silence, he extended his right hand and invited her into the city. Ning Que and Mo Shanshan walked through Chang'an City. They walked side by side, just like so many years ago. However, it was unlike before. The two arrived at the Imperial Palace and at the bridge from back then. It was the same vermilion red palace walls, but they did not see the spiraling snowflakes falling from the sky. Instead, the ground was thickly covered with yellow ginkgo leaves. "I don't have time. Otherwise, we could travel again together." Ning Que reached his hands above the water and caught a falling leaf. He said, "This is the fourth blockage. Try to sense the aura below the building." Mo Shanshan closed her eyes, her long lashes fluttering against her porcelain skin. She opened her eyes moments later, a myriad of emotions swirling in them. She felt shocked and extremely uneasy. "What a... powerful tactical array." Ning Que let go of the leaf and allowed it to continue falling into the moat below the bridge. The flow of the river was very slow and it was covered in beautiful yellow leaves. The addition of another leaf did not change its appearance. He looked at the yellow leaves on the moat and said, "It is troublesome because it is powerful. After Haotian Taoism tried to block it, we'd need even more Qi of Heaven and Earth to unblock it." Mo Shanshan considered it for a moment and shook her head, saying, "Nobody can call up so much Qi of Heaven and Earth, and there is nobody who can setup a tactical array that could fix this." Ning Que asked, "Can we use a talisman?" Mo Shanshan answered, "If an array is a talisman, then this big tactical array is the most powerful talisman I have ever seen in my life. In fact, one can even say that it is the true Divine Talisman." Ning Que understood what she meant. Chang'an was very large, and the Headmaster's wisdom was a peak that was hard to climb. Haotian Taoism's methods might seem simple, but they understood that. He said, "I hope that you can solve this problem." Mo Shanshan replied, "I don't have such abilities." Ning Que said, "But you're stronger than me." Mo Shanshan answered, "Then you can hand over the array eye pestle to me." Ning Que shook his head. Mo Shanshan smiled and said, "I thought that you'd have learned to trust after experiencing so many things." Ning Que thought of the tanned girl with a pair of lotus white feet on the Sishui River. He thought of Sangsang, whose body was in the dark while her feet stepped in the light. He said, "I apologize. Even if Miss Li San comes back to life, I cannot trust anyone completely other than the Academy." *Just IMO, I think ever since SS told NQ she was unhappy with him liking MSS, NQ has been very cautious with what he says about and acts around MSS. NQ never wants to hurt SS or make her sad. And SS never likes sharing what their family owns with other people. Or also maybe even at this point NQ thinks what is happening in Chang An and the array eye pestle might have something to do with SS so he wants to take care of it himself*
  4. So surprising how each Academy brother and sister uses their skills to fight, everybody thinks they were just spending their time in intellectual and artistic pursuits but they are quite powerful. Also at 1st brother being the actual teach of all the rest, not the lazy Headmaster , and how he absorbed all the rest of their skills as well to make him a very powerful fighter. Fair warning, your mortal enemy will be showing up fairly soon...maybe 5 or so translated chapters from the most recent one .
  5. Poor NQ...also that his constant fear of death is because someone might take advantage of or hurt SS . Chapter 93: "For no reason, I've come to such an awful place and lived in the General's Mansion for several years. Just because of people like you, not only that my good days were gone, everyone that I knew was dead. My father and my mother were dead. I was only four that year, yet I've to start thinking on annoying questions about my life and death. How can I not be tired?"It was the first time he held onto a chopper when he was four, and that year, he killed the first person in his life. When he saw the dark bloodwater flowing from the blades of the chopper to between his fingers as they gradually thickened and solidified, he realized that chocolate hotpot was actually a disgusting food. After the killing, he tried washing his hands several times, but the smell of the blood and the rusty smell of the chopper seemed to linger on his hands. These smells had been following him for the past twelve years.He held his right hand under the rain and allowed the rainwater to wash his hand, yet he felt that he could never wash away the thickened blood between his fingers. With his pale-looking face, he said, "Before that, I've never killed anyone, but now I find it easier to kill people than doing examination questions. I am not married, yet I need to drag along a kid to travel with me thousand miles across Min Mountain. Everytime I met up with someone, I kept worrying that he had the intention to kill me and snatch away the kid to marry as wife. Do you think I am not tired?""You are the one that caused me to feel so tired. Hence, I need to kill all of you in order to feel more relaxed. It's only when the blood in all of your bodies flow out can I feel my hands clean. You may take this as a cold-blooded revenge, but sometimes, I felt that it is necessary for me to clean my hands."Ning Que stared at the dying old man and said, "I am going to use your blood, for the washing of the blood on my hands."
  6. NQ: When is your man me unreasonable? I love how he refers to himself as "her man" as if to say that she is insulting herself when she criticizes him and um...NQ do you really want SS to point out all the times you were unreasonable LOL. I also love that SS compares him unfavorably to Second Senior brother, serves him right...gone are the days when SS only considers him now she appreciates other men
  7. NQ is really a perceptive guy...he was able to figure out that the princess is not so simple from the very beginning... Chapter 91: The master and the maid walked silently along the way, and Sangsang suddenly said mindlessly, "The princess is a good person."Ning Que looked up at the sky, which was separated by the plain trees above the street, and seeing the gloomy clouds, he said, "It's going to rain."This was what people would call a conversation with no heads or tails. Sangsang wanted to say something, while Ning Que did not. Therefore, as the former blurted out a sentence with no head or tail, the latter looked up the sky to say that rain would be falling."Young master, why don't you like her?" Sangsang stopped and looked up at him.Ning Que thought that it was necessary to let the little handmaiden know his honest thoughts. He hesitated for a moment and said, "I don't think she's a good person in the traditional sense, though she is really good to you."Sangsang did not know why he was being so stubborn on this issue, and she asked seriously, "If Her Highness isn't a nice person, then why did she go to the grassland and why is she so good to Xiaoman?"Ning Que looked at her quietly and suddenly said, "If she is a good person, then why did she go to the grassland and why is she so good to Xiaoman? I don't think all the stepmothers in the world are bad people, but I have also never seen a stepmother who regards Xiaoman's life to be more important than her own."Asking the same question, Sangsang seemed to prove that Her Highness was a good person, while Ning Que used it to prove the opposite. She was wondering what he wanted to say, looking at him in confusion.At the moment, a light rain began to drift from the sky over the city of Chang'an in the late spring. Ning Que took the big black umbrella from her back and opened it. Continuing moving forward, he then said, "When things are abnormal, they're often evil. His Highness' stepmother is so young, is her maternal nature suddenly flourishing? It seems that it's too soon for that. I think this is empathy. She was transferring her love for Chanyu to the boy... In this case, how sorry she feels for Chanyu, who rests in the grassland."Only military forces in borders like ours know what a great master Chanyu was. So, how was such a superior man murdered and usurped unexpectedly by his idiot younger brother?""Young master, what on earth do you want to say?""What I want to say is that Her Highness will feel regret all of her life because Chanyu was the one who really loved her, the only one who dared to love her sincerely.""I don't understand.""Nevermind."Sangsang kept silent for a long time, and suddenly spoke, "Do you think the princess is the one who killed Chanyu?""It seems that your general foolishness in life is an excuse for laziness," Ning Que answered indirectly.Sangsang lowered her head, walking under the black umbrella with her little fist slightly clenching, and asked, "What's the evidence?""There are lots of things in this world that don't need evidence."Ning Que watched the light drizzle outside the umbrella, and said, "She could not only resolve the attacks from some villains in the Empire but also gain the mercy from His Majesty by showing weakness in the battle with Her Majesty. What's more, she could win the respect of the citizens of the Tang Empire and even develop her own strengths in the grassland. Yet, it was impossible for her to stay in the grassland forever, since His Majesty is getting older and the person succeeding the throne needs to be confirmed as soon as possible. There's only one way to come back as a woman deeply loved by Chanyu."Sangsang whispered, lowering her head, "But Her Highness was only 12 or 13 years old when she decided to leave for the grassland.""I'd already begun to kill people in the Horse Gang at the age of 12 or 13. A person's ability is not necessarily proportional to his age." Ning Que held the big black umbrella and gradually sped up, and then said, shaking his head, "What I said is only a reason why Her Highness might do that and get benefits. But in my opinion, the best proof of the matter is the words that I said earlier."We all know how great Chanyu was, though he died young. Such a great man is hard to kill... unless the murderer is the one whom he trusted the most."Sangsang bowed her head with her lips curled, and then softly muttered, "Anyway, this is just your guess, young master.""I, too, wish that the speculation is wrong and that this world is full of fairy tales in which the prince and the princess finally live happily ever after. But you see... the prince in the grassland died, and the princess came back home," replied Ning Que.Sangsang looked up and a drop of rain fell off from her dark black cheeks. She looked at him angrily and asked, "Young master, why is the world so dark in your eyes?"Ning Que stopped and watched her wordlessly. A good while later he said in a cold voice, "Because the world that I've seen is so dark since the time that I survived and picked you up from the dead bodies by the roadside."With these words, he also felt that he was not on his best behavior. He walked angrily toward the street. He was wondering if the shadow cast on his spirit by the old library of the Academy or the impending murder had made the rain outside the big black umbrella seem not that fresh, but a bit dull.Sangsang stood in the rain watching his back, and suddenly hurried to catch up to him with the big black umbrella. She then reached her hand to grab his sleeve hanging down from his right hand, and never let it go. *So NQ thinks the princess had something to with her husband being killed even though she knew how much he cared for her and maybe even liked him in return - this is probably why he never let down his guard around her or fully commit to support her...he knows she is capable of being this ruthless *Interesting how the things that SS feels prove the princess is a good person, NQ can turn it around and show how it actually makes her seem suspicious and a bad person. * for NQ for all that he has had go through that made him so dark and cynical but how SS always stand by him even in times when she doesn't want to agree with him.
  8. One is a ruthless cold blooded killer and the other one is a young genius but whenever they are together they just turn into crude adolescent boys
  9. Chen Pipi's first letter response to the note NQ left in a book at the second floor of the library before they even met. I think I completely missed how naughty it is the first time I read it (must have skipped it) and I don't think they copied it word for word in the drama Chapter 89: "Poor boy, don't believe the kind of BS about whether a mountain is a mountain or not. Haotian God wouldn't be as bored as to be testing us with such silly questions.""Objective reality is nevertheless real, such as the writings on this book which are as real as my pride and arrogance right now. Even though the writing has been tampered with by the Divine Talisman Master, you must believe that it is real. If you cannot believe it yourself, then your eyes would certainly find it even harder to believe.""The writings constitute an objective reality, so does the paper. However, when this paper and writing reflects the spring daylight into your eyes which might be big or small, and once it is interpreted by your brain which might be smart or dumb...I'm guessing dumb... that's when it all becomes a fabricated reality.""Spring light being reflected on paper already constitutes an interpretation, seeing it in your eyes is a reinterpretation, and your attempt to understand it is yet another reinterpretation. Interpretation often leads to misunderstanding. The more you interpret something, the more it is likely to deviate from its original form.""If you are still unable to understand it by now, as a genius I am obliged to help you out with the most vulgar example I can come up with: the objective reality of something resembles a beautiful naked woman. We can only accept her existence, and she doesn't need our interpretation. Therefore, as a completely unclothed woman, her entire being constitutes an objective reality, regardless of the size of her bosom, the shape of her a** or the appearance of her pubic hair. You cannot change her.""When you look at her with desire, thinking about her beauty and wanting to have sex with her, these thoughts become layers of clothing. Each time you attempt to interpret her, you are covering her seductive body with a layer of clothing, until you are ultimately unable to fathom what she actually looked like at the very beginning, and how big her boobs were.""How to resolve this problem? It's very simple. Remember the image of her at the very instant in which she was completely naked, and forget about whether she is the saintess of the Great River Kingdom or Ye Hongyu from the West-Hill Divine Palace. Don't think, don't ask, don't offer her flowers or play a melody for her, instead, simply go up there and f*#$ her right there and then! Women are to be f*cked and not interpreted!"
  10. Can you provide a link? I can't seem to find it...
  11. I think Li Yu was blinded by her love and loyalty to her brother. And her hatred towards her stepmother feeling like her mother and consequently her and her brother were passed over. She did not think about what is right for the country but was more concerned that her brother got what she felt he deserved. Maybe that's why the king left the throne to his other son, because he knows his daughter is too prejudiced against his wife. This is why NQ is so disappointed in her because she is smart, resourceful, and capable of empathy (remember that NQ softened towards her at the bonfire when he saw she had tears for her guards that died) but she hurriedly installed her brother to the throne without any regard to the consequences for the country.
  12. What?!?! Third Sister is so full of surprises Chapter 731: But at this time, someone appeared in the mist of the mountainside. It was Yu Lian, the Academy Third Sister. She walked slowly along the mountain path. Yu Lian looked petite and comely, but gentle and inwardly mature. She looked like a young girl who knew nothing about world affairs. However, you would find her sophisticated if you looked into her eyes. Looking at her strolling on the mountain path, the Hierarch Lord gradually stopped laughing. "Mr. Third, I know you are something. Seethrough Realm was only a means to deceive the world. You can ascend to the Knowing Destiny State whenever you want. So don't try to cast a mist before my eyes." Yu Lian did not speak but kept going. With the ups and downs of her steps, something extraordinary happened. Her black long hair gradually fell below her waist. But it was not the hair that was growing, but her becoming shorter! She walked on the mountain path and became shorter with each step. Her young face became even more childish until she finally looked like a girl of 12 or 13. At the same time, her aura was also improving. As the Hierarch had said, she surpassed Seethrough Realm easily and then ascended to the Knowing Destiny State. Looking at Yu Lian's change through the gauze curtains, the Hierarch said calmly, "I said..." His voice suddenly stopped. Then he furrowed his brows. Because after reaching the Knowing Destiny State, Yu Lian's aura did not stop rising. As she roamed on the mountain path, she soon reached the Peak of the Knowing Destiny State from the Seethrough Realm.
  13. I really like how Mao Ni emphasizes the regular people and how they are as important as the powerful ones. For the last few chapters we saw how the world is thrown into chaos because of all of these battles among different sects and the imperial palace. But in these chapters Mao Ni shows how ordinary citizens view the war and they show more integrity and loyalty to their land than the ones who are supposed to protect them. It's like with NQ, just because his parents were servants who were forgotten casualty when the general was betrayed doesn't mean that their life wasn't important and that they would have a son who would want to avenge them. In this war, it's not just a battle between generals, cultivators, and royalty but it's the ordinary citizens who fight it as well, and sacrifice their life. I don't know if there is more to Yang Erxi or if he turns out to be important but right now he seems to be just a regular guy who felt called to battle.
  14. I think MSS deserves a bit of sympathy here...she was minding her own business when the couple decided to barge in to her life. And you can say that it was to help MSS get out of a loveless marriage but let's be real, SS used MSS as a way to test NQ and his love or to figure it out. They didn't go to MSS first to ask what she wanted or if she needed help. They just went and got rid of the king and then SS took NQ to MSS to see what happens if she got both of them together again. This actually happened before when NQ humiliated someone who liked MSS by allowing him to win the bid for the chicken soup calligraphy (the suitor wanted it for MSS) only to refuse to sell it to him. When NQ boasted to MSS about it the next time they meet MSS got mad at NQ and basically said...if you decide not to be with me then stay out of my business. Now NQ does it again, after he rejected her a second time, doing something that affects MSS life without her permission. So I can't really blame MSS for asking again if NQ likes her because of what he just did. I mean even SS keep on asking him what exactly he feels for MSS, and she knows him better than anyone else. I get her frustration in this moment too and I think NQ feels guilty because he realized that he and SS kind of messed around with MSS life and feelings just because both of them are having issues right now (SS being not human anymore being a big one ). I think he feels sorry and guilty towards MSS here actually because of what he and SS did but he wants MSS to blame and punish him not SS. Although he might not be joking when he asked MSS if she wants to kill him, I don't think he really expects her to do that. He just wants her to know how sorry he is that they intruded in her life but he's taking responsibility for it. I actually think that he doesn't want MSS to think bad of SS.
  15. Thank you, thank you for this!!! But then they didn't die? So did NQ decide not to save the world? Did this just end up being a different world then if it was actually destroyed? One they and most people survive anyways? Did NQ find a way to both save the world and save SS? Or maybe SS had enough of humanity in her that she wasn't completely destroyed. Come to think of it, SS as Haotian's fear seems to be dying...she doesn't want to be human because humans die and so why should she sacrifice being a god for that, especially since she remembers humanity not liking her. Haotian would constantly ask NQ about what if she dies (as a human) and it makes NQ sad because he knows that's true but always reassures her that he will be with her in death and beyond. So maybe the choice for NQ is not necessarily killing SS but more destroying Haotian and therefore SS becomes mortal and can die. When SS became human again she lost all her ability to do what she used to as NQ's handmaiden because at that moment they took action SS also got him to promise that he will take care of her.
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