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  1. Seriously, it was an amazing episode. I couldn't stop laughing and the chemistry between the cast members and guests were great. I fangirled over Kwang Soo and John Park's couple lol. They were soo cute :D
    If the Shinhwa's episode is broadcasted the 25th, it means they are part of the desert island episode where the preview told us that RM will have a proper order. But it is weird they didn't show us any Shinhwa members, that's why allkpop thought it was going to be a no guest episode. But frankly, Shinhwa are quite good at variety and anyway, no guests doesn't mean it makes a better episode than with guests but that's my personal opinion :D
    Running Man I freakin' love you and I want you to last forever ;D Come on, Yoo Jae Suk said he has to scold Jong Kook when he is 70 years old. You can make it happen, right ? XDKwang Soo, in episode 146 said that if they failed their spy mission, Suk Jin would have to wait until he is 50 years old to have another one XD.

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