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    why does he always wear that thingy on his mouth?... is it because of his teeth? O.o...












    i think its cute! =D kekeke!! XD























    because he's spraying toxic chemical, or either he sick or doesn't want to get sick.




























    Anyone care to join Mira in Starcraft? XD























    puaha, can't believe i missed this pic. She'll kill me :sweatingbullets:
























    ^very cute






























































    Oh man, psycho :crazy:




























    If its PSed, then who PSed sucks




























    If its natural, wow she's overgifted




























    If its surgery, she did it TOO MUCH -____-























































    :lol::lol::sweatingbullets: looks psed









    doooode theres too many ulzzangs posers to post lolz, umm three ulzzangs have a myspace as far as I know its only.. ex-ulzzang jungmi unni ^^ and nao =) and jaemin (hes not very famous)




























    post female links :sweatingbullets:




































    i don't like ryang hee very much O_O;




























    something about her seems OVERLY fake.




























    ^*shrugs* maybe because///she had surgery?




























    um.. I find her gourgeous :sweatingbullets:




































    sounds good!




























    i mean it's SYJ!




























    so i can't wait!























































    Heck yeah!!




































    IMDA smile is nice. but too many pictures of her lately, kinda getting tired of seeing her face.
















































    why some of them have to make their pics bright/light... I like tanned women.




































































































































    OMG! I see a nipple :o:lol::wub::ph34r:
































































































































































    Shou eyes scare the heck outa me.
































































    Hiroto is probably the best looking one. :)

































































    We're going to scare off anyone who comes into this thread
































































    Actually I'm kinda enjoying the unusual positions and angles potraying above :)
































































































































    ^ It's np Sean :D MORE COMING XD
































































    Haha yeah I'm good, I'm moving back to Japan at the end of the year, I'm not sure as of yet, but its a certain possiblity lol































































































































    Moving back to Japan? Last I remember you were living in Japan. Where are you currently residing?
































































































































    HAHA, yeah it's me, I have you on my msn list. ^^ This was my Sis' account but I stole it LOL How you been man? :)
































































    She's pretty HOT... :rolleyes::lol:
































































    Well, in my opinion, lol Have you seen recent photo's of her? She's so cute! >O<
































































    (sorry Haylea, I'm like spamming about you XD ... and also Cabe too XD)































































































































    I've been good, u?
































































    soo yeah who's Haylea :rolleyes: she seems interesting B)
































































































































    Those pictures are so cool, I want to put one in my signature.
































































































































    well I dont know which ones you HAVE listened to, but the following are slowish:
































































    Mushi (although its emotional)
































































































































    Aint Afraid To Die































































































































    I'll try these ones
































































    lol, alright B)

    There's lots more and Sean and Ginny already named some good ones. ^^
































































    Already downloading B)

    Yo Cabe, it's Aki here (o[_anzen_pin_]D)
































































    Oh! richard simmons Aki, didn't recognize you, you're on my msn list yeah?
































































































































































    I've been here, and there. Just came by to visit,
































































    I see a few have changed their sn?
































































    Can you all introduce your names please,
































































    and yeah, call me Si Bi :) --->(cb)
































































































































    Could someone recommend a slow beat song? The music I download from deg is mostly random... I'm still pretty new with it.

































































    My friend and I start interesting conversations when we talk about Dir en grey, Somehow we started talking about the difference between prostitutes and wives and we summed it up in this. A wife makes you pie and a prostitute makes you happy.
































































    How did you go completely off topic from Dir en Grey to who knows...
































































    Dir en grey and Prostitutes and wives in the same sentence lol.
































































































































    Oh ya Hi everyone it's cabe :)
































































































































































    I like Smallville, but I think the vampire episode one was pretty stupid.

































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