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    don't u think it's kinda of weird that there's a day care center at a high school?












    i think there's a problem with that...












    School is for learning...not babysitting












    at our school district, if u show any signs that u're pregnant, ur automatically kicked out of school, but u can come back once the baby is born.












    the uhlzzang is cute, and so is her baby. they look really happy












    but really, sucks for her since her teen years + are going to be devoted to that baby.























    Actually there are alot of alternative schools for high school teen mothers out there. In this particular school building I'm attending, downstairs is the area for teenagers with enfant, they can attend school also. I can't blame you for not noticing, but hey :sweatingbullets: I felt I had to state this. Since I am around this environment. Not that I am in this situation. nono












    Do you know when you are employed and at the time of pregnancy/labour. You are let off, untill the baby is born, still with a full career position. You are able to return back to your job. Think of it as more of a priviledge ;) .


















    Why does everyone have to assume, that they got surgery.












    Can't we accept the fact that maybe they changed over the years?












    (scratch that)












    Most of them look atleast in their early 20's or less..., wouldn't you say that's young to get surgery?



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