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  1. They were spotted golfing at a place that is pretty exclusive so not anyone can just go in. Although the picture is so blurry and small you can't really tell who it is LOL. But rumors say it was SYJ and HB.
  2. HB is being a man and taking the lead on rumors. LOL. SYJ trust HB enough to handle the media play. Even during press conference, she shared the same thing as HB and said he said it all. Read @magritte's post above yours. It's so true. LOL
  3. I love every part of what you said and I agree. SHIPPING IS NOT FOR THE WEAK!! The ocean waters may be rocky at times but come on, we have a SOLID SHIP! It can't be sunny skies all the time - SYJ is super private and I 100% understand out of respect for her. HB may have been ok with acknowledging his past because his partners were ok with it, but SYJ is a private person. So let's just respect that BTW I felt so bad for the 2nd lead actress - HB barely gave her a high five and then was focused on something else already - his face looked away. That was the end of it. She didn't even get a proper chance to say goodbye or good job or it was nice working with you LOLOL whereas SYJ has gotten way too many physical touches (pat on back, hand/thumb rub, etc)
  4. a true and close HB friend would know 1. HB is a very private person and 2. Considering vast has denied many times, that close and true friend would not be speaking to media knowing this. Lol. I question that true friend. His or her words could have been twisted as well. If HB did say he was surprised, it would be about the holding hand and that’s it. Lol. aso like I’ve said many times there’s no way they can admit dating u til a period of time has passed. It is frowned upon to date while filming.
  5. I've seen so many different variations of the translation: 1. She said she will be back with a new drama soon 2. She said she will be back with new work soon (not specific drama or movie) 3. She said she will continue to work hard in new works in the future LOL I don't even know what to believe anymore, but I know Boston 1947 and Pirates 2 were some offers? I don't think she confirmed anything yet. Regardless her and HB will be busy - at least we know HB is confirmed to go abroad to film in Jordan soon. I'm not worried at all - they worked on NEGO in 2017 and even after it ended, after both parted ways with new dram (SITR for SYJ and MOTA for HB), they still managed to make time to meet up in LA to do grocery shopping. They will be able to make time for each other, despite busy schedule. LOL Long distance or temporary separation is also healthy for relationships to last long.
  6. I'm on SYJ's thread and OMG this fan NAILED IT LOL I almost fell off my chair:
  7. Agree 100%. For shippers out there, please refrain from feeding into such rumors. We don't need it. We have already been spoiled LOTS and now it's time to just WAIT AND PRAY DESPERATELY. When they are ready, they will inform us. Regarding the VAST comment - news and reporters always add in their two cents. VAST has to deny the hand holding. It's unprofessional! That's going to jeopardize their professionalism as actors. I did look at the picture and I think SYJ did clasp her hands and HB's hand was next to it so I can see how it got taken out of context. I do not think they would hold hands. There is a time and place to date, and while working when you have crew members working hard, is not the place to date. We need to respect their privacy and let them be. HB is going to be busy preparing for his new movie and SYJ had so many emotional scenes during CLOY - they both need rest and HB will be busy. Let's not further burden them with these kinds of rumors and give them more work and stress. LOL
  8. I am not at all surprised of the denial again. Of course they cannot admit dating during the drama, come on, that is NOT well received at all. Shippers, brace yourself and I hope rumors stop spreading now so they can enjoy their private time before he goes to Jordan to film his next movie. I expect we will continue to hear denials if rumors keep coming and it will be a period of time before we hear any good news. But the denials don't mean anything to me. Agencies have a tendency to deny deny deny. Let them be and enjoy their private life - when they are ready to announce, they will come forward. We have been spoiled so much already, please don't forget: - Nego promotions, interviews - Nego Director saying that HB likes SYJ more - Golfing - #ingrocerywetrust - CLOY BTS What else do you need? Nothing. Let them date privately and let's just as RJH said, "Wait and pray desperately".
  9. Shared by https://twitter.com/yej___ on twitter https://www.kstarlive.com/news/2020/02/18/cast-and-staff-members-of-crash-landing-on-you-reportedly-not-to-have-any-reward-vacation-331540 No reward vacation for our hardworking cast and crew due to coronavirus. Understandable. Sad, but it is what it is.
  10. The ring idea might have come afterwards. I heard in Switzerland, they were supposed to reunite and eventually settle in SK [?] where they get married and have twins. The marriage and twins scene was deleted. I think the marriage would have happened in SK because they said YSR was going to be in a hanbok (traditional korean clothes?). That's probably why no ring in Switzerland scenes.
  11. Did any of you watch School 2017? He was the lead male in that drama. he was also a lead role in another drama, but dropped out. This was right before CLOY which is his return.
  12. Agree, SYJ is super recognized in the drama/movie industry. If you look at her long list of awards, it's super impressive.
  13. Take that twitter account with a grain of salt. People can say what they say, and being a shipper is not easy. But from everything that we have seen, I don't have the SLIGHTEST doubt that HB likes her and is smitten by her. For me, the ship has sailed or will sail. I just can't read SYJ enough to be able to tell how she feels but I do think feelings are reciprocated.
  14. I’m surprised they even hugged and that HB initiated it! Yes it’s kind of awkward but only because of the positions they were sitting at lol. Notice he had to scoot his chair closer to cheers. He was far thus the big was a bit awkward. Does HB usually initiate hugs? Lololol
  16. But RYJ doesn't seem like the type that cares about honor or being tortured. He knows the ducklings are still here and he needs to help get them back safely. I still don't think I get the logic behind that...
  17. I just finished watching with subs. OMG i went through so many emotions - sad, happy, crying, regretful, etc I didn't understand why RJH put a gun to his head and contemplated suicide. At first, I thought it was because CCG told him that he put his parents in danger - that if he goes back, they will be executed. Initially, I thought he felt guilt for putting his parents in danger, for taking the blame. Later, I thought, does his dad have anything to do with his brother's death? Even if it was indirectly? But RJH doesn't seem like the type that would believe what others say without investigation himself. I'm still puzzled, but perhaps the guilt he had when he knew he put his parents in danger. The NIS and ducklings are hilarious - i loved every part of it. Them trying to analyze the ducklings and RJH - LOL too funny. Pyo Chi Soo - OMG. Man, he sacrificed himself for the others. I almost cried. Damn. When he went to distract the others so the other ducklings can have a chance of escaping. But it turned out to be funny when he was in a dead end. RJH - ugh, I hated him being so cruel to YSR but I kind of understand it. I don't want to understand it but I can see how he wanted to take the blame on himself and protect everyone else. I just hated the words he used - they were indeed very harsh. But YSR doesn't seem to believe it; mirrors what happened when RJH went to fetch YSR and she threw harsh words at him too. After seeing CCG's laptop, RJH will probably come clean. It hinted that his dad probably had some sort of plan - for RJH to return and sort things out. At the end, I felt like he would come clean and be honest - which is why in the preview, the ducklings and RJH are being returned to NK. At the border though, YSR will come and that's the famous scene we see of RJH running towards her. When YSR crossed the border back to SK, we had a kiss. I wonder if we will get another one, since this drama mirrors NK in SK. GSJ and SD. OMG. I actually liked their scene. I do feel bad that they didn't get as much screen time, probably because the writer felt the duckling's popularity and gave them more. But I do like that we are kind of wrapping them up. I don't think GSJ will die - I think they will have a happy ending as well. Next ep - I can't believe it's the end. This drama has been so emotional for me. I am still confident we will have a happy ending. PLEASE WRITER NIM. All the hints you gave us - the twin pictures on IG. I know some of you said it was baby Seri when she was younger, but I don't buy it. I think RJH will get his twins. I just don't know how the two will be reunited - Maybe YSR will start business and invest money in NK but they will be back together and get their twins.
  18. instagram photos from cast and crew. Don’t think it’s filmed but even if it is it’s not released to public. We usually get reporters taking pictures of them going in the restaurant and if we get lucky cast and crew will post pics or videos for us to see
  19. The wrap up party is tomorrow - does anyone know if the cast usually watches THE ENTIRE episode together or what? If that's the case, that means HB and SYJ will be there for almost two hours - isn't this like, one of the longest episodes EVER?
  20. Just watched it RAW without subs so I still have no idea with what's going on: My predictions: -YSR will NOT die. Come on, lol.She's the FL. Are you kidding me? This is a RomCom - she will NOT die. We saw the pics with RYJ in handcuffs. She will be fine. - I want to say GSJ also won't die - but I'm not sure. He's the second lead. I don't think he will die. I think the flatline was someone was flatlined (maybe Seri) but was resuscitated. It can happen. So I will stick with GSJ not dying either. SD saying she will take revenge is probably regardless of GSJ's state - whether he lives or dies; she will take revenge because it was their fault - even if he just got hurt. - RJH and Seri will separate - just like in NK. In the preview, we saw RJH at the border being returned to NK. He runs, probably as we all know, he saw Seri and that's the scene we see with handcuffs. - The Ducklings and RYJ will be intercepted by the General, but Papa RJH will come save the day. RJH will probably also have evidence to save his family. The preview about the mom saying she will die with her husband and/or son (she will follow) is just to create hype. RJH and his family will be fine. They are always two steps ahead of the game. - Either YSR will establish some sort of business in NK that allows her to travel to both places or they will meet again in Switzerland. I do hope the writer comes up with some genius idea because I not only want YSR to be with RJH, but also the ducklings. Bittersweet as we come to an ending tomorrow. I need closure. At least we know the wrap up party is tomorrow and it's TWO HOURS (almost) long so hopefully the writer will not pull anything dumb.
  21. Referencing the video about the Last Princess that you shared, I remember reading somewhere during Something in the Rain that after a crying scene, SYJ continued crying for x amount of minutes. In this video, the actor also shared that SYJ cried for another 10 minutes after the crying scene. DANG. Since CLOY had so many emotional and crying scenes, I can only imagine our Binnie consoling her and comforting her after the crying scenes!!!
  22. Yes, 100% agree. When he first encountered he, she left an impression (1) because she was about to jump off a bridge which sparked his interest/concern - concern as in anybody would be concerned and (2) when he saw her, he kept looking at her, probably thinking, whoa, she's pretty - totally my type. Not much more to it than that - it was the initial physical attraction. I walk around and once in a while I see someone and I'm like, damn, he's my type. But nothing more - I didn't fall in love (can't happen so fast), it just sparked my curiosity and interest.
  23. Oh wow! I didn't know this. No wonder I haven't seen her in historical drama other than The Last Princess but you are right that is pretty modern. I'm surprised! SYJ seems to be the type of actress that will take on any role, if she thinks it's interesting. Do you remember when/where she shared this? BTW tomorrow or is it today in South Korea already is Valentines day. Since our ship has the day off...eeps! LOL
  24. Can anyone tell me where the brocolli and snowman pics came from? Who posted them?
  25. I agree - the way I understood it was RJH said that the girl he saw on the bridge was his type, as in, when you see someone and you're like, damn, she/he's cute - totally my type. It has nothing to do with falling in love. It's just an initial reaction to the way someone looks - the physical attraction. Later, after he got to know Seri, is when he fell in love.
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