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  1. hello3ow9.gif, like everyone here, I am also a huge fan of "Secret Love".  I am not active in this thread (mostly at BSB's home) but I had previously posted my thoughts over here in line with those episodes aired through KBSW.  I have finally completed the drama and would like to share my wrapped up thoughts on the drama with fans of SL. 
    Taking this opportunity to thank each and everyone for all the awesome sharing of thoughts and comment in this thread (awesome place to hang-out but I miss all the fun, @cynkdf I notice you have been stamping your footprints here on a regular basis) - gomapsnida everyone. thx.gifimage

     imageSECRET LOVEimage


    General Comment

    It’s a powerful drama, though it wrings you out - and it’s a fine showcase from actors, PD-nims, writers and all the production staff.  Secret Love’s script is ingenious, guiding us in measured steps through the story’s unfolding secrets – gomawayo Yoo Bo-ra ssi. She is such a master of framing, pace and visual texture that even I couldn’t guess how the story will unfold. This is a drama that really enriches the genre of which it is now no longer secretive.

    The actors always give a right reaction at the end of a scene, even a mild kiss can have a profound effect on viewers.  This drama is loaded with scenes that make the viewer feel and connect with the characters, because of the use of real emotion.

    Some of the dialogues and monologues cut like a razor, and the foursome performances by Ji Sung, Hwang Jung-eum, Bae Soo-bin and Lee Da-hee have intense emotional focus.

    On Actors' Performance

    I have no idea where Lee Da-hee is going at the end of the drama, but I suspect that she is on her way to some large sort of stardom. I think she is on a roll after the success of “I Hear Your Voice” and now with another huge success on “Secret Love”,  I can imagine her busy flipping scripts in 2014.

    The drama’s one unforgettable performance (of course, my bias-ness is obvious, right?), though, is by Bae Soo-bin. His Ahn Do-hoon is a striking villainous creation – here the actor makes him mesmerizingly complex, and BSB almost owns every confrontational scene into which he sets foot.   It’s hugely daunting challenge to play this man, Ahn Do-hoon and I think they found exactly the right actor to play him.  There is not a single scene that I can bring him down – he was so well-prepared for the role that he left us no room for criticism – perhaps, his finest performance of his career. 

    Sidenote : In one of the segment of “Happy Together 3”, they invited guests/actors who are famous for playing villain roles, one of the actresses quoted this line “There are no bad characters but bad acting”…. – so true! Sometimes villain role characters or antagonist can attract more fans than heroic characters, just like Loki in “Thor”. Tom Hiddleston is everywhere promoting “Thor : The Dark World” – Loki exists between damnation and redemption whereas Ahn Do-hoon exists between destruction and redemption.

    Bae Soo-bin manages to project emotional shifts using nothing but his eyes. The power of his eyes - when he looks steadily into your eyes, you can feel yourself being sucked into his gaze. When he breaks down in tears at one emotionally manipulative point (I dubbed it as the most unforgettable and shocking scene (ouch…that must be very painful) after dropping his knees, he self-slapped himself not once but at least twice as he sincerely begged for forgiveness from Yu-jeong.  I am still blown away by that particular scene, it’s really a difficult act to perform but he did it brilliantly. There are many strong contenders for Best Supporting Award (Actor) or Top Excellence / Excellence Award (Mini Series) or even Producer Awards…..whoa….I am so greedy. I strongly believe Bae Soo-bin will be one of the nominees in at least one or two of the above categories.  He deserves an award for his amazing performance – can’t wait to watch the year-end KBS Drama Awards.

    Just seeing Ji Sung soothes me – like in any drama characters, both the main lead couple started off their meeting as mere acquaintances and through sheer painful encounter, she ended up as someone he hated the most.  I wonder why hate so often feels like a component of love – or at least a measuring stick for it. As expected in Kdrama fashion, this is how life takes unexpected twists and turns, sometimes through happenstance!

    Ji Sung is such a star that he manages to make the character consistently entertaining – the most hilarious conflicting stalker ever in kdrama history (I think?!).  Ji Sung is so charming, everyone loves him. He always says the opposite of what he meant to Yu-jeong – words form in his head, they are right on the tongue, but he says none of them, reasoning that this is not the moment to delve. His main interest lies on a different agenda – which has a lot to do with his most memorable dialogue “Don’t go anywhere” “Stay by my side” and the collection of debt was just lame excuses.

    I have always enjoyed watching his show especially “Save the Last Dance” and in fact, one of the scenes here reminded me of his character’s interaction with Eugene (note : the laundry scene).  His acting skill is top notch and Ji Sung completely invested emotionally in his character right from the beginning. The script was never boring and it was always thrilling and demanding and he was completely consumed by playing Min-hyuk. His voice is low (one of his best assets), it sounded almost intimate when he speaks….oops….oh when he is besotted, he gives the most alluring smile! Oh btw, I was amazed by his singing skill - beautiful vocal with lyrics that matches their love story. Like Bae Soo-bin, I hope Ji Sung walks away with at least an award, hopefully for the Top Excellence / Excellence Awards or Netizen Awards or Producer Awards, though he will be up against very strong contenders. My guess : I think Joo Won will claim the “Daesang” this year.

    Here’s an actress who’s been delivering uniquely shaped performances over the last few years in dramas.  Hwang Jung-eum always seeks out new character shadings and she always delivers and her emotional eloquence as an actress comes as a happy surprise.  I will miss seeing her as Kang Yu-jeong and I don’t know how I ended up falling in love with her crying – she is a pretty crier. She went from a vulnerable, normal kind of a girl to someone who found all of her deep reservoirs of strength and came through.

    Hwang Jung-eum’s performance in “Secret Love” seems unlikely to be bettered by an actress who most probably ends up competing for a KBS Drama Awards this year.  Couldn’t she be one of them?

    Another one of the poignant and memorable scenes……


    One of the most poignant scenes that I wish to highlight is a scene of YJ with MH at the bakery shop – an appropriate venue for YJ to reconnect with her father.  After piecing all the puzzles that linked DH with her father’s death, YJ returned to the bakery to reminisce. The head banging scene is an emotional reaction for being such a stupid fool in trusting DH.  A worried MH slipped his warmest hand to avoid her head from hurting but it did not cushion the pain she felt.  He hugged her but YJ’s body remained kind of rigid, not having an ounce of weight to fight for a release and by the end of the sobbing scenes, I think HJE ran out of tears as she ended up with gulping tears.  I have to give her full marks for executing that heartbreaking scene and seriously, no make-up can hide those blood-shot eyes and puffy nose. It’s hard not to feel the pain, the tension seems almost unbearable.  Through the simple but honest reactions of these two characters involved in this one significant moment, we are drawn deeply into their lives and the story. I enjoy how the PD didn’t rush some the scenes, like this one – real feeling needs time to play out so that we can experience and process it. 

    SAN is alive….

    When Yu-jeong found out that San is still alive, she broke down – angry tears sting her eyes and the storm of tears that followed are beyond anyone’s imagination, it just poured like there’s no tomorrow! How could “Ahjumoni” make such a huge, life-altering, utterly unforgiveable act?

    Yu-jeong doesn’t plan to soften, she will not be tired of the warring emotions and she will continue to make those who took away her SAN to pay back.  The endless cycle of hatred and resentment – “Ahjumoni” has never been kind and appreciative of Yu-jeong and consider her to be out of Do-hoon’s league. She committed an unspeakable act against Yu-jeong, violated a central tenet of motherhood! What goes around comes around – she will get to taste the feeling of missing her precious son while serving jail term!

    Yu-jeong’s emotional dilemma is played for maximum pathos and when she gives up claiming back her beloved son, my heart breaks along with her (being a mother, I can understand her feelings – the emotions so strong that mere words can’t express it).  I would have done the same thing if I were in her shoes.

    I think SAN’s discovery was the main highlight of how the writer ends Do-hoon’s character with a chance to redeem himself and gracefully depart with an imprisonment that justified his wrong-doings.  To be honest, the story wrapped up too quickly (his redemption part) – I wasn’t expecting him to change overnight as I didn’t see it coming from episode 15. Anyhow, it was a good closure for his character and he did beg for forgiveness from Yu-jeong – thanks to SAN, the human or fatherly side of him woke him up.


    Random thoughts….

    I thought after they had sort out their relationship, MH would not go back to addressing YJ as “driver” but he did that again which surprised me – I guess bad habits are hard to break. I get emotional when MH called her by her name “Yu-jeong” – it sounded so sweet, dripping like honey!  I find it insulting when he used the word “driver” to address her but of course, that was scripted to sound nothing but “annoyance” in MH’s stance.

    I think if I am not mistaken, throughout the entire running of the story, Yu-jeong has been addressing Min-hyuk as “CEO/sajang-nim” and only in one monologue scene, she was heard addressing him as “Min-hyuk ssi”.  We get to hear that again, when Min-hyuk asked Yu-jeong to quit calling him “CEO” as he no longer holds that position, he wishes to be called, Min-hyuk.


    Jo Min-hyuk’s relationship with Shin Se-yeon


    I don’t know why MH doesn’t love SY – it’s something you can’t really control. It is something you can’t will yourself to feel or not feel.  I feel kind of sorry for SY – for being arrogant and in denial that their relationship has evolved – they are not even friends at one time. A woman who carries on a relationship with a never-into-you man for years, hoping, even believing, that he will one day come to his senses and leave his other women.  The moment is just around the corner – if she only hangs in there, she won’t be sorry in the end. But time passes and the years only create fresh excuses. There is always something, a reason to keep the status quo. But then the excuses run out and ultimately she accepts that there will be no changing-of-hearts, that she will always be the 2nd-place finisher or someone important just as a business-trading marriage partner.  She decides as long as I can have him “just once” is good enough for her ego.  Anyway, I am glad by the end of the show, she surrenders to her fate and I have empathy for Se-yeon – at least they didn’t end up on a sour note.

    Ahn Do-hoon’s relationship with Shin Se-yeon


    This couple deserves each other – if only Se-yeon opens up her heart, listen to her instincts and make peace with herself, she would have been able to accept the genuine affection from DH.  But she fought against them like a drowning person in a riptide. What a pity, she was too busy chasing to claim a small piece of Min-hyuk’s heart.  Maybe DH did have an ulterior motive in the beginning of their relationship but it grew into something more than like but not as deep as love, well, at least in DH’s side.  Before I can place their relationship, the writer decides to separate them – someday the time she spent with Do-hoon will be a distant memory. This fact somehow makes me sad too.  It’s like when someone dies, the initial stages of grief seem to be the worst but in some ways, it’s sadder as time goes by and she’d consider how much he would be missed in her life.

    From the early stage of their relationship, I think I did mention before that there’s strong indication that in some ways there is hope the two may end up together. Anyway, the fact that they did not end up together doesn’t come as a surprise, but the emotions power of their non-relationship proves remarkable effective.  At the end, it was refreshing to see the glow of happiness in Do-hoon’s face when he received a postcard of the painting he so adores.  Will this couple have another chance?!?  

    Jo Min-hyuk’s relationship with Kang Yu-jeong


    We can feel the chemistry between Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum but it has limitation, like some kind of guilt halts (err….both has partners to report….).  Anyway, the last bit of kissing scene was a special gift for viewers rooting for this couple (Ohmigosh….why do I feel like I am their Managers trying to salvage their image over this OTP?!?) I feel their love and those intimate scenes were subtly and tastefully acted.  When he switched from stalker-mode to giddily-in-love-mode, he makes things feel celebratory, his good moods are as infectious as his bad ones too.  His face breaks into a glorious grin whenever Yu-jeong smiles at him.  

    Min-hyuk loves Yu-jeong for her naïve-ness, her paboh-ness, her sensitivity and her courage. He loves her wholly and unconditionally and without reservation.  He loves her enough to take risks.  He loves her enough to sacrifice his status. He loves her enough to accept his own happiness and use it, in turn, to make her happy back.  After the “bogoshipda” kiss scene, they gave each other “I love you and have faith in you” look in the last scene. It was a short romantic reunion but a sweet one – couldn’t have asked for a better ending!

    Ahn Do-hoon’s relaionship with Kang Yu-jeong


    This pair started off with some lovey-dovey moments but it was instantly cut short – still she was very optimistic about their future. I did root for this couple and even when Do-hoon looked shameful and sometimes regretful and guilty over the hit-and-run case, I saw a glimpse of hope for a not-so-dramatic and not-so-evil DH to appear.  But when he breaks off their relationship, it turned out to be an opposite effect – I no longer pin for this couple. Yu-jeong told him not to feel bad, that was not his fault, “I am carrying all the guilt for both of us”….aish…if the tables were turned – Do-hoon would not do the same thing in a heartbeat!

    Do-hoon has been somewhat subdued whenever he bumped into Yu-jeong and Min-hyuk. I wonder if Yu-jeong has anything to do with his mood.  Maybe it bothered him watching Yu-jeong with Min-hyuk – not full-blown jealousy, just the territorial pangs. I have been so hyped up over detecting signs of  jealousy in DH that I actually ended up wanting to believe it existed.  I would like to believe that Do-hoon did genuinely love Yu-jeong. I guess at the end, Do-hoon has to confront the bad karma aspects of all the things he did. A betrayal of that kind of magnitude could never be erased or forgotten.

    To be honest, Yu-jeong’s revenge plot failed to lift up to whole spiced up momentum of a full-fledged revenge that I was eager to see.  Compared to what he did to her, she is way too kind and gentle with words but I guess I have to understand her character – she is not aggressive and very patient.  Patience is a virtue – good things come to those who wait, time cures all things. My empathy for her is huge and all-encompassing.

    Writer-nims [Choi Ho-chul and Yoo Bo-ra]

    Yoo Bo-ra rewrites the original script by Choi Ho-chul (Winner of the "Excellence Award" at KBS One-Act Play Script Contest in 2012 for “Secret Love”).  There is a possibility Yoo Bo-ra was roped in to expand and/or edit the original script to achieve a well-crafted twists and turns story plot in the world of “bilmil-s”.  During filming, I read that the actors or even the directors didn’t know where their characters are heading (if their characters were going to live or die) so it does, in some way, reflect that kind of everyday existence.

    Best of luck to Yoo Bo-ra – hope she wins the Best Screenwriter Award. Credit should also goes to Choi Ho-chul for the winning script and I don’t think he will be nominated since he has already won an award for his submission.

    PD nims of Team A and Team B - [Director Lee Eung-bok and Baek Sang-hoon]


    And the Director gets extra credit for trying to incorporate some fresh setting for the kissing scenes, they constructed it like it was inspired by Hollywood standard especially the last kissing scene. However, it is not the kissing that they try to emulate the Hollywood style but just the set-up location – it is OFTEN just a soft, closed-mouth kiss, their lips barely touching.  There is no connotation of lust or sex or passion – it’s always “buy one-shot kiss scene, free one tear-drop” justification of a dramatized kiss scene…oops, sorry dear, I am just venting my frustration….hehehe!

    I wonder whose idea it is to abruptly edit out some of the beautiful intimate scenes (no thanks to KBSW) and it really gets on my nerves when I see no reason to snip off those intimate/romantic scenes!!  

    A triumph for all involved – this drama was a rating winner!   


    Other than crediting the success of this drama to the director and writer for their respective creativity works, I sincerely would like to give huge amount of credit to the people responsible for some of the finest artwork we appreciate : cinematography.  Behind the scenes and behind every fine director are those so skilled in their field that we often neglect them for their achievements. It’s hard work for these experts whom are often not “being in the limelight” but are the ones that “organize the dazzling lights” for the shooting.  Personally, I am very interested in the behind-the-scenes filming process and the privilege that has been given to me to witness how people behind the scene works give me a sense of fulfillment!

    Quoting this from an article I read : A cinematographer is the lungs of a director, the mise-en-scene can be an idea by the director but built and realized by the cinematographer.  Every cinematographer has to know the director’s work and they go through every scene with them. When an actor acts, there’s no mirror in front of them, it is a cinematographer that project them.  


    One particular scene that caught my attention is how they construct the filming scene of MH pulling YJ out of the bus which is about to move. The slow motion camera movements of her falling into his arms was beautifully shot and as the bus moved on, the camera slowly shoot the couple scene through the folding door with interval door panel overlapping them.  It was beautifully captured through the camera inside the bus (mian, not professionally described as in a cinematographic point of view).

    Other casts that we rooted and of course, deserve a noteworthy mention……


    Yu-jeong’s three angels (from prison mates to soul mates) – Dan-bal/Ja-yeong, Sandra Hwang and Hae-ri [Ahn Ji-hyun] were like pillars to YJ- they provide unconditional emotional support whether it is law abiding or otherwise.  They are awesome supporting casts especially the most significant supportive role from [Jung Soo-yeong] Ja-yeong – she says exactly what’s on her mind and can get away with it because what she says is the truth though sometimes it hurts.

    [Hwang Seok-jeong] Sandra Hwang spilled some funny moments to tone down the mellow effect – she is so incorrigible, like an old lady telling dirty jokes.  I admire the fact that her approach to life is so casual and simple.  Perhaps, Ja Yeong could use a healthy dose of her nonchalance.    

    Choi Gwang-min [Lee Seung-joon] found someone much younger to support him as the new CEO of K Group – not very surprise to see the team-up of the two since in one scene I suspected Min-joo [song Min-kyung] is attracted to Ahjussi with the strangest enquiries on GM’s favorite dish through Gwang-soo. 

    Thank you writer-nim for answering my prayer – she gave the actor, Choi Woong (Gwang-soo) additional effort in his part, smiling and acting cute script was finally delivered to him! He did get a chance to shine even as Min-hyuk’s slave or in Sandra Hwang’s term, one-plus-one team! I hope to see him as one of the main casts in the future as this guy has the potential to break into main lead camp, just like Lee Sang-yeob, who captured everyone’s attention playing a similar supporting role in “The Innocent Man aka Nice Guy”.

    Pictures and images credit : KBS and other original posters from various sites

    P.S :  imageSorry no pictures of Gwang-min and Gwang-soo - I can't find them. 


  2. Thanks @rubie for the update and the well-compiled articles for my easy reading - gomapta chingu.  He looks like a host to Helen Mirren during the promotional event in Japan.  Anyway, Japan is like his 2nd home base, so I guess he is comfortable playing host to other members of RED 2. 
    Sure chingu, I am interested in the upcoming drama, "Prime Minister and I" - I am into him too....hehehe.....looks like we have the same taste in man. The storyline sound pretty interested and it's really interested to see how he and Yoona develop their love line. Sorry....going Off-topic. I'll see you at his home. 

  3. Hi everyone! Been lurking here - thanks everyone for all the posting especially our beloved @rubie. Dropping by to check on his latest news and activities and of course, greetings to all members here. waving.gif
    I saw LBH and LMJ sending their "congratulatory message to KBS Entertainment Weekly News" for their 30th Anniversary.  They showed some clips of him in his early days debut too - so devilishly handsome. 
    Is he currently busy promoting RED 2 - so sorry I lost track? _why.gif  

  4. Thanks everyone for all the postings and links - so happy the rating is so uplifting and promising for the pilot episode of Season 3.  Congratulations to all the members and production team - hope the ratings will inspire them. bearclap.gifOh btw, for those who may not be familiar to Soompi rules - kindly do not quote images/picture postings.emoticonhalloall.gif So glad to meet new acquaintances in this thread and as always thank you so much @kjmcth for all the constant update. Off to watch the latest episode.....

    @h2og, don't worry, I'll buzz you if Joo Sang-wook is invited to the show - yup, wouldn't miss anything to see the reunion of Kim Joo-hyuk with JSW and Kim Jun-ho with JSW.  I think Kim Jun-ho will no longer feel inferior (for his fashion taste and looks, of course....hahaha) to JSW if he appears as a guest in the show.   

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  5. Thank you @kjmcth for starting this thread - hope the beginning of Season 3 will bring lots of good luck and of course, a hike in rating will be an awesome treat to fans of 1D2N. 
    Kind of disappointed that LJK is not included but all the same, I wholeheartedly welcome Kim Jun-ho aboard - he is one of the most reliable and experienced artists in variety show. KBS is going to the same route of casting KJH - he was roped in together with Joo Sang-wook in "Qualification of Men" in salvaging the low-rating show. Anyway, I trust that he will bring in lots of laughter to the set.  Can't wait to see how these actors, singers and a comedian interact in the 1st episode of Season 3. 
    Happy filming to all the new and existing members.  

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  6. The Cast and Staff  of "Secrets" celebrate their drama's success at farewell party 
    The cast and staff of "Secrets" thanked each other and viewers during their farewell party.

     comes to an end maintaining its #1 position among Weds-Thurs dramas

    Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Bae Soo Bin, Lee Da Hee, Jung Soo Young, director Lee Eung Bok, writer Yoo Bo Ra, and more celebrated the success of their drama with farewell speeches and a cake at a restaurant in Yeouido, Seoul on the 14th.

    Ji Sung shared, "It was very meaningful to participate in a production in which I didn't have to worry about viewer ratings and concentrate until the end... The fact that I was able to be born as a 'jo-talker' (combination of 'Jo Min Hyuk' and 'stalker') was because you all created the character so well."

    Hwang Jung Eum commented, "It's fortunate that everyone finished the drama safely... Even when the first viewer rating came out to be 5%, I had a good feeling because I knew it would do well... I am really thankful to the really good director Lee Eung Bok and Baek Sang Hoon, my fellow cast, and the staff who helped me to act freely."

    Bae Soo Bin said, "I was really thankful for time I had with you all, and the viewer ratings turned out well," while Lee Da Hee shared, "I was really happy during the past several months of filming. Although 'Secrets' has come to an end, I think that it will remain in my heart forever."

    We will miss you, 'Secrets'!

    Source :  ALLKPOP

  7. Hello everyone....I am not sure whether my thoughts on Episode 5 & 6 has any relevance to your current topic of discussion since I am following the drama through KBSW.  Sorry if I have interrupted the flow....
    Btw, this thread move in such a lightning speed that I can't even track my last post - anyway, thanks all for contributing to such a wonderful drama. 

    SPOILERS ahead on Episode 5 & 6....

    Episode 5 & 6 is entirely a whole new experience for me (angst plus little bit of humour) – do you guys notice that they throw some light comedic effect to scenes belonging to Min-hyeok that involves stalking Yu-jeong? Gwang-soo has to be the scapegoat of his weird daily-action-mantra – one minute he asked GS not to follow YJ’s whereabouts and I think it didn’t last him even a day when he questioned him whether he knows where she is? Aigooo…..GS wondered how to please his spoilt-brat-fickle-minded boss, “You asked me not to follow her and now you want to know where she is?” I can almost imagine MH snapping at GS – “Now get that adorable "a$$" of yours out of that chair (the scene of them seated together – MH having a meal while poor GS looking like a lost-and-sad puppy) and go look for my enemy!!” Hahahaha…..anyway, MH always blames GS for being a failure in tailing YJ not because GS failed to do his job but MY wanted to make an excuse to check on her personally.  I wonder when MH will give up this crusade – doesn’t he run out of energy or anything more important to do in the office? I admire the fact that his approach to revenge is so simple – even words like “You can’t die without my permission” sound more like “Please save her – don’t let her die”….his expression somehow look like he betrayed his heart or has he stopped diverting his guilt towards YJ?! 

    He is almost on every scene whenever there is YJ scenes – I think he tried to overcome his stalking-obsession but the more he does it, he ended up appearing where ever she is. Scene 1) At the hospital where YJ sobbing uncontrollably upon seeing her motionless father 2) At the funeral parlour - MH's eyes bore into the screen – surprisingly they are not filled with anger or sadness or love (not yet), but with something that looks a hell of a lot like pity.  MH didn’t even realize himself that his hatred-obsession has slowly turned into semi-blown “I-do-hate-you-but-I-do-care-for-you-too” kind of obsession…oteh?!?

    The break-up scene of DH and YJ is surprisingly not as heartbreaking as I would have anticipated – as usual, he jumped straight into apology-mode again of which YJ said they should just stop all the repeated “miannehsssss” and cut the sympathy expression too.  I believe there was a small window of opportunity of them remaining as lovers if not for what DH has done to her father.  DH must have felt shameful and guilty to continue dating her and it was a blessing in disguise for DH that YJ initiated the break-up. Yay….good for your YJ, you need a fresh start and please don’t go to the heartbroken route again – not your style. You should put on that smile that always warm people’s heart. 

    I am beginning to dislike BSB’s character – I don’t understand the rationale behind his decision to dump YJ”s ahboji at Pohang.  Look, he is already mentally and physically in need of medical help and how much of what he said or know will sound credible in the eyes of the law? Isn’t DH’s safe-action gone way too far – is being a Prosecutor means everything in the world to him, even sacrificing his conscience!!  I can forgive him for going scot-free because YJ said she would have made the same decision again (no regrets) to sacrifice herself for him but to “kill or indirectly kill (don’t know what really transpired after the car scene)” her father is beyond forgivable.  BSB is amazing and he pulls off impressively with those hard-to-tell expressions – was it a half-regret or full-regret expression or isn’t he supposed to be on guilty-mode or was he in still-in-political-denial-mode or has he already planning to join the evil-camp?!?!  Really, I have no idea….I am just motioning on a bumpy roller-coaster ride up to 6th episode. 

    Se-yeon is showing some form of jealousy (Ji-hui and now Yu-jeong) and it’s just too bad that her one-sided (love) interest (even though she drew up a pre-nup or whatever business-marriage arrangement they wish to name) in MH has now gone side-tracked.  She is now on alert-mode after hearing what DH has said about “You should only cry to those who will cry for you”.   I saw the disappointment in her face when MH pulled away her hands silently when she asked him, “Will you cry for me?”, which was quickly replaced by an expression of hurt. SY is not the evil type, she is just protecting what’s hers and she has the right to be open with YJ when she suspected something is going on between YJ and MH.  I am curious to know how SY will develop her friendship/relationship with DH.  These two probably has another interesting agenda up on their sleeve.

    I have to say the saddest moment in these two episodes is on the scene where YJ was sharing her painful feelings (with the viewers) of losing her father.  Surrounded by all the memories and the air in the shop is probably still reeked with her father’s smell, this provoked her tormented heart into a full-blown crying fit.  And to top it all, she regretted washing the winter jacket which was the only item that left a strong connection with him – the stink of her father’s smell has gone…..and I think she try to commit suicide after losing hope in life…SAN is gone and so is ahboji! The man she so sincerely love has turned their love into a nightmarish reminder of their past and the present too – “huge sigh”…such bleak future - an nyong is the only answer, so she thinks.  I still wonder how she manages to stir those tears dripping from both eyes…..and even though some of the shot were not directly focused on how those tears oozed from their eyes, still, it was amazing to see them create those kind of emotional pent-up scene leading to teary-moments.      

    I think they dropped a hint that MH’s half-sister could be his fake-half-sister – MH should divert his stalking-mode to Ahjummah….full-time! She is highly dangerous in his household.



  8. Hello to all Secret Addicts! Been missing from this thread since it started airing....this thread is moving in high speed and love reading all the humble and hilarious posts here - thanks to all who have been providing endless related news, pics, vids, etc. Can't help but to drop by to share my opinion on this awesome drama. 

    What I adore about this drama is how the art directors design and select the sets and décor of this drama.  I am truly fond of how they create the background in which the action (accident scene) was to unfold.  Every ambience and look of the drama was essentially designed as a total intriguing concept and even the slow capture of the ring scene was beautifully filmed. For a mere few seconds some may forget the entire accident episode but somehow I like how the director capture all those moments and of course, they have to leave some of the intriguing scenes for viewers to guess the “crime scene”.

    I haven’t been catching up on all the latest episodes but had been faithfully following it through KBSW.  As usual, there will be an array of supporting character you’ll either want to cuddle or smack in the face. All the actors play their respective roles awesomely – it was just beautifully handled and incredibly touching in the way it handles the complexities of relationship.   I think I can safely say that the strongest thing about this drama is the performances, which anchor everything.

    Please be aware of SPOILERS …..(episode 1 to 4)


    Ji Sung or rather Min-hyeok is enjoying donning in his new bad-guy mode and I LOVE the part where he indirectly pointed his finger at the Ahjummah (his father ‘s wife….or did they officially wed?) and shoot her dreams off with this line....”She might feel robbed at the moment” – daebak scene! I really enjoyed watching his acting in that scene - he has prepared mentally to face off his father and the ahjummah and he came out as the winner!! We were supposed to buy that Min-hyeok is the good guy and take the possibility of the character’s darker moral shading on faith.  Why did they make him kind of a monstrous that the only way to get through it is to hope there is some glimmer of Min-hyeok’s usual humanity at the end of it, something likely to happen is for him to show compassion and later develop his hatred into love for Yu-jeong. 

    Bae Soo-bin made a wise choice to play Ahn Do-hoon and he’s one of our finest, finest actors.  His character has so much depth …(not just overcoming a shattering trauma and learning or rather forcing his way to go on with HIS life) that I wonder how he is going to pull through the entire filming with so much pent-up rage and betrayal.  I am most interested in his (as DH) mental deterioration than his physical deterioration.  He marveled us, holding the screen through emotionally complex scenes opposite HJE – so brilliantly acted out with heaps of subtle exchanges of emotions by these two that viewers can understand what is in their minds. He broke our hearts without making any detectable attempts to do. I hope he will continue to marvel us with his performance….highly anticipating his role character and I really hope he will not turn out wearing Min-hyeok’s bad-guy mode to the T.   As Do-hoon’s cool and calm (though he is faking it out when confronted by MH) amorality crosses the line into full-blown madness, only he himself can chart his love and career path….of which I believe he will choose status+money-ville!  BSB may be categorized as the 2nd male lead but to many of us, his role character is so darned complex that he needs more tools and not only words (his mesmerizing eyes relate to all the right emotions he needs to project) in his portrayal of DH.  Maybe, I’ll have a different perspective of him (as DH) when I see him reveal another side of him later on.  

    Hwang Jung-Eum’s combination of angelic serenity and clear-eyed and of someone with womanly assessment (kind-hearted woman always make the wrong choice when it comes to love) is ravishing as Kang Yu-jeong.  She has given many fine performances over the years but none more masterfully structured performance than this one (I am looking forward to see how she will open up her relationship with MH).  She hit some weighty emotional marks and like cynkdf said, HJE emerges as the star of the drama.  The phone scene of her begging DH to look for her missing son was absolutely filled with heart breaking emotions and these words painfully pierced through my heart when she said something along this lines “I don’t care if I am imprisoned for life but I need to know what happen to my son”.  I gave her full marks for carrying out the scene – I wonder how she manages to pull the scene with so much pain inside her soul.  Btw, I think her chemistry with her son, SAN, was off the charts….they exuded one of the most electrifying lovey-dovey-mom-and-son moments.  How could such a young babe react to HJE’s motherly love – I believe she must have bonded with the little boy before the camera start rolling.  Such awesomeness and I am so dumbfounded by the casting agent. I can’t wait to see SAN reunite with mommy dearest.

    Lee Da-hee who is playing Shin Se-yeon hasn’t hit me yet with her role (she is still a mystery to me at the moment) but I can’t deny that she is beguiling.  So far I can see is that her relationship between MH and herself is an ever-shifting enigma.  Somehow I got a feeling that their relationship (between SY and DH) doesn’t blossom, exactly…so far, it evolves at a later part of the story. If I am not wrong there’s something in the Press-Con pictures that tell me that these two may turn out to be the 2nd couple.  LDH is always looking so pretty from head to toe and I am so jealous of her wardrobe.

    This story could be pigeonholed as a melodrama but it’s not about finding the right person and it’s about finding the wrong one and how are they going to make good the wrong with the right one?!? While there are so many scenes that left us wondering “why, where and what happen!?” …I think the mystery can be solved if we study carefully some of the actions/subtle throw-in dialogue of the characters - though I would say not all puzzles are easily pieced together. Like every “Secret” lover, I am so addicted and I can’t wait for KBSW to air the next episode....

  9. ck1Oz said: Annyeong @Felicia Soh- yeah long time no see. Where do you hang out these days? I come onto soompi as a stalker but restrict myself to a couple of drama threads. No time.
    I was debating whether to watch this since it's a melo and I avoid them like the plague. But Ji Sung is here. Plus I did actually like Lee Da Hae. Hwa Jung Eum- eh aw... can't make up my mind about her. However ended up on her last 2 dramas. Golden Time and Incarnation of money. So I thought " oh what heck, might as well give this a go".  This is done by the rookie writer right? The one who won the contest? Well as long as she is not pressured by the PD or production house. Or the ratings- might as well give her a go. It's got to be different right with a twist for her to win the contest?
    Hahaha. Lee Da Hae might end up with dating advice from her 2 oppas. After all one got married after like dating 6 months. The other after 8 years. Wowsa.

  10. Hi @ckO1z, long time no see and hope to bump into you again in this thread.

    I think it is safe to say that LDH won't be receiving any off-screen dating calls from both the two main male leads. Anyway, I wonder how these two actors switch their moods from real life happiness to angst-driven mood when they are on the set.  Well, I guess as professional actors, they are just doing their jobs.

    Like you, I also noticed KJW's acting has shown great maturity (his role in Scandal) and he no longer flashes his signature smile all the time.

  11. NEWMARIO said: class="cb b15" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px 0px 15px; border: 0px; font-size: 27px; outline: 0px; line-height: 30px; font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; color: rgb(34, 34, 34); letter-spacing: normal; clear: both; font-style: normal; font-variant: normal; orphans: auto; text-align: start; text-indent: 0px; text-transform: none; white-space: normal; widows: auto; word-spacing: 0px; -webkit-text-stroke-width: 0px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);"Bae Soo Bin Becomes A Married ManIn his new drama, "Secret," he plays a man so driven by ambition that he will let his girlfriend take the blame for a crime he committed. Fortunately, the actor is much nicer than that in real life.


    © 2013 KDramaStars.com All right reserved.

  12. Thanks everyone for constantly updating this thread with CJW's upcoming drama, Suspicious Housekeeper.

    I've watched the Japanese version and I can't wait to see how CJW play the icy Mita-san in the Korean version. To be honest, I love the kids in this show more than the adults but of course, we can't discredit the main character, Mita-san (Park Bok-nyeo) - there is this burning curiosity that stir the kids to dig deeper and deeper to "solve" the entire dumbfounded mystery surrounding their housekeeper.  This drama will be different from her past projects - this time her chemistry with the kids will be the chief storyline. 

    CJW has a strong affinity with actress, Kim Hae-sook who played her mother in "Winter Sonata" and also appeared briefly in "Rondo".  I think she must have loved working with CJW - even though she is currently busy filming KBS "King's Family", she accepted the role to play the boss of a housekeeper agency that has a strong connection with CJW's past.

    Wish CJW all the best!

  13. Thanks @lbhfhk and @rubie for responding to my post.  Rubie is right, Aaron Kwok is referring to BIFF.

    According to this article, it says (sorry kind of repetitive to rubie's post - mianhamnida for going off-topic) :

    Busan International Film Festival opens with ‘Vara’

    From left) BIFF Director Jay Jeon, Festival Director Lee Yong-kwan, Executive Programmer Kim Ji-seok (photo courtesy of BIFF organizing committee)

    The festival will take place on 35 screens at seven movie theaters in Busan from October 3 to October 12.

    A total of 301 films from 70 countries will be shown. There will be 95 world premiers that are presented to audiences for the first time and 42 international premiers that are shown for the first time outside their home countries.

    The Gala Presentation program that introduces recent works by renowned directors or sensational projects will show off six films: Ana Arabia by Israeli director Amos Gitai, Nagima by Kazakhstani director Zhanna Issabayeva, Snowpiercer by Korean director Bong Joon-ho, The X by Korean director Kim Jee-woon, Kadal by Indian director Mani Ratnam, and Unforgiven by Zainichi Korean director Lee Sang-il.

    An experimental work, Ana Arabia was filmed in only one take. The film contains a message of peaceful coexistence between Jews and Muslims.

    Snowpiercer was already released in Korea in August but it is included in the program. “It will be the first time for Snowpiercer to be shown at a major film festival,” said Nam Dong-chul, a BIFF programmer. “Since it will be reedited for screening in North America, if you want to see the full version, you will have to see it in Busan.”

    The Korean Cinema Today program will include Kim Ki-duk’s Moebius, which was invited to the ongoing 70th Venice Film Festival’s noncompeting section as well as Hong Sang-soo’s Our Sunhi, which won Hong the Leopard Award for Best Director at the 66th Locarno International Film Festival in Switzerland. Nobody’s Daughter Haewon by Hong is also included in the program. For Moebius, the festival will show a version reedited with three minutes cut for general screening.

    There are also several special programs -- Unknown New Wave Central Asian cinema and Rogues, Rebels and Romantics: A season of Irish cinema -- focusing on films produced in former Soviet countries and works by Irish filmmakers.

    There is also the Korean Cinema Retrospective introducing over 70 films by Korea’s master director Im Kwon-taek.

    For the Asian Film Market, a total of 142 institutions from 27 countries will set up promotional booths at BEXCO. Book to Film, a venue for publishers or copyright holders looking to sell original printed work copyrights and producers seeking to purchase them, will include webcomics and graphic novels as well this year.

    Speaking of what differentiates this year’s event, Festival Director Lee Yong-kwan told journalists on September 3, “We will present a lot of works by young Asian directors. It will be an opportunity to show the identity of the Busan International Film Festival this year.”

    Iranian director Rakhshan Bani-E’temad will lead the jury for the New Currents section, BIFF’s competition category.

    Korean actress Kang Soo-yeon and Hong Kong actor Aaron Kwok will moderate the opening ceremony. Among the major guests are Japanese actor Ken Watanabe, Taiwanese director Tsai Ming Liang, Chinese director Jia Zhangke, Artistic Director Charles Tesson of Critic’s Week at the Cannes International Film Festival, Irish director Jim Sheridan, and Japanese directors Lee Sang-il, Aoyama Shinji, and Kore-eda Hirokazu.

    Poster of the 18th Busan International Film Festival (image courtesy of BIFF organizing committee)

    By Limb Jae-un
    Korea.net Staff Writer

    Source : http://www.korea.net/NewsFocus/Culture/view?articleId=112217

  14. rubie said:
    September 6, 2013
    Lee Byung Hun and Cho Min Soo to become honorary ambassador of Daejong Film Award
    BNT News
    [by Joy Kim] Winners of 49th Daejong Film Awards, Lee Byung hun and Cho Min soo have become honorary ambassadors of 50th Daejong Flilm Awards. 
    According to the Daejong Film Awards Committee, two top actors, Lee Byung hun and Cho Min soo who are also winners for the Best actor award and the Best Actress Award at 49th Daejong Film Awards are appointed as honorary ambassadors.  
    From the press release, the committee said “Two actors have been proud faces of 49th Daejong Film Awards. Also they been showing great performances and acting skills in not only Korea but all across Asia and more. They are now one of the top Korean actors and enhanced the status of Korean movie industry. So we think they are the perfect fit for the honorary ambassadors.”  
    Two actors will attend the appointment ceremony on September 10 at Grand Hyatt Seoul, Yongsangu, Seoul at first press conference of the 50th Daejong Film Award.    
    Meanwhile, the 50th Daejong Film Award will be held from November 1 at KBS Hall, Yeoido, Seoul and will be on broadcast live on KBS 2TV. (photo by Daejong Film Award Committee PR team)  

  15. Thanks everyone for all the latest news and update ~~ special thanks to dear chingu, cynkdf.  I am excited to see all the four main leads -- has been their fan in their previous projects. I have been trekking down on Lee Da-hee's work since her appearance as Choi Ji-woo's younger sister in "Air City". 

    It's time these actors sign up for a KBS drama - been longing to see them through this channel.  For some reason, JS, BSB, HJE and LDH have distant affinity with KBS and it would be nice to see them in the "Entertainment Weekly" segment when they promote this drama.....and also in "Happy Together".  I only remember JS in "Terms of Endearment" and BSB was involved in "Road for Hope", a charity program under KBS.  Maybe in between they did some other minor projects with KBS.
    NEWMARIO said:


    Posted by Clockwatcher on Monday, September 2, 2013 · Leave a Comment 

    While Ji Sung has wedding photos shoots and surprise proposals in Spain, his character, Min Hyuk, wanders mindlessly on Gangnam District streets with a bandaged hand in the latest Secret stills.

    Min Hyuk loses his lover in a hit-and-run accident. The drama’s first episode will air on KBS2 on September 25th.

    Source: Mydaily


  16. rose-banner.gif
    Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Lee......such a lovely couple! watch?v=oJcUQcGFhzE

    rose3.gif.htmlMay the special happiness of your wedding day become a memory to treasure always!  rose5.gif.htmlrose5.gif.htmlrose3.gif.htmlrose3.gif.html

    P.S : Thanks everyone for posting all the wedding coverage news and photos.  Wish I can post more lovely emoticons on this special occasion (MIA for too long and in the end failed to insert some of the images....). Again joongmal gamsahamnida.  Oops just realized how weird my post turn out to be...sorry....looks like a stranger post!


  17. In following up with syahrilaiyub's post on wise quotes, I have this to highlight .....

    This drama has the most fascinating and heart-tugging quotes and I particularly like the one that Lee Tae-baek in his anger at Episode 2 (Dae Sung Auto Advertisement) quoted this : “The crumpled paper will fly farther!” “Keep that in mind!”- throwing the piece of crumpled paper aiming at Addie Kang’s direction.  What prompted Tae-baek to respond to that quote was based on all the harsh comments from Addie to Tae-baek after the disputed issue on the Dae Sung Ad. Addie Kang called LTB’s sketch : “A fun drawing is just a doodle” and everything else he commented on his sketch was like stabbing him again and again and his wound ended up bleeding from his heart and the hot-headed TB fought back with that cool-crumpled-paper line!

    “The crumpled paper” quote was highlighted again during Ji-yoon’s car ride with Addie : AK wanted to know JY’s opinion as a Copywriter point of view with regards to “A crumpled piece of paper would fly far away”, as quoted by TB and here’s their opinion :-

    JY : I think it’s a good copy.

    AK : Why?

    JY : There was an echo.

    AK : That wasn’t really a copy.  It wasn’t realistic and rather than flying far, a crumpled piece of paper ends up in the garbage.  Good copies are supposed to be honest – just as Copywriter BJY is! (IMO, I think that last line was to impress JY since he is kind of suspecting her identity and the car ride invitation was probably initiated due to his curiosity)

    JY : To other people, they may need Cheer instead of Copy - especially to people who struggled daily.

    That “crumpled paper” and “doodle drawing” played an important motivation for LTB as I think later when he failed the “Bullet Delivery” Ad competition with MJG, he recalled what AK said about his drawing/sketch : “A fun drawing is just a doodle”.  “Nevertheless, it’s not an advertisement”.  And of course, he knew later the reason why he lose to MJG, he said to TB : “You made a sign. I made an advertisement”. That’s the difference and in order for him to be a GENIUS AD-MAN he needs to be MJG’s disciple/an apprentice.  Later in the advance episode, I think they mention or rather TB quoted the "crumpled paper" again (can't remember which episode).    




  18. Hello Geniuses!

    Found another cartoonish artwork by another talented blogger .....by the end of the drama, the writer created three couples! Baek Coffee Couple, Ma-Gong Couple and Ma-Lee Couple! And I think there were signs that the two As (Ah-ri and Addie) could be heading on the same direction...the drama really wrapped up everything neatly and nicely!




    Source : KBS

    @djaplebush, Han Chae-young was scouted by one Senior Actor/Entertainer while she was browsing at his shop.  He noted her beauty and asked her for her details and I think the next day, HCY received a call from an interested agent.  She was immediately signed by the said agent and he became her Manager. According to the sunbaenim, she was a real beauty and think she got a role (Autumn in my Heart) as soon as she signed the dotted lines.

  19. class="entry-title"Actress Han Chae Young to temporarily move back to the U.S. during her pregnancy20130327_HanChaeYoung.jpg

    It has been revealed that actress Han Chae Young will be temporarily moving back to the U.S. this April to spend time with her family during her pregnancy.

    The actress immigrated to the States when she was eight years old, but due to her acting career and marriage, she has been living in Korea, without her family. Following the finale of her latest drama ‘Advertisement Genius Lee Tae Baek‘ on the 26th, the actress will spend the rest of her days as an expecting mother overseas with her family.

    Han Chae Young’s camp confirmed, “As this is her first pregnancy, Han Chae Young wanted to comfortably continue her prenatal care at the place where her parents reside. At the moment, she will suspend her activities and focus her energy on caring for her baby.”

    Han Chae Young shared, “I was happy while I was doing this drama. Because I was able to share good news, it was even more meaningful. I will focus on my prenatal care where my parents reside and continue to work hard in my acting career afterwards.”

    Source : ALLKPOP

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