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  1. Again thank you @lucky_moon - I'll be watching it through KBSW.
    KBSW has already confirmed it's airing time - (LIVE from Yeuido, Seoul) total of 4 hours of pure delight entertainment for drama fans.  Joo Won has been like a faithful son of KBS - and like you said, he swept all the deserving awards since he first debut his acting in Kdramaland. I am a bit worried over BSB - so far no news of him attending this event but who knows, he may surprise us...! SECRET team is just as strong as GOOD DOCTOR team but both are of different genre and I am so anxious to see which team ends up winning the most! Of course, Kim Hye-soo's attendance says it all....she will definitely not walk home empty-handed. 
    Yes, like you @AyuRashid I am a sucker for KBS dramas (morning, evening, prime time, special drama, even Love and War, Screening Humanity, documentaries, News ...and almost all their Variety Shows)...hahaha!!
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    8jadecloud8 said:
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    @Felicia Soh
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I too was mad at mom KHA (Wang Family) and the way she treated Hobak vs Subak. I wanted to strangle her so bad...lolx. But now, I love her MIL and SIL interaction. The WF ratings kept climbing and climbing. Prob a record breaking drama. 

































































































































  3. This probably sums up all the hyped leading to TONIGHT’s ceremony.  I don’t have the time to go into details but the drama posters are the gist to what’s all about – the popular ones are being focused here.

     This probably sums up all the hyped lead1388468811260_1_144702.jpg

    This part is the most interesting and most anticipated showdown.....

    Joo Won vs Kim Hye-soo vs Hwang Jung-eum

    Apparently. these three actors are being narrowed down (to win the prestigious award?)... 



    Pictures and Source of News from : JOYNEWS
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    KBS Drama Awards 2013 - To award BOA and SO-HEE for their acting debut?
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    OK....another article leading to tonight's award ceremony and this time they focus on DRAMA SPECIAL (DS). It's quite a lengthy report and I am just going to be brief.  This article basically highlighted idols who were involved in DS and actors (especially those experienced actors who had appeared on films and prime time drama). 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Actors : Jeong Woong-in (Happy Rose Day), Choi Daniel (Waiting for Love), Ryu Soo-young (The Memory in my Old Wallet), Park Sang-myun (Family Bandage), Park Sung-woong (The Strange Cohabitation), Yu Oh-seong (The Devil Rider), Chae Jung-ah (Your Noir), Han Ye-ri (Yeonu’s Summer), Lee Se-young (Puberty Medley)
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Idols in their acting performance : BOA in Waiting for Love, Ahn So-hee (Wonder Girls) in Happy Rose Day , Chang-sung (2PM) in Your Noir and Hyun-seung (BEAST) in My Friend is Still Alive
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    BOA in "Waiting for Love"































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    So-hee in "Happy Rose Day"































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    I wasn't able to catch all the DS but I enjoyed these the most :
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Waiting For Love, Puberty Medley, Sirius, The Perfect Day Girls, The Memory in my Old Wallet, My Friend is still Alive, Happy Rose Day, Yeonu's Summer, Nara's Rain and Your Noir. 































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Note : BOA won "Best Rookie Actress" Award during 2013 Korea Drama Awards in October 2013.
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Source of New : NATE 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    @8jadecloud8, Kim Hae-sook is a veteran and I love her since "Winter Sonata" days and she did a marvelous job in her role in "Wang's Family".  She was despicable in the earlier episodes since she was so biased with her love for her eldest daughter.  Anyway, it was good to see her vulnerable side when she realized her son-in-law is treating her way better than her own daughter. She was so touched by his kind and sincere gestures - begin to love their MIL and SIL chemistry! 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Frankly, all the Korean actors that I have come across in my years of watching K-drama, they are not many of them whom I find lacking in acting skills...maybe inexperienced but definitely not bad acting. So I am happy whoever wins but of course, I have my preferences...hehehe!!


































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Brief Gist of the Above Article 

    Apparently as compared to other broadcasting stations, KBS boost a high rate of attendance and it will be difficult to predict the winners. Many actors from the popular dramas has confirmed their attendance – Kim Hye-soo, Hwang Jung-eum, Joo Won, Joo Sang-wook (one of the MCs for this event) Moon Chae-won, IU and Jung Woo.

    Rookie of the Year is one of the highly anticipated awards due to the intense competition among all the categories.

    A special stage show will add to the festive excitement and Joo Won will be one of the entertainers of the night.

    Note : Joo Won’s name is everywhere in all the articles that I come across and I think the media are rooting for him to win big time.

    Looks like "The Best of Lee Soon Shin, "The Queen of Office", "Secret", "Good Doctor" and "Wang's Family" are guaranteed-winners but having to guess which category they will win excites me the most. Good Luck to all.... 

    Source of News : NATE

  6. @cassopeia, appreciate your insightful thoughts on the actors. I think some of the news are focusing on Kim Hye-soo and Joo Won for the main awards and I honestly wish all four of them will get an award each for their outstanding contribution in their respective dramas. 
    Sorry dear, I don't think there is a thread for MBC or SBS Drama Awards 2013.  
    EDIT : Joo Won will attend MBC Drama Awards today and if I am not wrong, he will be performing a special opening stage show tomorrow @ KBS Drama Awards. 

  7. According to this news, the following actors will not attend KBS Drama Awards due to personal reasons and schedule conflict ....

    Son Yeh-jin, Kim Nam-gil, Uhm Tae-woong, Jang Hyuk, Jang Geun-suk, Lee Dong-wook and Yoon Eun-hye
    Lee Bum-soo who is busy filming "Prime Minister and I" has not confirmed his attendance as it depends on the production team schedule.

    Source of News : MYDAILY


  8. 2013123010443208953_1.jpg

    According to this article, "Prime Minister and I" and "Cool Kiz on the Block" will not be aired on Tuesday, 31st December 2013 to make way for the 240 minutes (4 hours) of LIVE telecast of KBS Drama Awards to be held at KBS Hall in Yeouido, Seoul. 
    Source of News : STAR
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Speaking on this lengthy award show, I wonder who are inviting to perform (so far, no news...) - or will they promote the up-coming drama "Age of Feeling/Inspiring Generation", like what they did last year with main actors from IRIS 2 performing some stunts on stage to promote the drama? Anyway, it may not be possible, if the main casts are busy filming overseas.  This is a big budget drama, so it would be great if they showcase snippet of the drama for all to enjoy.  

  9. Another article that highlight the following actors as hot picks to win major awards (sorry not very sure of the exact meaning,,,,)


    Through google translation, I think Kim Hye-soo, Joo Won, Kim Hae-sook and Hwang Jung-eum are vying for "Daesang" or if not, Top Excellence Award.
    For fun-sake in this thread, let's vote for the following actor to win Daesang Award?
    1)  Kim Hye-soo
    2)  Joo Won
    3)  Kim Hae-sook
    4)  Hwang Jung-eum

    Source of News : NATE 

  10. hello3.gif

    Welcome to the thread - @rubie, @cynkdf, @yoeda, @mslee, @rintintintin @smse89 and thank you for your contribution @yoeda.  Based on the article that you have posted on the nomination list for “Rookie of the Year”, here’s the list :



    IU – The Best of Lee Soon Shin and Bel Ami

    Kim Da Som (SISTAR) – Melody of Love

    Im Seu-long (2AM) – Mandate of Heaven

    Jo Kwon (2AM) – The Queen of Office

    Lee Joon (MBLAQ) – IRIS 2

    Yoon Do-joon (BEAST) – IRIS 2

    Han Seon-hwa (SECRET) – AD Genuis, Lee Tae-baek

    Kim Hyung-joon – Melody of Love

    Kim Young-gwang – Good Doctor

    Park Se-young – Sincerity Moves Heaven

    Jung Woo – The Best of Lee Soon Shin

    Jo Jung-suk – The Best of Lee Soon Shin

    Lee Ji-hoon – The Best of Lee Soon Shin

    Han Ju-wan – King’s Family and Yeonu's Summer

    I hope the main lead actors (especially those who will win) will be present during the ceremony.  Since this event will clash with SBS Drama Awards, I hope not many actors are affected by the schedule and looking at the list of actors nominated, it’s quite safe to say that most of the main actors are not active in SBS dramas.  Anyway, in my opinion, it’s not a difficult task to choose which TV Station to attend as I am pretty sure the actors will most probably attend the one that has the most likely chance to win. 

    Yes, I have to agree that the overall KBS Miniseries and Mid-Length series did not achieve success in terms of popularity and rating except for Good Doctor and Secret.   The Queen of Office wasn’t too bad with an average rating of 13% and Kim Hye-soo stole the show with her outstanding performance. KBS has a long history of success in their Daily Dramas especially on the evening slot and Weekend Drama – so, it’s kind of comforting.  In fact the Daily Dramas morning slots are not to be taken lightly as they manage to snatch a place in the rating race on the Top 20 list (TNmS).

    Like everyone here, I am also hoping Kim Nam-gil will go home with a trophy (at least one) - who knows he may win Best Couple with Son Ye-jin since they were so many rumors about them and like HJW and LYJ couple in King's Family, these two exude heart-palpitating chemistry especially their physical contact...(forbidden kiss?).  As always, KNG never fail to delivery the revenge-vendetta-goods - he did a brilliant job playing Han Yi-soo. 

  11. Thank you @rubie for the above video. Yes, it's a compilation of clips of dramas nominated for this year award. 
    The following actors confirmed their attendance : 


    Impressive turn-out....Kim Hye-soo, Ji Sung, Joo Won, Jo Jung-suk, IU, Hwang Jung-eum, Moon Chae-won and Jung Woo. And of course, our charming looking MC, Joo Sang-wook. 
    Source of News : NATE

  12. @Bayu Pratama - KBS nominated ALL the dramas that was aired throughout 2013 (under Miniseries and Mid-Length series category).  AD Genius, Lee Tae-baek was an interesting drama that brought up a lot of heart-felt moral issues of today's society.  It was not entirely focusing on romance but more on the world of challenging advertising skills and the genre and thematic may not be everyone's cup of tea.  
    @cedricgordon - So far, there are no reports on who has declined KBS invitation to attend the ceremony unlike SBS and MBC where some of the main actors had since confirmed their non-attendance through the media.  From a post by @cynkdf at BSB's thread (thank you chingu), Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum confirmed their attendance. These two "Secret" actors are guaranteed-winner!
    I will update this thread whenever I come across related news on this subject.  

  13. Thank you so much for the prompt response @rubie - ah now I get it, it's a cellphone advertisement!  Such a smarty CF ...."the lid is the most perfect substance" has so much depth-substance! I watch again and again the CF as posted by you and I just couldn't get enough of LBH voice - so namja-ish! 
    I DECLARE that LBH has the most addictive heart-stealer charming voice.....hahaha! Runs away from Lee Min-jung......zoomingoff.gif

  14. @rubie, I didn’t dare to try the bungy jump or even try the Jet Boat Ride which apparently is one of the world’s most exciting jet boat rides where they take you through a spectacular Shotover River Canyons.  These were available in Queenstown where I stayed for two nights.  Ahjumma here did the safest ride – gondola or cable car ride at the heart of Queenstown.  I enjoy South Island the most and Milford Sound is a must-visit place if you like nature and cruise ride – breathtakingly beautiful especially the waterfalls. I also went to Matamata (North Island) where they filmed “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”.  The farm site visit was a thrilling experience where you get to see all those beautifully landscaped “Hobbit holes”. Those Hobbit holes are mainly for external filming and the interior scenes were filmed at a studio in Wellington.  Matamata is a very small town but brought famous because of “The Hobitton - Movie Set “.  So sorry for going off-topic…better stop here or else I’ll take you guys on NZ Tour…..hehehe!! 10_5_132.gif

    Oh btw, I came here because of some interesting award from KBS Entertainment Weekly News program which was aired recently  –“ The 2013 Random Awards!”

    1st category is 2013’s Most Popular Catchphrase

    First candidate is Lee Byung-hun ssi – “I declare, metal is the most perfect substance” and the background scene is probably from a commercial he made (he was hugging a girl with a prominent looking vintage car as the main props).  LBH catchphrase, “I declare” in his commercial was quite popular.  Next, they showed the famous wedding speech by LBH, “I declare…..I’m her husband – referring to Lee Min-jung”.  Even Byung hun started saying it, said the Narrator.

    There was a scene showing comedian, Kim Jun-hyun making a funny parody of LBH commercial – “I declare, the lid is the most perfect substance”. 

    Also in a recent episode in Happy Together 3, “Kings of Performance Special” DJ Doc, Lee Ha-neul used LBH famous catchphrase which drew laughter and comment ….

    LHN :“I declare, SISTAR is the best at fighting out of all the idol girl groups”. 

    Narrator : Don’t say it just anywhere.

    Yoo Jae-suk commented : Why would you say, “I declare?"

    Second candidate is Kim Ji-min (Gag Concert comedian) from “Bboom Entertainment” with her famous catchphrase – “I have experience”

    Third candidate is Seol Seo-hui’s character in “Princess Aurora” (MBC lengthy drama)  – the dialogue by the character, Seol Seol-hui (actor Seo Ha-jun) goes somewhat “out-of-your-mind”  and the script writer (Im Sung-han) was heavily criticized for penning these lines :-

    SSH : Cancer cells are a form of life. I don’t want to kill the cancer cells in my body, I think I lived the wrong way and it was my mistake. (sorry, didn't catch the dialogue accurately...it's something along that line).

    Actress : What does this mean?

    Narrator : Seriously, What does that mean?


    In “Rating King” segment from Gag Concert, they did a parody of the above scene which brought so much laughter and I can’t help but to share with fans here :

    Male Comedian : “I don’t want to get surgery”.

    Female Comedian : Why?

    Male Comedian : Hemorrhoid cells are living things and I got it through my mistake. I’ll just try to get along with them.rollinglaughing.gif


    Last candidate is the catchphrase with the Yanbian dialect “You must be shocked”…..put famous by the comedians from “The Yellow Sea” another popular segment from Gag Concert.


    Finally, the award goes to Kim Ji-min for the catchphrase : "I have experience". 


    Btw, anyone here knows which commercial they are referring to (the one that showcased LBH with the vintage car)?


    So sorry for the lengthy random post,

    Thank you everyone for all the wonderful posting and comment in this thread  - smallkiss.gif


    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014! hwp1063050201ba3.gif


  15. Thanks @cassopeia for highlighted the typo error.
    Totally agree with both of you @MissA and @cassopeia that LBY will shine in SBS Drama Award - just too bad that we won't see the newly married couple in one event.  Ji Sung will most probably attend KBS Drama Award and I believe we will see him on stage not once but at least twice (purely my guess)...hahaha!
    BSB deserves an award for his outstanding performance as Ahn Do-hoon and Hwang Jung-eum will definitely win an award too. I am rooting for Joo Won to win one of the highest awards while the Best Couple should not exclude one of the most crazily-in-love couples "Han Ju-wan and Lee Yoon-ji". I wonder how many couples are they going to choose this year. Last year four deserving couples were chosen.   

  16. Welcome to KBS Award Camp @MissA and @cassopeia – I think if you look at the past years nomination list, dramas that aired commencing from December month through the following year are eligible to contest.  Moreover, I think it is also a promotional tool to promote the current on-going drama especially in the category of Best Couple – just my opinion. 

    Shin Ha-gyun won the Daesang Award in KBS Drama Awards in 2011 for his hit drama, “Brain” which was aired from Nov 14, 2011 to Jan 24, 2012.  It was an on-going project, at the time of his receipt of the award, he was still busy filming the drama.  Well, he truly deserved the award and I think many viewers were rooting for him. The same goes with the drama, “School 2013” which was aired from Dec 3, 2012 to Jan 28, 2013 where Jang Nara won Best Actress for Drama of the Year, Miniseries  and Lee Jong-suk also won “Best Rookie/Newcomer Award” during KBS Drama Awards in 2012.

    Having said that, I notice the popular weekend drama, “My Daughter Seo-yeong” – aired from Sept 15, 2012 to March 3, 2013, was at a disadvantage position since they were not nominated in 2013.  The only award they won during KBS Drama Awards 2012 is for Best Couple (Lee Sang-yoon with Lee Bo-young). Maybe, KBS has a cut-off system.  Last year (2012) belongs to “My Husband Got A Family” and anyway, KBS did award Lee Bo-young for her acting in “The Equator Man” for Best Actress in Mid-Length Drama category.  I wonder how KBS judge this year Long-length Series since TBLSS has ended while Wang’s Family is an on-going drama but with much higher rating achievement (please correct me if I am wrong).   

    I am also a fan of Joo Sang-wook – love his role character in “Good Doctor”.  He may not clinch the Best Actor award this year (think he is rooting for Joo Won to win a major award) and hopefully, he gets to win the Best Supporting Actor award in a Mid-Length series. I sincerely hope my other favorite actor, Bae Soo-bin (Secret) gets to win too under this category. Pray for this to materialize - hope KBS award two actors for Best Supporting Actor (just like in 2012). I think he has a strong chance of winning under this category – maybe, up against strong contenders like Choi Min-soo (The Blade and Petal) and Lee Bum-soo (Iris 2).  If rating counts, Good Doctor is in a very good position. Anyway, it’s just my own justification.  

    @cassopeia - Yoona may walk away with Popularity Award.  





  17. th_smileys-snowman-7_zpsf182d069.gifeveryone! 

    Calm down my dear @asyree (happy to see you here), the former cast of Season 2 will never be forgotten by fans  including  remaining members (CTH and KJM) who joined Season 3.  When Cha Tae-hyun received the award, I remember he mentioned all the his former colleagues name in his  speech – he was indeed feeling nostalgia (from my observation).  I know it’s unfair not to invite the previous members to the Entertainment Awards (they contributed so much - almost cover an entire year of airing time to eligible for nomination) but in all honesty, if you look at the Management side, there’s this important agenda -  to promote the current members. th_smileys-snowman-4_zps1dea8d7e.gif  Of course, everyone would be happy to see the present and past members to be seated on the same table but I don’t see any reason for them to attend unless they are presenters or winners.  Maybe I sound a bit cold but in my opinion -  if I am one of the ex- members, I would feel awkward attending unless I am there as a presenter or to receive a trophy. That’s what all show business is about….reality sets in when you are no longer a part of the family.  th_smileys-snowman-6_zps9e7e5e3c.gif

    Like everyone here, I am enjoying Season 3 and the new members though a bit awkward in their first time meeting did click very well and were comfortable in their interaction and exchanges.  Perhaps, the editing department did a good job to filter all the unnecessary or awkward interactions. I love all of them  - they are all different individuals and they possessed an innate talent and beauty in their own way so it’s not fair to compare.

    After a long drought of poor rating, I am so happy for the new production team – they scored a great deal of rating success and of course, huge credit should be accorded to the members as well.  ALL THE BEST for the show…..can’t wait to watch the 2nd Part of the pilot episode - Season 3.  Thanks everyone for all the wonderful posting and comment especially @kjmcth and so happy @cellineum is continuing her duties in this thread – gomawayo chingu. th_snowman_msn_emoticons-3_zps8d345676.g


    said: When I watch Cool Kiz On The Block with the rookie PD, they refer to him as Ryu PD as in Ryu Ho Jin. But in 1N2D and many other times people call him Yoo Ho Jin. Can somebody confirm for me what´s his real name? I got kind of confused for a while as to call him Yoo PD or Ryu PD.

  18. class="titleNews" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px 0px 10px; font-family: arial, dotum, Helvetica, AppleGothic, tahoma, verdana, sans-serif; font-size: 23px; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255); line-height: 28px; border-bottom-width: 3px; border-bottom-style: solid; border-bottom-color: rgb(80, 80, 80); color: rgb(68, 68, 68);"Lee Mi Sook, Shin Hyeon Jun, Joo Sang Wook and SNSD’s Yoona to MC ‘2013 KBS Drama Awards’

    The four MCs have been chosen for this year’s KBS Drama Awards

    According to KBS, the four MCs, Lee Mi Sook, Shin Hyeon Jun, Joo Sang Wook and Girls’ Generation (SNSD)’s Yoona, will be representing those in their twenties to the fifties to lead the show suited for the audience in various age groups. 


    Shin Hyun Joon has experience hosting KBS 2TV’s Entertainment Weekly and various award ceremonies in the past, and also presented an award with Yoona in last year’s KBS Drama Awards

    Yoona also acted with Lee Mi Sook as mother and daughter in KBS’s Love Rain.

    The 2013 KBS Drama Awards will be broadcasted live on December 31.

    Photo credit: Newsen

    Source : EnewsWorld
  19. sub_5_03.jpg

    Date:  December 31, 2013 (Tuesday)
    Time:  8.30 pm  (Seoul) KST
    Network:  KBS 2TV
    (To be Aired LIVE) :  KBSW

    Related Links:  KBS, TWITTER, FACEBOOK

    2013 KBS DRAMA AWARD WINNERS : (to be announced/updated after/during the award ceremony)

    Grand Prize (Daesang) - Kim Hye-soo (The Queen of Office)

    Top Excellence, Actor – Ji Sung (Secret) and Joo Won (Good Doctor)

    Top Excellence, Actress - Hwang Jung-eum (Secret) 

    Excellence Award (Long-Length Series) :

    ·       Actor  – Jo Jung-suk (The Best of Lee Soon-shin) and Jo Sung-ha (Wang's Family)

    ·       Actress - Lee Mi-sook (The Best of Lee Soon-shin) and Lee Tae-ran (Wang's Family)

    Excellence Award (Mid-Length  Series) :

    ·       Actor – Joo Sang-wook (Good Doctor)

    ·       Actress - Moon Chae-won (Good Doctor) 

    Excellence Award (Mini Series) :

    ·       Actor – Oh Ji-ho (The Queen of Office)

    ·       Actress - Yoona (Prime Minister and I)

    Excellence Award (Daily Drama) :

    ·       Actor – Kim Seok-hoon (Ruby's Ring)

    ·       Actress - Lee So-yeon (Ruby's Ring)

    Best Supporting Actor - Bae Soo-bin (Secret)

    Best Supporting Actress – Lee Da-hee (Secret)

    Actor of the Year, Awarded by PDs from 3 Broadcasters – Joo Won (Good Doctor)

    Rookie (Newcomer) Award :

    ·       Actor – Jung Woo (The Best of Lee Soon-Shin) and  Han Ju-won (Wang's Family)

    ·       Actress - IU (The Best of Lee Soon-shin and Bel Ami) and Kyung Soo-jin (Shark and Eun-hee)

    Netizen  Award :

    ·       Actor  – Joo Won (Good Doctor)

    ·       Actress - Hwang Jung-eum (Secret)

    Popularity Award :

    ·       Actor – Ji Sung  (Secret)

    ·       Actress – Moon Chae-won (Good Doctor)

    One-Act Play (Special Drama) Award :

    ·       Actor(s) – Yu Oh-seong (The Devil Rider and The Mother's Island) and Choi Daniel (Waiting For Love)

    ·       Actress(es) – BOA (Waiting For Love) and Han Ye-ri (Yeonu's Summer) 

    YoYouth Acting Award :

    ·       Actor – Yun Joon-suk (Shark) 

    ·       Actress - Kim Yoo-bin (Mandate of Heaven) 

    Best Couple - Jo Jung-suk and IU (TBLSS), Oh Ji-ho and Kim Hye-soo (The Queen of Office), Joo Won and Moon Chae-won (Good Doctor), Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum (Secret), Lee Bum-soo and Yoona (Prime Minister and I)

    Best Script Writer - Moon Young-nam (Wang's Family) 



    Drama of the Year – Long-Length Series 

    • King’s Dream
    • Hometown Over The Hill 2
    • King’s Family
    • The Best of Lee Soon Shin

      Drama of the Year – Mid-Length Series

    Good Doctor [*]Shark [*]Iris 2 [*]Mandate of Heaven [*]The Blade and Petal

    Drama of theYear – Miniseries


    Advertising Genius, Lee Tae-baek [*]Marry Him If You Dare [*]Secret [*]Bel Ami (Pretty Boy) [*]The Queen of Office [*]Prime Minister and I

    Drama of the Year - Daily Dramas

    Ruby’s Ring [*]Melody of Love [*]Sincerity Moves Heaven [*]Samsaengi [*]Eun-hee

    Drama Special Series aka (Drama Special Yeonjak Series)
    (Exceeding 1 episode special drama)

    Waiting for Love – BOA, Choi Daniel [*]Puberty Medley – Kwak Dong-yeon, Lee Se-yeong [*]Like A Fairytale – Lee Chun-hee, Choi Yun-young [*]Sirius – Suh Joon-young, Ryu Seong-soo [*]The Perfect Day Girls – Song Sun-mi, Shin Dong-mi


    Drama Special Series 2013 aka (Drama Special Danmak 2013)

    (1 episode special drama)


    The Memory In My Old Wallet –Ryu Soo-young, Nam Bo-ra [*]My Friend Is Still Alive – Lee Gi-kwang, Lee Ju-seung [*]Family Bandage – Park Sang-myun, Yoon Yoo-sun [*]Neighborhood Watch – Ki Tae-young, Kim Min-ju [*]Happy Rose Day – An So-hee, Kim Do-hyun [*]The Strange Cohabitation – Park Sung-woong, Yu In-young [*]The Mother’s Island – Kim Yong-rum, Nam Seong-jin [*]Yeonu’s Summer – Han Ye-ri, Han Ju-wan [*]Nara’s Rain – Jung Eun-chae, Yoo Min-gue [*]Your Noir (Words Hidden By Love) – Changsung, Chae Jung-ah [*]Chagall’s Birthday – Yeh Ji-won, Song Ha-yun [*]The Devil Rider – Yu O-seong, Lee Dae-hyeon [*]Come To me and Became A Star – Kim Ji-seok, Jung Soo-min [*]Eunguk and The Ugly Duckling – Lee Sie-on, Hyeon Seung-min [*]The Unwelcome Guest – Kang Shin-il, Park Joo-hyung [*]My Dad Is A Nude Model – Seong Ji-ru, Bang Eun-hui [*]Outlasting Happiness – Ryu Hyun-kyung, Jeong Eu-nu [*]Jin Jin – Yun Jin-seo, Kim Da-hyeon


          Best Couple :

    King's Dream - Choi Soo-jong and Hong Eun-hee [*]Iris 2 – Jang Hyuk and Lee Da-hae [*]The Best of Lee Soon Shin – Jo Jung-suk and IU [*]The Best of Lee Soon Shin – Jung Woo and Son Tae-young [*]The Queen of Office – Oh Ji-ho and Kim Hye-soo [*]Shark – Kim Nam-gil and Son Yeh-jin [*]The Blade and Petal – Uhm Tae-woong and Kim Ok-bin [*]Good Doctor – Joo Won and Moon Chae-won [*]Ruby’s Ring – Lee So-yeong and Kim Seok-hoon [*]Wang’s Family – Han Ju-won and Lee Yoon-ji [*]Secret – Ji Sung and Hwang Jung-eum [*]Secret – Bae Soo-bin and Lee Da-hee [*]Marry Him If You Dare – Lee Dong-gun and Yoon Eun-hye [*]Marry Him If You Dare – Jung Yong-hwa and Han Chae-ah [*]Melody of Love – Baek Sung-hyun and Kim Da-som [*]Bel Ami (Pretty Boy) – Jang Geun-suk and IU [*]Prime Minister and I – Lee Bum-soo and Yoona


    Netizen Award (Actor) :


    Kim Nam Gil (Shark) [*]Kim Hyung-jun (Melody of Love) [*]Bae Soo-bin (Secret) [*]Baek Sung-hyun (Melody of Love) [*]Uhm Tae-woong (The Blade and Petal) [*]Oh Man-seok (King’s Family) [*]Oh Ji-ho (The Queen of Office) [*]Lee Dong-gun (Marry Him If You Dare) [*]Lee Dong-wook (Mandate of Heaven) [*]Lee Bum-soo (Prime Minister and I) [*]Jang Geun-suk (Bel Ami) [*]Jang Hyuk (Iris 2) [*]Jung Woo – The Best of Lee Soon Shin [*]Jo Jung-suk – The Best of Lee Soon Shin [*]Joo Won- Good Doctor [*]Ji Sung- Secret [*]Choi Soo-jong – King’s Dream [*]Joo Sang Wook – Good Doctor

    Netizen Award (Actress) :


    Kim Da-som – Melody of Love [*]Kim Ok-bin – The Blade and Petal [*]Kim Hye-soo – The Queen of Office [*]Moon Chae-won – Good Doctor [*]Park Se-young – Sincerity Moves Heaven [*]Son Yeh-jin – Shark [*]Song Ji-hyo – Mandate of Heaven [*]IU – Bel Ami and The Best of Lee Soon Shin [*]Yoona – Prime Minister and I [*]Yoo In-na – The Best of Lee Soon Shin [*]Yoon Eun-hye – Marry Him If You Dare [*]Lee Da-hae – Iris 2 [*]Lee Da-hee – Secret [*]Lee So-yeon – Ruby’s Ring [*]Jung Yu-mi – The Queen of Office [*]Han Chae-young – AD Genius, Lee Tae-baek and Bel Ami [*]Hwang Jung-eum – Secret

    Rookie (Newcomer) Award :


    • IU – Bel Ami and The Best of Lee Soon Shin
    • Kim Da-som (SISTAR) – Melody of Love
    • Im Seu-long (2AM) - Mandate of Heaven
    • Jo Kwon (2AM) - The Queen of Office
    • Lee Joon (MBLAQ) - Iris 2
    • Yoon Do-joon (BEAST) - Iris 2
    • Han Seon-hwa (SECRET) - AD Genius, Lee Tae-baek
    • Kim Hyung-joon - Melody of Love
    • Kim Young-gwang - Good Doctor
    • Park Se-young - Sincerity Moves Heaven
    • Jung Woo - The Best of Lee Soon-shin
    • Jo Jung-suk - The Best of Lee Soon-shin
    • Lee Ji-hoon - The Best of Lee Soon-shin
    • Han Ju-won - King's Family

      Updated : 31st December 2013

  20. Yoohoo....I am here @rubie - just got back from NZ.  Thanks dear for all the awesome update and belated Congratulations to Lee Byung-hun ssi for winning the Best Actor Award at 7th APSA.  What a wonderful news to wrap up 2013....winning awards has become a yearly affair for him. snowman_msn_emoticons-3_zps8d345676.gif
    Not sure whether this is related in this home - last week KBS Entertainment News interviewed Jeon Do-yeon (she will be acting alongside with Lee Byung-hun in an upcoming movie, "Memories of the Sword") and asked her which movie would she recommend her kids to watch. In a somewhat hilarious reply she said that most of her movies are kind of erotic but anyway, she did recommend "The Harmonium in My Memory",a 1999 movie she acted with LBH. That movie brought her two prestigious awards, so I guess that movie is special to her. 

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