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  1. Thanks everyone for all the wonderful update in this thread especially @kjmcth.

    Like everyone here, I am saddened by the news of Jun Hyun-sung and his two lovely sons leaving the show but at the same time I am also happy that he left the spot to give Song Il-gook and his triplets to be on the show.  I have always liked SIG's acting and this is a great way to see him on screen again....albeit interacting with his kids instead of drama show.

    Hope SIG along with Daehan, Minguk and Manse debut on July 6 will garner lots of positive comment.

  2. congrats1.gifLee Byung-hun ssi for being awarded "Culture Diplomacy Award" at the Asia Society Korea Center Global Event.
    This thread is so active - just read that LBH had opened a new account on weibo....that's so awesome. nihao.gif Appreciate everyone for all the latest update.

    I found this captures from this thread (sorry for re-posting this as the following news is related)...plus some related tidbits news from yesterday KBSW Entertainment Weekly.


    At the 50th Baeksang Arts Award .....it's a place to pick out the best of TV and cinema.

    When LBH arrived at the venue - It's a face we haven't seen in a while.  He stands in a class of his own.  It's Lee Byung-hun.  He was nice and relaxed.

    Kim Saeng-min (KBS Reporter) :  Hello Byunghun!....screaming again...Byunghun! It's Entertainment Weekly.  Any baby news?

    LBH greeting KSM like old friends....

    LBH : Playfully hitting KSM on his head.

    Narrator : Aren't you curious about his baby plans?  But he didn't comment on it.

    After greeting some other actors walking in the red carpet, they captured "A summary of things that went on inside...".....(remember, Ent Weekly had highlighted in their previous segment that LBH favorite catchphrase is "I declare...")

    LBH : I declare....The Baeksang Arts Awards is the most perfect....

    And immediately after that cut scene, they focused on the two main hosts...

    Kim Ah-joong : I'm really nervous.

    Shin Dong-yeob : I declare that there'll be accidents on this broadcast. smileyyehey.gif(SDY is famous for his witty and dirty jokes.....and I strongly think he was hoping for a wardrobe malfunction "accident"....KAJ wore a low cut V-deep gown....)10_5_132.gif

    An extra news ....for @rubie....

    The absolutely charismatic Son Hyeon-ju.

    KSM : How does it feel to be here today?
    SHJ : Have you been well?
    KSM : How does it feel being here?
    SHJ : It's fun to be with stars.
    Narrator : We will cheer for you.

  3. Saengil Chukai Hamnida....
    Happy Birthday To Dear Choi Ji Woo!



    WoW......unbelievable news! The woo-woo couple is reunited after 11 years....can't wait to see how they are going to ignite the spark again! One of my most favorite on-screen couples...Cha Sung-ju and Han Jeong-suh!


    Thanks everyone for all the latest update.

  4. Rating for Superman is Back is NO. 1.....YAY!!

    Cheers for KBS for scoring the highest rating for both variety shows...ie...1D2N + Superman is Back.  


    5:00 PM

    1. KBS 1 Night 2 Days 13.6
    2. MBC Real Man 13.2
    3. SBS Running Man 10.7

    4. KBS Superman is Back 9.5
    5. MBC Dad! Where Are We Going? 8.9
    6. SBS Roommates 6.3

    *All ratings are based on AGB Nielson Media Research

    Credit : enewsworld

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  5. rubie said:
    ^ LOL.. Felicia, you read my mind.. I knew that she CJ's top brass from articles but her name escaped me. Thanks to @mistymorning, that is Lee MeeKyung, CJ Group Vice-CEO. She does have a very good relationship with Byunghun. Yup.. she's in both photos.. also shown in the dinner photo.
    I wanted to comment on this before.. Shin Hyun Joon sure had a great time laughing at LBH, seeing Byunghun-ssi in his younger "audacious" persona (love Barbara's term ^^). They sure had gone back a long way... can imagine these actors laughing at how they were once. BH was really in his youth and enjoying the time as an entertainer .. he's been there. done all that.

  6. @rubie and @lbhfanhk - you are most welcome and it's my pleasure to share news focusing on the "renowned world-star".  I think all major TV stations in Korea love to have him on their news reporting and in fact, if you watch "Gag Concert", his name often appeared in some of their gigs and anything that has his name associated with (be it dramas or movies or even catch-phrase) will be highlighted.  He is the biggest star now in Korea.

    Btw, who is the lady (picture above taken with Choi Si-won and Lee Byung-hun @JC Birthday) and I think she is the same person (group picture taken in Beijing) standing next to LBH? 


  7. Thank you everyone for all the postings and update especially the latest one that has LJK confirming his participation in "Joseon Gunman".  Now, it's time to hunt a compatible and matching female lead who has tons of passionate experience to share romantic screen time with Park Yoon-kang (LJK's role character). 

    Congratulations to all lucky fans who will be attending his birthday party.

    **hello @irilight, nice to bump into you in this thread.

  8. Thank you everyone for all the interesting exchanges of similar views on the new setup of Season 3.  1D2N S3 revamped version is indeed a breakthrough for KBS since the debut of this new season - a very effective format.  The entire cast and production members deserve all the compliments showered on them – the brainstorming of a new presentation indeed paid off as they now have more viewers tuning in to watch this show.  For some reason, if you singled out each of the members separately, you won’t think they have anything in common and that probably was a very challenging role for PD Yoo to bring these new members to entertain us in their own different level of comedic talent.  Kim Ju-hyuk has a very raw comedic vibes in him and I love how he is not bothered by his movie-macho-looking big-screen presence turned paboh-and-idiot-like small screen presence whenever they made him look naïve and silly.  I believe PD Yoo is tapping on his new talent and has already spoilt him with his most precious maknae writer, Seulgi. I guess out of all the members, KJH is the “most eligible bachelor” since he announced on the 1st day of filming that he is single. I wish to comment more on other members but I simply do not have the time and I must add that the other members are equally contributing their respective talent to make us laugh with them on the weekend.  

    @kjmcth – don’t be disheartened and sad (say KIMCHI...to selca)– the most important thing in this forum is to stay as “soompi-law abiding” citizen and you’ll be appreciated.  You have been an excellent thread starter and I have trust in you that you’ll continue to service this home with all the latest development of news from all the relevant sources that you have been diligently sourcing.

    To be on the safe side, just remember that whenever you post an article or pictures or whatever information/rating, do give the respective sites or blog all the credit due to them.  I think the most appropriate manner is to provide a direct link to that website/blog where the source of information was originated from.  You may post one or two pictures and the rest of it link them to their site - some blog owners do not prefer you to post all their resources (I mean for instance pictures) to other site.  I may not constantly visit this thread but do know that I am very appreciative of what you have contributed here and of course the regular contributors too – thank you so much.

  9. Hahaha…..@willenette dear, your “superstar” status is so much glamorous than mine – your posting count says it all!  I am not a very big fan of sagueks but it can turn out to be an adventure of curiosity + attention-shifting if all the right ingredients are thrown into that production and that result  = garnering viewership.  We do not live in that Joseon era and watching all those beautiful and colorful wardrobe and set-up it’s pretty amazing -  like going to a foreign country.  It’s no better or worse, just different and the experience can be exhilarating – LJK is one of those actors who excelled in each of his portrayal (those that I have seen so far) and in my opinion, he is most convincing when he goes into that Joseon era mode. 

    I thought he has signed up for this role but looks like it’s still speculation but news surrounding his acceptance of that drama seemed very positive. 

    @badsmuler, Hwang Jung-eum is another good match for LJK and KBS might consider her since she brought huge success for her performance in “Secret”.  Her co-star, LDH has already secured a role in another KBS drama, so who knows, though she might be pretty busy with her man who has just recently been out of the military. @daegorr, I believe HJE has not worked in any sagueks project before and I think she will fit perfectly as a Joseon lady.   

    I know where you are coming from @Joongier and I do agree with you.  It’s not the case now that bringing A-list actors and famous PDs and writers will guarantee success in terms of rating. In my opinion, it’s mostly all about timing and preferences of the netizens at that point of time plus the special XXXX factor that no one can predict. Like for instance, how else would KBS forego “The Winter The Wind Blows” for “IRIS 2” if they know that TWTWB will turn out as huge success.  Sadly, IRIS 2 failed despite spending tons of $$$$ in that supposed to be blockbuster production following the huge success of their predecessor, IRIS.  Anyway, I hope “The Joseon Gunman” will be a turning point for KBS  - they need a breakthrough for 2014….Fighting!!

    @petito, if I am not mistaken, Jejoongwon’s storyline is based quite closed to the 19th century and the movie, Gabi was set towards the end of the 19th century. Most of the historical dramas that I know of are set mostly in a much earlier century (The Joseon Dynasty : 1392 – 1910).  

    Love reading all the different thoughts here....and thanks for all the latest update, gomapta everyone.

  10. Sorry for the double post.
    I have always enjoyed watching LJK act...mmph...of course, not his first debut drama. He has this screen presence that is so appealing you can almost feel his energetic performance - indeed one of the most professional and respectable actors.  I was silently hoping he would join my favorite variety show. 1D2N.  Maybe, it wasn't the right time or maybe, he is not interested in variety show.  

  11. Daebak News!! Thank you my dear @willenette for the great news - this is a pretty quick confirmation.  I am so happy to be reconnected with you again after so many years of not crossing path....phew!  You are such invaluable "SUPERSTAR" in this forum. 
    Now I guess everyone would be matching him with an ideal A-list actress who is of same caliber like him - hope she will be someone who is a rating queen since KBS prime time drama slot has suffered a huge blow with their slumped rating...thus far.    

  12. Hi everyone! Not sure I have posted here before but I definitely have been a frequent lurker.
    Just like everyone here, I am super excited over the news of Lee Jun-ki being offered the lead role in The Joseon Gunman. He is the most suitable candidate to play the lead role character in this sageuk drama and he is full of charm and pull off beautifully once they dress him up in that era - reminds me of Iljimae. 
    Btw, the other actor (I believe) could be the 2nd male lead since most news indicated that he is one of the main casts. Han Joo-wan first appeared in KBS Drama Special (Yeonu Summer) and later appeared in the popular KBS Weekend drama, Wang's Family.  Together with Jung Woo, he won the award for Best Rookie during KBS Drama Awards 2013.
    Keeping my finger crossed that LJk will pick up this drama and if I am not wrong, I haven't seen him in any KBS drama ... highly anticipating his participation.
    Thanks everyone for all the latest update on his activities.     

  13. Daebak @rubie!! You are indeed our most honored ambassador to write the essay for the 3rd round competition for the Hunnie Couple. It felt so much like reading an excerpt of an auto biographical get-to-know how the couple went through a sentimental journey of love.  Sincere thanks to you for all the hardwork and unconditional support for Mr & Mrs Lee. 

    You deserve  smallkiss.gif ,emotbighug.gif and 2351377sh.gif.


    EDIT : Also thanks to @lbhfanhk for the awesome post - great sharing chingu.  So wonderful to see @ylin's post on LBH latest update - gomapta chingu. 
  14. If not for rubie-hunnie, I wouldn’t check on this forum (not yet…) since I am hardly in the mood to post – been so tired catching up on so many special programs in conjunction with the Lunar New Year and of course, the immensely popular excuse, LAZY! Anyway, thanks @rubie for alerting me -  I’ve just clicked “awesome” in that Valentine’s Contest for our dear Hunnie Couple.  Ooops…having said that a Very Happy Belated Valentine’s Day to all Hunnies in this thread.  Hope everyone had a wonderful celebration.




    Btw, I’ve just watched the live coverage of EE BAFTA (British Academy Film Awards) 2014 and the amazingly talented Dame Helen Mirren, one of Lee Byung-hun’s co-stars in "RED 2" was honored with BAFTA Fellowship award. They highlighted her works by screening clips of her scenes in all the films that she had worked and what caught my eyes was the shot of Helen Mirren with LBH in the car chase scene in "RED 2".  It was a quick shot but you won't miss LBH since his side face view was clearly seen in that clip – whoa…..that was a pretty impressive presence of Lee Byung-hun ssi in the BAFTA 2014! kissmwah.gif




  15. It’s so good to read your post @parkmisoo and I am so pleased you continue with our BD-hyping mood – indeed it was one of the best dramas produced at that time.  Honestly, I really miss dramas that was produced during that period like, All In, Truth, Winter Sonata, All About Eve, Hotelier,Lovers in Paris, Save the Last Dance for Me, MISA and some others.... -  I know some viewers (especially the younger generation) find those dramas way too draggy and boring but IT IS that so-called “draggy” parts that has all the important compelling substance and detailing of an in-depth story plot that had us glued on the TV.     

    I watched BD without much expectation as it was the "Truth" Couple (Choi Ji-woo and Ryu Shi-won) that brought me into the world of Beautiful Days. Choi Ji-woo may not be the most beautiful looking Korean actress but she has this unique magnetism and aura in her that  we can’t help not fall in love with every actor that she is being paired as lovers.  She has this enigmatic, blissful and magical chemistry with every actor that she has worked with be it dramas or movies.  Those days, I know we can’t help but to hope and wish the two on-screen lovers (LBH with CJW) will turn real couple. Perhaps, we were too invested into their chemistry (from BD à EHAS à KTO CF). Anyway, it is simply human nature to have an occasional fleeting interest in someone whom you once cared or loved (on-screen).Personally, thoughts of BD couple simply faded completely over the years.

    LBH oozes charm effortlessly - he is a master of capturing human emotion and conveying it so simply. What I adore most about him is that he made acting so completely convincing, persuasive, captivating, honest and effective plus having that icy-cold character has an opposite effect - set us on fire with his abundance of passionate love/kissing scenes.  I just fell for Min-chul without meaning to….was too hyped over Sun-jae with Yeon-soo on my first time experience of watching BD! At the end, I was too entranced by Min-chul’s love for Yeon-soo -  fully invested in their love life! Yes, I couldn’t agree with you more that BD  is also one of my favourites and special because it is the reason I took notice of LBH.  I can’t imagine anyone else playing Min-chul - LBH just has that EXTRA! Forgive my ramblings….LBH has that fanahjuma-ish effect on me! I’m helpless and hopeless to his charms!

    I found out some time ago that that the actor who played younger Min-chul is now a popular actor, Baek Sung-hyun (currently he is playing a main role character in “Melody of Love” a daily evening KBS drama).  Ironically, he (BSH) also played the younger version of Kwon Sang-woo in “Stairway to Heaven” who is in love with Choi Ji-woo’s character in that drama.


    A picture of LBH and CJW at BD party 13 years ago…..(this picture was posted by our dear friend, Ching almost 5 years ago at the drama thread)


    These are some of my favorite pictures of BHJW......


    Pictures credit to original poster.....

     Aigooo….writing and posting the above pictures has already made me itch to watch BD again.


     highfive.gif we really have the same taste! So Ji-sub stole my heart with his mind-blowing performance in “Miannanda Saranghanda” – sorry can’t help but to name the drama title in Korean.  This is the only drama that I normally would address it in hangul – such an emotional heart-piercing unforgettable title.  Moo-hyuk and Eun-chae’s love story is extremely poignant from the beginning till the end – and the highlight of teary scenes has to be the storyline on MH’s family. Love everything there is in that production - flawless storyline and acting and the drama theme song, “Snow Flower” by Park Hyo-shin is one of my all-time favorite OST drama songs.  My apology to all BH fans….this is so   Offtopicnew.gif  …..miannanda chingu!


    Thank you so much everyone for all the wonderful posting especially dear @rubie, please continue to service this thread - your invaluable contribution is highly appreciated by all of us here - . YouRock.gif

  16. I can’t thank you enough for being an outstanding fan… even after he is married, @rubie. This is what I called unconditional commitment of a loyal fan who has never failed to share EverythingLBH to the world. iagree.gif with you on the mindset of shippers but I won’t delve into it in case I am branded as an “uncool” Soompier. You know sometimes frank opinion can inadvertently ruffle some feathers here and there. Like you @rubie, whenever I miss her, I'll "visit" Ching by looking at her avatar and reading her past postings – I think bhjwlove site will miss her the most though I am not sure whether the website still exist.  

    Anyway, I must sincerely thank Soompi for giving me one of the best drama-drool times in my life and the best gift anyone could ask for is the chingu(s) whom some I’ve never met had become my cyber-soulmates! And one of them is none other than Ching and I think @rubie was much closer to her as both shared tons of exchanges way back (maybe 15 years ago?) even before I became a member or a fan of LBH. Back then (if I remember correctly) it was Ella, Ylin and Ching who bridged the gap for fans of CJW with LBH. I am so sorry for being such a baboh/ignorant emo3.giffor not being able to identify in this thread that they are some LBH fans who appreciate CJW, gomapta @taprokh, @lbhfanhk, @mistymorning, @parkmisoo and many others kissmwah.gif as well for all the kind words and hope you will continue to support her be it her work or her personal life. It’s truly comforting to know that she has remained one of LBH closest celeb friends. Oh dear, I sound like I am one of Choi Ji-woo's spokesperson...hahaha!!  I wish I have invested more time in her thread but it seems impossible.  

    I didn't know some fans totally cut LBH off after his marriage and I thought all the shipping/rooting were all just for fun-sake...not to be taken seriously. Afterall, who are we to determine his fate? Anyway, I am truly happy till today that we are still in this forum appreciating and supporting the actor, Lee Byung-hun ssi for his outstanding performances as an artist.

    Oh...I am truly sorry if our post (me and rubie) stirred you into crying.giffit....this is will be my last teary-post (yaksok).

    Again thanks @rubie for all the awesome postings especially the video of LBH singing "For A Last Love"...and also the beautiful cap-scenes...indeed, "Beautiful Days...meant for a Beautiful Couple".....


     Credit as tagged


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