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  1. Hi everyone! I am posting a recent news from KBS Entertainment Weekly (aired two weeks ago @KBSW) with regards to a topic on Airport Fashion. 

    Airport Fashion has become a concern for stars. The production team behind KBS asked four fashion experts this question :

    "Who is the best dresser at the airport among the stars in 2015?" It was a unanimous decision by the fashion experts to choose the original Korean wave goddess, CHOI JI-WOO.  She's the textbook of airport fashion.  Not just pretty and not just comfortable.  Her fashion always exemplifies both. 

    She always dressed sensibly for every occasion. Congratulations on being the best, Ji-woo!

    Her $1,750.00 jacket was quite a hot topic (the outfit as shown below). The entire outfit costs around $3,000.00 - handbag $490.00 and sneakers $790.00.


    Credit photo as tagged


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  2. Thanks everyone for posting all the expectations of a love-development between Seo-jinnie and Choi Ji-woo - no one can deny their awesome on-screen chemistry through a reality show.  I think with all the huge attention garnered by viewers and press, CJW is now in hot demand.

    Here's a latest news that will re-create another hype over Winter Sonata - I wonder how the sequel will turn out, will Choi Ji-woo and the rest of the casts be involved?

    Other than Winter Sonata, both writers (Yoon Eun-kyung and Kim Hun-hee) had previously penned "Take Care of Agassi" and "Prime Minister and I" - both dramas are broadcast through KBS and I believe WS-The Sequel will be aired in the same TV Station.  PD Yoon Suk-ho had produced all his four seasonal dramas including "Love Rain" and I am very anxious of his comeback as a PD.  Hope it'll be a successful sequel.  Can't wait for more news on this new project.  cuteWS-couple2.gif

    Classic drama 'Winter Sonata' starring Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo to have a sequel!


    'Winter Sonata' is a classic Korean drama starring Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji Woo that took both the nation and its surrounding Asian countries by storm.  Now there will be a sequel!

    Chief Park Young Suk of 'Winter Sonata's production company, Pen Entertainment, divulged on April 14, "We will be producing 'Winter Sonata 2.'  We will gather a lot of the staff members, such as the writer and director, of the first one once again for a second one."

    Writers Yoon Eun Kyung and Kim Eun Hee and Producer Yoon Suk Ho of 'Winter Sonata' from 2002 will be reuniting for a sequel thirteen years after!  Currently, the two writers have proposed an idea for the storyline and are writing the synopsis, which should be out around next month.  

    Chief park said in an interview with Yonhap News, "We started planned the sequel a long time ago.  We had tentatively wanted to create the sequel ten years after the first one aired, and we think the time is now."

    Are you excited for the sequel?

    Source of news : ALLKPOP

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  3. Thanks everyone for sharing all the awesome postings - one of the greatest forums that has many updates on Choi Ji-woo.  I used to be a frequent poster here but not now - anyway, Choi Ji-woo involvement in GOF is one of the reasons why I am hooked on this variety show and of course, her superb chemistry with Lee Seo-jin is surprisingly off-the-charts.  I had always felt she had the most realistic chemistry with Kwon Sang-woo but I think the variety-show-effect-chemistry of CJW + LSJ are churning out unexpected realistic feelings and emotions than you observe them through their drama/movie scripts.
    Anyway, I am here to share some tidbit entertainment news (from KBSW Entertainment Weekly) where Shin Gu (one of the grandpa casts from GOF) and another actress, Son Sook were being interviewed for their upcoming theatrical play.  During the interview, the interviewer asked Shin Gu....
    Interviewer : You had your baggage carrier, Lee Seo-jin.  This time it was Choi Ji-woo. Who do you prefer?
    Shin Gu : I thought Ji-woo would be aloof and that she wouldn't fit in with us.  But she was very easy-going and sociable.  Very polite too.
    Son Sook chipped in ...Bet you had a good time!
    Shin Gu laughed it off.....(The caption : His smile says it all).......
    Which of the 4 cast members welcomed Ji-woo the most?
    Shin Gu : Lee Sun-jae
    Many thanks to @rubie for all the awesome update on Choi Ji-woo news....gomapta chingu. 

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  4. An nyong haseyo to my long time chingu, @annichoi - so happy to see you here....and that reminds me that I should drop by at CJW thread.  Thank you dear for sharing all the awesome post and videos here.  I love the 2nd gif - such a sweet moment! 
    Whoa....they are making a huge promo for the premiere of GOF-Greece but I am not complaining as I love PD Na for his choice of choosing CJW as the only female member in that show.  I am highly anticipating to watch scenes of Seojinnie with CJW.....and of course, the grandpas should be the main highlight of the show. 
    Thanks @rubie for all the awesome update and hello to everyone here.

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  5. Hello everyone! Nice to see that this thread is attracting more members to visit the home of Mr Dimple! Credit goes to dear @rubie for all the constant update on this namja who will soon be on screen with all the halbaes and newly appointed FC-CJW (Financial Controller).  I don't know what to expect from the short preview that they showed us - I am not sure what kind of mood or impression he has on CJW after Three Meals.  HIGHLY ANTICIPATING the showdown of these two assistants with the halbaes. Like someone said, LSJ dots on Sunny (Girls Generation) but with CJW, she is definitely on the same league with him - perfectly compatible especially where age is concerned.  I have nothing against Sunny but if I have to choose, it'll definitely be CJW.

    @tilac, I have watched "Lovers" and the two main leads were on FIRE when they both (LSJ with KJE) appeared on screen with their off-the-charts chemistry.  LSJ is all kill when he falls in love with his on-screen lover - he always charms the pants off to all his lady love with his magnetic-glare look. In fact, his voice is one of his biggest assets too - love it when he played King Jeonjo in Yisan with Han Ji-min.  I actually fell in love with his voice and whenever he appeared on screen, I was looking forward to hear him deliver his lines - be it on official work or professing his love. This man has that kind of special long lasting effect on you.  

  6. I am so happy to join Seojinnie Dimple Club here @rubie - huge thanks for all the lovely update of this namja who has a grumbling-aura that can turn into an appealing charisma. I love his acting way back when he did "Phoenix" and he was a total waste in the recent lengthy weekend drama, "Wonderful Days".   This man deserves a much weighty character and I think in one of the interviews, he mentioned that his appearance in that drama was kind of passed of like "unnoticed" - which I do agree.  I was looking forward to see him act but for some reason, I couldn't complete the drama. 

    Honestly, I didn't realize he has filmed so many CFs - he made a right move on variety shows, thanks to PD Na.  Actually, before PD Na made his departure from KBS, he produced "The Human Conditions" as a farewell gift to the broadcast station.  Three Meals has some similar tone like THC but the latter production was not very successful in terms of rating (though I am still a fan - thanks to the change of members in THC-2).  PD Na is famous for spinning high-rating variety shows and TVN benefitted from him.  I am glad CJW appeared in 2D1N as it was in that variety show that she got noticed for her humbleness and charms.  PD Na may have secretly fell for her then...she showcased her overflowing cuteness and silliness...hahaha! And now it's LSJ who is smitten over her and I hope she continues to woo his heart, whether it's for reality show....who cares, right!!

    Like you chingu, I am hoping LSJ and CJW will continue with their awesome partnership not only in variety shows but in a drama.  I hope drama writers are taking note of these two awesome actors - they are afterall sunbae-nim of Hallyu rank. 

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  7. Thanks a lot @rubie for updating this thread.  I am highly anticipating to watch the GOF Greece - it's going to be fun watching scenes of LSJ with CJW especially their exchanges of dialogue, skinship (hopefully, lots of them) and chemistry.  Frankly, I haven't watch a single episode of GOF but I am going into this because of LSJ and CJW - mianhamnida haraboji. 

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  8. @turtle_tats, Cha Tae-hyun is currently one of the regular members of the foot volleyball team of "Cool Kidz on the Block" also known as "Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education".  He was supposed to be a guest of Hong Kyung-min (invited by HKM as well as returning a favor to him when he appeared in 2D1N as CTH's guest) but was recruited when he performed well during his debut performance in that show. 

    I am not sure how long will he be involved in this particular sport as some guests turned regular members ended up filming the entire season of that particular sport.  Normally, each sports end its run say at least 6 - 8 months and depending on the popularity of the sport.  I guess filming "Cool Kids on the Block" did not disrupt the filming of 2D1N and with his upcoming drama also with KBS, I believe the respective production teams will know how to adjust to suit his schedule. 

  9. Hi everyone, looks like Cha Tae-hyun has confirmed to act in an upcoming KBS Drama, "Producers" which will be directed by KBS famous variety shows PD-nim, Seo Su-min and the writer from "You From Another Star", Park Ji-eun. Earlier on it was reported that Kim Soo-hyun is favorably considering the main lead role.  I can't wait to watch Cha Tae-hyun as an Entertainment Producer - he has lots of comedic vibes in him but for a change, I hope he will be playing a serious PD-nim with a pleasant personality.

    Anyone here excited over Cha Tae-hyun's comeback to dramaland? Other than his role in a Special Drama (MBC) last year, he was last seen as Jeon Woo-chi on prime time slot through KBS Drama, Jeon Woo-chi in 2012.


    Source of News via Naver

  10. kjmcth said: dont any single translation  abt recently kim junho news dispatch release yesterday or tuesday abt account bank say junho using all money under his name...  (sorry i can't  explain more abt this )

    now i just want   updated where PD say junho never been off / leaving from 1n2d and all member will be attended /come filming this friday ....

    some comment say cheer up for junho and some cvooment want kim junho leave this show if true junho lies ...

  11. GREAT NEWS for fans of Uhm Tae-woong!!

     According to the source of this NEWS, UTW and his daughter, Uhm Ji-on will be joining The Return of Superman and he has signed a 1-year deal to join the variety show.  Sorry, I am not capable to translate the full article and hope it will soon be made available. 


    I can't wait to see UTW back in variety land - he was awesome in 2D1N.

    P.S Thanks everyone for all the wonderful posts in this thread and as always appreciate @kjmcth for doing an awesome and perfect job as a thread starter.

  12. WoW......I like the beautiful image and wordings of "Happy Anniversary" posted by @lbhfanhk. Great one chingu. 

    To The Awesome Couple, Mr & Mrs Lee.....



    In the recent KBSW Entertainment Weekly, there's a segment that revealed the dark past of stars they wish to forget and erase.  KBS gathered the embarrassing past footage when they were rookies. 

    One of the focused stars is none other than top star, Lee Byung-hun.... - Top Star, Lee Byung-hun was a rookie once too.  He did a "Robocop" impression and another showcase scene drew laughter as well.  LBH went all out as a rookie.  One of his appearance was in KBS Ent Weekly and the other one I think is from another TV Station.  I had a good laugh on this segment (not only on LBH part but other now famous stars like Kim Soo-hyun, Hyun-bin, Jung Woo-sung, Choi Su-jong, Ryu Seong-ryong, Yu Jae-sook .... check it out on the YT link provided below). 

    Thanks everyone especially the most hard-working member here @rubie for all the awesome and latest update.
  13. Thanks @kanyaprasetyo for starting this thread. Another news relating to the confirmation of casting....highly anticipating this drama.

    class="titleNews"Ji Chang Wook to Join Park Min Young and Yoo Ji Tae in Drama ‘Healer’

    Ji Chang Wook has been confirmed to star in KBS2’s upcoming drama Healer (tentative).

    Ji Chang Wook will be acting as ‘Seo Jung Hoo’ (code name healer) in KBS2’s drama Healer, a secretive ad perfectionist messenger who doesn’t leave any traces.

    An affiliate of the drama production team stated, “Based on his stable acting ability, Ji Chang Wook will be taking away the hearts of the female viewers through Healer by showing a gentle and charming side of him that he has never shown before. He is currently on a diet and receiving martial arts lessons for his role as ‘Seo Jung Hoo.’”

    Ji Chang Wook to Join Park Min Young and Yoo Ji Tae in Drama ‘Healer’

    Healer is a romance drama depicting the story of Seo Jung Hoo getting involved between internet reporter ‘Chae Young Shin’ (Park Min Young) and star reporter ‘Kim Moon Ho’ (Yoo Ji Tae).

    Healer will air in the beginning of December.

    Photo and news credit: enewsworld

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  14. @kjmcth, enjoy your celebration!

    KBS HAPPY SUNDAY maintain its No. 1 position!

    KBS Happy Sunday   - 11.7%  (last week 12.7%)

    MBC Sunday Night    -  10.4%  (last week 9.1%)

    SBS Good Sunday    -    5.7%  (last week 6.8%)

    KBS - 1D2N                 - 11.5% 13.3%
    MBC - Real Men          - 12.2%
    SBS -  Running Man    -   8.6%

    Rating based on AGB Nielsen Nationwide

    EDIT : Above rating updated - sorry for the error and thanks @kjmcth for the latest rating update.

  15. @kjmcth, enjoy your celebration!

    KBS HAPPY SUNDAY maintain its No. 1 position!

    KBS Happy Sunday   - 11.7%  (last week 12.7%)

    MBC Sunday Night    -  10.4%  (last week 9.1%)

    SBS Good Sunday    -    5.7%  (last week 6.8%)

    KBS - Superman Returns                 - 11.5%
    MBC - Dad, Where are you going?  -   9.6%
    SBS -  Roommates                           -   3.1%

    Rating based on AGB Nielsen Nationwide


  16. My apology @annill....sorry, I got your posting-thoughts wrongly interpreted - glad you are shipping this show.

    I just hope KBS would continue to support PD Yoo's team and there'll be no changes to the main production team during their seasonal reorganizing of PDs by The KBS Variety Show Division. Anyway, I think there's no reason why they need to change if the current production team has achieved better results.

  17. robbo4 said: So happy to hear that our beautiful princess is tying the knot!  <:-P Congratulations to her and the lucky fella!! Let's hope that they will be as blissfully happy as Yoon Ji's  electric smile, and incredibly warm personality has made us for so many years.  =D> Such awesome news, really, really cool!!!  \:D/
    P.S Speaking of Park So Hyun (I'm also watching her drama, @Felicia Soh :)>-), isn't it about time for us hear similar news regarding her? :)

  18. hello3.gif@conankung, @robbo4 and everyone here.....her wedding news brought me here again and I was so surprised to read that Lee Yoon-ji is participating in a radio show hosted by Park So-hyun (currently watching her daily drama....) and the best part is to find her with former co-star in "Goong", Kim Jung-hoon (miss him so much in the k-entertainment world).

    Anyway....must send her this message ...

    congrats1.gif .......so happy for her and the groom!

  19. I am not sure whether this has been noted earlier .....nothing significant....but simply got me excited even the slightest mention of LBH. sarangsign-1.gif

    Yesterday I completed Part 2 of "KBS LA Korea Festival 2014" which was held earlier in April 2014 in LA.  There's a brief segment that showed some of the idols girl group including Kim Tae-woo visited the Chinese Theatre @ Hollywood to snap handprints' photos of their favorite celebrities and that included those of Lee Byung-hun and Ahn Sung-ki.  They are so proud of these two huge stars leaving their handprints at such a prestigious landmark.

    This is for you @rubie..... 1065-028-07-1060.gif  ..... as always thank you for your lovely hugs and thoughts.  We are on the same page...gomapsnida chingu. Keep up the fantastic work in all the sites that you are managing for LBH and to all other contributors, my sincere thanks to you too. 

  20. mybad.gif  Sorry I missed your birthday, Byung-hun ssi!


    A very Happy Belated Birthday to you!

    Thank you everyone especially Barbara and Dora for mentioning Soompi site as one of the contributors of the lovely gift to LBH.  @rubie, gomapta for all the fantastic update....been away too long from this thread.

    hugs.gif to all the beautiful Soompi fans of LBH.

  21. As always, huge thanks to @kjmcth for all the constant update....so happy.... HAPPY SUNDAY remain No. 1.

    Superman is Back ranked No. 1....


    KBS - Superman is Back                - 11.8% ---> last week 12.5%
    MBC - Dad! Where are we going?  -   8.9% ---> last week 8.8%
    SBS - Room-mate                           -   4.5% ---> last week 4.9%

    Some captures of this week episode.....



    Source via Naver

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