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  1. shintak said: Hello, I have a question. I had the eyelid surgery incision method here in the US roughly about 2 years and 8 months ago. Up until now, when I close my eyes or when I look down, I can still see the scar across my lids but it seems that the scars were indented into the lids instead of protruding out. Not sure if you know what I mean. So my question is, is this normal and will this ever go away? My doctor was Dr. Peter Newen (in CA) if that helps. So if anyone had him and is having the same scarring issue as me, please share your experience whether the scar will ever go away or permanently stay. Thanks in advance. 

  2. lemonc96 said: Please help! I want to get double eyelid surgery. I have small single lids which are relatively far apart, and I want to get medial epicanthoplasty and double eyelid surgery. I'm korean btw so I plan to do it in Korea. Does anyone know of banobagi is good? On their website their before and after pictures are pretty amazing, I haven't seen an ugly or bad one there. So please give me some advice if you know whether or not banobagi would be good for me. Thanks!

  3. I'm pretty sure burst blood vessels take about a month to go away especially when it is as serious as yours. 
    applelew said:
    Sigh my left eye is really making me sad/frustrated. It has gotten more red since yesterday. Bruising hasn't really decreased. I went for my checkup today and the nurse told me to put a hot towel on the bruised eye and let it sit for 20 minutes 3 times a day. :( Any tips guys?

  4. I thought i'd write an update!
    It's been about 8.5 months since getting the non-incisional method (stronger version.. dont know what its called in english) and i am super happy with the results :)
    I was lucky enough to have minimal bruising and my eyes were swollen evenly and healed evenly at that.
    As for the healing process, I went out on the second day after surgery just wearing glasses. I'm pretty sure i removed my stitches on either the third or fourth day which hurt soooooo freaking much. I have a high pain tolerance but even so, i felt like she ripped skin off my eyelids lol.
    I DO HAVE TO WARN YOU..... Even though you get non-incisional, it may look "natural" or "okay" when you look straight into a mirror... HOWEVER, you're not always looking straight on, and it is obvious when you blink or look down for at least 2-3 months (for me anyway). So don't expect people not to notice only after 2 weeks etc. My eyes went down to their final size after 1.5 months and even so, it'll continue to look more natural as time passes :)

  5. Haven't logged in for a long time but found someone replied to my consultation experiences! @monica12 I'm not sure if they are good at ptosis repair tbh as I didn't get it done. I would say the best thing to do is go see pictures on their website or consult them in person~







    Im Korean and i have clear skin but its because my mother had clear skin in her teens.





    Though i Do eat healthily (im vegetarian) and drink a lot of water.





    I wear minimal face makeup (bb cream) but that could also be because i don't need the coverage. Anyhow, i don't like to wear makeup often.





    Ulzzangs do not have flawless skin. No one has flawless skin.





    People think flawless skin is "white" and pure and ivory and pimple less and the tone is completely even. I honestly think that is just plain STUPID. Flawless skin can be ay colour.





    Flawless skin is where you look good in your skin tone, smooth, clear, bright skin with light rosy cheeks. And trust me, not many people have it. Unless you're Caucasian. Caucasians have really nice skin. Asian skin is a bit more prone to flaws. African American skin is absolutely gorgeous. Beyonce has really really nice skintone.





    Flawless skin means "Korean" skin to some people because Koreans are fcking obsessed over beauty. If you're ugly in Korea, no one gives a shet about you. Korea = #1 best known place for facial and body enhancements. AKA Plastic surgery.





    Everyone in Korea looks the same. Same make up style, same everything. But they actually have far from good skin. Most Koreans put stuff on their face every single day and they use like some milk stuff when they're older to not have wrinkles and stuff.





    Flawless skin = skin that is 100% natural without putting on any sort of beauty product. Which is like no one. Remember Koreans use a lot of beauty products because they want to look good. However, a lot of those beauty products can eat up your skin and make it thinner and thinner. Thats why Koreans have really small eyes when they are older, their skin droops down. It is proven scientifically by Korean scientists. The Japanese as well. The Chinese however, have pretty good skin to begin with and their number one thing is family, not beauty like Koreans so most Chinese have pretty good near-perfect & natural skin.









    What a hater lmao


  7. i think it was around 10-15 minutes... the stitches were apparently buried really deep, and the very first snip i'm pretty sure the nurse got some flesh :S

    my eyelids are reallyyyy fatty, like thick and droopy... maybe it's the years of eyelid glue wearing, but i remember even before it was pretty much the same. which is weird cuz my mom have perfect, big double eyelids and both my dad and sister have singles, but really thin lids so their eyes are still big. and i'm not fat or anything so the fact that i have really fat eyelids is pretty depressing >.<

    i know swelling still has to go down, but i mean the lid above the fold which wasn't touched during surgery, it's still as fat as it was before, so it droops over the fold. arghhhh i'm just unlucky... i'll probably come back next year or go to korea instead to get revisional. *quoted image*

    if you do need revisional, i wouldnt go to the same hospital esp since they seem very unprofessional and dodgy (judging from your first post). I would go to some clinic you feel comfortable.and will receive proper.after service :)

  8. i have some questions...

    i keep reading that you should keep your head elevated when you sleep, and you should ice as much as possible, but my doctor said i can stop iceing after the first day and said nothiing about sleeping with your head elevated. should i do what he says or not? also i got pills to reduce swelling quicker, so i don't know if that will interfere or something... the doctor also said i shouldn't use the computer/watch tv/play video games/read for at least a week or two, but i've been online all day >.< i'm sooooooooooo bored, i can't go outside, i don't know anyone here and i won't even let my family members see me (haha)! well... i haven't even looked at myself in the mirror and it's been 3 days :$

    also, will 3 weeks be enough to look decent and normal? if i wear glasses all the time, will people notice too much of a difference? and can anyone share their experience of going back to school/work etc. and how other people reacted? did they notice a difference? did you try to hide/deny that you got surgery?


    I was never told that you can't watch tv/read/go on the computer... i personally think its silly to deny you got surgery because the person who asked obviously knows something is different and theres no point denying it since they already know

  9. ughhh okay so i'm going to go to this doctor my mom found in like 4 days and i'm reallyyyy not sure... my parents don't trust the hospitals i found just because i found them through google, it's like they'll only trust this doctor because my mom's doctor friend introduced him. the hospital is a government hospital so i don't think it specialized in cosmetic plastic surgery like my mom says, but more like reconstructive or something...

    ideally i'd get consultations with a bunch of different doctors, but i have barely 3 weeks to heal so i need every day possible and i haven't even contacted other doctors. i can't read chinese, only speak it so it's hard to get in touch through the internet.

    i have a lot, a lot of worries and anxieties, the biggest one being they'll mess up my eyes and i'll look atrocious.... also i'm afraid people at school will notice and hate on me ~___~ oh well, i'm doing it for me, not for them!

    oh and i decided i want to go for suzy from miss a's eyes... the folds are small but her eyes are wide and look big... my eyes are wide-ish but i don't want too much of a difference from how i look with glue on to the final result.

    phew. so nervous >.<

    wish me luck & good luck to everyone getting it done! HWAITING!!

    Which country are you getting your eyes done? Good luck!

  10. '

    Great experiences! I hope you are doing really well. Can you explain further detail what "internal epi" is?

    If you have a mongoloid fold and you make your natural tapered crease, the first part of the double eyelid should be hidden under your mongoloid fold if that makes sense... so then the "internal epi" cuts that section so that it reveals more of the double eyelid from the start instead of cutting the inner corners like normal epi.

    Hopefully that makes sense!

  11. is it just me or does shindong look really creepy with his new eyelid surgery?

    *quoted image*

    does anyone know when he got the surgery done? is his current eyes their final shape?

    i asked my sister and she said "honestly, your eyes look a lot worse"

    my god

    he looked cute before but now he looks more manly

    he looks good to me~ and im not much of a suju fan so im defs not biased!

  12. I'll be flying out to Korea in 3 weeks for my revision for double lid and epicanthoplasty restoration. GOOD LUCK!!! I'll be waiting for an update :)

    Good luck for your revision! Do you know which clinic you want to do it at?

    I ended up getting just non incisional without epi as Dr Park thought it wouldnt suit me and it looked more natural if i didnt do so

    I didn't mind cos i was so scared... I was rigid the whole time...

  13. I have recently had consultations with Dream, Teuim, CJ Cosmetics, Oz clinic, BK and Banobagi. I think i will most likely go with Banobagi despite their price being higher than the rest. FYI, there is a 10% tax that is added to the double eyelid portion of the cost (not magic epi) because of new laws since July.

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