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  1. Singer-Actress- LEE JUNG HYUN - ( I didn't see a thread for her yet, lets all gather info & pics for this thread ) ============================== Profile * Name: 이정현 / Lee Jung-hyun (Lee Jeong-hyeon) * Profession: Actress, Singer, Model * Date of birth: February 7, 1980 * Birthplace: Taegu, South Korea * Height: 163cm * Weight: 43kg * Blood type: O * Family: Parents, 4 Sisters * Nick Name: JangGu Dramas * Rondo (TBS, 2006) * Beautiful Days (SBS, 2001) Movies * Harpy (2000) * Scent of Love (2000) * Route 7 (1999) * Maria and the Inn (1997) * Push! Push! (1997) * A Petal (1996) Trivia * LJH is a popular Rave, Techno and Trance singer in Korea and most of Asia with many music CDs. * She's known as Korea's Björk, due to the surreal nature of her music videos and movies. * LJH sings two songs on the Beautiful Days OST. * LJH is the youngest of triplet sisters. She also has two older stepsisters, whom are twins as well. Profile Source: http://wiki.d-addicts.com/Lee_Jung_Hyun ============================== MV: Lee Jung Hyun - Michyeo: Lee Jung Hyun - Dala Dala: Lee jung Hyun - Wah: ============================== From MisaPWNs: I first saw Lee Jung Hyun in the K-Drama, Beautiful Days. I really enjoyed her acting as the role of Kim Sena. Even though her character was meant to be annoying, I found her a lot more interesting than Kim Yon-Soo (Cho Ji Woo). I didn't know she was a K-Pop star until I did research online. I highly recommend her music and MVs. She has a really cool voice that stands out. Lee Jung Hyun is pretty, cute and talented. ==============================
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