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  1. Girls, what does it mean when a fellow girlfriend says you're trying too hard when she looks at your pictures or watch you take pictures? Why would she say that?

    She's just saying it seems like you're trying too hard to appear good looking in your photos, as in overly posing/fixing hair/wearing your clothes in a certain way just for a photo.
































































    -Taller than me (I'm 5'1 so that isn't hard.) Ideally 5'8 to 6'0
































    -Wavy hair, brunette
















    -Capable of growing facial hair (Not like a bear though, bleck)
































    -Piercings/stretched ears
















    -"Alternative" style of dressing.
















    -Wears glasses at least occasionally if needed (I'm a sucker for glasses)
















    Personality/ other traits:
















































    -A little sarcastic
















    -Nice but isn't overly nice.
















    -Gets straight to the point
















    -Derpy/awkward (I find that charming in a way, kguiz)
















































    I guess you can say physically Bobby Hicks fits my ideal.
















































    Unless your brother murdered someone, that's a pretty horrid thing to say. You're practically wishing death on him. That's pretty horrible to say of anybody even if you do hate them or whatever.
















    Immediate family - since you've grown up with them they actually probably know the real you best because you've grown up with them, you've really got nothing to hide. But with everyone else, even with your closest friends, I bet you probably do hold back some of yourself to some extent (your blunt thoughts, your temper, flatulence tendencies (lol), etc).
















    You probably have your reasons for not seeing blood relations as that important but for me, family is definitely important. Like Lie said, Friends and boyfriends come and go but my family is always there.
















    I don't see it as "they're blood so because of that they are above everyone else" but I see it as "I've created an unbreakable bond with them and they HAPPEN to be blood". The bond we created of course do owes some credit to the fact that we're blood-related though. This is cause most people already have the mentality that you SHOULD hold them of great importance because you come from the same gene pool.
















    I've been through major crap with my family (like serious crap..) but I still love 'em and know that if anything were to happen, it'd be them who'd have my back.
















    I also I have friends who I consider my family too.
















    But if you think about it, even those friends of mine will probably put their immediate family or relatives(if they're close to each other) before me when it comes to a crisis or anything. So..even their love and help and the strength of our bond is limited (imo).
















    So when it boils down to the nitty gritty.. it'd still be my family first.
































    To summarize: For me it's family first (including relatives), unless they're not good people.. which I'm happy to say that I'm pretty lucky to not have the selfish, greedy, disrespectful kind. :).































    That's the thing, I don't mind if it's horrible. I'm a horrible person, years with living him caused me to hate him. I have my reasons, even if you don't agree with them.
















    None of my family members know me or my interests, more like disregards it actually. I have to agree with you on the friends part but everything else I'm not mutual about. Thank you for your impute though, I like seeing other people's perspective.
































    I think immediate family is important, and maybe some distant relatives too (if you see them on a regular basis to establish strong bonds b/t each other).
















    It is awkward, though, to hang out with "blood" relatives if you rarely see them (i.e. visiting) and moreso if there are no common interests































    That's another problem I have as well, I loathe my brother. I can totally say if he were to get hit by a car, struck by lightning, mutilated by a cannibal, I really wouldn't care.
















    So why do you believe immediate family are on a special spot compared to other relatives?
















    I'm the type of person that don't bond well with just anyone, even family. Honestly I can say I hate the majority of my relatives however my dad thinks I'm just going through a phase and always lecturing me how "blood is thicker than water" when it comes to relationships. He says that's all I'll have left when I'm older, which he's probably right. I however can not stand them though,literally I've had some die on me and I didn't care. A lot of them has treated with great disrespect, especially during the time I was extremely depressed. Those years of bs has made me not care for them at all. I talked to my friends about this and they agree with my father saying family is the most important but I can't believe it. I don't believe being related is as important compared to overall good relationships.




    So my question is, is family really important just because you're related?






















    One I can remember vaguely is when I lost my ipod, this guy proceeded to ask me if I was feeling okay when he knew about it. I replied no and he then confessed and asked me out. I didn't like the guy along with being extremely pissed off I flat out rejected him.












    The one I can remember the most is with the guy I'm currently dating. I rejected him right away due to personal reasons however we still ended hooking up and eventually we just agreed we're basically dating.









    so people are still doing this? I thought all scene kids turned to hipsters lol.
















    Again, middle school kids only. Everyone in high school is about floral pattern, flannel, and everything else that makes them seem like they're trying to go back to their native American roots even though their blood line is extremely watered down. Both are rather obnoxious looking either way.




















    I think that the look is really overdone. I don't think it's ugly or unattractive, but it's gotten to the point where it's gotten so cliche. Almost like the ulzzang craze back in 2009 or so.












    It doesn't help that most scene girls don't look like the gorgeous ones you see on google. They're mostly overweight 11-13 year olds who wear obnoxiously colorful clothes and too much makeup. Then give themselves stupid names like "Alexis Setsherfriendsonfire".























    Yep that's now, back in 2007-08 was when it was trending with girls 15+ years old. Now it's such a middle school thing because everyone else realized how tacky it has been.
























    Ted Bundy is one of the most famous serial killers in the Western world, he had the looks and he was quite a ladies man. As child however he wasn't very sociable and gained in interest in knives along with other sexual hobbies such as necrophilia.












    It's not just social background but also family, interests, and physiological that contributes as well. Anti-social skills can be one of them however I was anti-social for sixteen years, suffer from social anxiety and depression, and related to serial killing I use to kill animals all the time as a fun "game" as a child. I however, am not a serial killer.












    It just depends, usually you can probably say yes but each person differs. .












    Jeffrey Dahmer












    Mary Bell












    Albert Fish












    Ted Bundy












    Richard Ramirez.
























    Being a fan of rockabilly/retro styled dresses I ordered this dress v
























    After altering the length to my knees this is what it looked like irl.




































    Though it isn't really prom material I honestly am in love with my choice.
























    The generic teenage girl that thinks they're fashionable in my high school usually wear:












    Floral dresses/rompers












    Skinny jeans












    Gladiator sandals
























    Anything that can be found in an F21.












    It's rather bleh in my opinion but to each their own I guess.




















    For prom I wanted a rockabilly/1950's like dress and I'm most likely going with this one. For the pumps should I go with just a solid plain black pump or something a bit more decorated?


































































































































































































    Five year old children that stare into the depth of your soul while you try to find a nice sweater.










































    No one has ever told me this but I think it's understandable if someone says to in a certain situation. Like when I was in Jr.High my Home Ect. teacher said no speaking in Spanish. It was because the large group of Mexicans would talk crap about the other students in Spanish and they were too stupid to realize we knew they were bad talking.






    If you're going to say mini cooper make sure we all understand. :phew:



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