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  1. -So are you a tomboy?  When I was younger I use to be a major one, I would do anything to not be perceived as feminine. Now that I'm older I'm actually comfortable being feminine. 

    -Why.. what made you turn into a tomboy? When I was 13 to 15 years old I went through a tb only phase just because I use to idolize Park Young Hee lol. I was actually aiming for an androgynous thing but I didn't allow myself to wear anything feminine but rather only unisex. 

    -Have u ever been mistaken as a boy?Yeah plenty of times during that phase, what's even funny is that a bunch of girls use to think I was super attractive because they didn't know I was female. Once they figured out I was a girl they never spoke to me again because they were so embarrassed lolollololol.
    -How tomboy-ish are you?I'm not girly however I'm not really tomboyish either. The way I currently dress is definitely isn't girly but it does have a feminine touch but personality wise people have told me I'm not feminine because I talk about subjects that most girls won't talk about, supposedly. Also I take pride in my burps. So overall I don't know really.
    -what will make u turn girly? .. (feel free to post pic of before and after image)I just realized I only wanted to look androgynous because I wasn't comfortable with society thinking I was feminine so I strayed away anything considered girly.




    -When did you change back to being girl?I always been a girl, I was just androgynous for a while. 

  2. I don't think he should be punished. I mean just because the woman chose to keep the baby doesn't mean the man wanted it. It's personal choice, I'm not blaming the woman nor am I blaming the man so if you want to keep the baby just don't expect your partner to always be there. The guy loses either way, either stay and take care  of an unwanted child or pay child support for an unwanted child. 

  3. I wouldn't say you're immune to romance but more to, I don't want to say bs but more of...cheesiness? I don't know how to explain it but I also hate it when guys try showering me with gifts, I HATE flowers, serenading is just awkward, and over exaggerated compliments when they barely know me just screams bs. Though like what other people said though, not every guy that does this doesn't mean they're not genuine about their feelings about you. 
    But yeah, you just may not be a mushy type of person. I'm not and I was definitely turned off when my boyfriend tried "wooing" me before we dated. It was when he stopped saying that cheesy bs that I agreed to be his girlfriend.  










    You'll have to ask out the guy first sometimes, believe it or not guys like it when the girl asks due to the fact it's unusually the other way around. Also don't be in such a rush for a relationship, honestly to me I think it's somewhat childish and naive to have a boyfriend just because it seems ideal. Relationships are not a Disney fairy tale, it won't always be peachy and happily ever after. I don't want to be mean but wanting a boyfriend (with no one in particular) just for the sake of having a boyfriend sounds a little desperate. Just take your time, you'll find someone eventually, you're still young. There are plenty of fish in the sea to catch, I mean as long as you're not dead bait of course.



  5. I find their clothing is the less appealing version of Hollister and A&F, basically I only see teeny boppers shopping there. EGAD, I just can't handle their logos being in large print all over their clothing. It's like you're paying them to become walking advertisement for the store. 
































    Oh god I hate my first date. Not because it was awful, the guy was okay. It's because we were eating tacos and the way he eats is he would stick out his tongue before biting his food. Then a while ago I read this post that said, "If a woman's genitalia wasn't meant for eating then why did god make it look like a taco?"
















    So now I associate my first date and tacos together. BLECH. I just hate when I remember my first date now.









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