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    If it's for closure I say go for it but if you're wanting something beyond that then no, it's not cool being a home wrecker especially to someone you don't know. 








































































    I'm almost as tall as a person and I'm special because I said so. 








































































    Never replied to the op question but at 17.I don't hold virginity on a pedestal but I regret my reason to have sex in the first place however I don't regret who it was with, that person is still special to me. 








































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































    Hello I hope someone who is a fluent Japanese speaker can help me translate a paragraph from English to Japanese. It's not a very long note but I would appreciate it if someone who was willing to do it message me since it's a personal letter for my friends in Japan. Please and thank you. 
































































































































































































































































































































































































































    said: woah thats craay >< i heard a old wives tale that plucking your hairs will only cause more greys to grow. constantly dying your hair must be so annoying. i've also been told that dying your hair also causes more greys to grow as well 

















































































































    I'm sure pretty much everyone is going to say they would tell the authorities but realistically think about it, many rape victims keep quiet out of fear due to being ostracized, threaten, possibly facing richard simmons shaming (ie. being blamed because of wearing too revealing clothing) ect. Of course they want to tell someone but a lot of times it doesn't happen.



  7. Depending on my situation at that moment, as of right now I would choose my SO because he's pretty much the only friend I have now. To be honest though if I was still friends with my ex best friend of three years I would choose him over my SO but after our incident that answer has totally changed. 
















































































































    Being anemic. 






























    iilysium said: ^ You're still young, most young'uns feel that way about possibly being sucky at parenting. Maybe you'll find that you can be a good mother someday, as long as you ain't no psycho richard simmons or one of them richard simmons moms on the news who do stuff like leave their babies in a car or to be raised by dogs or name it Diva Thin Muffin (that makes me shake my head. Poor child.).
















    I don't want kids because realistically how am I going to take care if a kid when I suck at taking care of myself? Also if I forget to take a Zoloft that's just may end up as hell olawd. No kids, if I end up pregnant it's just going to get aborted.


















































































































    Two. The second one is my current boyfriend and my last one was more like teenage experience/honeymoon phase dating. The one I have now is serious and we've been together for a year I believe, idontknow, we don't even know our anniversary lol. 
































































































































    I wash it every other day now because I don't have virgin hair, mind you I bleached my hair five times before to achieve a platinum blond in order to go silver, not to mentioned I've used permanent dye multiple times after and this has been all within a year and a half. Since my hair is super dry I don't shampoo it everyday but I do use conditioner. I learned my hair has gotten a LOT softer and smoother when I don't use shampoo everyday and it has improved the health of my hair a lot (along with trims every three months).

















  13. Keybu said: Last year, I dated a guy and it turned into an abusive relationship. He was threatening to physically hurt me and was already emotional abusing me. It has been a year since he broke up with me. In the beginning of this year, he kept texting and calling me but I never replied. Now, two months later, he's trying to call me again and tried adding me on Facebook. I blocked him. I never want to get back with him and just want to erase everything about him from my mind. I thought he was done harassing me months ago, but now I fear he'll keep trying to contact me. Besides ignoring and blocking him, what else can I do? Is this the best way to deal with it?

  14. I'm not look for advice but just a question I want answered from at least three guys. How often do you hear other guys use the whole "nice guy and women just like jerks" excuse to cope with the fact they've been rejected? 
    Just asking since I have some feminists (these people are the extremist kind btw) ranting about how they're tired of guys talk about how women are richard simmons and what not for not choosing a "nice guy" like their self. I don't here stuff like that often so yuh, just curious of how often guys actually use that excuse.
































































































































































    I generally don't care what one does but I do care of how it may affect their skin but that's just because I can empathize. Wear if everyday if you want though, if it makes you feel confident who am I to lower your self esteem?

































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