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  1. Make up is there to enhance features of ones appearance and helps the person look presentable in front of a specific group they're trying to be accepted/approved by whether it be to appear as a certain way or just to be deemed attractive. The hair styling analogy you presented is pretty much spot on as to why people wear make up. 
    I wear make up and any time a guy tells me, "Guys don't like girls that wear make up because..." then I just ignore them because they're stating things they don't like as what ever man thinks in general. Pfft, every guy I've been with had no problem with me wearing make up. 

  2. @radenayu: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Cool-HUGE-Luxury-Tiger-Head-Lion-White-Tiger-Head-Bag-Knapsack-Backpack-Hot-/281184398378?pt=US_CSA_WH_Handbags&var=&hash=item4177e56c2a
    there's the link to the seller I bought it from. It's all over ebay but just sending you my link because it was the cheapest one out of all the sellers and the bag looks exactly like the picture so you're guaranteed it. 

  3. sunflowers12919 said: Still a virgin. Mostly because I've just gotten my first boyfriend only 3 months ago (I've known him for a very long time - since 4th grade though). 
    But he's been encouraging me to do it (but he's not forcing me - he'd NEVER do that, he respects my body and knows his limit) and a part of me tells me to wait at least until I'm out of high school or until I'm much older so I'll be more ready and handle it more maturely (because sex at a young age doesn't really go well from what I see). 
    I really want to wait it out and just focus on education for now (so does my boyfriend) but well, we're both teenagers with raging hormones and we get carried away. I don't know if this is the right forum topic or not but I just had to say this. Everytime we're together both of us are forced to hold back. 
    My question is, should we keep holding back or should we just go for it? I don't know from all the advice I've been given, everyone (including bf) keeps on telling me to just focus on studying and wait it out... I don't know, I need some advice. Help guys? A lot of you are much more experienced than I am so I'm sure you'll have lots of advice. :/






    I dated my ex boyfriend for a year and I always paid and I just don't mean dinner I mean like tickets, cab fare, ect. He only paid twice throughout our whole entire relationship.I didn't mind too much though because honestly he lived with a single mom since he was 6 years old so financially they struggle and I've extremely privileged since my parents spoiled me rotten. Of course if I'm dates with people who I'm not a relationship with I expect the guy to pay for his own stuff because I'll only pay for me, doesn't matter who asked who out imo. 


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