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    I was never like that

    but my friends were kind of like that



    not that much though..



    I hate those little girls that think they're the mini cooper



    I was talking to my cousin, she's born 1994.



    and she told me how her friends were doing drungs and having sex



    and i was like WTF, you guys are so young..



    and i was 15 at the time ==;



    i'm 16 , almost 17 now





    To be honest, that's not very surprising to hear children around the age of 13-15 are having intercourse and smoking.



    I'm currently thirteen and attending a middle school, we hear that stuff all the time. There's a bunch of kids at my school caught with drugs, I know, cops have came to my school with dogs. Every year you can at least fine two condoms laying around the hall ways or in a bathroom. I blame what is broadcasted on the television and the older teens in their lives, not the brand of clothing.



    So many people in the eighth grade are trying to achieve this "sexy/hott mama" look, that it dismays me that they're trying to look mature when their education is equilvalent to a fifth graders. Whatever happend to just wanting to be blithe and happy with youth D:






    I adore the fashion, it's so frilly and cute. I also always adored the dresses they wore during the 19 century in Europe.



    But the dresses are so expensive, and I probably wouldn't be able to wear it anywhere D:






    I use extract green papaya camansi soap and biore moisturizing lotion spf 15. I don't go out often.



    But I go outside for about two to four minutes when the sun is out because the sun gives you vitamin D.



    I reccomend green papaya over the pinkish color because it works a bit faster, well more me it did.



    I was wondering if anyone had used B&C White Signal Whitening Lotion and tell me if it works well?






    There is this one Bosnian child who basically makes racial remarks to every race out there that isn't Bosnian, but espeically to the entire Asian race, well to the ones with "chinky eyes" as he would say.



    I just ignore him, he's pretty ignorant and academically stupid. With his attitude he won't go far in life, and pretty much will be looked down upon.






    Well I do, but I realized everyone is filled with a little ignorance. So I just correct them and forgive them because they do not have knowledge of many other countries that isn't in eastern Asia.



    But what annoys me is when someone says all Asians look exactly a like, that's just like saying all Caucasians look a like.









    She has the features that many young Asian women desire, I admit I would be delighted to have her nose and skin.



    But to me, the ideal Asian women would have minor flaws and learn how to deal and be proud the way she is ^^






    The thing I hate about the older Asian generation is that they'll talk about your appearence in your native language right in front of your face and act as if you do not understand.



    flat chested (I don't really mind that now, but back then I did)



    I use to be made fun of because I started gaining acne before most of the kids, but now my face has cleared up and I have a lot less acne and the other children have a lot more than I do now :3



    fat cheeks






    I'm 13.



    I agree with most of things you've stated, but when it comes to clothing.



    Any brand of clothing is okay to wear such as Abercrombie, Gucci,bebe,ect, as long as it is not revealing or doesn't show any amount of clevage it's fine.



    (Now some of the clothing at hot topics, now there's something to say)



    Such as make up, it's okay for a young girl to wear a small amount of foundation to hide zits and such since they are going through puberty, acne will show. But if it's make up such as eyeshadow, raccoon like eyeliner, red ruby lipstick, they'll most likely look like a painted canvas.



    and as for thongs, I have no idea why children where those, it's only butt floss.





    I remember watching that show, most of the girls were brats and their mother were so competitive as well, But there was one little girl who was innocent and naive x]


    But I agree, they are naturally really cute. But when they enter the pageant they put on fake tans, eyelashes, big teased hair and they look like plastic, human dolls which is a bit scary D:






    Hm, I don't think I am anymore.



    I mean I do have boy like qualities, but not as much like when I was in elementary school till sixth grade.



    When seventh grade approached I was getting more into beauty products.



    But I'm sort of glad I started playing with beauty supplies instead of sports because I look so much better now then I did back then. loll.


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