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  1. I've used tinder to meet people before, I wasn't looking for a boyfriend though. It's fine to use dating websites to find a potential partner. It doesn't necessarily mean you're desperate, it's just a good source in finding someone. I wouldn't use one now just because I'm from a large city and I'm currently at a uni with 35k students, so I have a wide social circle I can go to. If I feel like there isn't anyone in my area that's good, I would possibly use a dating website. 

  2. Rip Tide said: So I can't stop thinking about her! She's so nice though... I ignored her for like the first 4 weeks of school and I'm starting to notice her :(. I look at her a lot now, but I don't think she notices. We have group discussions and like I said I don't know if she was looking at me during the first 4 weeks. Our class has around 24 students... I never get the chance to sit next to her or talk to her :((. I kind of what to try really hard in that class now. Should I wear cologne and dress nice and "accidentily" bump into her?

  3. Meany-chan said: There's this novel titled To All the Boys I've Loved Before about a girl who wrote letters to all her past crushes and they mysteriously got mailed out. My question is did any of you write letters to your crush but never gave it to him as a way of getting your feelings out? Or even if you did, how did he react?

    I don't know why but everytime I tried do that, I was never able to finish it or even start.

  4. @cristolephe: I personally haven't but it can DEFINITELY happen. In social psychology it's called propinquity or the effect of proximity. Pretty much it just means that the closer you live near someone or the more often you're around then, the more likely you'll like that person. There has been multiple studies that involve apartment residents and residents tend to prefer their apartment neighbors more than the neighbors from across the street.  

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