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  1. Ok. I think i get what you mean. Like if SY is kind, she shouldn't punish innocent people even if she is just 'acting'. There should be another way to prove that she's a bad choice for a queen. I wonder if her being brought up in a traditional rich Joseon family means she may think corporal punishment is fine and is the best way to provide minimum pain to reach her goal (as long as the palace staff are not punished till they are bedridden, other form of pain will heal). Any other way may not be enough to have her kicked out? Again, I don't remember how long she was in the palace from the time
  2. This! Same, not expecting a BL ending and even when BH returns to present time, I can interpret his expression reading the history of the king like a buddy/bff reaction. I would like to see your happy satisfying end too. Yes. my interpretation of SY's behaviour is the same as Ni Wen's. The palace maids were scared of SY because she did treat them badly although it's all an act. The purpose is so that the palace maids can spread the message throughout the palace that SY is a bad queen and since a queen should be virtuous and be kind to her subjects, she may be kicke
  3. True. So on top of look, he may be intrigued by her behaviour. Still those are very surface level of attraction. How he falls for the queen and willing to sacrifice for her requires deep love and I can't see how anyone can argue it's SY who made the king fell deeply in love with her. Credit can only go to SB. Who? SY? GQD had questioned if SY behaved badly at the start because she wanted to be removed as the queen designate. SY did not admit but I think we can take that as her true intention so she is actually quite nice. I would say the king will like her if he knows her better
  4. Delurk to share a comment I saw on Weibo. (not a direct translation) Kings usually will show only good look on official portrait. So it's strange they allow CJ's portrait to look so comical. CJ is smart so with time, he will realise the difference of the Queen and believes that SB is really from future. So he commissioned the silly looking portrait to be left for future generation and for BH. Consider that as a love letter to BH. Well, I wouldn't go so far as to call it a love letter but I will take this hypothesis as CJ's acknowledgement of future BH to console myself.
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