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  1. Silently reading this thread for a while but appearing just to respond to this I watched the J-drama first and liked it enough to start on the manga. I quite like it and enjoyed Hirano Sho's portrayal of Haruto. There are some cameos from the original F4 too so it's fun (Just don't hope to watch MatsuJun ... clearly...). However, the ending.... is... what?! Suddenly MG2018 wedding scene feels better to me. Actually MG2018 also did include the language problem. I'm not sure if the subs from Netflix translate the jokes well since I watched raw. However, I don't think they covered a lot. Maybe just 5 incidences in the whole drama? I recall DMS in TW version also kept saying the wrong words. I think Doumyoji/DMS/GJP basically are fluent in foreign languages but sucks at their own mother-tongue. Anyway, after MG2018, I was thinking of rewatching but much as I wanna see the sweet scenes again, I'm not sure if I can rewatch. The flaw will be more glaring. By flaw, I refer to the way they execute the story. Weird editing and lazy writing. However credit must be given when deserved. The production team did a good job in casting and emp up the heart fluttering scenes. I have been rewatching the episodes when DMS moved in to Shancai's building and the island arc though. These two episodes have fewer scenes for me to do fast forward
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