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  1. Both are similar and not in their own ways. I feel like Jiu Chen is more mature?? He understands what he needs to do to protect the one he loves, but I feel like Ye Hua is not as confidence to stand up for the one he love. Now, I'm being ironic. But I like JC or YH!! OMG it's too hard to choose one. I want YH on one side and JC on one side!!!
  2. 912!!! I am back!! Couldn't remember my pw!! lol, too lazy to log in....but I'm back!! Anyone watch The Joker?? Did you like it??
  3. Qing Yao, the actress is pretty. I like her acting. Also. her mortal husband guy actor is cute too :)!! Hope Jessica Zhang will get her own main role in the future with her mortal husband, because they matched so well. Leo Li is cute as Yun Feng, but he looks better in modern clothing. I don't like Jing Xiu with Ah Mo, they have no chemistry, if the attempt is to make him like second lead. Shi Sha is funny, the actress is tall!! Love the side couples :).
  4. I'm on ep 23/24 and it's so sad!! I like the pace of the drama. I like how the romance developed nicely for the leads, and the side leads. Are the voices for the main leads same voices for Ye Hua and Bai Cian?? It sounds similar, but I can't really tell. Jia Chen loves for LX is really genuine, sweet and patient.
  5. @refuse2sink lol^^. I jumped back and forth....You want me to come to the dark side, no problem!! 666
  6. Just got done watching episode 15, and I wondered why JC puts LX into the cold chamber at Mt. You Du?? What is he trying to prove?? Then, towards the end, he says he's taking her back to Peach Blossom (he knew she's related to the Demon King). I just love the chemistry between Ni Ni and Chang Chen :)!! Such a romantic time when she asked him if she got into trouble, and that's why he puts her into the cold chamber....that ending ep 15 was bittersweet. It's like he wants to keep her next to him bc he's falling in love with her, but he also knows that he needs to protect her and keep her away from the demon king.
  7. I'm late to the ride, but I just watched ep 1!!! I love it!! I find the plot and sets similar to 10,000 Peach Blossom!!! Is it going to have a happy or sad ending??? Jiu Chen and Ling Xi are so compatible!! They already have chemistry.
  8. 946 How's everyone doing?? Hope everyone is doing great^^!
  9. 846!!! Summer is going by fast!! I miss the winter cold~
  10. anyone like this better than ALSB? I still will continue, but I kind of tired of lovey-dovey college love story~
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