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  1. DH updated her IG.No new of her chinese drama ? Till the Cdrama is release won't the show story get old.Hope she picks up project.
  2. @ELY_397 Even i was wondering abt cherry May be u are right.I have watched lots of drama too.Watched Money heist read that korean are thinking of making it.Yes our girl is not appearing in drama or any drama news too.Nowadays even cable drama doing well our girl hasn't done single cable drama or webseries.Even netflix are producing kdrama hope our girl find a good project. You mean Kim soo Hyun ? Its okay to not be okay drama? Edit: I thought the dog belonged to CEO or is it our girl new dog ?
  3. @apqaria I like all her outfit and dressing style in all those video and pic she posts.I wish she was dressed in same fashion in drama too Good to see her dancing. Haha the way she does workout like she is flying and then the typical DH voice https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5ee9b595000000000100493a
  4. I watched some old drama nothing is coming on tv since lockdown.Some drama which i want to watch, but they don't have good female lead.Miss experience actress in certain drama.Jun ki drama is coming will watch it 2020 is whole mess year.
  5. @apqaria Yups having subs do make it easy to understand.So bored that our girl doesn't have any new project Good to see DH dancing . https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5ecf2ec90000000001006570
  6. I didn't say i didn't like drama I am saying where exactly is the story taking us? It's not that HE and HB were not together becz of JC in past.HE rejected HB proposal becz of her heart condition which was getting worse.Although JC was stalking her in past but i don't think he knew abt her heart condition.In current time too she has heart condition. For me all 3 are responsible for there own mess and fate.HE should have accepted HB proposal and lived her life rather then thinking abt future or health concern.JC never wanted to marry her in past or was thinking harming her boyfriend his intention of saving HE and giving her heart made him serial killer.HB was detective he clearly knew after that interrogation that JC knew abt HE for long time, if JC was serial killer he had lots of opportunity to kill HE.But he was blinded by his own love and concern.Hope this time fate is good to all 3 of them.But i didn't see it coming so i raised the question. Agree with bold part and i want to see how JB part ends in current time more then anything.Even in his past his family was worse even in current time too.I read this drama genre was mystery and thriller rather then romantic.
  7. Although all actors are doing good job in drama ,but i am not getting the point of drama and where the drama is going ?The preset 2020 is very similar to past 1988, i mean the story of 1st three episode is coming in modern version in recent episodes.I though maybe soul switch was going to happen in current time they did give hint in few episode but suddenly took U turn.Was writer trying to confuse us or he or she is confused herself.Whats the difference between past and present story and character.The story is going same way as past.I am not getting what exactly writer is trying to tell us to watch.What's the purpose of them getting born again ?Already 8 episode are over.
  8. @apqaria I tried to search abt her drama MGMM but didn't find anything but did read last month that korean artist ban in china has lifted up and Kdrama can also air not sure whether true or not.
  9. @vin lin Hi vin lin good to see you She means influence and contacts with higher up people. Watching such video makes me laugh and makes me miss DH more in drama. Credit to uploader.
  10. Hi @apqaria and Hi @Maetawinz long time no see. I am not sure why our girl drama is not aired becz i read some other kdrama airs there.OMG it already 4 yrs .Lets see AQ what happens in June.Hope you are doing fine now.Good to see u back. How come someone predict in 1981 abt such virus and write it in book.I just pray its antidote is find soon.Family and there love one are safe.So much panic is going on.
  11. I finished watching CLOY since @arlene80 mentioned abt ending, i thought someone dies.I had issue with this shows editing may be the episode were long so editor had issue.I saw SYJ in classic movie which was good and her drama personal taste her role in CLOY remind me of personal taste drama. Parents of lead lol . Atleast she should appear in running man or something . Itaewon Class read good review abt it.Our girl knows so many product i hardly know 1% of it.All those face cream and mask.Which is the third drama? Can you msg me her driving boat XHS video link and the swimming pool one when u are free Just hope that antidote is find soon.
  12. @arlene I have last 2 episode left to watch.The female role do remind me of DH.Although DH was not in drama but our girl's drama Slave hunter was mentioned in it and even scene from drama were shown I am not sure when will i get to see DH with all those actors? The good point abt Hyun Bin and DH is they are really good with emotional scene.Although memory was small video we could enjoy the couple in it .Has our girl taken a voluntary retirement Knock Knock DH shiii .
  13. @arlene80 Hi dear long time no see.Hope u are doing fine.I am missing DH too.Haven't started watching crash landing till now will watch after it ends.Yups miss watching DH on screen.Hope to see her in drama this year. Looks like DH is enjoying namson tower. This looks like outside her apartment building.
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