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  1. already finish and currently rewatching with my sista.. about the wicked cousin, i think all dramas need character like that .. hee..hee.. yes, in few episodes in the middle of the drama, Xiong Xirou seems like annoying character, but i think because her true character is so full of freedom type , against nobility that's why in the beginning she created such graphic novel about Li's Family aannddd... don't forget Li Hong Bin didn't giving her any explanation at all, so she just believed what she saw and she didn't realized about her feeling toward Hong Bin yet.. pppffiiuhh...
  2. after make a consideration, should i watch this drama or not, finally i try give this drama a shot and surprisingly i really ... really...enjoying watching it this cute lovely family oriented drama really enjoyable the chemistry between the lead really superb.. i love to see the warm and lovely parents of Li, which really rare we see in period cdrama especially from Aristocrat background still amaze with the beauty and the grand of the wedding scene, really outstanding very recommended drama...
  3. i do really hope for season 2, the writer-nim will make more more interesting story than the previous since the synopsis doesn't give us any much clue about the whole story, let's just waiting for the drama airing, n hoping they'll presenting the better n more interesting story
  4. @pad-hari dear friend, i do really hope that you'll willing to make Hua Rong Season 2 thread really can't wait for the next season..
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