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    3 hours ago, larus said:

    Kim Eun-hee emphasized her determination to produce Signal Season 2, mentioning that actors from the previous season have shown great expectation and willingness to participate in the sequel.

    This is so nice to hear 🥹 I really hope that all the original cast can join again. Would be fun to even have Kim Min-Kyu return 😂 I don't want Signal season 2 to end up like Save Me season 2 where basically only the name was the same.... gosh was I disappointed.

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  2. On 2/13/2024 at 7:35 PM, larus said:


    I read that season 2 was almost produced.


    "There was a movement to produce 'Signal 2', but there were circumstances, big and small, that ultimately led to it being canceled." link


     I will rewatch the first season if they will announce they will do for sure the second season.



    For a long time, I never wanted to accept the ending as it is. But now, with my 4th or smt rewatch 😆, I had a realisation: The open ending symbolizes the continuous struggle against corruption, but it also gives us hope and perseverance to change our future for the better. Therefore, the ending really fits the overall tone of the series. 


    Nevertheless, it is still a disheartening to learn that a second season had been in the works, but now we might never see it come to fruition?!

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  3. @larus
    Thank you for the continuous updates! Maybe 2024 will finally be our year?!?!? 
    I am currently rewatching Signal and this drama is just a timeless gem. 

    Everything from the acting, the plot and the cinematography is 10/10. 

    Honestly, no other drama has me pining for a sequel after so many years, and I've been watching kdrams since around 2006. I still truly wish that we will see a season 2 one day … Meanwhile, the Korean version got dubbed in German and the Japanese version even got a movie!



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  4. Still no news? Kingdom is awesome and all, but I am still yearning for a second season of SIGNAL. I don't think it's impossible – even AVATAR is getting a reboot this year – and She already wrote the script, right? I would be happy with just a movie including the original cast. Maybe even an animation with them as voice actors? Or a graphic novel? 

  5. 18 hours ago, realistic2280a said:


    Hi... i would think it still leads to the same outcome even with that scenario, ie, YS will still be worried, as she knows it is inappropriate of her as a teacher to have feelings for SY; and the public will still have the same opinion?



    I know it's very similar, but I think it would've been less frustrating for me (and maybe for others) seeing PYS simp for YS. I just think it would've been a better build up. 


    Anyway. I am watching the final episode now and, I have to say, I really love how this drama had so many female characters – good or bad. They all played an important part in the story and had a gratifying conclusion. Also, this drama shows how getting justice is important for victims to get closure.



    JK. But still bummed that they didn't end up together.… like not at ALL. Not even a hint. Like 180 degrees in different directions. Except maybe the maths-chatroom breadcrumb thingy! My pet peeve is that they made PSY a simp and waste their chemistry. But otherwise, this final really gives the all characters a satisfying ending.]<--- this is what I wanted to write before I saw like the last 10 seconds of the episode hahahaha PEOPLE IM EXUBERANTLY HAPPY!!




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  6. So I watched episode 15, and given that we have just one episode left, I have to say that I don't like how they handled the romance. I think they should’ve marketed the drama differently. Why make PSY simp over YS until the end but also have her give him hope on multiple occasions just to crush it like … 


    I would’ve written the story a bit differently:

    In the beginning, PSY and YS meet at school and bond over their love for maths – without any romantic feelings on both sides. They only really start to mutually develop romantic feelings WHILE they try to expose the cover-up after 4 years when they are both adults – complicating the process because it discredits what they want to prove.
    It's just a small change but would put more suspense/tension/chemistry between them imo. It would be interesting seeing the change from platonic to romantic love while trying to deny it for the cause of getting justice.


    But yea… we only have the last episode to see how it will all play out …

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  7. I just read a comment under the episode 14 promo where a person speculated that we will get a melancholic ending
    hence the title … and I think that person might be right.





    So, I guess we only got crumbs … 

    Oh No Oops GIF by Loof and Timmy


    Are the writers sadists? Why make PSY long for her like that and fight so hard – even have her give him hope,

    only to be distant again in the end … (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ 



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  8. Just watched the latest episode. It really hurts my heart to see them separated.

    Maybe it's good to make them have some time apart.

    But honestly, YS and douchebag dad need to realize that forcing PSY to forget won't make him happy.

    They should stop projecting – thinking that maths is his everything. No, his everything is YS!

    However, I'm not sure how she feels about him … can someone tell me?

    Nonetheless, I'll be selfish here and hope that they can be together in the end.

    But I'm fearing that tvN is going for an open ending type of thing

    where our main leads share a "warm" smile and stare at each other or something like that 




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  9. 2 hours ago, realistic2280a said:
    They gave us hope then they took it away... TVN, seriously!...:angry: im sure its aim to appease BeakJi supporters like myself, hehe...


    And the next episode didnt have much BeakJi moments, though Seung Yoo probably found out that the father talked to Yoon So. Sigh...  where is that kiss promised to us???:tears:


    Some commenters who said they dislike the ^teacher-student^ romance, i wonder 10 years down the road, if the situation happened to youself then, what would you do?  Human emotions are a strange thing... people just need to chill -  Yoon soo tried her hardest to do the right thing and not let Seung Yoo choose the taboo path... sigh..


    I read that it is the famous Indian mathematician's birthday today - the one this drama referred to, together with Hardy... read briefly his short life (just 32 years old when he passed away!)... he was the one who found (?) '1729' as the infinity number... 


    Im also a bit annoyed why reddit melancholia's ep13 and 14th thread is not up yet...  it be there today.. sigh...


    I need a kiss tooo!!! I want to see them happy!!!

    How long do we have to wait!?!?! Will they give us a bad/realistic ending where they end up separated?!?!

    This is so frustrating … 


    Why are people complaining about a student teacher romance? Just don't watch such a drama if you don't like the genre!!!
    Honestly, this drama is so much more than just that... Those critics are mirroring the dumb people from the story who only want to see what they want to see.


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  10. Even if I was disappointed that our main couple didn't make out this episode, I very much enjoyed it.

    Do basically SY confessed her feelings and rejected him at the same time? That's some smart writing!  

    The way they use maths to convey their feelings is so unique. I wish more people would acknowledge

    and appreciate this drama for this.


    I really REALLY hope we will FINALLY have some sweet moments between out leads that next week

    because it is becoming high-time!


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  11. Just watched the last episode and I have to say that our main leads were low-key dating XD

    He really wants to take care of her, and she is slowly coming out of her shell now. 

    Everybody is so obsessed with their love. I think it triggers them because SYS and SY's love is so

    "innocent and wholehearted", that it makes them look so superficial and cheap in contrast.


    Also, our main couple totally reminds me of the French president and his wives' love story!

    She was a teacher at his school, and they also have a huge age gap.

    Macron was the one who pursued her –  just like SY! 



    I think you could be right! Ironically – or tragically for Yerin – this would be indeed final push needed,

    to make SYS run into SY arms. Thx Yerin!



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  12. So I watched episode 12 and all I can say



    thank you tvN for not giving us the same old "dude sacrifices his life"-trope. I was so trilled that our ml (actually all the people that were "good") survived because in these hard times it is good to have a happy ending for once! Now I get why this drama is called like that. 


    Also, thank you tvN for giving us genuinely realistic and strong female characters –good or bad– who have agency within the story! I liked how the narrative wasn't scared to make the fl just as able as the ml, and that the romance didn't come at the expense of anything.


    I was worried that the "zombie outbreak but locked in a building"-plot would turn out to be generic. But the idea that the story happens in a post-covid world was actually cool setting, and concept that that infected could turn back was a great twist that keept the tension high imo!


    It was a great ride.



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  13. 37 minutes ago, realistic2280a said:

    Whats the chance of having a kiss at the start of ep11? I dont think its gonna happen.. maybe there was one scene but tvn decided to cut it... who knows... hehe.. 


    Come on, this is dramaland. I am 100% sure that they won't be kissing ;) I can bet my life on it! But I really hope we will get at least one kiss before the story ends! 


    I'm really happy that we got more scenes with our leads together in this episode. Their chemistry is great despite the age gap. In my opinion it's what attracts the viewers the most. 


    Also, can we also appreciate how this drama is female lead?!?! 

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  14. How can Yoon-Su just resist such a HANDSOME AF dude like Seung-Yoo!?! JK I understand that she is reluctant. But she won't be able to withstand for long because their chemistry is just too good hehe. Can't wait for their romance to flourish amidst all the corruption and hardships. Her ex-fiancé can back off!! Also, looking forward to Yerin finding out muaha (even if it will probably mean trouble!!!).



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  15. This drama wasn't on my radar at all, but now I am really invested!!!… And episode 3 isn't even out yet, haha.

    We always see a very fast spreading outbreak in movies, like in "Train to Busan". But how about a slow one? One where humans go back and forth between insanity and sanity? I think this really makes the premise of this drama interesting.

    Also, the cast fits well to the story imo. I was never really interested in flowerboy Park Hyung-sik. But this drama gives him a more mature vibe, which suits him and the story. The chemistry with Han Hyo-joo is good too. Can't wait to see more of them in action!

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