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  1. OMG PEOPLE!! I don't know if this is old news, but we can finally watch Signal on Netflix!!! Perhaps some of you already had it unlocked in your country, but I finally have access to it too in Switzerland I will totally binge watch it for like the 4th time now. So excited!!!! Can't wait for more news on Season 2!!!
  2. Damn I'm so happy to see that the party is not over yet! @Renaro Kopique bless your soul! Almost everything gets translated in english for kdramas but I only find vietnamese subs for AMA. So I'm really grateful that you are translating some cute segments because my curiosity would've killed me otherwise. Please show us more!!! How big is the chance of Bai Lu and Xu Kai working on another project together again? What do you think? Is there hope?
  3. Okey, "fresh recruit" here haha. I know the party is kind of over but I still wanted to show my support for this awesome production. I almost never watch chinese dramas because they are just not my taste, but after reading the plot line for AMA I somehow wanted to give it a try. And then I was like “Ladies, you had my curiosity ... but now you have my attention” after I saw Bai Lu and Xu Kai together haha. Their chemistry is so good! Of course I was so happy when I realised that they have another drama together hehe GYZ was at times too cocky and impertinent but I still liked his character development in the end. Also handsome actors often look stupid or cringy when trying to act goofy but Xu Kai managed to pull it off imo. I'm very impressed by Bai Lu and her acting skills as a guy. Her body language matched the boys haha. And her character didn't really fall into clichés of the girl becoming brain dead after the guy finds out her secret and/or she falling in love with him.
  4. OMOOOOOOO I thought seeing SC and Mira together will help MW get over her grudge. I also liked the idea of enemies falling in love... Perhaps it will bring SC and Mira closer in the end? That's what I'm hoping for… also I think they are bickering all the time because they have really busy lives but still want to be together....
  5. Ok people it's happening!!!! My hopes are up!!!! Season 2 of Signal would only work with the same cast and I think the writer and director know it sooo…at least they can't disappoint me like when they announced Save Me Season 2 and then it turned out to be a totally new cast and story line…(not bashing the actual season 2 tho, haven't seen it yet and probably never will because I'm to salty about it haha)
  6. I'm happy having Gong Hyo Jin and Kang Ha Neul back on the small screen. I couldn’t really picture them together but thanks to the bts pic I can kinda see now what the vibe will be. Their chemistry seems good. Now I'm looking forward for this drama even more!
  7. Looking forward to the Chinese version. It will help me survive =D hopefully the "stars will align" and the cast and crew will be able to come together and film the second season soon!
  8. Looks interesting!!! But I was just wondering…is this drama pre-produced? Because the filming of Kingdom will start in February?! Surely Ju Ji Hoon won't jump from one set to another right?
  9. OH DAYUM I SERIOUSLY WAITED 2 YEARS for this drama to come out and I wasn't disappointed. Except for the fact that there are almost no relevant female characters but that's nothing new in sausagefest-filles asian drama land…but that aside…I am soooo happy that we got an asian high production-zombie-eries with an awesome plot in a crazy setting. I mean, we've seen Zombies like mostly in the present time, sometimes in ww1 or ww2....and often the theme is zombies, war and romance?.... but here we got zombies, history and politics (perhaps potential for romance without overdoing it?)! IMO they really managed to give this old genre a fresh new twist. If they keep up the quality I really don't mind waiting a whole year for a 6 episode season. I'd just want like 5 seasons to really have the time flesh out the overall story! SEASON TWO, I NEED U!!!
  10. @molaihawaii yeah that was definitely a disappointment.... I expected more from CEW. But perhaps he tried to be considerate to his other productions and also he didn't want ISH to get more hate from his diehard fans? Who knows... I just hope to see more of them together in general because I miss them so much!!!
  11. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2018/11/astros-cha-eun-woo-opens-up-about-my-id-is-kangnam-beauty-and-fated-love The ASTRO member continued, "If it is a style that Kyung Suk does, then it's a style that I will abide by. If a woman I'm fated to love pursues me, I'll ask her out. However, I've never done that before." ISY what are you waiting for GUUUURRRLLLL!!!!! XD
  12. OMG to ISY at the AAA Now we can just all hope that Eun Woo will taker her as his date
  13. OMG lucky youuuuuuu!!!! I just wanted to drop by and show my support for uri dorae couple I was really shocked that she actually liked a photo of eunwoo and herself! Kinda bold but it makes my shipper heart so happy! I really want to see them together at an award show, I want the drama to be recognised as one of a kind for it's quality and not star power…but let's see…
  14. I'm so excited to see more of them together and now they are even sitting next to each other on the plane? I think it was just for the pic but regardless I'm so happy sooo happyyy (ノ´ヮ`)ノ*: ・゚
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