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  1. After several seconds of me thinking "is that really her?", it finally dawned on me it WAS Ra Mi Ran. That segment was perfectly placed, especially since they used actual real-life tvN news presenters and panelists. Meta on top of meta. Brilliant! I just hope today's viewers thought so as well. *sigh*
  2. Meta Alert! Kim Soo Ro has a cameo in Episode 6. For those of you who remember SBS's "A Gentleman's Dignity," he and Yoon Se Ah (Na Ha Young in MMS) were a romantic couple in that show. Hilarious!
  3. TMNS has come under fire for over/under-reporting ratings in the past, so they've totally changed the way they are calculating them now. No more splitting the numbers into Nationwide and Seoul Metropolitan categories; all are lumped under one TNMS aggregate. There are 3 categories that TNMS utilises: 1. The free over-the-air channels (KBS1/KBS2/SBS/MBC) are calculated under the "Terresterial" grouping. 2. The free-over-the-air cable channels (JTBC/TV Chosun/MBN/Channel A) ratings are calculated under the "General Cable" grouping.* 3. Pay cable channels OCN/tvN/YTN/Yonhap News are calculated under the "Cable" grouping.** *Depending on what television cable package a household subscribes to, these channels are added at no additional cost. ** These channels will always be a extra cost to a household cable package. So the programs that were lumped into the "Cable" grouping all had horrible ratings for Saturday night broadcasts, ranging from 2.9% all the way down to 1.4%. I have yet to read if there was an outage or other situation that sent the Cable group tumbling like that. And yes, there are live numbers reported along the way that fluctuate, but it's the final aggregate number which is reported to the media outlets. I personally still don't know what to make of the show so far. Because of work issues, I have yet to actually sit down and watch a whole episode from start to finish. But what I have seen so far, I can safely say that Dong-chan's family should be taken out to the countryside and dumped there permanently for their own good. They're absolutely worthless and serve no purpose to move the plot along. EDIT: I'm trying to watch Episode 6 on my way to the office. I noticed that Im Won Hee's hairstyle has changed quite a bit from his appearance in the TBO studios for Dong-chan's newscast to the next day when Hyeon-gi and the General Manager are meeting. Wondering if some scenes were re-shot taking the ratings in mind? Hmmmmm....
  4. [Ratings] "Melting Me Softly" 12 October Episode 5 Broadcast: Nielsen Korea: 2.063% National (-1.138%); 2.126% Seoul (-1.124%) TNMS: 2.1% (-1.60%) All cable ratings were down many points for Saturday night. "Three Meals a Day-Mountainside" premiered on 12 October, which could possibly push down the ratings a bit. Can't blame Typhoon Hagibis, because it's supposed to completely miss the Korean Peninsula. Can't blame the football or baseball matches, because no one was playing last night. But to rank under the YTN 7:00pm News broadcast? I have no freakin' idea WTF is going on with the lack of K-audience.
  5. Hiya G! Good to [virtually] see you again! Finally joined the Soompi Scooby Gang, eh? Still kinda honked off at those folks who attended the Fab City special showing. ALL those posters and goodies that were part of the giveaways ended up on eBay not long afterwards. Jerks.
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