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  1. I agree with you that regardless they still look good together and I'm still shipping them. Like everyone saying it kind of balance that Jun is mature and more adult that Rara. Lol. However, since Jun is only 19 that would means potentially any future kiss(es) and skinship will be toned down.. haha.. I hope if there is any timejump (kinda gonna happen in future episodes), Jun and Rara will be together during the timejump and not seperated then reunited. On a side note: love that Dr Cha is part of Jun's fanclub unintentionally. So he is really
  2. Wow.. I am pleasantly suprise on how the drama pull a twist on Jun's identity at the end of episode 5 since obviously everyone (us viewers) knows he is a chaebol. Definitely didnt see it coming but it was hinted all along: - Rara intially talking down to him at the wedding reception because Jun looks young to her - The mom at the hospital assumed Jun is Rara's younger brother - Jun mentioning he is a middle-school graduate I was wondering if Jun is at a legal age, dont want Rara to be a pedophile.. lol.. so I had to google what age is 12th grader in
  3. I watched episode 4 immediately once it was available on Netflix. Will definitely re-watch episode 3 and 4 once I wake up tomorrow. Lol. I guess in the next weeks will unveil more on Jun's background.. is he even the real Jun? Whose urn that the snobby rich mom visited? Who is JH/Jihoon? Dont like the 2nd male lead meddlings in episode 4. Please show, i want to see Dr Cha as more the reasonable sound board for the leads and mature person he is. However I do like that he made Jun affirmed his own feeling to Rara is not sympathy and being all jealous by himself, obliviou
  4. I hope the pills are just to mislead us viewers not that he is terminally ill. I like his potential of being someone that will support both Rara and indirectly Jun. Please drama, dont let him be a typical 2nd male lead. Its obvious for now noone stands a chance to stand between Jun and Rara anyway. I think Ha-Young has a girl crush on Rara. I like the dynamics between Ha Young, her mom and Rara!
  5. I knew it that Jun was serious wanting to have Rara sleeps next to him. Too bad Rara was assuming its a bad joke. Lol. At least he'll compromise and is motivated to build a new room for her at his place to keep her close. The thing this guy will do for her. Definitely a goner. Is the dodosolsollalasol guy actually Rara's stalker? Some of the pictures are Go Ara's actual insta pictures. Hahaha.. i kind of expected it because of the actor..
  6. Hello! Two episodes in and i am loving this drama so far! Hopefully it'll get as much loves as it deserves. Just the drama i need after Flower of Evil. I feel like Go Ara is playing herself as Rara, so pretty and spunkily cheerful. No wonder Jun cant resist her. Rara's world centered around her dad as much as his around her. I love that her goal to graduate piano lessons for her dad, and the drama is hinting that she actually enjoys piano more than she thought she did (she did played piano all her life) and we'll get to see her spread the love.
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