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  1. just finished watching episode 10 with subs.. god! the heartbreak is real and so raw.. did JW was willing surrendering himself to be killed in the last scene, before the light? i like this theory.. it just so obvious the story wants us to believe Prof Cha is the villain (plus with the actor previous work history). I remembered in a press con Prof Cha was like, "why are you jumping the gun assuming i am the villain?".. so maybe it's only to distract us the viewers from the real villain and mastermind(s).. because of your comment, i was focusing on Park and kind of notice he is a bit of odd.. like he was confirming with the programmer that there is no way JW can complete the quest on his own.. and he was super hard trying to convince HJ that JW is crazy, the company will help her to find SJ so she doesnt not need to rely on JW.. plus he is calling the server shut down at the very last minute it seems.. so maybe he would've thought JW will be dead; if not for HJ being the savior (assuming she calls the palace guards to rescue JW).. But one can only use weapon from granada in the secret quest.. JW has to leave all his modern weapons and special items behind.. he should go weapon shopping before he continues the quest, assuming that he will.. it seems like he still has ~30 min left before the server shut down?
  2. Oh my goodness.. Sec Seo .. really didnt see it coming.. whyyyy writer/pd-nim? Hi everyone! I've been silently lurking in the forum, but cant keep it to myself anymore when Sec Seo was killed.. thank you for the all live recaps.. it'll be one long week to wait for the episode 11 next week.. man, this drama is so addicting like a game.. like @bebebisous33 mentioned, i feel like Sec Seo was killed by the mastermind of the game.. it seems JinWoo will be oust from the company next week?
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