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  1. I agree with you. everyone's getting upset because JH sounded like a coward for starting a relationship with CA only to be thinking about breaking up with her! But that isn't the case at all... he intends to make it work... he intends to stay with her... as long as he can... the problem is that he's afraid of what CA is going to think once she finds out that he's JG's brother - the same one she feels bad for and never wants him nor his mom to find out the real truth - that JG didn't die saving her but rather committed suicide. She wants to spare them the truth and he knows that by dating, the truth will come out. Not to mention, his own mother doesn't want him to meet "her" and when their relationship is found out, all of the secrets will be revealed. JH knows once this happens, they WILL break up. He's anticipating it... but not wishing for it to happen. He just wants to keep what they have going on for as long as he can... nothing wrong with that. Like he said, he keeps falling for her against his will.
  2. The actor is good, I like his take on the character of Jinu and as much as I admire his endurance and acceptance of SA knowing full well that she didn't love him and only married him for money, he did cheat on her. They were both wrong in the first place because she never tried to love him back... her new personality towards TR now is something even Jinu has never seen before which angers him. He was married to her for 9 years and she never showed him that side before. I know the writers are intending for SA/TR to be endgame... so I just hope Jinu finds his own happiness --- away from his evil witch of a mother.
  3. Yeah, and I understand the writers are trying to set up and establish their interactions/relationship but I still find it kind of weird that he impregnated the main girl's sister and is his "wife" even though they're not legally or officially married... and this is going to cause so much tension and misunderstanding for the leads later on when the sister dies (probably) and then they end up falling for each other... Don't care much for the second leads - they both are selfish and greedy.
  4. I think if they end up together, she wouldn't be the wife of a Vice-Chairman - meaning that he will probably step down and JH will probably take over! HR and JW can go on and lead a normal life! She seems to truly love him for whatever reason and has stuck by him like a loyal puppy. I remember in the earlier episodes, CA's mother said that she had hoped one of her daughters would marry into a rich family - it didn't work out with JW and SA but it can definitely work with CA/JH I definitely think it's too soon for them to break up but we all knew that nothing good would come of them dating when she doesn't know who he is. Between the two of them, I believe that once she finds out who he is, she's the one who's going to pull out of the relationship...
  5. Not all "main couples" end up together in daily dramas though... so it's up in the air as to whom SA is going to end up with (this is one thing I dislike about daily dramas - the writers are unpredictable). I am most certain that it is going to be SA/TR and CA/JH in the end but I do sense that it's not going to be easy for JW/SA/TR because she still has unresolved feelings for her ex-husband. I do believe that she married the man for his money... and although she never showed any affections or interests in him, she did care about him. Maybe if she tried to put in some effort when they were married or maybe if he told his mother to back off and stop meddling in their marital affairs, they could have been happy together; however, this is k-drama land. At some point, she might even go back to JW but realize that her feelings have changed... and money doesn't bring happiness. What she needs and has is a man who accepts all of her for who she is. I'm not worried about CA/JH because their obstacle isn't a third party. Their obstacle is the secrets that they're keeping from each other (more like his secrets) which is that he's the brother of the deceased JG. I do see them being separated for some time after the truth gets exposed but he already knows her identity so that isn't a problem for him. He approached and pursued her knowing everything. I kind of want this "mystery guy" that just got released from prison to become a person of interest in their relationship though... only because CA's heard the name from JG before, she just needs to meet the guy to get triggered. It would be even more entertaining if this person showed interest in CA too...
  6. They give us this preview then watch it comes and these two will barely have any screen time because the writers are too busy focusing on JW/SA/TR... I really wish they would focus on JH/CA because they are so cute together!
  7. I wish they started with this tone right off the bat because it's a little late in the game now if they want to pull in more viewers... they focused too much on the side characters and too much slapstick in the earlier episodes... however, I am glad that they are finally toning it down with the comedy and focusing more on the OTP interactions and relationship; however, there's one thing I need to mention - I have NOOOO idea when DC started falling for MR?
  8. I’ve noticed this too that everyone’s feelings are the same on and off the stage which is inconsistent with Dan Oh because she’s the only one who’s feelings on/off the stage is different. I feel like maybe in the beginning before she became aware, she really did like BK on/off the stage but once she became aware, she realized that there were no real reasons for her to like him when he’s just a jerk all the time... and her constantly reminding BK that she never liked him kind of makes me sad... it’s really unfair to him that although his feelings for her were genuine on/off the stage, hers weren’t. I wonder why everyone’s feelings are the same except for DO.. maybe it’s because she came from another manhwa so her heart will never belong to anyone but Haru’s...
  9. I want to like it so much, I’ve watched every single episodes but honestly, I just don’t care for either leads and find them both very unlikeable. Won Jin Ah is overreacting and exaggerating too much as Mi Ran and why is she always yelling? The chemistry between her and Dong Chan is barely even there and why is he suddenly looking at her with affection? There’s no improvements on the storyline or their relationship... I’m very disappointed.
  10. I believe it was on stage but BK acted out of character and that’s why things are changing... he hurt an “extra” who didn’t have a name in the first place which means things that aren’t supposed to happen are now happening.. they’re making it seem like Haru is this bad omen and bad things are going to happen because of him but I think it’s because of him that things are becoming “real.” Plus, during that scene, DO was in character and it looked like Haru was too.. it looked like he wanted to do and say something but couldn’t because he’s a nobody.
  11. Unpopular opinion here but I really wish this drama was a little bit more serious.. I found the first 2 episodes, although both entertaining, to be a bit crazy and wacky. DO switches her tone of voice from serious to aegyo 0-100 real quick and I find her cutesy voice kind of annoying when it’s overdone. Although I already feel so sorry for her character for being just a plot device to get the two leads together, the moment that really tugged at my heartstrings was the confrontation between DO and BK.. when she really wanted to tell him off but the author made her character APOLOGIZE and then she asked him not to hurt her anymore when her heart’s already weak? I wish the rest of the episodes would follow that serious tone... Because I only really liked the actress in that exact scene.. however I’m excited to watch how DO fights to become independent and write her own fate.
  12. I’m now thinking about this also.. I’m thinking... what if he knew ever since Episode 2 when the slave told them that Lee Soo’s “dad” borrowed the horse and headed towards the PALACE.. and that’s why Ma Hoon has been insisting to GT ever since that Lee Soo isn’t coming back ever because he knows that Lee Soo won’t be able to come back... and he was just trying to protect GT from knowing the truth
  13. Although I respect your opinions and understand your frustrations as I feel the same way you do too, I interpreted the scenes you mentioned above differently. The random “hotel night” scene was put there inappropriately right after Lee Soo’s kidnapping because I believe the writer(s) wanted to show us that as FATE would have it, it isn’t Lee Soo but MA HOON that GD ends up doing all these “first married couples” things with because she isn’t fated to be with Lee Soo. Remember the 2 people the Flower Crew set up with at the beginning of Episode 1, they both didn’t believe in matchmaking because they believed in “FATE.” Ma Hoon thinks FATE is fake and so I think this is a perfect example to showcase how fate is working to bring them together in the most awkward circumstances. GD is happy one minute and sad the most because that’s her personality. She’s actually pretty vulnerable on the inside but has to pretend to be this happy and cheerful girl... just to save money to look for her brother. Instead of crying over Lee Soo the next day, she forces herself to get up the next day to hustle... and make that money... because that’s better than to think he actually abandoned her. Every penny she makes is going towards looking for her brother or paying the Flower Crew back, I’m sure! The “cute” Flower Boy is actually very annoying and I don’t find him cute at all. I don’t like the way he talks... and I understand they’re trying to make him look and sound goofy... but it’s not working for me. In response to another person’s comments about not knowing when Ma Hoon started warming up to GD, I believe it happened when she apologized to him for spreading that rumor... and then again when she told him that every time it rains, something bad happens to her... what I think really does it is the fact that she keeps insisting and believing that Lee Soo didn’t run away.. and her persistence in not giving up looking for him.. and then finally, when he asked her why she doesn’t think he ran away and she responded that it’s because they’re “FAMILY.” You see, Ma Hoon can’t even relate because his family is so messed up.. so for her to say that it’s because they’re family, I think it touched him a little bit.. something he so desires in his family. I feel so so so sorry for Lee Soo and find him so pitiful! Yes, his story is so Lead material but if he’s not the lead, the writers really need to step it up and start giving us more Ma Hoon and his story... because right now, it looks like Ma Hoon is the second lead...
  14. Yes, she was in Just Between Lovers aka Rain or Shine opposite Jun-ho and she was GREAT!!!! She plays the brooding type of characters very well so I hope her character will be different here! Can’t wait!
  15. It has finally been released!!! The song we’ve all been waiting for... however, I’m still waiting for the instrumental that was played when Sun Oh and Jojo came face to face at the library...
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