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  1. Hwang Jung Eum ALWAYS has short hair in all her dramas! Can someone put hair extensions in her hair!? I know she likes her short hair but every time I watch one of her dramas, she always looks the same! Change it up, HJE!
  2. I might be the only one but I feel sorry for JC and want him to have his happy ending.. he didn’t choose to be the son of a serial killer let alone be a KILLER himself. We saw his struggles... he didn’t have the intentions to kill, like he told his father, his father killed because he wanted to. We can all agree that that evil lady kind of deserved it, she was so dang awful.. had no remorse or regrets over what she did, even laughed. If I was JC, I probably would have smacked her too. Anyways, obviously we see that the 3 leads have been reborn and are living somewhat opposite lives from their past lives. I hope JC and HB didn’t switch souls.. but I also don’t want their present selves to have to suffer knowing what their past selves did and face the consequences of their past actions. Nobody deserved that tragedy... HE loved HB in her past life.. but I want her to love JC in this lifetime. After all, they all now have a clean plate... they should not be tied down to what they did in the past, especially JC.
  3. I haven’t watched the first episode yet BUT every time I’ve watched anything with parallel universes, yes, the same people can exist at the same time in different universes.. just living different lives, different identities. I would think it’s the same here but we’ll see when I watch it lol
  4. Love it! But I kind of have a feeling that they might make Sun Oh the bad guy this season so that way it makes sense for JoJo and Hye Young to end up together as the manhwa writer probably intends (since the manhwa is still ongoing). My only thing is that they spent Season 1 developing their characters and seeing how much they went through together, I need them to end up together! #TeamSunHo
  5. SEASONS? As in plural?! There's going to be more than one seasons?! Oh goshhhhh... please no!!!! I can't deal with dramas with more than one seasons... 16 episodes is good enough! I'm trying to get my boyfriend to watch this with me... so far, he only likes Lonely Guardian (Goblin).. liked Mr. Sunshine and Korean Odyssey at first but hated them mid-way towards the end... I told him this was written by the same writer so he's up to watching it with me but not if it's more than one season!
  6. I can’t wait for this! Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon are both too beautiful to have such ugly hairstyles! Please hairstylists, give them better hairstyles!!!
  7. It amazes me how quick everyone jumped ships from CA/JH to CA/SW.. first saying that JH stalking CA and being jealous of her and BR was cute.. but now saying him stalking her and SW is “creepy.” I’m still on the CA/JH ship and for sure they’re going to be endgame... not so sure about JW/SA/TR but for sure it’s going to be CA/JH.. she fell for JH 3 times!!!! She is in no position to fall for another guy.. yes, I too was waiting for SW to appear so he can make JH jealous but that’s as far as it’s going to go. This guy doesn’t need a girlfriend, he needs a FRIEND! He’s hot-headed, immature and rebellious... he needs to not be so angry at the world before he falls in love... hoping that he finds a good girl at the end of the drama... I’m kind of surprised how fast CA moved on, actually.. it doesn’t seem like her. Yes, she’s bubbly and positive on the outside.. she dealt with bullying for 2 years before wanting to commit suicide... but she spent the past 10 years trying to live for JG... so even though she’s “happy” on the outside, she’s never gotten over the past... so this new attitude of moving on from JH is a bit surprising.. like really? Obviously, she’s still affected by him but I guess I figured she’d be more affected than that...